Friday, 30 September 2016

Liquor Ban is Illegal Patna High Court Judgement

Nitish Kumar has faced several blows on the chin, recent developments in the politics, as well as the state affairs, indicate so, at least. Today only, the Patna High Court has termed the liquor ban in Bihar, a law passed by the Nitish-led Bihar Government, illegal. It is seen as the major political blow to Nitish Kumar as he has always been vouching for his booze ban move.

From the beginning, we have maintained that it was mere insanity on the part of Nitish Kumar to enforce such headless law where the entire male fraternity of the family would land in jail if a bottle is found in the house! What is this? We have already witnessed several suicides, several imprisonment terms, several false allegations and framings, several political leaders being caught with liquor and still, the law was taking its course. However, the Patna High Court has today given a decisive judgment.

It was quite surprising that Nitish Kumar, who has maintained a holistic stand on the issue of beef ban, saying that the government has not the right to decide what one shall eat, enforced a law saying that you cannot consume alcohol! It was seen as a hypocrisy on the part of the future PM aspirant. In spite of several criticisms, Nitish did not listen to any of them and kept ranting his success with the booze ban and also kept tossing challenges to other states to enact such laws.

However, as we all know, every honeymoon comes to an end and tastes the realities of marriage. The honeymoon period for Mr. Nitish has come to an end with the judgement of the Patna High court on the liquor ban law. We have to wait and watch if the Government decides to challenge the judgment in the Supreme Court.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

#IndiaStrikesBack Finally! We Hurt Terror!

‘Significant causalities’ are the price that Pakistan and Pakistani terrorists had to pay for conducting the cowardly terror attack in Uri. There is a limit to tolerance and at times one has to be intolerant to stay tolerant further! We have been tested several times by Pakistan in the recent time and this time, there was the right time for #PayBack or #BackLash. And we have finally done it! I am so proud to write about this story. India has destroyed the terror camps located on the Pakistani soil across the line of control.

The operation by our brave Indian army soldiers took place in the course of the night and we BRAVELY killed and destroyed the terrorists who were collecting to further bleed India and Indians. Just in the report on Times Now confirms that there were 8 surgical strikes by the ground troops of Indian Army. Shockingly, the Pakistani army came to defend the terrorists and have been KILLED. As per the reports, there have been no any casualties in the strike. We were the VICTORS!

Pakistan has only one option left now - either support us in destroying the terror camps on your soil or come defend them and we will KILL you! Political cacophony has just died and people will be forced to speak in the national colour who were being peace-keepers for the terror.

At last, the credit goes to our brave Indian Army and also our Prime Minister Narendra Modi! He is the leader in the true sense and we have all witnessed it just now. He is BRAVE and so our Indian Army.

More will be coming soon. We will keep following the story whole day.

Kejriwal Tweets & Endorses Antinational Remark: Is He Mentally Ill?

When the envy-head Kejriwal orchestrated his odd-even scheme in New Delhi (I was in Delhi at that time) I thought, in spite of all my prejudices against him, he has something called the ‘mind’. He can thing productivity; he can be constructive; he can be inclined towards the convenience of the people. However, I was utterly wrong! You can’t trust a snake who has once omitted poison on your feet! Did you see his endorsement to the tweet of a waste newspaper tribune? You will understand easily from where my angst is coming against this unlikely politician of India. Please have a look:

I mean is this person in a state which we call ‘normal’? I don’t think so at all! This man seems to me a freak who will simply say anything to show the country that Modi is wrong. How can this politics be even played when our country’s interests are on the line? Do you have any sense of responsibility, Mr. Kejriwal! You say yourself a popular leader, then, is this the message that a popular neta of India should send to the world when we are doing every ounce of job to corner Pakistan internationally? I don’t find myself in a position to be able to decode you! Does it take only this much to you to go against our nation! I pity your mental state, sir!

