Sunday, 29 May 2016

BSEB Results 2016 | Bihar Board 10th Result Declared | Check Now

The students of Bihar Board who have appeared in the 10th board examinations in the month of March this year are eagerly waiting for their results. The BSEB has announced to declare the results for class ten exam at 3:00PM today. Students can check their results on the official website of the state education board -

Few days back, BSEB has announced the results of class 12th. The students reportedly seemed not so much satisfied with the results. Now, the students of class ten are waiting with their fingers crossed. The promise of 9th fail deputy CM to raise the standards of education is not seen to be delivered so easily. This result will have a great impact on the life of the students who are dreaming of being doctors, engineers or artists.

Information about the board:
The Bihar School Examination Board is situated in Patna. Dr. Prof. Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh is the current chairman of the board. Sri Harihar Nath Jha is the current secretary of BSEB.

Managing the stress of results:
As the time has neared to see your efforts gaining the form of the first step of your career, you must be full of anxiety and stress. Like our honourable prime minister Sri Narendra Modi has shared his valuable inputs in Man ki Bat some days ago, the students should not worry so much about the coming results. Just wait with patience and welcoming attitude. If you score good, you have all the liberty to be happy and enjoy. Unfortunately, if you cannot get the scores as expected, you should not get disappointed. You should look ahead and work with even more determination. No failure is the end and no success is the last.

Our wishes are with the students of Bihar!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Kunal Narayan Uniyal | Talking about poetry, literature and Indian writing | #AlokTalksToPoet

A month ago, I had a chance to discuss poetry, literature, literary scene in India and many other things related to writing with a well-known poet from India - Kunal Narayan Uniyal. He has authored several books and his books have also been translated into several other languages. He writes in Hindi and English with equal expertise. Here is the shorter version of my interview with Kunal. You can read the full interview with the poet here: Kunal Narayan Uniyal

Alok: How do you think literature can bring solace to the modern problems that society faces?

Kunal: Literature has always played a vital role in development of a civilization. Since the ancient times, it's literature which has paved the way for people to progress. Also, it is literature that provides people an opportunity to derive peace, motivation, and prospects of their future.
Literature is by literates, scholars, and philosophers. In other words, the one who has squeezed out life and summed it up in the simplest fashion for people to understand and then create something more beautiful, more creative and understand what life really had kept from them. Not reading or following those treasures of the word is leading to all problems. If people give even a scanty part of their life to the devotion towards literature, most of the problems will cease to be.

Alok: What are your views on the current literary scene in India?

Kunal: It's good and growing. With many new writers exploring their possibilities and ready to experiment with their writings, it does give new dimensions to literature. Previously, only a few writers used to occupy a prominent place and it seemed that the guild never used to allow the new generation to emerge. Rules were laid down and people were expected to write in the same fashion as has been done since the ages. But literature is all about progress and until and unless you create a style of your own, you haven't contributed to literature. But in doing so, one has to be careful not to deviate or twist the writing so much that it turns out to be damaged and beyond repairs. Innovate but with a careful and heartfelt approach is the demand of Indian literary scene at present.

Alok: What are your views about poetry in English (in India) and poetry in regional languages? Can we connect them to expand the canvas of our literary achievements?
Kunal: Poetry is poetry, be it English or in any other regional languages. Language, style, meters can be different but emotions, thoughts, and ideas remain same guiding people to bliss and giving then a path to tread. Each individual, when born, encounters a regional language initially and then the rest follows. So that language he has encompassed since his birth will always be close to his heart and he would surely associate with it much better as compared to a language he learns in his daily traits of life. Thus, writing in his regional language would be truly from the heart and far sensitive than writing in any other language.
Both the languages can then be amalgamated to bring the best out of it. Translating from one language to another can be an ardent task and thus help is required from one who has thorough knowledge and command of both the languages. My books are being translated into several languages but all under careful observation by prominent and professional translators who make sure that words might change but not the ideas.
And as in many languages, the book is available, it would reach to as many people. Your audience would increase and this would give them a better idea about your writings. You have created words out of thoughts and then the purpose should be to let it reach to as many people as possible. Translation is one of the best means of doing so as I have already mentioned, people relate to someone more easily and quickly if he speaks or writes in their language.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

George Swede on Poetry: #AlokTalksToPoet

These days, when people are having all the possible concerns about the poetry and its decline, there are the poets who are optimistic and enthusiastic. These poets see poetry as the most soothing form of art. One poet of this class, George Swede, is from Canada. I had the fortunate chance to exchange ideas with him. A frequent interviewer of authors and poets, I don't miss a single chance to direct my questions to them. I asked my questions to George Swede as well. I asked him about his early interest in poetry, his language, his psychology and many other things. Remarkably a popular expert at Haikus, Swede answered all my questions very smartly. Moreover, I also had a chance to understand the relation between human life, poetry, and psychology.

Upon asking about the importance of poetry in human life, George Swede told that poetry provides us the liberty of imagination. We can return to the state of childhood when we are free of conventional ways of thinking about the things. He said:

"Speech is our most complex form of communication and speaking in metaphors is our most basic form of artistic expression, needing no tools other than the tongue. Before starting school, we connect seemingly unrelated ideas in illuminating ways—we are natural poets. However, after entering the educational system, we begin to see the world in more conventional ways as we learn our culture’s systems of thought."

Adding more to his thoughts, he had to say:
"Reading and writing poetry returns us to the way we were before the scriptures of schooling. We become free again to imagine."

These words, coming from a poet who is very popular, surely establish the importance of poetry - the written form of art. Not only that, Swede also emphasizes that reading and appreciating poetry can also raise our spirit. It's a transportation from the boredom to the freedom, not only for the poet who writes it but also for the reader who reads it.

George Swede talking with Alok Mishra

George Swede is a poet based in Canada. He has authored more than 50 books out of which, 37 are his poetry collections. He is also a clinical psychologist as well as a well-known children author. He is one of the founder members of Haiku Canada, founded in 1977.

