Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sex Tap Scandal Hits AAP - Sandeep Kumar Sacked!

I hope you have enjoyed the story of that pathetic old man who didn't work but enjoyed luxuries on the income of his wife and daughter. Today, I have heard another great story - why does anyone want to be a minister? Well, if you ask this question to the former "Minister for Women and Child development, Social Welfare, SC/ST Govt. of NCT of Delhi. MLA from Sultanpur Mazra" you will probably get a reply which will be something like:

'Once you become a minister, you have access to position and position brings power and power brings sexual favours; so, it's a simple mathematics young men; work hard; ride a running horse; become a politician by fooling the voters; become a minister and you can fulfil your sexual fantasies! As simple as that!'

Is this the much-hyped model of government that Arvind Kejriwal has promised to the voters of Delhi who gave him a historic mandate? A few days ago, the CAG has blasted Delhi government for overspending on the personal propagandas of the CM and now this Sex-CD scandal has hit Kejriwal and AAP on the jaws! I am just waiting with calm head what comes out next - maybe a Modi conspiracy that BJP somehow coaxed the women to go and be caught in compromising position with Sandeep Kumar or as the senior AAP supporter Saba Naqvi suggested tonight on a news channel - it might well be a sexual act by consent! Bravo! Sexual act with two women (being a married man) at the same time is something really impressing and then, I think, Kejriwal must compliment him instead of sacking him from the cabinet. After all, according to Saba's theory, there must be no public debates on the personal life of a public figure. You know, this is the problem that often hits when Saba does not get her usual brief from the AAP offices in Delhi before coming on Times Now and facing Arnab Goswami.

Well, rubbing the board again white, Sandeep Kumar has been sacked in the same fashion of Kejriwal on twitter. Sisodia has come to the press and read his soliloquy and didn't dare to take a single question. Many questions are there in the mind of people in Delhi, in the country and also in the world (after all, NY times, at rare times, lauds Kejri's efforts). I have also reports that Kejriwal knew this thing beforehand and he knew that Sandeep has been misusing his position to exploit the helpless women sexually. Where were his guts of being a different party and different leader? Only when he feared that matter is going to toss in the public domain, under massive pressure, he played the 'zero tolerance' card.

It'd be interesting to follow as the story develops! Chaliye dekhte hain kya kya karname or lilayen hoti hain aam aadmi party ke khas netaon ke avtaron ke hathon!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Twitter, Trends, Tweets and the Dilemma

When I joined twitter, I thought it to be a platform where people express the best thing about them or about anything in just 140 characters. Today, however, seeing things develop in a way they have developed, I feel that all these 140 characters have just become characterless! There is an age-old proverb that we should not judge a book by the cover it wears; however, you can always judge a person by the words he/she omits on the twitter tweets. How, why and when did this happen? To me, there is no clue!

To start with the political wars is the best possible way to let you know what I am talking. Every day, when wake up early in the morning and just check twitter app on your phone, by that time, one or two 'politically motivated' hashtags might already have gone past! For your refreshment, many more will keep coming throughout the day and it mostly culminates with a defining one for the night. I am naming no party and also, I am exempting none, nonetheless! All parties are 'political' on twitter with their hired PR agencies and a bunch of social media teams. So, is this what we mean by expressing our thoughts on twitter?

Then comes the number of paid trends on twitter. These trends are the bare examples of social media influencer marketing. Companies hire PR agencies to promote their business and products on twitter. PR agencies hire influences to trend and talk about those decided things. And the result - you see the trends like #DhulaayiSamajhdaariSe! The second time I am asking, is this what we call the expression of brevity in 140 characters on twitter?

Then we come to know about abusive language on twitter used against men and women - sometimes to express disgust and sometimes just to abuse! I don't understand what's the point in abusing someone on twitter? Just see these:

My point is very simple; we Indians, in the terms of our grand population, are yet very much asocial to this social media trend. Nearly one percent of our population is active on twitter. Whom we are abusing? Whom we are lauding? Whom are we criticising? There are many questions like these. However, the biggest dilemma is, 'those' who invest in this 'business' are still getting great 'return of investments',

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Kejriwal Has Scored ZERO Until Now for His 'Leadless' Leadership!

I will begin with a short story, which is, by the way, real short!
There was a man. He had a wife and two daughters. Everyone in the family was working except the man himself. The total monthly income of the family was 3.6 lacs Indian rupees. The monthly budget was taken care by the man in spite he was not working himself. Have a look at the budget for July 2016:

15,000: My Rosso Brunello shoes (DaMilano's)
30,000: My Kenneth Cole leather messenger bag
1,50,000: My Rado watch (Integral)
35,000: My Gucci Shirt
45,687: House Loan EMI
30,000: My MoneyBack Policy Premium
Remaining: Household expenses for a month
* My indicates that man's

What will you do with this man? Will you ever want this person to manage the budget for next month? Won't your blood boil seeing this man getting luxuries for 'himself' with the hard-earned cash of the family members?