And what should I say about the Tribune India! I don’t know which Utopia they are living in. We have all seen how India has emerged as a leader among the South Asian nations and these people are seeing us being pushed into a corner! Showing some posters and Muslim people opposing India cannot be a mirror of what India is thinking, Mr. Kejriwal. Please don’t play with the fire of Muslim card. Don’t try to divide the nation for your politics’ sake. Before anything else happens, this fire will burn you first!

And my advice to the people who admire Kejriwal, please do admire him for his sick mindset and anti-India sentiments if you wish. However, do remember, people in India are watching you all. We can’t give you any more states to destroy! Your game is over; your bluff is called; your cards are seized!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The #Debatenight of #USPresidentialDebate Heralds: #TrumpvsClinton

So, the American presidential debates have finally started. Some hours ago, we have witnessed Hillary and Donald lock horns on a floor. The audience were silent (as per the stipulation) and the two presidents-in-fray were debating their policies, ideas and winning whims. Donald Trump, as we all know him to be, was a bit dominating and it'd give many intellectuals now a chance to blast him on gender issues!

Whatever, you can say whatever about the presidential debates, absolutely. However, yes, however, things are pretty humorous! I like debates, be it watching those or participating. This was also the debate that I liked so much because of the aggressive approach to the issues by the participants. Trump was, in the first section, hiding behind Ronald Reagan and batting for a cut in taxes to create jobs. Hillary was in favour of the middle class, as most of the politicians pretend to be until they are in power. However, you cannot deny that the United States is going through a whirlwind of economic issues and the 'leader' must do something.

Today, I will not make my observations longer because I don't want to push people into academic issues. We all know what is being thought by whom as far as the candidates are concerned. Today, I am in favour of just sitting relaxed and enjoying the debates. Let them parrot their policies and their worth again and again. I am interested (as well as India is) because the president of the USA will be a 'direct person' for India. As the moderator announced in the beginning, there are two more debates scheduled and I hope the coming two will give the people of USA an ample opportunity to understand their candidates better.

On the technicalities, I like the way the candidates come in front and face each other next to the audience. It is a direct communication (no back stabbings) and it gives the people a very welcoming hour to judge the persons. Something like this in India will prove a lot and then, don't ask me about the TRP of the channel which will get that jackpot! Enjoy the presidential debates!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Shame on You Manish SISODIA!

Can there be anything more shameless than what the AAP, which is unfortunately in government in Delhi, is doing out there? The CM who is perennially ill with his 'ill-throat' is out of the chair for more than two months now leaving the state in the hands of the ministers who either enjoy foreign trips leaving the people in Delhi to die of Dengue or are busy in offering 'ration' cards to the women of the state. When will you learn some governance Arvind and when you will teach your colleagues to act wisely?

I have seen the dance of sheer arrogance on the face of Manish Sisodia today when he was confronted by the reporter of Times Now, Jonathan, in Finland. He did not even care for a second to speak to the people of Delhi through the window of opportunity. He abused Arnab Goswami; he abused Modi; he vouched his self-certified 'working hours' and just went away with a display of 'gundaism' on his face. What is this? One must ask to the party which came in power only by playing with the conscience of Delhi people who are ambitious for a 'good government' and they rejected even Modi!

Manish Sisodia is in Finland to learn some skills to better the education in Delhi and do some service to the 2.6 million children of Delhi. Mr. Sisodia, do you know what is going on in Delhi? Have you read some other newspaper except your propagandist Janta ka reporter thing? You should see the images where a bed in the hospital is shared by 2-3 people. You should see the looooong queue of people standing for hours to wait for their turns to come and get some medical attention. You should listen to the cries of a mother who has lost her 'only child' because of Chikungunya. Yes, the same 'child' for whose future you are 'enjoying' being in Finland! Shame on you and shame on your party and shame on your style of politics! Politics should really come up with a new definition for itself if we are to believe that what you do can ever be qualified to be called politics! Shame on you!