Read the complete interview: George Swede

Monday, 23 May 2016

Rape Case at JNU: Accused Arrested | Foreign Girl Rape Case

If it was outside, in a 'categorised' public domain, media would have taken it with all open heart. However, the matter was rather an insider and 'they' wished it should remain in the fog. JNU rape case, as most of you might have known by now, is slowly creeping the talks of people in the country. A girl, student at the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU, who is also an African national, has claimed that her classmate, 23, has raped her while she was unconscious.
The incident took place in December 2015. In a party organised at Lohit hostel of JNU (the accused's hostel), the African girl was also invited. She was forced to consume alcohol by him, in spite of her refusal. She was not accustomed to alcohol and went unconscious. When she gained her conscience, she had already been sexually assaulted by this JNU student.
The surprising factor is that the JNU internal committee, which was initially probing the case after the victim's complaint, took four months to realize that it was actually a rape! It was only on 19th of this month that an FIR under section 376 has been lodged in the police station and the accused has been sent to Tihar.

For those of you who have forgotten what JNU is all about - it's a campus where dissent is celebrated! This way of celebrating the dissent by forcing a 30 years old girl to consume alcohol against her wish is remarkable! After all, this is the place where people have complete freedom of thinking. I didn't realize that this freedom of 'free thinking' has extrapolated itself to be the freedom of free action. You can organise parties at the hostel (good); you can consume alcohol during the parties (good, freedom of choice); you can force others to do so (is it good?); you can rape a girl when she is unconscious (now you decide). Is this what the intellectuals at JNU say the culture of free thinking? Accepted that you can go ahead and assault the conventional ways of Hinduism by naming Devi Durga as a 'prostitute hired to deviate Mahishasur,' but the university administration must ensure at least the safety of women at the campus. This rape case at JNU is not at all acceptable!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

FDI in Patriotism: India Needs it Earnestly!

For many years, I have been listening to the pros and cons of FDI. Though still in a quandary, recent events in our country have successfully coaxed my mind to believe that we do need FDI at least in once sector - patriotism! Do I sound ridiculous? Might you think so, freedom of thinking; I can say so - freedom of expression.

Okay, jokes apart. Let's have a serious debate now. Now, that the videos of JNU antinational event are authentic, my case automatically becomes valid and reasonable. There are people in our country who have problems with our tricolour. This section also has problems with Bharat Mata. They can't stop only there; they also have problems with the integrity of our nation. They shout 'Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi jung rahegi'. They chant 'Bharat tere tukde honge insha allah insha allah'. They call our army personnel names; they abuse their devotion towards the nation. Don't you think, for these people, a little bit of foreign direct investment (FDI) in patriotism will be beneficial?

I remember watching the series of movies under the title Lethal Weapon. Mel Gibson, the Braveheart fame, was the lead star in this movie. If you remember his small cabin where he used to live, you should also remember the American national flag at every possible place - near the bed, on the dining table, at the door of the bathroom etc. Should we open the doors for FDI in flag patriotism? Because in India, people like Sagarika Ghosh, who tweet - jhanda ya danda, need 'foreign motivation' to believe things. They do have problems with 'make in India' and the 'made in India'.

Coming down the heirarchy, we have students like Kanhaiya and Khalid who can put the pride of the nation at the stake for 'political motifs'. They can see the jawans raping women but don't have the eyes to see the Lance Nayak who dies safeguarding the borders of our country. They have the guts to everything bad about the military, the country's integrity and the PM of India (PM, they can say). Why can't they do so? After all, their political guru is none other than the 'epitome or corruption Sri Sri Lalu Yadav Ji.

Going up the hierarchy, we have leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar who can go to Pakistan and beg the politicians there to help him and dethrone the 'democratically elected PM' of India. Now, should they not learn from the 'free spirit debate culture' during the US Presidential elections? I do think they need. They need to learn how to solve the political rifts within the boundaries of the nation. Or tell me if somebody has seen Hillary Clinton going to meet Putin and presenting a baby cry against Obama!

Now, I do have some questions for the PM of India who is quite serious about boosting the economy of India via FDI. We have allowed FDI in defence; in e-Commerce; in aviation sector; in railways and in many other sectors. Why not try an experiment and allow some investment in Patriotism? I can see, being prudent, we will have a boost. When we become patriotic, we will think good for India; eventually, we will do good for India; logically, India will get better day by day!

So, before our finance minister thinks on this subject, let me tell you some of the most patriotic nations in the world from where you can expect the FDI in patriotism - Thailand is the most patriotic country. Number two belongs to China and number three remains with the US. At the fourth pedestal, we have England. All these nations are the good friends of Modi Ji, fortunately. Let's get ready for this revolutionary FDI!

Degree or No Degree? Kejriwal's newly discovered crush!

Degree or No Degree?
It happened a while back, but I needed to get a concrete answer through the newspapers and the news channels before I eloquently addressed my concerns. The matter is huge because it pertains to the prime leader of the country, respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

When Kejriwal who actually knows everything about nothing, questioned the relevance and originality of the PMO's degree, I was flabbergasted. Now, why do I say he knows all about zilch is because he comes out with the most irrational issues to divert the attention of the country and especially the youth. Why does he not address the issue of the spectators defacing historical monuments, the spectre of Delhi instead, for example? And my second statement says that I was flabbergasted. The reason I was embarrassed beyond the spectrum of facial colours that probably settled on a purple-ish tinge thanks to the fury of the mind and the angry blood that coursed through the reasonable me. In a country where there are several issues of security apart from social and economic ones, a waste of time question arose questioning the integrity of PMO's educational degree!

There are several self-taught people around the world who make it big like the great Indian Mathematician, Ramanujam. Then there are people like Bill Gates- a high school dropout who makes a major impact on the social and technological aspects of the whole world, daily. I bet no one in the United States of Ameria wasted public time by discussing the great American President, Abraham Lincon's educational qualification who was self-taught. He did great things to make America great. He was an avid reader. He learned and absorbed from whatever source of learning he had available. He did a Ph.D. on life, a greater feat than some politicians whose extraordinary education, amazing results in competitive exams all go down the drain of egotistical confusions.

Finally, the registrar of DU confirmed that PMO's Bachelor's Degree was actually his. Eureka! May Kejriwal and supporters (who wasted our time for days) run around apple trees shouting Eureka! As they don't grow in Delhi, Kejriwal now has a new issue he can take up with nature for not giving Delhi a Kashmir like climate!