The dear Delhi people, do something of this egoistic person Kejriwal! He isn't doing any good with yours, the taxpayer's money in Delhi. Since I am out of Delhi for 2 and a half month now, I am not sure what kind of hoardings you must be seeing on the road; metro stations, bus stops, schools, colleges or any possible spaces (who knows what this man can do?). However, I am pretty sure that there must be one thing common - Kejri's face and that AAP ki Sarkar slogan.

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has 'pulled & twisted' the ears of Arvind Kejriwal over the overuse of public funds on the personal branding of himself and his party AAP. Also, the CAG has been furious over the use of his image and the party slogan on the public advertisements. An interesting fact that the CAG has stated in its report is that Kejriwal sarkar is directly confronting the decision of Supreme Court and doing 'everything' possible to show his defiant attitude. For example, the expenditure on advertisements related to women safety in Delhi has only been used to flash the posters which criticise either the Central Government or the Delhi police or both of them.

You will be surprised to know that the cost of Delhi government's advertisement, which has unfortunately been used entirely in an unfair manner, has been almost 114.21 crores for the year 2015-16. You will be even more surprised to know that the Directorate of Information and Publicity (known as DIP) budget allocated for the year 2014-15 was 11.12 crores only! Why this ten-fold hike was needed, Mr. Kejriwal? Is this what you say as being a 'aap ki sarkar'?

The most interesting and cheap thing about this Delhi government is that their leader, the Kejriwal-named-smug, who once advocated for the RTI and transparency in the governance, does not bother to reply to the RTIs which inquire about the expenditure of government in Delhi over their advertisements in TV, radio and newspapers! It's amazing, isn't it, Delhi people?

Kudos that Delhi's population has chosen a 'leadless' leader for them who is still in a dilemma which way to go! He wakes up with the Modi-chant on twitter and sleeps with the same, as is apparent! In the terms of governance, there is only hue and cry for the things which are being blocked by the center; come on man! Can you do the things which are in your hands? And if 'nothing' is in your hand, why did you delude the Delhi public that you will just change everything overnight?

If we consider the record and historical Delhi verdict as a test, then, unfortunately, now that 35% of paper has been written already, the score of Kejri is still ZERO!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Rahul Gandhi & Congress Seem Confused on RSS!

Rahul Gandhi seems to be in the real jolly mood these days. Once he announced in a rally that RSS (Rashtriya Swanysewak Sangh), the organisation is guilty of the assassination of Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi. However, when confronted by the law, he seemed to be in a mode of denial. Rahul Gandhi's 'learned advocate' Kapil Sibbal openly declared to the press that Rahul never said that RSS is guilty. It's clear to the country that Rahul backed off! That day's argument was - some people from RSS were behind the assassination of Gandhi.

What I found today in the newspaper tells another version. Rahul Gandhi said (to the press and the country) in his tweet:

"I will never stop fighting the hateful and divisive agenda of RSS. I stand by every single word I said."

The question arises, if Rahul is backing his arguments still, why did Kapil Sibbal come to the public with another version of the statement in the press? Is Congress scared that Rahul might be behind the bars? Is Congress living a life of duplicity?

The role of RSS, as far as it's concerned, cannot be unequivocally brought out. There are many versions of the history and we cannot take letters as the authentic proofs to establish something serious. The gone people said something in one letter and 'things some' in another and the series goes on... Yes, Nathuram Godse was surely inspired by the hardcore Hindu ideologies. However, then, one might surely question: what was the ideology that inspired the massacre after the 'big tree fall' in 1984?

The major problem with RSS is that they cannot convey even their good works to the public on large. Being the parent organisation of BJP, RSS is always on the target of political parties. Thus, even a leaf's slide becomes the issue and their appreciable works remain behind the scenes! Gandhi's assassination had nothing to do with RSS, some reports convey this message as well. Nevertheless, Nehru was entirely against the RSS is a known fact. Thus, the stand of Congress against the RSS is justified as far as their ideology is concerned. Parties like Nitish Kumar's, however, are highly hypocritical in the terms of RSS's concern. Now Nitish wants Sangh Mukt Bharat and perhaps he was with some 'borrowed ideologies' for almost 17 years when in power with BJP and enjoying the 'satta'. As soon as the JDU sought its political asylum in Lalu, RSS suddenly became venomous! Wah re politics!

Whatever be the case, RSS has always been the epicentre of Indian politics and no one can deny this fact! Let's see this Rahul vs RSS episode if it brings something new in the ever-old bottle called Indian Politics!

Muslim Women Finally Allowed to Enter Haji Ali Dargah Inner Sanctum!

The Bombay High Court has finally shown some guts! Let us say it as bluntly as we can. Now that the women from the Muslim community have access and freedom to enter the inner sanctum of the Haji Ali dargah, we must hail the court of justice which upheld the law of the land and did not allow religious fanatics to usurp the fundamental right of prayer! The ruckus was going on continuously since the past 6-7 months. Women activists from various religious communities have knocked the door of the juries. Finally, the calls have been answered and the Muslim women have the 'freedom' to enter the inner sanctum.

Indeed, it's a matter of celebration and the success must be celebrated in unequivocal terms. No religion can justify barring people from offering prayer to God! However, somehow, the ban imposed by the Haji Ali dargah was successful for the last 5 years. Introduced with the references made to the Quran, the ban on women entry to the inner sanctum of the dargah started in 2012. There were the instances of hustle but all in vain until a massive activity occurred. We should acknowledge the role of Trupti Desai, the women activist from the Bhumata Brigade who took things to a storm!