Latest on Mother Teresa: Gerard Writes a New Book

Mother Teresa has finally been decorated with the honour of being called a 'saint' by the Vatican. However, the path to sainthood for the kind 'mother' has not been so easy. Mother Teresa, who has served the poor people for many many long years, had been constantly kept at the bay from being conferred the sainthood for a very long period. Her followers and the scholars of Christianity have been arguing for the honour of sainthood for Mother Teresa, but, in the view of many scholars, she had been deceitfully kept from it.

Gerard, a Catholic Christian from Tamilnadu, who is also a spiritual thinker and social critic, has come out with a quality book (translated into English) Mother Teresa: Canonized or Crucified. This book contains a record of the events and the game plan of the Vatican which has been denying sainthood to 'Mother' for a prolonged period of time.

Catholic Church is also not above the dogmatism of 'womenia' as records suggest many shocking truths. There are still many practices being carried away in the Churches that only men are allowed to do despite God who does not differentiate between sexes! Gerard, the author of Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified, suggests the same in his book.

Talking about Teresa, there are many instances that people criticized her for her 'services' to the poor. Gerard has argued in favour of Teresa in his book. Undoubtedly, a person who used to think:

"There is longing for love. There is no shortage of bread in England, America, and Australia.. There is a shortage of pure love. The world is longing more for love than food."

The controversies around Mother Teresa emerged chiefly after her letters were revealed by some Roman Journalist Brian Kolodiejchuk as 'confessional letters'. These letters revealed the crisis of faith that Mother Teresa was suffering. Moreover, some people also argue that she died because of the same crisis. Gerard, in his book, strongly voices for Mother and defends her. She finds leaking the personal letters of Teresa as much a punishable offense as it was when some other Roman Journalists were arrested for revealing the Vatican Scandals by leaking Pope's secret documents.

Whatever be the progress in this field, this book by Gerard has added a new dimension to the ongoing quest around Mother Teresa who has recently been conferred with the sainthood by Vatican.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Kapil Sharma vs BMC: Politics and Comedy Mingle!

I have hurt both my ankles this morning while playing a football match. I do attend my college and I am also very good at the work I do. I am a good student; a good leader; still I am hurt! Is this your achhe din? Modi ji!

Indians are getting aware, day by day. Some of them are also paying their taxes regularly - as much as 15 crores a year! Can you imagine that these multi-millionaire people are being asked for a bribe? That also, they are asked for bribes for some 'illegal' work being done. BMC officials are caught in a fix as Sri Kapil Sharma has directly questioned PM Modi over his 'achhe din ke sapne'.

This immaturity of the popular comedian might cost him a bit of his fame being turned into notoriety as he has directly taken on the PM of this biggest democracy on the earth. And it had to be; it can only amuse when you just blame the prime minister of this nation for any wrong being done to you! The biggest thing that is coming out of Kapil Sharma's rap is that he is on the weaker ground once the case came in public domain. Kapil is trying to create a commercial complex in the residential area and perhaps, for this reason, the BMC official (only when Kapil has the iron to name him/her) might have demanded a bribe of only rs. 5 lacs from a guy who is paying taxes worth rs. 15 crores!

Kapil, let me ask you some questions. What the havoc if you pay your taxes tantamount to Rs. 15 crores or even 150 crores? You are a common citizen of the country and you can't just go on and brag your taxes! You earn and you pay! There is no big deal! Just imagine how much they would be paying who pay you. And then, only the heavy briefcases of money cannot assure that you can do whatever you want. You cannot just raise a commercial complex if that is barred in the residential area. Did you 'offer' a bribe for that? The BMC has given you notice in July and they also broke your construction down. Did you tweet to PM Modi then that see, I have been caught on the wrong foot and your police are doing a great job? Kapil, the ducplicity on the screen is very good to amuse your audience; you cannot amuse the nation when it comes to doing unlawful things by any means! Please let me know, as well as the PM, when you have a fever. After all, Modi has promised us of accche din and we are not supposed to fall ill!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Love, Virginity, Sex & Younger Generation of India

What do Indians think about virginity? What does the Indian youth think about love? How do we see sex? There are many questions that need to be answered; and answered not in the confinements of four walls, rather in public debates and forums. The good thing is that people have started talking about these things. A social evolution, as it's already in process, must be discussed thoroughly.

