Saturday, 3 February 2018

Secularism, Media, Intolerance, Politics - the helpless nation

For God sake! What has gone wrong with our media today? The fourth pillar has fallen on its knees and has succumbed to the new definition of the much-debated term 'secularism'. For some, secularism is something which is nothing other than naming and shaming just one religion and trying so hard to defend even the worst and indefensible cases of extremism in other religions' ambit and we are witnessing it every now and then without a pause, ceaseless and over the years. We have been reading the 'journalism' by anoetic reporters for these 3-4 years without even the verification of the facts which is the basic rule that every journalism student has to learn during the days of study. What has gone wrong? Why is our media so anxious? Why has the term 'secularism' pierced the hearts of many? Today, the country seeks answers and we know we have none! We all know that there is some problem but we all know as well that there is no arcana which could provide relief at this hour of 'intolerance'.