Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Karnataka Elections 2018 - wait for the evening for the Government!

Elections in India have never been boring and dull like the elections in Russia or the (s)elections in China. Indian election, as a popular saying is in Hindi, bhai bat hi kuchh aur hai! 

I have been following and analysing elections in India majorly after the historic 2014 general elections that changed the discourse in the country - figures who had to come out in public and expose their true face, did come out and did expose themselves. The journalists sitting in the studios and enjoying a participatory share in the corridors of power finally exposed their true and hidden face behind the museum of fabrications they call journalism. The 2014 general elections, to be short, was decisive in the history of India. Today, the Karnataka assembly election 2018, taken by most as the road to 2019 general elections, has finally culminated with the result and one thing is clear - Modi has an edge; I don't care Rajdeep concedes it or not.