When a very acclaimed critic of this modern India, Mr. Ashutosh, (unfortunately wasting his talent with Arvind in Aam Aadmi Party) claimed in his recent blog that virgin girls are not seen well in this modern society of our country, I was compelled to think unwell about the mindset of 'sir'. However, despite Ashutosh being on the wrong-foot, there is something in his argument that questions about the emerging generation in India. What do we think about virginity? What do we really think about it? What is our opinion about love? How do we see sex? Before going into the details of all these, are we still comfortable in discussing these issues? Well, let's talk it off today.

I am very sceptic about the notion 'true love' today. Don't get me wrong on this, but this is a grim reality. The concept of blind dates and 'checking on dates' has pushed aside the feeling called love. The love that used to be shy, hesitant, slow and steady has been packed inside a 'dil ki deal' and has long ago been sent on a tour to some undisclosed island. We, the young population of this country, want everything fast, and just fast! It doesn't matter to us even if this 'fastness' stays long or lasts in a day. Am I wrong? 'what the ))$k yar! 4-5 din se pichhe pada hun but she isn't even looking at me! chhod hata use. dusri pe line marta hun.' This is what a typical 'guy remark' means. For those four or five days this 'he' followed that 'she' can you call an adjective as precious as love? I guess no... Not only the boys, girls are also true competitors of boys in this regard. And I think it's, in fact, a good thing. Boys only don't have that edge when it comes to the fast-track love. These short-term affairs, as casual as they are, have become very casual today. For a young society like India, I will say it's alright. Let them take things lightly when they are quite young for these things. With time, people do understand what is something like true love and the concept of a soulmate. You just cannot expect a four class boyfriend of a 3rd standard girl to understand if she, and vice-versa, he, are the soulmates of each-other or not! India is going ahead.

In the 60s when Raj Kapur used to dance around the trees with his heroines, sex was something exclusively meant to remain within the four walls, between two close people and the darkness of the night. Today, however, sex has come out almost in the public in our country. You can see the couples indulged in each other in public parks, public places like discos etc. I don't want to get into it, but, for sure, it had to be like this a day! Society is a flux and it's prone to the movement. We can't keep it like it was and also can't promise that it'd be like this. We discuss sex in the public; we watch sex in the movies; we read sex in the bestselling books; we see sex scandals in the politics as well! Except for political scandals, there is no harm. Sex is an indispensable part of our life and the more we understand it the better it is. Nevertheless, there must be an umbrella guidance - youths must be saved from running wild and knowing just a little more than what they should. Yes, sex is also a part of the casual love affairs today and in a developing society, you can't keep from it. Today we have the concept of live-in-relationships, open-end-relationships and also the one-night-stands. Though the grandfather and perhaps father generation of the youths might never digest these, these things will be a normal part of our society in the coming generation. I remember that Bharath Krishna wrote in his novel Guy on The Sidewalk that in India, virginity is nothing to boast about. If the circumstances are favourable, rarely a person would like to remain a virgin until marriage. Take it good or bad, this is somewhat the reality today! There is nothing bad about it either.

However, in the rush of the things, that innocence of first love and that perennial hesitation of the couple have somewhere been left. The younger generation of India wants everything, including love and sex, to be very fast. Love; love for a day or two; we have new ones waiting, and the life goes on... Accept it or not, we have, at least 90%, the same story to tell. Today, no heart breaks for more than a week! Welcome to the young India and what it wants have already been answered by an eminent scholar who will sell the stories of this generation with 'added spice' for better taste!