If Mr. Modi had stupendous public support to lead the nation as a Prime Minister of India, he meets overwhelming opposition from selfish politicians who consider their own well-being over the well-being of their nation. They are so scared of our loved PMO's return in the next elections, that they'd rather harm the nation to keep their selfish careers afloat. It is also our duty as the conscious citizens to identify the gimmickry of the anti -national, narrow politicians. We have to openly discourage such jibberish of the politicians. We have to stand by the Prime Minister we chose to lead us. The man is gaining support throughout the world. Why then we Indians are blind to them? Why do we subject him to such baseless accusations? Why is his degree so important- when the man has proved his worth several times by his actions?

You allow the Buddha in you to shine through even when the world stands against you. Mr. PMO we know you are a Rockstar!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Assam Election Results: BJP - en route Congress Mukt Bharat!

Are we seriously heading towards an India that will be Congress Mukt? At least the results of elections held in 5 states of India hint the same. The castle of Congress in Assam, under the frustrating leadership of Tarun Gogoi, has been claimed by BJP. The party has promised the young and energetic leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal to the citizens of Assam. Likewise, the results for the Congress have not been good in other states as well. In Kerala, the CPI (M) led LDF (Left Democratic Front) has dethroned the government of Congress led UDF (United Democratic Front). In West Bengal, there is no trace of Congress in the terms of being near the magical figure. In Tamilnadu, Jaya Lalita seems to be taking on everyone else single-handedly, including Congress, which have been reduced to 0 figure in the tally. Yes, the wind of solace is coming for the Gandhi family from Ponducherry where they are forming the government. What are the implications of these election results? What is going to be the national impact of these results? Let's have a glance.

Congress is now a 5-State Party:
There used to be a time when Congress ruled the country in the truest sense. They were at the centre; they were the circumference of that centre.
This is soon going to be the script of a story that elderly people will narrate to their children. Did you ask why? A valid question at an invalid time! Just go through the results of the elections in a span of past 3 years, you will not ask that question to me again.
With only 5 states and the falling ivory tower at the centre, Congress needs a thorough revamp or it should be ready to see more disasters in near future. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the man who has shown the doorway to BJP in Assam, rightly remarked that Congress needs to rise above the politics of 'blue blood' and give opportunities to the people who really deserve that.

North-East sees the 'Lotus'
For the first time, the 'saffron' has shined in the North-East! The BJP has broken the almost ever-lasting kingdom of Congress in Assam. The rise of a new 'Son'owal will be an entirely new day for the people of Assam. This victory is not only supposed to send a national message across the country but also an international message across the borders associating with Assam.

BJP OPENS account in Kerala
Finally! BJP is all set to gain its maiden seat in Kerala assembly! This is a huge beginning; the South was never said to be a BJP type thing as they are often associated with 'Hindi Belt'. However, this time, their vote percent in Kerala sets to remain around 10%, which is a very significant mark!

At last... is Bharat all set to Congress Mukt?
When Amit Shah proposed his dream to see an India which is 'Congress-free,' the Congress ideologues in the nation merely twisted their face as they thought it 'unworthy' a wish. However, today, they are left with no defence as India seems ready to 'give up' Congress on the call of PM Modi as they have given up the gas subsidy. We will have to set our eyes now on the coming assembly elections - the first is UP. Let us see how much the country sustains the continuing blows to Congress.

My wishes to all the parties who have come victorious in the elections. Also, very best wishes to the CMs who will either continue or be the new!

Breaking News: No! Only Biharis are not fools! Election results

Are you thinking the same? It was November 8, 2015. The result of Bihar assembly elections was declared. People of Bihar rejected the much-anticipated trajectory and chose the notorious nexus to rule their state. The 'conscious' citizens of other states had a great pleasure bashing the 'Biharis' for their boorish choice. We (I am a Bihari) were abused, called names, scorned... Now, as the results of elections held in 5 different states of India are coming out today, what should I say? Should I go ahead and say the people of Bengal are also the bunch of fools? People in Kerala, the most educated state of India, are nothing but nincompoops? Likewise, the people in Tamilnadu are also not wise in making a good choice for the government? There are many questions that need to be answered.

Honestly, yes, we Biharis made a wrong move by bringing the gang of looters and murderers in power. Nitish divorced his ethics and went into a convention-defying coalition with Laloo. It was as exemplary as eating with the enemy on the name of whom you have always sold your food items! The recent condition in Bihar, in the terms of crimes, has further cleared the picture!

West Bengal, under the rule of Mamta di, is not an exception. Many expose have come out to dismantle her promises of good governance and once again, people of that state have trusted the 'syndicate'. But, I will not be rash and say that they are a bunch of fools and backward people. We all know about the 'Jaya Lalita' show. She has also seen the bars on some corruption charges, and yet again, people have brought her back to power.

To cut short, only rejecting or bringing a party to power does not make a state backward or forward. You cannot judge the entire state on a single factor. This is not meant to offend anyone. I just wish to let people know that don't jump the gun! Enjoy the win in elections as I have other important things to write about the landslide victory of BJP in Assam and contracting condition of Congress in the country.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Donald Trump and his whims aren't good for the world!

Everybody in the world is not talking about the US presidential elections 2016! However, most of them, if not all, are undoubtedly talking about the elections for the United States of America’s president that is scheduled to be held on November 8, 2016. Obama is not in the fray as the law prohibits a third-time election of a person as the president. This election becomes the major issue because it’s an election for the USA, the piece of land that directly or indirectly influences the whole world. People are talking about the expected results of this elections in every possible terms – economic implications, diplomatic implications, defence implications and others. Another dichotomy among these curious people can further set apart the class which is talking about the candidates in the race and a further class, if we create, is talking only about a serial entrepreneur and the major competitor of Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump.