Also read: Right to Pray: women allowed to pray men's god!

Entries into the mandis, dargahs and masjids are all the matter of equality without any prejudices based on gender and class. It's good to see that our courts are stepping in and pronouncing the judgments which are all valid and rational. The nation cannot be run by the text of Quran as it has its OWN constitution! Nevertheless, there are many bad practices still going around. We must hope that a day will come when Muslim women will be liberated from the atrocity of 'oral divorce'!

The Bombay High Court has said in its verdict that any ban from entering the religious places directly violates the acts 14, 15, 19 & 21 of the Constitution of India. The court has also told that the responsibility for the safety of women in the dargah is upon the state and the administration of the Haji Ali trust.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Guy on The Sidewalk Book Review by Alok Mishra

Who is not on a sidewalk? Perhaps those who enjoy the 'previously' earned bread and have 'already' piled wealth in their accounts won't know this feeling. But, for sure, there is something that propels all those who start on their own! The same is the story of Jay, the protagonist of the novel Guy on the Sidewalk, written by Bharath Krishna. This novel is the story of a 'guy' who comes back to India after so much of thinking; so much of events; so much of self-query; so much of cross-examining... however, at last, he listens to the inner voice and accepts the responsibilities.

Bharath Krishna, of whom you might think that he is present in the form of protagonist himself, has done a wonderful job with his debut novel. He has very handsomely gathered some 300 pages and weaved a story of a typical youth who goes to America for better study and a good job and of course, a mass of wealth. That Jay, the hero of the novel, might be anyone - you, me, the people who wish to settle themselves in foreign countries and earn 'more than well' to fulfill their dreams and fantasies. Bharath has fused all the elements that make a novel readable for the contemporary population - yes, the youth. Let's analyze the novel and its elements and its scope and its exciting things.

Guy on the Sidewalk Novel Review

In short, the story of the novel is like the following:
There is a guy named Jay. Hero of the novel, he is in the US who is striving for a better job. In course of his studies, he develops physical intimacy with Amy and makes some good friends as well. It's only in that training facility that Jay comes across 'perhaps the love of his life' Siri. In spite of her being elder to Jay and already being married and divorced and also a mother of the beautiful daughter, Priyamvada, Siri proves to be the fuel of Jay's success in the US. When Jay listens to the inner call and becomes ready to leave the US and come back to India, Siri shows some resistance earlier as she has of course fallen in love with Jay. Jay also loves her the same, but they somehow manage the 'homecoming'.

What the novel offers to you is simply a basket full of apples, oranges, mangoes, berries and all other fruits - sweet & sour! For an instance, take a look at the realistic tone of the novel:

"... Virginity in India is more out of deprivation than out of dedication."

Bharath has raised the questions which most of the youngsters in India will to ask; however, those remain stuck there. Guy on the Sidewalk questions those stuck issues of virginity, open relationships, casual physical encounters, and all.

"Two cigarettes in the polluted air and a piss in the open air brought me back to India completely."

Now, this tone of the author seriously challenges the typical Indian notions. Are we so carefree?

Other than the realistic instances, the novel also offers some scenes of physical encounters with details like 'taking out condom' and 'sliding of the hands inside the top'.

Nevertheless, what I liked the most in the novel and I hope you all will like is the 'call of the inner being'. Are all those, who are living on the foreign soils, satisfied with their life? Are they sure of their 'being of that land'? Are they sure USA or UK or any of the other countries is their 'home'? Bharath has directly touched the conscience of those dwellers and asked very seriously about their integration with the foreign land.

Get your hands on the novel and you will surely enjoy a good read of this - Guy on the Sidewalk. The book is available on all the leading online stores.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Signs of JDU-RJD Split? Over-ambition or Intimidation? which shall win?

It has been almost a year since the JDU-RJD unexpected (was it?) coalition for the elections happened. The rivals came together to confront a power which was aiming to usurp the crowns of almost every 'in power' person. Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar, the two avowed rivals in the state politics of Bihar as well as in the terms of their alliances, came together not only to surprise the political pundits but also to register a massive win in Bihar assembly elections. However, there was a game of 'power quotient' with the win of RJD-JDU alliance. The Lalu's party got more seats than the JDU and it was something unexpected prior to the conditions and the 'history' of Bihar. However, it happened, somehow!

Now, what we are witnessing in Bihar is something that doesn't at all add up to the sushashan image of Nitish and he is almost dumb - he cannot utter a single word as if he in under some kind of threat. What that implicitly implies, anyone with a political conscious of elementary level can easily judge!

What I feel is that Nitish Kumar has been cornered seriously on the issue of booze-ban in Bihar. The liquor ban in Bihar seems to work affectless as well as overwork at times. People are being thrown into jails or being slapped with heavy penalties if someone in the family is caught juggling the liquor bottles; many a police station in charge are being suspended on the grounds of liquor ban law as they are unable to maintain that. However, what might worry Nitish is that not only the BJP in opposition but leaders his allies' party are also opposing his 'stubborn' role regarding this law. 2-3 days ago, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, a senior leader of the RJD and a close aid of Lalu Yadav, has spoken out against Nitish. He has told to the press that the liquor ban is not at all working as it was expected to work in the state. People are still consuming liquor from the black markets and they fall ill or even die!