Global Pressure on Pak: Modi Raises 'Neighbourhood Terror' Issues at G20 & ASEAN

PM Modi is brave and we know that. You may like him; hate him (with or without a reason); admire him; say bad about him, but, for sure, you cannot ignore him! Leaving the personal opinions of people for our prime minister Modi aside, what I want to talk today is his constant stand on terrorism. He has recently raised the issue of terrorism from the floor of G20 as well as the ASEAN summit. Before you bin the news saying 'what's new', you must read what I have to say.

India, today, is not the same it was 20 years ago. Moreover, India, today, is also not the same that it was before the national assembly elections in 2014! We have come very far in the terms of international reach and recognition. What the Indian prime minister says today does not only make national headlines but also finds a secure position in the international news. As a nation, we have been constantly battling the terror coming from across the border. Narendra Modi has raised this issue very forcefully at occasions he has got. Now India is not the same 'mute' nation which the world used to look down as a 'junior partner'. Economically, technologically, intellectually, and every other possible-wise, India is rising day by day and the world has no choice but to acknowledge the same. Therefore, the 'southeast Asian nation' which is supporting terror and giving a safe haven to the terrorists must be aware.

This time, Modi has given a clear cut message to our neighbours - stop batting on the pitch prepared with the soil of terror. Pakistan, as a nation, has constantly been doing so since the painful (or painless) separation. Their grudge is Kashmir and we can never give even a piece of it to them, the world knows! Whoever becomes the PM of Pakistan or even the president, he/she has to ride the horses fed by the military. And hence, there is no option left but to reiterate the agenda of ISI and different terror organisations operating from Pakistan. These are in public domains since the decades.

However, no PM from India used to be so clear and unambiguous in his/her address at the world leading forums of the leaders. Now that Modi has taken up the issue of 'neighbourhood terrorism,' we must hope something better to come. Today also, from the ASEAN podium, PM has reinforced his and India's unequivocal stand against terrorism. Also, PM has to meet the POTUS and their increasing bilateral interests have been a panic for our neighbour since it started.

Has the time come that Pak will be cornered internationally? Or the political games will go on even on the international stage? Our stand as a nation along with the leader of the nation is frank and clear. We have to see what Uncle Sam does.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Twitter leaves none : #FraudTeresa

A perturbing hashtag #FraudTeresa has started trending in the micro blogging website, Twitter in India. The users were sharing their own viewpoints on her by putting forth their concern of making her a symbol of religion.Many accused her of promoting suffering as a virtue and questioned her charitable works and the mass conversion.

Meanwhile millions had gathered in St Peter's Square at Vatican city  to witness the canonization ceremony of the Nobel laureate nun. Hundreds of Missionaries of charity sisters attended the phenomenon with 13 heads of state. In India, a special mass was conducted at the Missionaries of Charity, the order she founded in Kolkata. Large TV screens were also setup in the Mother House in Kolkata for watching the ceremony.

Mother Teresa died in 1997 at the age of 87 and was beatified in 2003,the first step to sainthood.


Saturday, 3 September 2016

AAP Scores Self-Goals! The Sex-CD Row Furthers

Sandeep Kumar, the sex-star of AAP who has been sacked from the cabinet as well as the party now, has opened many windows of fame for the party chief Kejriwal. However, no wonder, the 'immaturity' of the party which has merely passed 3-4 springs in Indian Politics cannot be kept behind the curtains by the immature politicians in the party. On the one hand, the hasty-pasty leadless leader Arvind Kejriwal is leaving no stone unturned to take the credit of 'sacking his minister for women welfare and on the other, Ashutosh is openly contradicting the 'gandi machhli' theory of his leader. What is happening with AAP?

