Friday, 20 April 2018

Rape Beyond Rape: Don't sermon girls - teach our boys to respect women! Writes Nidhi

Have you ever witnessed a rape beyond a rape? In the wake of the recent Kathua rape case (which, by all means, was no rape at all), we have to understand when rape moves beyond its periphery and hounds the victims and even more, hounds every girl who comes to know about the heinous crimes. Without going into the merits of the ghastly crime against a child, Nidhi writes the other side of the story which has become a 'suffix' to such kind of crimes as 'post-crime' protests and off. 

I happened to talk to someone today who shared an incident. It was about someone's reaction to this recent gory incident of rape of a minor girl on social media where they tried to pick up the issue of religion over this shameful act.

I ask those people a direct question, if they don't take a stand on this issue, are they having an assurance of the safety of their children in India. I understand to say this, they must have gone through something really terrible but isn't it true that "an eye for an eye, will make the whole nation blind." We have to put an end to this somewhere, somehow. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

American Maharajah by Mark Stephen Levy - Book Review

In India, people love reading; they even love writing as well. However, one thing that Indians love is certainly reading the perspectives of foreigners on India and Indian ways and anything Indian. Recently, I have, out of curiosity, bought a book by an American author. The book was titled American Maharajah and it was initially about a prince who is said to have returned many years after his death... later, the book turns out to be a contemporary novel with a difference - nothing sort of extravaganza there for the readers who love spice. It was a simple novel but very ripe one. I certainly enjoyed reading it and I would love to share my reading experience with the readers of India Latest News.