I am not going to enter into the technicality of how the USA elects the president for four years. To be frank, that is a complex procedure which cannot be explained when we are talking about Donald Trump. With his pungent talks, eccentric comments and rash observations, Donald has become very popular in the world. People are curious about the future and speculating what could change once he reaches the White House. If I may say so, he is in direct contrast to the president at current, Obama. Obama has won the Nobel peace prize in 2009 for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people." I am sure Donald Trump can never walk the roads of the towns which Obama has wandered every single street! Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is also somehow known for her composite and peaceful contribution in the government. Undoubtedly, she is also known for being the wife of former president Bill Clinton (and she also knows Monica Lewinsky).

Cutting the things short, Donald Trump has presented a vision to the citizens of the USA that is hurried, sharp and suiting to the mind-set which is not ready to accept an all-inclusive form of diplomacy. Trump is blunt about the immigrants; he is callous towards the Muslims; he is derogatory in his remarks about the nations with which the USA has good relations. Now, the intellectual and the ‘thinking’ class of the United States is worried! Even the current president Obama has shown his concerns over the rash arguments made by Trump. On an occasion, Obama spoke:

“Isolating or disparaging Muslims, suggesting that they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country -- (applause) -- that is not just a betrayal of our values -- (applause) -- that's not just a betrayal of who we are, it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism.”

This person Trump, who has never been stable in his marriage (he has married thrice), cannot keep a nation like USA stable. Even the popular wrestler John Cena has registered his dissent over Donald’s Muslim remarks which were nothing short of the limits of extremity!

One the other hand, people in the USA are no lesser racist and extremists than we think. They go on preaching other countries, including India, about tolerance and intolerance and simply forget to check their own movements. Some people are thinking that this person called Donald is as fast as the classic fast bowler Alan Donald who will just come and bash the ISIS like nothing! But dear people, ISIS is a terror organisation, not a Muslim organisation that you are ready to ban the entry of Muslims in your country!

The thing that makes the US Presidential election very important is undoubtedly the participation of trump. If he comes to the white house, be ready to see the equations changing throughout the world. I extend my best wishes towards Hillary Clinton; she is a noble candidate who MUST win the presidential election if the USA wants to maintain a great development for itself and also for the world.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pakistan - the constant change of colours!

I am an Indian; the reader might be another fellow Indian or a neighbour from Pakistan. What I wish to talk here is about the ongoing conflicts between these two nations - a conflict that seems not to cease since the past 7 decades. Thus, it matters to the people both sides of the border. I will not ask who is guilty or claim who is guiltless. India is my country and Pakistan is my neighbour. The best way to live is peace - India has expressed the will to live like the elder brother of Pakistan under the rule of Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. However, from that side of the border, what we get is often a 'backstab'. Why is it so? Why Pakistan cannot stand to its promises of peace?


There was a time in India under the rule of former PM Manmohan Singh when we used to say that the government is facing a 'policy paralysis'. We used to question the existence of PM; we doubted whether he was the actual PM of the country of just a stooge in the hands of someone more powerful. About Pakistan, what can one say? This country, since the time it came to existence, is not only suffering policy paralysis but all the possible kinds of paralysis. The World is still wondering about the governance of this nation - who is ruling Pakistan? Is it the president; the prime minister; the ISI or the military? The more you try to explore the most complex it becomes. Amidst of the ever-going chaos, you cannot expect from a country to come clear in the terms of anti-terrorism combats and other bilateral promises.


I am not an expert on the Indo-Pak relations, neither a qualified person to speak about the foreign policies of Pakistan. However, with what I have seen and observed in so many years of my life, I find myself in a position to analyse the situation with my 'personal' sense of understanding. When the Kargil war started March 1999, I was 8 years old. I just knew a war is going on and felt excited after reading about that in the newspapers. I waited every night for the DD National news hour (8pm onwards) to know more about the war progress. At that time, I did not have that audacity to relate the war with the PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit to Pakistan in February 1999.

[caption id="attachment_790" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Vajpayee in Pakistan Kargil war image credit NDTV[/caption]

That was a historical visit during which the Lahore Treaty was signed. The major responsibility for both the neighbours was to avoid the war between them. The result - we all know. God only knows what propelled Pakistan to start the war just the next month and backstab India! Perhaps the military of the nation or 'other forces' pressurized the then Pak government to do such a heinous act.


Narendra Modi is the PM of unexpected moves. Defying all the notions within the country and showing his real courage - the 56 inch ka sina, he landed to have a cup of tea with the current Pak PM Nawaz Sharif. The 150-minute stopover of the courageous Indian PM and the welcoming Paki PM perhaps did not suit the narrative of those 'forces' in Pakistan. The result of the 25th December Christmas surprise came to India as the Pathankot airbase terror attack, handled by the militants of Jaish-e-Mohammed. This was the Pakistani gift to Indian PM's surprise gift.


Many more are the examples that make Pakistan the culprit; but I know the internal conflicts in Pakistan sometimes take a dangerous pose than the outer conflicts. The chaotic governance; the shaky economy; the paranoia... Pakistan needs a strong push to wake itself up from the deep sleep. The terrorists who are boldly living in Pakistan, directly or indirectly, influence the foreign policy of the nation. And I have doubts until Pak does not come up strongly against the internal forces of destruction, India cannot (and possibly should not) believe the claims of peace and compromise.


Monday, 16 May 2016

ISIS - The Hydra-Headed Monster

If rumours are to be believed, America is the creator of the ISIS - a group of fundamentalist Muslim militants who are ready to murder anyone. However, I am not in the mood to go into the details of who created the evil. I just wish to express my feelings - let us suppress the evil and wipe them away. In the recent years, ISIS has almost established itself as the major synonym of terror. The latest cowardish attack on the football fans watching the Real Madrid match in a cafe, the Paris terror attack, the Brussels attack and many more... you will find ISIS omnipresent in the terms of terror. In each drop of tear that came out after the unfortunate death of Alan Kurdi, you could have sensed the fear of those ISIS savages. ISIS, in the simplest terms, is the group of brain-dead people who enjoy killing as much as a mother would enjoy fondling her infant.

Going into the history, the first seeds of ISIS were buried underground during the early years of the 21st century. 1999-2006 is considered as the first phase of their development. 2006-13 is considered to be the development phase of these tyrants as they established themselves by then as the Islamic State of Iraq. And today, we all know where they stand.