It all started with the tossed-up sex cd of Sandeep Kumar. Having the possession of the cd for at least 15 days, Kejriwal did nothing, as per the reports in the media channels. When Arvind came to learn that the mainstream media is finally going to take up this news, he was forced to act in his usual style, sacked the MLA and cabinet minister on twitter. After a day of sacking, Kejriwal made a video appearance and delivered his typical style monologue and sat on the moral high ground reflecting his moral-policing mindset. According to him, Sandeep has cheated the ideology of AAP and also the nation.

However, before the issue could cool down, another card was played by Ashutosh who publicly came in defence of his colleague in AAP and illustrated examples from the history of India. He did not show any sort of mercy even for the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and publicly 'bashed' his relations with his so-called 'spiritual wife' Sarla.

Now, before I get into other perspectives of the case, I want to ask Ashutosh a few questions. Ashutosh, do you understand any differences between a spiritual wife and a physical love interest? I hope you don't! Yes, you are probably right about Nehru. However, you can't even bring a person of the Nehru's or the Gandhi's or even Vajpayee's stature to defend your friend Sandeep! Another question is, do you publicly take a stand against the beliefs of your leader Kejriwal? Do you mean to say that this 'gandi machhli' is not a problem for you? Please clarify your stand as the nation is entirely baffled with what's going on in your party AAP!

Moreover, Times Now aired two and a half debate consecutively about the issue and Arnab Goswami too on the AAP's untrustable stand on the entire sex row. Some paid social influencers of the Aam Admi Party today tweeted against the Times Now's Arnab Goswami and they flashed an age-old 'supposed' story about the channel published in some oblivious newspaper. Why is AAP so rattled over the sequence of events? Why are they making it even more obvious by attacking a journalist and a channel which is doing its duty by questioning every possible corner which is most of the times left unquestioned?

This is so childish from AAP! They cannot keep on taking the credit by washing their own dirt and they'll have to understand it. On the first hand, it was their mistake when they offered tickets to someone like Sandeep. It was their second mistake when they hatched possible escapes even after having the possession of the video for over half a month. Now, they are offering different line of arguments - Kejri version and Ashutosh version and also the Sandeep version. People of Delhi, be aware of what you see and then be informed of what you believe!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Muslim Personal Law Board Reaches Supreme Court Ahead of Hearing on Triple Talaq

When did you last tell somebody that India is a secular country? Maybe at times when people from a certain community and their messiahs were painting the sky green a few months back or during your speeches on 15th of August. However, come out of this delusion. India cannot be a secular country because here, a particular community, named Muslim, is not following the law of the land! The people in the Muslim community has to follow, unfortunately, the communal laws which are almost ages-old and to an extent - bizarre in proper words! The SC (Supreme Court) has to hear a remarkable case on triple talaq which is scheduled 4 days from today. However, ahead of this very significant hearing, we have seen almost a jolted step by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. They have issued a formal statement for the SC and raised certain points.

Take a look at their absurd and entirely bizarre arguments:

"When serious discords develop in a marriage and the husband wants to get rid of his wife, there are legal compulsions and time-consuming judicial processes. In extreme cases, a husband may resort to illegal criminal ways of getting rid of her by murdering her. In such situations, triple talaq is a better resource."

Are you serious? Are the persons sitting in air-conditioned rooms of Muslim Personal Law board trying to imply that Muslim husbands are not sane enough that they can kill their wives over discord? Even if the triple talaq comes to their rescue, will the Muslim Personal Law Board take the responsibility that there will be no discord with the next wife (or wives) the man will marry? I am amused by the wit of this 'outwitted' statement and surely, I will be highly appalled to see if the SC takes a cognition of such shallow statement!

Another argument that they presented to the knowledge of the Supreme Court was that the Muslim laws cannot be changed in the name of social reforms. I am sure the person who has scripted the statement must be living in a Utopia where there are nothing like the law of the land, constitution, space of adding and subtracting according to the popular need etc.