Not only this liquor ban issue but also on many other grounds one can see what's happening in the state. Lalu is bluntly speaking against some of the CM's decision as well as other members of his party can be easily found lined up on the other side of the line. Now that we know RJD has won more seats than the JDU, why not, one can question, the political ambitions of the newly elected Deputy CM of Bihar would go high? Why not he would think of removing the label of 'deputy' against his post? These are the questions being discussed on the cornered tea stalls of Bihar... I must clarify, however, these notions are still a hypothesis. But one must know that hypothesis is the mother of reason!

Monday, 15 August 2016

70th Independence Day - Are you ready?

Independence Day, Our Responsibilities and Our Agreement with Those!

Happy Independence Day India! We are celebrating the 70th independence day today. The PM Narendra Modi has finished his speech from the premise of Lal Kila, the historical red fort in New Delhi. His speech was much a sort of ‘count our achievements’ but also, a kind of morale-boosting for the countrymen as well as the jawans. We surely cannot write off his speech so simply.

I was reluctant to read the newspaper today; today is 15th and I have to finish the last assignments and bring up the XIXth issue of Ashvamegh, the literary magazine, online. Nevertheless, I took up TOI and navigated to the editorial, eventually. The same Sagarika rhetoric, even on the day of our ‘azaadi’. I was taken by a sense of ‘stubbornness’ that some people are still showing towards the event on the JNU campus that ‘shocked’ the nation. Some people, I think, will never stop ‘adoring’ the ‘villain’ Kanhaiya perhaps. I mean come on Sagarika, did you not see that the JNU administration also banned Kanhaiya? His slogan ‘are ham kya mangey azadi’ was with certain pretext and post-text. ‘Gilani mange? Azadi’ Now tell me, if you have guts and you dare to debate, what is that Azadi that Gilani asks for?

Come on Indians, just discard her article today. Let us celebrate the independence day as we have been doing for many years. Yes, there are certain problems that we cannot ignore. Problems of women, problems of VVIP racism and all… but only exposing them will not work; we have to act as well! Act the way you want – after all, we are independent – Kanhaiya can fight for the freedom of Kashmir – then why cannot we fight against the corruption, against the atrocities on women and downtrodden? Kanhaiya is a fake fighter and Sagarika his aid – we have to be the real fighters and to save the integrity of this country, if we have to take them on, we will do it!

Read this and you will surely share this: Independence Day 2016

Let’s take a vow this independence day to be responsible. If one becomes responsible at least to oneself, he/she will be an asset for the nation. Suppose I am a teacher and I understand my responsibility, I will teach the best I can. I will teach so many students and even if 20 of them do something really good, it will be my win and the win for the nation! Just do it; don’t sit back and relax! There are jawans who are guarding our borders; we are the jawans within the borders and we also have to do something for India! The nation wants to know – what did you do? Are you doing? When will you do?

I leave you with these thoughts which will provoke you to think. Think; act; support the nation. This is the demand that I am putting forth today. Do remember that freedom is not only about enthusiasm, with it, comes certain responsibilities that we must carry! Are you ready for that this independence day?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Kartar Singh Tanwar Accused of 130 Crores of Undeclared Assets! AAP in fresh crisis

Awwww! 'Modi ji has caught another of our 'duly elected' MLA! This is a serious threat to our democracy. Parties and media should come together against this tyranny of Modi ji. He is a coward and a psychopath!' After the probable arrest, as the accusation has already been put, of his another party member and legislator - Kartar Singh, this will be the storyline of this dramatist-cum-politician Kejriwal. Kartar Singh has been accused of hiding assets that culminate around 130 crores. Mr. Arvinda Kejriwal, did you not check the background of your candidate before 'selling' him the ticket?

A person who has always lived in a delusion of being honest and holding a white reputation among the citizens of this nation can never be so righteous to get it on his chin. He will find another escape route - do a press conference or fire several tweets tagging Modi. Is it all that the politics of India has been reduced to? Kejriwal needs to answer some of the serious questions that his 'journalists' won't ask him. Ironically, the media houses which bring hue and cry on the issues of corruption are silent and mum over this reveal. Kartar Singh, the accused of hiding assets, is finding no space on the cover pages of their website!

The owner of Benami properties, this Kartar Singh has also created some shell companies to manage his black money. It's quite a shock as well as surprise that the epitome of clean politics could not find these things when he offered Kartar Singh a ticket to fight the Delhi elections. Come whatever, Kejriwal and his party members will always be defending their accused comrades with a single and boring narrative that Modi ji has done all these! When will they learn to prove things with counter arguments and actual proofs?

Meanwhile, the trouble for this 54 years-old Mehrauli legislator, which comes in South Delhi, seems to be increasing. The income tax team has raided his residence in the previous month. Let us see what comes next for Delhi!

Shobha De Olympics Remark Slammed!

