Sunday, 29 January 2017

Rani Padmini History: Sanjay Bhansali's Leela and a Slap

I was in no mood to further cut short the life of my keyboard. The events, however, were in such a flash that I could not keep myself away from stepping into the lot. I can see all at once a number of historians walking around in our country; ironically, only a few days ago, they were all well-accomplished economists denouncing the demonetization move by Narendra Modi. Have you ever seen such a great shift in profession? Never should I miss to add, have you seen, once again, such a great shift in 'intellectual' profession? And tomorrow, if there arises an issue with Indo-Pak borders, I am sure all the newly made Historians will claim themselves to be geographers of well repute and will not further hesitate in rubbishing off all the claims by India. (No doubt, some of them might further extend their hearts' and give even Delhi to them, after all, Indian liberals are the best liberals in the world!) Well, today, it's not about sarcasm. Today it's the question of a very poisonous phrase in our country - freedom of expression. Recently, a Rajpoot group has attacked the film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali (forgive my mistakes if I make any in naming him) and also made it physical by slapping him once. The director is making a movie about the life of Rani Padmini. And in the movie, he has included an extrapolated scene in which the tyrant Alauddin Khilji dreams about Padmini. However, this is the dream which is in the roots of this controversy surrounding Sanjay Bhansali. In the dream sequence, Ranveer Singh (the actor for whom having sex is a work and he 'should take it home') enacting Khilji, makes love with Rani Padmini. (And I don't need to tell you what sort of love they make in Bollywood movies which somehow never miss a chance of adding hot love scenes even in the historic movies. Did you see some in Ben's Argo?)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Gita, Life and Spirituality! Going to 19th Akshauhini

How many of you read Gita daily? Okay, leave the daily schedule aside, how many of you have ever read Gita? Well, leaving aside even reading the holy book, how many of you care what is written in the Gita? I am sure the answer will be close to nought if the question were intended at youth of the day. Rarely, I emphasise, rarely the youth of the day care about the religious scriptures because they think it’s just about another ‘dumpling the orthodox’ fashion and they should not read the age-old traditional works which only bind them to certain circumstances. Well, let me tell you all who believe that there is nothing in Gita which can be seen with a connection to the modern days, you are mistaken. Just guidance and a little support by the books which interpret the Gita for you will do the work.

The book 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita has come out previous year by Haribakth, the author. While understanding and decoding the interpretations of the Gita directly through the book itself might be a tough task for those who are not very well-versed in philosophy and spiritual and mythological context, the book by Haribakth can be very helpful. This book has a very distinct feature – the tables, the direct way of communication, the modern analogies and also the illustrations by the co-author Vaishnavi. People who wish to know about the Gita can also read other books, no doubt. However, the 19th Akshauhini will be their basic guide, I am sure about that.

West Bengal Riots: Mamata & The Secular Media

Many things happened in the country since the time I had my last opinion written. Demonetisation and Mamta’s fury; Punjab polls hustle bustle and Sidhu’s comedy; Dangal and Zaira episode with Islamist regressive minds; bollywood’s expanding knowledge horizon; Dhoni & ODI captaincy shift; and the most unwanted thing – further downwards shift in the politics of current opposition in the centre. Now, all these things, for sure, demand a reproach or appreciation as per their merit. Did you do it? Or you are thinking that I missed something out? Oh! Yes, like most of the mainstream media and so-called secular journalists, I missed the Bengal riots and atrocities on the Hindus at certain places. And to be frank and honest, this was the worst thing that happened and even worse that no media did air the episodes! I was constantly keeping an eye on the happenings and I just did not see any debates, any panel discussions, any ‘atms are shut down’ type live reporting… yes, except one or two news channels who also faced the consequences for the same. Is Mamta Banerjee so angry? Is she afraid of the people of a certain community? Under her shelter, a nominal maulana of a masjid directs ‘fatwa’ against the PM of the nation and she is talking of communal harmony in Bengal? Police does not act; administration does not take cognisance; the shops of a certain section of people, Hindus, are burnt; women are harassed; men are killed & beaten; media is silent; local dailies are kept under check. What is happening in Bengal, Didi? Are you on the pay-rolls of Arabs? Questions will arise because you don’t let a seminar against jihad take place in Bengal; you don’t let a RSS rally take place on your soil.

Riots against Hindus in Bengal is not a new issue as we have seen before in Malda. Media people who pose as pious seculars, Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagorika, something called Rana Ayub, the ABP News type channels and all… they keep mum because in the times when Hindus are the targets and Muslims are the subjects, their hate agendas will not work well. Yes, not to be excluded, our undear Ravish or Rubbish babu whose hatred against a certain section of people and certain section of politicians is well-known to the world now.

What Mamta Banerjee does not know or cannot see ‘in his blindness’ is that she is playing with an obvious ring of fire. She can take the advantage only until the time fire is burning slow and no wind touches it. Once the fire comes in contact with a strong wind, the wind of hatred, she will be on the receiving end and this fire will consume all her hate-agendas. Mumming the blots like the maulana who summoned a fatwa against Modi and all those antisocial elements who carried out the atrocities on the Hindus in Bengal, she is only calling her day. And most surprising thing is the silence of communists who are always seen against Mamta. The bigger question is that what’s happening in Kerala; and once we know that, we can certainly know why Mamta and Yechuri both are silent while Muslims are freely using violence against Hindus in Bengal. Has the time come to shun the rights of Bengal government and use the article 356 to impose the president’s rule? Let’s see what comes out. And thanks to the social media people who have come out with the evidences and images of the riots. We will not let her agenda work because we are no more dependent on the mainstream media anymore!