This is a great opportunity for the Supreme Court to come with a strong stand. They must take note of the atrocities done on the Muslim women in the name of religious laws. Polygamy, triple talaq and many other sick laws are there only for the women to tolerate. If at all India has to progress, these personal religious laws must be scrapped as soon as possible! Let us see what the Supreme Court does this time while the country waits to witness a historical victory of 'real human rights' or again be fooled by the courts of justice!

Colin Kaepernick of NFL Kneels During the National Anthem!

I just don't know at all why does a person called John Dayal goes time to time to America and almost spits venom against our country India in the most severe manner. Well, of course, he has all the rights to do so; we live in a democratic country and we can always have differences in our opinion and even if it goes sometimes to the extent of 'Bharat ki barbadi tak - jung rahegi jung rahegi' we Indians are so 'tolerant' that we let them loose... If you are getting confused about my random selection of day to write these things, let me tell you something which is happening in the land of USA right now. We all know that the USA is a piece of land, perhaps, with the presence of racial hatred in its most dangerous manifest! People are being differentiated on the basis of being black and white and 'colourful'. After all, what can expect from a nation where the president in fray openly talks about racial hatred...

However, this time, it's not any cop-killing case in America. There is a player named Colin Kaepernick, who plays in the USA's much loved NFL. This player has developed much popularity on his behalf in recent days. Colin has denied showing respect to the flag of USA and does not bother to stand up when the national anthem is playing on the ground. Rather, he prefers to 'get down on his knee' and register his protest. Isn't it unique? Telling about his 'disrespect,' the American player has said:

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of colour."

Not only he alone, now, many veterans of America have come in support of the NFL star Colin Kaepernick. They are asking questions if lives of 'black people' matter to the USA or not. This 'kneeling' stance of Colin is loved by some and hated and bashed by some. Of course, there will always be people who will not tolerate the disrespect against the national flag. But now, the world knows what goes in the USA. Are you getting the strings now?

I was questioning John Dayal on this ground. With what hope and 'shame,' he goes to USA crying for Indian foul? Doesn't he and others who never leave an opportunity to bash our country understand this simple mathematics? The land of USA has become the land of turmoil, and it's not a new case!

While I wait for what happens with the case of Colin Kaepernick, it's interesting to see how the Indian intellectuals react to this.

Argentina vs Uruguay: The Messi Magic Back on the Ground!

No one can imagine how much troubled I was seeing that sad face of Messi, dejected and bursting to tears after the loss in Copa America final. He did everything he could do but unfortunately, missed the penalty (as he often misses it) and the loss was there. Realizing that none other but he will be the butt of satire, Lionel Messi announced his retirement in a hurry. And amid some sounds of criticism, Messi was successful in winning the sympathy and support of legends as well as contemporary players. I was awe-struck and just prayed that he gets back in the international football team because without Messi, the Argentine team is just lacking that 'sharp tooth'!

Somehow, the things remained. Even the president of Argentina had to attempt to coax Messi to take back his retirement! Such is the worth of this player, perhaps on of his league, on the planet earth! Maradona also, in spite of all his previous records, tried to persuade Messi. (Though we all know how he took a U-turn when Messi announced to come back for the nation.) Ultimately, when the Argentine national football team coach reached Barcelona and approached Messi, things came to life for the football fans! MESSI IS BACK!

And cometh the moment, cometh the legend - Messi! Messi was there today to rescue the Argentina team against Uruguay. His beautiful goal in the 43rd minute of the game remained the only goal scored during the entire minutes of the game. Not only Messi has just come back for the team but also proved why he is kind of leader they need. What a talent this person is!

You can criticize him as much as you want; Maradona can bash him with or without valid reasons; Ronaldo fans can abuse him for nothing, but be aware - there is and there will always be - ONE AND ONLY MESSI! He is a kind of player who are born rarely and fortunately, this phenomenon has already occurred and we have our little magician running on the 90 yards ground and mesmerizing us with the magic of his feet!