Just look around, you will get in plenty! What? your question must be this. Nothing new, sir, the class of people who now take a quality interest in abusing the nation, calling names to the pride of the nation, and simply hating and defaming anything and everything which is 'national'. There has been a new (or rather a classy old) addition to the list - Shobha De. You must remember her - yes, the same erotic writer who sells human weakness towards sexual pleasure in her words. To be honest, I remember her at times only because I get to see the research works like 'sexuality in Shobha De's novels,' 'physical pleasure as the drive in Shobha De,' and so on... Now, this celebrated writer has complained about the participation of our national athletes in the events like Olympics. Good, it's a democracy and you have that right, Shobha De! However, at the same time, the same democracy also entitles people like me to give it back on your chin that you have given us on our forehead. Are you ready?

So according to you, we should not bother about Olympics, right? Don't let yourself fragment into pieces, Shobha, you actually said it. Here it goes:

I have something to ask you - why the writers like you bother about writing? What have you added to the literary fraternity? How much of the social responsibility have you carried on your shoulder with the works you have written? Have you ever read T. S. Eliot and what he has to say about the writers' responsibility? Now, bothering about the Olympics is something that we Indians (only if you include yourself...) have been doing since long... since the days Indian Hockey Team was winning Golds at this grand events. Were you existing in those days? Sorry, I am not so much bothered to look for your age! I am bothered rather about the participation of our athletes in the Olympics.

You must have been spared if you only stopped where you started 'bothering about the Olympics'. However, you are in a constant habit of letting loose your tongue and speak whatever you want. In this case, your fingers while tweeting, when those carried your absurd and derogatory ideas to the public. So, what did you say?

Don't you click selfies? Don't you drink around with people from page 3? Don't you participate in the events which will otherwise be called 'unsocial'? Look inside, Shobha, just look inside! You will be ashamed in front of one hundred and thirty crores of Indians who are standing behind our great and 'deserving players' who have 'earned' a respect by making themselves 'qualified' to participate in the Olympics! You don't have that moral right to condemn them or our 'money' that we have invested in sending them to Rio! And above all, they fully use this 'opportunity' by earning name and fame for the country and themselves. What have you done in the field of writing? Tell me the names of award you have won? Tell me the when did you win the Nobel Prize for literature? Oh! I forgot the year you were the booker winner, Shobha, please serve my memory!

And I am appalled at your hypocritical stand, at the worst. You were the one supporting freedom of expression, alcohol consumption and all those sorts of things people like you have made a fashion to do. What's wrong if a player, who has done hard work, reserves a berth to Rio and there, entertains a little by wandering around and taking selfies? Even the great champion like Usain Bolt also does it. Do you have the guts to say the same for Usain?

My simple advice to you is, and will always be, PROVE YOURSELF first and then only attack others. They have already proved themselves by qualifying for the Olympcis. Don't pose for camera only - pose for the honour as well! Go and watch the sports of Olympics and enjoy! By the way, the star shooter for India, Abhinav Bindra took on Shobha's remarks:

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cow Vigilante & Gau Rakshaks Please Protect Cows | Don't Harm Others! PM Speaks Out

Now that the PM Narendra Modi has spoken in harsh terms about the so-called Gau-Rakshaks or the cow vigilante groups, any conscious citizen of the country can easily see a dilemma in the opposition of the self-proclaimed secular parties which, for so long, wore the ‘lehanga’ of human rights protection and dalit championship. Their main agenda against Modi was of ‘furious Hindutva’ and now, after the sequence of events in this order, this main agenda or in better words the propaganda has been snatched away from them. Narendra Modi has hit out against the ‘goons in the garb of protectors’ and urged all the states to take strict action against them. Very smartly and eloquently he has drawn a line of ramification between the real cow protectors and those who have made it a business for their own ends. So, at a deeper level, should we now understand that only Hindutva and the holy cow are not the only major causes of the BJP? Directly going against the ‘hard-core Hindus’ might hurt the BJP’s elections in UP (scheduled in 2017)! What do we need to decipher?

To me, the PM of India sounds right when he says that some people have made a business out of it. Cow Vigilante has become a shield to torcher the minors and the dalits at some places. I don’t think any right-thinking person, be it from Hindu or Muslim or any other community in the world, will justify the act against the dailts of Una in Gujarat! Will you do that? Now, when the PM says that for him, the life of a dalit is more important than the life of a cow, he is right! Even a cow gives the message of sympathy and affection, as we call cows our mother.

It was a surprise to me to know that there are no problems of cow vigilantes or cow slaughters in Bihar. Ajay Alok, a senior spokesperson of the JDU, yesterday night on a program, assured the nation that there are no such issues in Bihar. How? I am from Bihar and Mr. Ajay Alok, I know what are the issues in Bihar. According to your narrative, if there are no problems in Bihar, why was Nitish shouting at the top of his voice and challenging PM Modi to speak up against ‘them’? And now that he has spoken up and asked you to take action, you say there is nothing ‘like that’. Was there a hint of fabrication, then? Are the cow vigilantes ‘made up’ to defame the good work done by ‘original Gau Rakshaks’? Any conscious person who has a little understanding of the Indian politics can see the blue as blue!