ISIS has taken the form of a hydra-headed monster now. You cannot kill it in just one go. It's expanding the trails and knocking the far-far pieces of land. You can easily find the news about the moles and stooges of ISIS. The most recent example is - the story of 3 US ISIS recruits. From different parts of the world, youths are showing an urge to join this terror organisation. India is also not left behind in the contest and we have many instances. Muslim youths from good families often fall prey to the trap laid by the ISIS online and offline and tend to support their false ideologies. Escaping the scrutiny of their parents and the wounded Indian intelligence, they easily slip out of the country and in most of the cases, they successfully join hands with terror. All these go to justify only one thing that people love evil more than they fear evil! (Am I right? Please, somebody, come ahead and prove me wrong. The reality is rather a horror!)

The memories of the young IT worker from Bengaluru, Mehdi Masroor Biswas, who was supposedly handling the twitter handle for ISIS, are still fresh in my mind. It was December, 2014 when the arrest of Mehdi took place. After his arrest, the ISIS had threatened the police department. (Can you imagine how strong is their network in India? And the question still remains - what we have done?) Not only the sleeper cells every now and then, fully active stooge have also been detained from various departments. And all these instances only go ahead to increase our worry about the spread of ISIS in India. They can easily mislead our youths and instil the fundamentalist's thoughts in their minds. And we all know that fighting a lion is rather easy than finding out and fighting the fox in disguise!

Moving away from India, we cannot talk anything about Pakistan. And China is a box in confinement where no one from the outside can peep. European nations; American countries; Russia and other major countries are taking the challenge of ISIS and accumulating all their possible resources to fight them out. But the problem lies with the countries like us which are more easily vulnerable to the terror ideology (tie-up with terror to assassinate Modi?). Politics of the country can often stoop to endorse terrorism to score their political agendas right.

Whatever be the problems, we need to talk about the possibilities and the solutions. Putin is showing his wild breast and Obama seems a little dubious. You will have trouble believing but the truth is that the weapons used by ISIS people are imported from the USA! Now, I am supplying you the gun and I am thumping my chest that I will fight you out sounds a little confusing. Under Modi's rule, India has shown a little more courage and willpower to fight terrorism - but there is still a long way to go. For all those who are wishing the ISIS to be extinct, we have to wait and watch because none but 'we' have let them grow so bigger under our nose! We have to fight against our very creation. May God wish us the God Speed.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What Happened in JU: An Outrage That Could Have Been Averted

Recently, after the screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s Buddha In A Traffic Jam was cancelled, the university has recorded continued turbulence and disruption in campus. The film was granted permission to be screened by the Alumni Association of Jadavpur. However, it was soon called off, following which, the ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad), student wing of RSS screened it at a ground nearby. This intermittently led to severe clashes between JU students and ABVP supporters.

Reports concluded the filmmaker's car having intercepted; some ABVP supporters having molested girl students; violent throttle between the ABVP and the students of the left-leaning FETSU organisation, leading to subsequent arrests; and the Governor assessing that what was previously a centre for excellence was now turning into a centre for disturbance. Even commuters and wayfarers weren’t spared as they were barred passage from the daily thoroughfare and were instead made to take a roundabout way to their destinations.

What leaves a cloud of mystery and speculation is the fact that why was a film, which was restricted screening still allowed to be screened in the campus playground following which a scuffle ensued and only made matters worse. In retaliation, the students at JU screened Muzaffarnagar Baqi Hai, featuring the 2013 UP riots. Things fur-balled into the offensive and the coming days saw widespread protests and war-zone-like scenario inside the campus with students being assaulted, manhandled and even molested.

Honestly, violence is not the solution to any problem, but oppression isn’t either. One must anatomize the problem at the grass-root level. Troublemakers ought to be booked, but let’s not forget the old idiom that where there is a smoke, there is always a fire.





Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Bihar Board BSEB Class 12 Results Declared Online

The students of Bihar who have been waiting for long have something to feel good. The results of class 12 examinations by Bihar Board have been declared today. Students can check their results online on and

In order to make it comfortable for the students to access their marks, the government has been declaring the results of class 12 online since 2008. It is indeed helpful for the students as most of them have access to smartphones, laptops, computers and internet.

It'll only be found tomorrow that what is the percentage of passing students. Further ramifications will also be sought out tomorrow.

Team ILN wishes all the students best of luck!

Monday, 9 May 2016

News Updates: Current Events Yesterday & Today India

The focus of the news watchers and the nation will be on many key happenings today. Here is a list of the subjects going to be on the day's agenda:

Gaya absconding MLA's son: We will keep a constant watch on the progress of events in this case. This Gaya MLA son has shot a teenager on the Gaya road over a small issue of vehicle pass. Nitish is yet silent on the issue and no other leaders from the ruling party has yet come up with any explanation. At least, the MLA should resign!

The rebel Congress MLAs from Uttarakhand approach SC: After the HC has dismissed their plea, the rebel Congress MLAs have requested the Supreme Court of India for an urgent hearing on their plea. The SC has agreed and in the afternoon around 2-2.30, their plea will be heard by a bench of justice.

Maharana Pratap vs Akbar issue: The Rajasthan govt has demoted Akbar from the textbooks in the state and gave Maharana Pratap a high pedestal in the book. This move has rattled some intellectuals and they are baffled. We will keep a watch on the progress of after-effects in this issue as well.

Meeting of Senior cabinet ministers with PM Modi: We will keep a watch on this meeting. Something remarkable comes up and we will analyze the issue and will bring to you.

Nehru left out of the new textbook chapters: Rajasthan government has made a move to leave out Nehru of the new textbooks. Congress and other 'independent' intellectuals have shown their concern over it. After the noises, the Raje government in Rajasthan has presented two instances where Nehru's name appear in the book. On page number 91 and on page number 177.

