Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Messi on the sublime; is Ronaldo fading away?

I admire Messi; I admire him to such an extent that you might seldom find a difference between my admiration and someone’s adoration. Nevertheless, I don’t hate Rolando! I admire him too; though I know that he is a giant on a different level and he cannot match the greatness that Messi possesses. Still, I like him; I like the way he plays and the way he scores (he seldom does anything else than scoring). What can be better for a Messi fan than the current phase which is passing by – Messi is on the sublime and Ronaldo hardly finds the back of the net. People are, moreover, counting Ronaldo off already and this is what I think is not good. Ronaldo is a great player and this period in his life, maybe harder and tough, will surely pass. He is a machine who scores goal and he will be back – you cannot be so happy seeing a concurrent great player struggling like this!

To all those who hate Lewis Hamilton - please read!

I have read much about Lewis Hamilton on the web, in the newspapers and social media platforms. People have different opinions to offer – some like him; some don’t like him; some love him and some hate him too. Nevertheless, when you talk about the motorsports, Lewis Hamilton is there in your talks – you cannot escape thinking about him! Such is Lewis Hamilton and now a record holding person in the history of the English nation. Hamilton has recently been crowned the champion for this year and has equalled the record with Vettel and others with eyes set for more. He finished 9th in the Mexican GP and still managed to be the king and also continuing his record run of races with points finish and going on. However, there are still the people who believe that Hamilton is not a good driver in the F1 gears. They believe his wins are because of his cars and not his skills. What can one do with such heads?

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Show some respect for the nation and national anthem!

Why the hell 2nd October is celebrated? Why do we need that day to be supposed as something worthy to be a national holiday? Okay; there was a person who fought on our side and helped the country become independent and that's all. We respect him and that's it; why at all we need to 'force' that respect on the nation?