PM Modi has done a great job by giving a strong message of condemnation of the atrocities done on the dalits and Muslims in the name of cow protection. He has not only proved that he is ‘above the vote bank’ politician but also reached out to the people in politics and media who have hijacked secularism for themselves only. If this is only the hint of what is going to happen in the near future as ‘BIG’ I would rather say that be ready for the paradigm shift in Indian politics!

And to all those who are passionate about cow protection, please do something in ‘real terms’. Stop the use of plastic bags so that our cows don’t die by eating them. Killing others in her name is something that now cow would agree to! Understand the meaning of protection and let the law do for what it has been there for centuries! Protect our cows; protect our brothers and sisters; protect our harmony!

Monday, 8 August 2016

No National Anthem in a UP School: Allahabad School Bans National Anthem

I was very shocked to learn a new truth of Indian National Anthem today. 'Bharat' which is India, is only the 'Bhagya Vidhata' of the Hindus living in India. It's not the same for those who belong to another most important religious community - Muslims. This is not the general truth, however, it has come in the form of new philosophy from the some of the Muslim parents in Allahabad who are sending their children to a private school owned by Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq.

According to these parents of almost 130 Muslim children going to this private school, Muslims should not sing the national anthem as their Bhagya Vidhata is not the country India, but Allah. Thus, the national anthem, as it contains Bharat, becomes derogatory to their religion and they have successfully 'banned' national anthem, Saraswati Vandana and Vande Mataram in that school for more than ten years now. What is this? We have still these unwelcomingly orthodox families who are into the play of words and put the nation on the second position after the religion? Today it is about the national anthem and tomorrow it will be about the national flag - hey, it has saffron and we will not hoist it. We will make our own flag! Just imagine what will their children learn and why not their mind will be radicalised! This news has come upon me as an utter shock...

This school in Allahabad is run by a Muslim person and he has cared for the sentiments of those 130 students who are Muslim. What about those more than 200 students who are Hindus? If the religious bifurcation made by Zia-Ul-Haq implies that only Hindus can sing the national anthem and not the Muslims, then, my question is, why do you admit those children who come from the Hindu families and ban them from singing it even on the day of our independence? Is this justified? The greatest problem, one might easily decipher, is that what the state government has been doing since this absurdity has been going on on a school campus for more than 10 years? Mulayam Singh Yadav (as for me, Akhilesh is too 'young' to look into these matters of national importance) or Mayavati, whosoever be on the chair, the situation is same!

As a sign of protest, the principal along with seven other teachers has resigned from the school. The principal is also mulling about a legal notice against the owner.

It is a great dilemma that when our Prime Minister shouts every day 'India First' there are some of those radical minds who teach their children everything but what is against the national sentiments. If someone dares question them, they hide their heads behind the shield of religion and cry for protection in the courts. If it is all that you teach your children, don't worry if they are easily full of anti-nation agendas and start sympathizing with those like Burhan Wanis. After all, Wani was also anything but a martyr for some of the people of the mindset of all those parents who oppose national anthem! Should I expect a primetime on this? After all, this issue directly relates to the national interest as parents are fueling the anti-national sentiment in their children and possibly creating some potential threats to the national integrity without any doubt! Is patriotism only limited to a particular community?

Friday, 5 August 2016

Torrentz Shuts Down! Largest Torrent Search Engine Says Farewell

Torrentz, with a domain, has shut down its services and closed the domain in an entirely unexpected turnaround of events! Well, I am not a fan of torrents; but there are millions of people out there who love torrent, celebrate torrent and enjoy torrents! The recent shutdowns (or whipped downs?) of two of the greatest torrents sites - the KAT (kickass torrents) and torrentz have created a great hollow for the torrent lovers. Especially the recent one, torrentz, was a very powerful meta-search engine which did not own torrents on its own. However, with powerful metrics, it provided the links to torrents on multiple sites to its millions of daily users.

Torrentz was howsoever popular among the users, it was never loved by the big-time owners of the 'intellectual property' right holders. Founded in 2003, torrentz has had a great run for 13 years. It was on the list of favourites for all those who did not have time for TV shows, going to movies or simply did not want to invest money in buying a music album or software. Torrentz was there to accompany them and letting them always find what they wanted. However, its shutdown and farewell to the users created a great sense of shock! They have lost KAT already and now Torrentz joins the list of 'exit-gaters'.

All these events have given air to a new debate - the torrent debate. While torrents give people the power to 'peer-sharing' it also takes a dig at the revenue of the genuine copies (of whatsoever). Here, the conflict is direct - companies vis-a-vis the popular public method. As of now, the companies seem to have the upper hand. Let us who has the next number to say goodbye. Meanwhile, the lovers of torrents have one more chance to mourn as they have lost Torrentz! Good bye Torrentz!

Liquor Ban Dilemma in Bihar Spreads Itself! Opinion at ILN

The dilemma over alcohol ban in Bihar has almost become perennial! People are taking a curious interest in banning the alcohol completely in the state and government also seems in the mood of showing zero tolerance policy against those who consume liquor. However, either the administration or the official forensic lab in Bihar has gone alcoholic when the forensic results of those seven businessmen were clean who have been detained by the police on the allegations of consuming liquor near Hotel Panas in Patna. How can it be possible that someone is caught on the basis that he consumed alcohol and the forensic report declares 'no alcohol' in his blood? There are tough questions that the administration has to answer!