Modi attacks Sonia: In an implicit yet explicit attack, PM Modi, during a rally has spoken that everybody knows who has the relatives in Italy. In the wake of Agusta Scam, the politics in the country has gone chaotic. Congress is left cornered and BJP is riding the 'lost & found' scam wave.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sadiq Khan: First Muslim Mayor of London

London has seen the history in making! Getting the first Muslim mayor today, Saturday, May 7, 2016, London has set a new history and also showed the mirror to the USA where Donald Trump is all but set to flame the anti-Muslim wave in the country. Sadiq Khan, the person to become the first ever Muslim mayor of London, comes from a middle-class family. He is the son of a bus driver.

He contested the election for mayor post from the labour party's side and went on to receive a major share, 57% of the total number of votes. In numbers, Sadiq Khan received more than 1.3 million votes and defeated his competitor Zac Goldsmith with a huge margin. In his much-celebrated tweet after the poll victory, Sadiq said:

According to the statistics coming, the polling turnaround was relatively higher compared to that in 2012. This time, 45.6% people exercised their right to vote, which was more compared to 38% in 2012.

The election was marked by shows of all kind you get to see in a typical general election. There were promises; there were negative campaigns; there were controversies with name-calling. The competitor Zac Goldsmith turned out to be a rather fundamental person who linked Mr Sadiq with terrorism. Not only Goldsmith, even the prime minister of England, David Cameron also joined the anti-Islam campaigning and charged Sadiq Khan with the links to terrorism.

On the other hand, the newly elected mayor of London calls himself a British Muslim. Sadiq promised to fight the forces of extremism during his campaigning. Moreover, as a counterattack, he also accused Goldsmith of frightening and dividing the voters of London.

On a broader perspective, the victory of a Muslim mayor in London will send a strong message to the countries where people discriminate Muslims only on the basis of their religion. The USA is number one in recent days. Let's welcome the newly elected Mayor of the UK's capital!

Arnab Goswami & Journalists on him about the JNU issue

One thing has come very clear - if the journalists, either in print or digital media, have to be alive journalistically, they will have to deal with Arnab Goswami! And I am very conscious while I write the first line. (By the way, I don't have any 'bad habits'. Yes, Arnab, you might not be happy with the ban on liquor, but I am!) Since the days of JNU anti-national controversies to the sudden AgustaWestland Scam expose, I have been noticing one thing, which is rather explicit. Like in cricket, where there used to be two class of batsmen - one is 'all others' and another Sachin, journalism has also dichotomized itself. One class is Arnab and another class is all 'from the above to the deep bottom'. Yes, some of those journalists like Arnab Goswami and many of them hate him. The first name I remember is Ravish and all others follow. By the way, I am not writing this piece just to tell you who loves him and who hate him. I have a different purpose. I just read an article entirely devoted to Arnab, like many others are, by a journalist who works with a newspaper of repute - The Hindu. Her name is Anuradha Raman. (Who is she? Yes, I also asked the same question when I first saw her name. But, what to do? Journalists are using the name of Arnab to come and become the table-talk...)

Now, this lesser known journalist came ahead and washed both her hands in the Ganges that was flowing during the legendary JNU 'anti-national' event. Like many others in media did, she also used her opportunity and bashed Arnab. However, there remained several problems with her 'style' of bashing. Anuradha could not develop her arguments very skillfully; nor could she sustain whatsoever charges she could somehow make. And the biggest problem with the stance she took was that time proved her thoroughly wrong! Like all others who jumped the gun on the fact the videos were fake, after the JNU internal committee has itself banned the 'young postgraduate student' Omar Khalid, this lady was also exposed for her gust of sympathy for a culprit. Let us have a look at some of her arguments and I will break those right at their spine.

"He pummelled the young Umer Khalid, a post-graduate student, on his channel 13 days ago, not pausing for a moment to listen to a young, intelligent man in a premier campus where dissent is celebrated, and where the idea of a nation may not conform to a flag-waving, chest-thumping hysterical rant." (The Hindu)

Look at the rich hysteria of this lady. She is all on an 'all praise' mood for the 'young intelligent man in a premier campus'. The same premier campus scrutinized the activities of this young man and found him guilty and banned him from studying there. Where are you now, Anuradha? Will you please take your keyboard again and write another blog on the Hindu saying that yes Omar Khalid was guilty? Yes, JNU is an institution where dissent is celebrated. Jadavpur University is also a place reaching towards another JNU in making where dissent is so much celebrated that the 'intelligent young men & women' break the shoulders of a film-maker just because he came to screen his movie. After all, this is the celebration of dissent! I just hope you could also write something about that... And what to say about the idea of a nation for likes of Omar Khalid? They need 'Azadi' in an independent nation. And no doubt, riding on the backs of likes of you, they will always feel like the person in the poem of Alexander Pope who climbs a mountain to touch the sky. Yes, we do believe in flag-waving; we celebrate the national flag; we feel proud standing near it. And yes, they thump their chests (the intelligent young men at JNU) but only on the 'precious' loss of Afzal Guru, naxals and Yakubs. They don't thump their chest when our jawans die on the border or by the hands of naxals. They celebrate the deaths of our military forces. And it was the decency of Arnab Goswami that he only pummelled Khalid. Had it been someone more aggressive and from the family of a revolutionist who has lost his life for Indian freedom, he would have pulverized him!

"For all the intelligence you claim to possess, I am surprised you found nothing wrong in the Education Minister’s ludicrous proposal of installing a flag on public universities as a solution to counter the rising anti-nationalism. By the way, most of the universities fly the National Flag."

However, I do have doubts about 'any' ounce of intellect you possess, Anuradha. Look at her argument - she is opposing the flags at the university campuses and also admitting that most of the universities have the national flag. Now, any man with conscious can ask her the question - then what is the problem by the flag? And my question will go a little specific - what is ludicrous about the proposal of education minister? I guess your humour quotient needs to be checked 'before and after writing this article' Anuradha. People like you beat their chest days and night and do everything possible to show our country down with your baseless arguments and 'dalils'. If you can't bear the tri-colour at the campus, how could you even imagine in your imagination that people of this country will bear the Pro-Pakistani rants and Afzal's 'martyrdom' celebration at the campuses? You seriously need to get yourself some 'logic' to develop better arguments and then come to set the 'national agenda'.

