Saturday, 29 April 2017

Refflesia: Fairy Tale Comes to India!

Rafflesia the banished princess by Gautam Choudhury

Rafflesia the Banished Princess is a newly launched book and is authored by Gautam Choudhury, a business analyst by profession. The early impressions that this book is generating promise to deliver the readers a read which is filled with excitement, enthusiasm and a new narrative in India fiction. The book is a fairy tale with Indian background and twists and turns of love story.

Monsoon Minds: Short Stories and Indian Fiction

Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar

The trend of short story writing could not get a bloom in India because it does not pay off well in the terms of sales and popularity. You can't imagine Chetan Bhagat or Ravinder Singh writing short stories and shooting to the fame club! However, there are the authors, the Indian authors, who write short stories in spite of every odds against them.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

An Hour in the Life of Stone Pelters in Kashmir

Stone Pelter one: (Watching the jawan crossing nearby) Let’s abuse him, he will not say a word; his mouth has been sealed by the liberals of the nation who protect us. These liberals you know, they are our messiah! They will never let any bitter sun even touch our bodies, even from behind the clouds. They are liberals; they are the Indians who love Pakistan more than India, most of the times. Liberals live in Delhi, I have been told by the person who pays me for my part-time stone pelting job.