In an absolute nonsense way, some 'fatwa' like legislations have been loaded on the citizens in Bihar over this over-hyped alcohol issue. If someone consumes alcohol in a family, the entire family will have to pay the levy; and there are also laws that compel the entire mohalla to pay the levy. We ask - are we still living in the British period? The present CM of Bihar who has post-graduated in the causes of free speech and liberty to do things in the free state of India, will he answer why cannot someone consume alcohol? Will he answer why the same alcohol is distributed free of cost to the poor people during the state elections? Will he answer why some of his netas are caught with alcohols in their houses and left free on the bail? Will he answer why this alcohol law has almost set itself on a way to become the next 498(A) in the state of Bihar? Mr. Nitish, power to legislate is good; however, power to legislate with absolute blindness and personal propaganda is absurd, and unfortunately for Bihar, you are becoming absurd!

It has become so easy for the people with an insidious mindset to frame their enemies (in whatsoever way) on the allegations of liquor consumption in the state. Be aware people, not only who are alcoholic, but all those who don't like alcohol! Who knows you are the next 'target'.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Jestus on Rampage: Review at ILN

Jestus, don't confuse it with Jesus, is an 'impossible professor' as the author claims it. V. S. Sury, the veteran author of an amusing trilogy, the Jestus series, gives you the excessive feats of laughter once you read his latest book - Jestus on Rampage. I have enjoyed reading his book so much so that I couldn't resist talking to him about this great piece of literature. While talking to him, V S Sury reveals many of his secrets behind writing this book and why Jestus is the way he is!

Also read: V S Sury interview with Alok Mishra at ILN

Jestus on Rampage, if I can say, is a record of the adventures of Jestus who believes in everything an ordinary mind can't even perceive. However, his worldly humour is so active that he keeps all around him very happy and animated. If you are a reader of modern fiction, this book is surely for you because you just cannot miss it! Nevertheless, let me also hint you that the book has too much, mark me, too much to offer to those who crave for 'literary reading' of texts. For example, I would like to quote from the book, chapter Panchakarma, pp. 169:
"Jestus laughed without being offensive, 'friend, fret not, fear not. Your thinking is quite mixed up. It is quite natural for a man standing on the threshold of a new horizon. ..... "

And further in this long conversation, there occur too many instances of the knowledge of this erudite Jestus who has very surprisingly come out of a laptop screen to see this human world. Is he a human? Or he is something else from a different world?

Jestus on Rampage V S Sury book

V S Sury has given new dimensions even to the act of physical intimacy. He has successfully subsumed laughter into the act of sex with the concept of fento-sex and nano-sex. You can hardly escape your passage from the streets of laughter once you start reading the chapter 'Cupid sucks a lemon'.

Also read: V S Sury interview at Ashvamegh international magazine

To conclude it all, for the regular readers of fiction and also for the first, second, third or fourth timers, Jestus on Rampage is a must read book. You can grab your copies from online stores like Amazon. Don't delay and get the dose of amusement from our 'impossible professor' Mr. Jestus (and oh, he has a number of names!).

GST Bill Finally Gets a Thumbs UP in the RS!

Agreed that GST was a brainchild of Manmohan Singh Ji and he was a visionary when it comes to the Indian economy. However, the congress and the then PM MMS have surely failed in getting this bill passed! One can have different opinions about the issue of Goods and Services Tax bill, but mine is clear - the present government has successfully displayed the communication skills once again. And we have to give the credit for that!

It is the responsibility of any government which is in power to do every possible thing which will benefit the masses. GST bill is one of those economic reforms which will take India to a new height like once we have seen back in 1991 when MMS brought a revolutionary change. Before yesterday, media and other political parties created hue and cry that the NaMo led NDA does not form dialogues with its opposition. This perception, one must see, seems to have been resolved with the passage of a bill which was hanging suspended for almost ten long years! However, no one can be so arrogant to take away all the credit from Congress and other political parties who helped to get the bill cleared with a full majority in the Rajya Sabha. THERE WERE ZERO NEGATIVE VOTES! For the first time (at least in my short life) I have seen the house functioning with a complete consensus. The also did some overtime...

Furthermore, the major issues will come, then, in implementing the new taxation rules, creating a co-operative federalism at work and also, coaxing the consumers and the sellers. Experts have diverse opinions to offer about the bill - some say it'd bring the costs down and some say it'd take them up in the beginning. As far as the trusted voices are speaking, the GST will bring a three-dimensional change in the Indian scenario.

* Improving available resources for poverty alleviation
* Make 'Make in India' even stronger by making India one market
* Dual monitoring caricature of taxation - one by state and one by centre will be beneficial

After the initial hiccups, the GST will surely facilitate India's growth at a global level. After so many years, India has finally found the staircase to become a global marketplace in the truest sense. Let's hope for a better tomorrow once the GST becomes an 'official' reality next year.