By the way, did you write something about the ongoing Agusta Chopper Scam? I must think no. You don't have the time to think about the issues as you must be busy in 'digging out the issues' and give them 'anti-national- colouring. For your information, this time also, like most of the times, Arnab Goswami is the person to set the national agenda!

"I feel very sorry for the people who stoop to such levels just to prove themselves 'intellectuals'. I can understand their contrivance behind these arguments. I call them and take them nothing more than charlatans busy in developing self-deluding ideas."

(P.S. The reams that have been written about you (if and only if somebody else has bothered to write), including my tiny contribution here, is testimony to your popularity and also why you must be held accountable for every word you write.)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

USA, Please Stop Lecturing India on Religious Intolerance & Solve Internal Issues!

"Please get down. You are a Muslim; you have beards; you look different and you can't board this flight." The country where such statements are usual in a daily 'day' should not lecture us in the terms of religion and tolerance. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, acronymized as USCIRF, has released its yearly report and told the world that India was 'intolerant' towards religious freedom in 2015. Well, for 2015 in the USA, I have something to present. Here is The Guardian's headline's verbatim of a news published on 31st December 2015:

"Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths"

"Seriously, dear Uncle SHAMS, are you in a state to say that India is intolerant? A country that recognizes its citizens on the basis of 'black & white' has no right to lecture other countries. You people attack Muslims; you attack and kill Sikhs; you think Hindus inferior and scorn them; are you a tolerant state, USA? You are not in a state to reply because you even criticize your president just on the fact that he is a Muslim!"

The religious hatred, racism, intolerance towards people following a different culture are common practices in the USA. Who can forget the hate group Dotbusters? It was the same USA who let it continue for 8 long years. They burnt Hindu temples in the country; attacked women; and did every sort of activity that depicted religious intolerance.

The USA needs to look inside first and find the fault lines within the boundaries. Not only within the boundaries, the Christian Missionaries from the USA have been religiously 'terrorising' the poor people across the globe. They can do anything to convert someone to Christianity. (Why can't they do the same with Obama, by the way?) I will quote a Philip Goldberg, author of the American Veda:

"However, says the kindly health care worker, you can get the treatment free of charge. All you have to do is renounce the centuries-old traditions of your people and convert to a foreign religion.

Such offers are being made to desperate people in the villages and tribal areas of India.

I just returned from a month in that country, to mark the Indian publication of my book, American Veda. In the 18 cities I visited, the most frequently mentioned topic was the shady tactics of certain missionaries."

He wrote this article on Huffington Post, from which I have quoted here. Any conscious American citizen, who can think freely, above the politics of the state, knows what is the truth.

Do you remember the song IANAHB (I am not a human being II)? Lil Wayne, the popular 'black rapper' from America, raps his pain of being an American in the song. "Americans hate the I'm American," exact words say this. Why? Why does not USA appoint an internal committee to look for the religious intolerance and then advise to the USA president on the same?

At last,
"Dear USA, we Indians know when did you appear on the world atlas. We Indians know how is your attitude. You did never know and will never know since when we have been being and how long we will be... You can go ahead and shout like hell on the issues/agendas whatever you have. Just remember that India is not Iraq that you can capture our freedom like you did there! We do have some issues and those are being addressed properly. So, the advice is, don't dare us on tolerance and don't teach us intolerance."

Note: Pardon the errors as the words came out of anguish.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kejriwal's Subterfuge on Agusta Scam to Save Congress?

When the nation is talking about Agusta Chopper deals, there are some people in politics who are doing their best to somehow manage the deal once again. Do I need to name them? Honestly, I did never understand the politics of Mr. Kejriwal and his party – the Aam Admi Party, which no longer seems a party but a ‘chaupal’ where one man says and that’s the line on the stone. (Perhaps this is the reason why the founding members are still suffering the plague of leaving the party.) Admit, they are doing something good in Delhi, no matter many things wrong. However, they are still either immature in the national politics or ripe enough to act smart. The subterfuge by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to constantly question Mr. Modi on his degree is a hopeless attempt to divert the attention of the country and media from the agenda of the moment – the Agusta Scams.

Few TV channels and the ruling party BJP are actively cornering the UPA with ‘facts & evidence’ and Kejriwal is doing his best at what he does usually – baseless muckraking. When will he understand the norms of the country politics? When will he understand how to select the agendas for the moment? How long he will conceal himself behind the shield of ‘abhi to ham naye hain ji, sikh jayenge’. Back in Lok Sabha election 2014, when Kejriwal and his party members had to forcefully go through political hara-kiri, we all ignored them by saying they were new and over-ambition took them. But the way he is questioning the inaction of a party of two years in power over a party standing on 10 years of scam is enough to draw the eyeballs of political Pandits. Kejriwal is no more a novice in the national politics. The country is gradually seeing all his qualities being unfolded now.

However, the other side also needs adequate attention. Even if by the political tantrums of Kejriwal, the Modi government comes into action and takes the investigation forward, will be all good for the country. We need to know the ‘final names’ of the politicians who were involved in the Agusta Kickbacks ‘dealing’. Not only that, people are also excited to know the names of journalists who ‘managed’ media for the Italian company Finmeccanica in India. Yes, we are seeing the noises in Rajya Sabha and louder arguments on tv channels. But who cares? We want to see the culprits in jail.

Space for transgender

In a landmark move by Supreme court in April 2014, the third gender most commonly known as transgender was given a phenomenal space entry in both birth and death certificates. The official move was issued last month by the Delhi government asking all registrar offices to make changes in the forms.

Earlier the Karnataka government recognizing the need of transgender acceptance  and also to prevent harassment against them decided to create  separate cells for transgender inmates in the Bengaluru central jail. This would be the third  state after Kerala and Pune to accommodate transgender inmates in separate cells.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rajdeep Sardesai Quits Twitter, Closes Account

Exeunt: Rajdeep Sardesai
Action: Abuses twitter users via direct messages
Reaction: When exposed, plays the victim card of a 'hacked account' and passing the buck to the twitter trolls, he QUITS twitter and deactivates his 'hacked' account.