On a personal level, I thank our politicians who came to a consensus even after their reservations and egos. Long live this spirit of the assembly!

Life! You Trouble Me! #ThatFairYouth

I don't know how the people know me; in fact, I don't want to know it at all! I don't want to be a nuisance for someone who takes the form of an obstacle into someone's way to success. As far as I want to be, I always wanted to be and if in future I'd want - it'd be a supporting actor who makes the way for the 'lead' actor to complete the major works. I don't want, however, anything relating to 'someone' in particular... these days! I kept myself oblivious of this 'someone' as long as I could after being pinned down once - but human emotions are more powerful them mere human wills!

The times when you don't want to share a part of your soul with the world come but come rarely in life and I think this is the same period of life for my share at present. I want to be the loner who keeps staring at the world of waves in the ocean alone, sitting on the shore and waiting to be drowned in the deluge of feelings.

When the past comes encroaching to intimidate my future, slay my present and take all away what is there with me - what can I do? Should I be submissive and give in or should I be stubborn that I use to be and stand in the storm, how powerful it might be? There are questions that are out of the domain of answers but I need to create an entirely new domain of the answers which is Invictus of questions.

Let me face it alone - for I have invoked all these questions upon me with my deliberate efforts. I don't want you to be a part of this suffering and atonement. The path is untrodden and it'd only allow two footprints to fall. Why do you let yourself in? Go away and enjoy what you have for my journey is for what I never want to have but to follow them has become my destiny and I need to...

"Ah! you, the glorious life
for all the glories you flaunt,
my sorrows are the answer
to show how feeble you are really!"

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

GST - Goods and Service Tax in Rajya Sabha

GST is an important bill and it should pass!

I will be in front of my LED TV Screen today watching... guess... no, I am not a big fan of cinema and no matches from EPL or La Liga will take place when there is daylight in India. So, what would I be watching then? It'd be Rajya Sabha proceedings that I watch daily. However, today, with a new ardour I will spend those hours. Rajya Sabha will take into consideration the Goods and Service Tax bill today, which you and I know as the GST bill popularly. GST is important for us - whether some of us are sellers; some of us are raw material suppliers; some of us are market giants and most of us are the BUYERS. Lesser the taxes are, lesser will the load on the pockets of the consumers! Isn't GST a very good thing to happen to us if it actually happens today?

Let us have our eyes set on those benches of Rajya Sabha from where we get a lot of noises during the proceedings. We have to observe carefully when the session starts. Let us see if the Congress, which was surprisingly the biological mother of GST, again stands as the biggest obstacle in the way of this bill becoming the official legislation for the Indians. Yes, I would be termed a Bhakt if I don't mention that BJP was opposing the GST bill when they were in opposition. I find myself in a great sense of wonder when I realize that opposition in the Indian politics is to 'oppose' for the sake to 'oppose' only. Can there ever be a constructive path of politics in India? I dream...

Sachin Tendulkar, the great God of Indian and the world cricket, has also shown his solidarity with the GST bill on twitter. Now, when he has come in support of the bill, some of the supporters of political parties other than the BJP have shown no delay in tagging the legend little master as a 'Bhakt' and 'Sanghi'. However, is supporting a bill which is good for the country equal to be called a Sanghi? These are the questions which will only be answered when we go through the dictionary of the philosophy of which, the major editorial task has been done by some of the great journalists and politicians of this great country India!

Right now, please move to your TV rooms and just stick your eyes on the screen. It will start - with usual shouts and blames - your favourite reality show, if you can say, which is genuine and not scripted and is real in real terms!

GST bill, please be Good to the Service of Indians and please get yourself to the goal post somehow! Be ready for the Goods and Service tax today!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Melania Trump: New York Post Goes Nude!

Undoubtedly, Melania Trump, the wife of a 'president in fray,' has certainly become the obsession for the mainstream media in recent months. Correct me if I am wrong - but what the New York Post did this week (in fact, yesterday) with Melania Trump's 21-year-old picture narrates the same story. The thing which I cannot decipher is what these giant media houses get by bringing the shame (that they don't have, of course) of a woman in public. Do you remember the upskirt moments of Kate Middleton? Do read the way it was celebrated by Indian giant Times Of India! Do read

Kate Middleton Upskirt in India

Yes, Melania Trump was a model, no doubt. Models have all the liberty in their profession and they do get photoshoots done. No magazine or media house would have taken an interest in displaying the body of Mrs. Trump on the front page if Donald Trump had not been the presidential candidate of the USA. However, these sellers or words do know when and how to take advantage of what and which!
The cover page photo that we are discussing here for two long days shows Melania Trump's image in which her breasts are covered by the stars. The image bears a title - "The Ogle Office".

Now, what this front page image does in the running presidential election campaign of Donald is something that we will see later. Nevertheless, the fact is clear that media houses do know when to fry the chicken for the best taste... Say it the obsession with the female body or whatever you may; those who are behind that line of the press industry do have a 'dirty mindset' if we are seeing the picture without any filters applied!

Today Melania is 46; the photo is 21 years old; today she is the wife of an ambitious man looking to be the president of the most powerful piece of land on the earth; do you get why The New York Post has fallen into this act of 'misogyny' again?