Readers, do you get it? Someone hacks the twitter profile of Rajdeep, abuses the 'selective' users who questioned him on Agusta issue and then hands the handle back to Rajdeep to show his babyface and deactivate the account. What a narrative it seems! As we know in some clumsy Hollywood movies, when something bizarre happens on the screen, something must be being cooked in the backyard. We get to know the things once the movie ends - some hints are Predestination and James McAvoy starring Wanted (2008). Very much like these movies, Rajdeep Sardesai's episode is bizarre and we need to crack it.

It's not new and not that hard to believe that Rajdeep can freely abuse people. After all, he has even done it in the public as well. Do you remember the Modi USA tour episode when he called a person A@@@@le in public? This time, this journalist who is being linked to the Agusta scams, used the twitter direct messaging to calm his head by abusing his followers in privacy. He was blunt; he was abusive; he was rattled. 'Will your mother entertain us?' 'Teri MAA ki boo aa rahi hai.' 'Ask your mother.' These are some examples of his messages that were sent to the twitter users via DM.

The excuse that he and his wife Sagarika presented were utterly rubbish. Someone hacked the account; and do you think people will buy that line anymore? Rajdeep, unfortunately, you are not even a politician who can always have the chance to shield themselves by saying that the lines were distorted. The lines you used were straightforward and abusive. You cannot turn your back to the reality. And by the way, please don't ever dare again to question Indians on intolerance. If you cannot take trolls, you don't have the moral right to say that India has become intolerant. Look inside you first!

The question is, why did he loose his cool? You always take a dig at Modi by dragging him back to 2002. Did he ever abuse you? Likewise, people are asking questions to you about a scam that might be 'possibly' linked to you. You can let them ask and continue your work if you have nothing to do with the AgustaWestland. Being rattled and losing cool only aid to the 'rumours' that this is going to be even bigger a scam than the notorious Radia Tapes.

Dear readers, now you will not see any Rajdeep Sardesai on twitter. He has left the microblogging site and left so many questions for us to seek answers. Will he come back?

PepperTap Closed | Shuts Down Operations | April 2016

I was almost shocked to know some days ago about the unexpected shut down of PepperTap’s on-demand grocery business. What was the cause? Reading the official blog of the company has certainly given me some insights. But, there is always something beyond the official statement! Innovation is always welcome in today’s Indian market. Investors are always eager to grab the funding opportunities in the start-ups that seem promising and profit-delivering. However, the increasing count of start-ups and the limited presence of investors have made the things a little worrisome. Only investment cannot make a business grow. It needs to have competence in the terms of infrastructure, technology, manpower and the flexibility to expand its reach. Lack of these things might hamper the business and even force it to shut down the operations. The sources confirm tacitly that PepperTap had given in to the demands of the investors to expand its operations in different cities. It lacked the facilities; it had the fund, and things did not work.

Navneet Singh, the CEO of PepperTap has conveyed in his official statement that the lack of coordination with the stores (local) and increasing demands of the consumers were the problems that resulted in this decision. You must remember that in February 2016, the company has closed its operations in 6 larger cities of India, including Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Jaipur. At that time, the official statement by the CEO conveyed that the company was focusing on ‘depth’ rather than ‘breadth’. And also that they are planning something long-term. However, all the promises that the company made to itself came to an end in April 2016. They had to close the operations of PepperTap completely. The company will get back to its business of logistics and the employees are also offered to join the parent company – Nuvo Logistics.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Magadh University PG Semester Examinations Delayed

MA 1st and 3rd semester students of MAGADH UNIVERSITY are left to feel themselves much like Alice in the Wonderland. No, before you think they have read the novel or watched the movie and have been bewildered, they have their reasons. Magath University, the university that has been ranked a NAAC ‘C’ Grade, has not the facilities like drama societies and novel reading clubs. Unfortunately, every now and then, it seems justifying the ‘C’ grade tag. Since the year it has enforced semester system for the post-graduation students, the university has become almost a butt of satire. It has failed to take the examinations on time, not one or two or three times, but every time! There are four semesters in two years and the semester exams need to be held at the end of every six months. Unfortunately, the students are left bewildered. They have now spent almost a year (July – now) but there is not any sign of examinations. No professional executive and the directors of the university are able to convince the concerns of the students. Ten days ago, a strong protest has taken place in the university but the controller of examination was unable to give any explanation. Students are furious towards the attitude of the university management.

Not only the university management, this situation has also to do with the attitude of Bihar Government. Since the ages, the government of Bihar is very keen to employ even the university professors and officials for the panchayat elections. It is quite ironical that an 8th pass deputy CM is sitting on the throne and dictating the Ph.D. professors to conduct the polls of Mukhiyas and Jila Parshards. The polls of gram panchayat, by the way, are always fought on the strength of money and approach in Bihar. The question is, can the government so easily put the future of Masters level students in danger every five years? One year has passed and even the first-semester examination has not taken place in Magadh University! Unfortunately, they will have to appear in the next three semesters examination within a span of one year. This is sheer injustice with their future, and the Bihar Government is busy in welcoming a ‘fool’ research scholar from JNU who has been studying God knows what since 14 years. Is Bihar government all set to demolish the future of Magadh University students like him? Is MU also planning to keep the students stuck with the university for a longer time period?

The reports from the university campus confirm that the university officials also planned to file a case in the local court against the government. But the Nitish-led-Lalu-dictated government in Bihar has threatened them to reduce the salaries or even dismiss them from their position. Is this the new way the education system will run in Bihar?

Talking to the students in the university, they are all frustrated with this situation. They have to face the extended duration of their masters, three years. Is there anyone who will come at the fore to take the responsibility of the one year that will be presented as a sacrifice by the students of Magadh University? Nitish Kumar always talks about taking Bihar to new heights with his sushashan. This is not a sushashan Nitish ji. The daily going bank robberies, dacoities, rapes and murders aside, you are playing with the future of students by unnecessarily interfering with the university schedules. And unfortunately, the helpless students cannot do anything about the situation! They are not like Kanhaiya Kumar to ride the backs of political leaders and enjoy the luxury of plane and I-phone. They don’t even get the facilities and also, no 3 lacs per month are spent on their ‘education’. They live in almost fallen hostels with limited facilities and are forced to bear the diktats of the university administration which come directly from 1 Anne marg, Patna.