Saturday, 30 April 2016

Good News From India: Let's stand against the 'manufactured' media

India has been a country that always stands on chaos but manages to walk in peace. We have been tolerant even to the tyrants like Aurangzeb; we have also seen the 'manufactured' phase of intolerance in our country. We have fought for freedom and our rights. We have also fought for the right to pray in this independent India. We have seen the India when there used to be no media like today. We have also seen the India where 'media trials' take place. We have seen an India of the 'negative news' aired and printed by the media houses; we see an India in the 'positive news' that we listen from people around us. Whom can we believe? Whom should we trust? What should we do? Is positive journalism not a way to motivate the citizens? Won't it work if we focus a little on positive news about India? Why has our media gone so negative and callous about the country?

What can positive news do?

Well, If I have the permission to say, positive news can do everything, at least in India. Most of the times, our prime minister Narendra Modi also registers his agreement to the need of positivity and attitude of appreciation in Indian Journalism. 'What we think that we become' is a phrase that sets up the story of Indian media. For so long, we have been constantly witnessing the 'decay,' 'deterioration,' and 'decline' of India as a nation, as 'reported' in our media. Can India survive so long (not fathomed) if it was always bad - as recorded by our historians and then translated into the manipulative news by our dear media. They will never raise any negative issue that needs to be raised. They will never bring out any positive news that needs to come out in public. For example, if I tell you that my family has given up the LPG subsidy, you will think - once, twice, thrice or for a day. Next morning, you will walk my home and announce 'yar, maine bhi chhod di'! This is what positive news can do in India! Do you get the message?

Putting the things in a broader perspective, good news in India has become almost a rare phenomenon that happens like the acclaimed solar or lunar eclipse; not me, the Indian media and the practicing journalists think so. Has goodness ceased to exist? Certainly not. You need to go out and see. They will report a riot with all possible 'contaminants' but they don't have time to cover the place where people from every religion come to help each other.

Good news is the only solution to the problems we see today. Just imagine what would happen when the media houses dedicated a small share of their 'valuable time' to broadcast good news from India. People will be motivated; people will be eager to a part of the good; people will motivate others to do good... and the chain will go on. Now, only Zee News has started showing positive news from the country at a dedicated time slot. This initiative is getting positive responses as well. There are some news portals online which only publish positive news. So, 'something' is happening for sure; but is this enough, is the biggest question.

But the reality...
Media has become a tool with both the edges equally sharp. Journalists can use to promote good news as well as their personal prejudice and bias. Recent expose on AgustaWestland by a TV Channel, Times Now, has thoroughly brought out the nexus of media, politicians, and foreign corporates. No one, who is interested in media, can forget the legendary slaps on Indian journalism - Nira Radia tapes and the Zee News' official statement 'Indian media is completely sold', the Navin Jindal sting case. You will feel this newspaper is biased towards this party and that news channel is leaning towards another party. It has been the case for long; and supposedly, it's going to be the case. However, the emergence of citizen journalism and alternative media sources will surely bring the change.

As an appeal, I request you to share with us any form of good news that you find around you. Let's bring the positivity to the world. Indians are waiting for the chance that allows them to appreciate India and fellow Indians. Can we do that?

Friday, 29 April 2016

Neerja: A brave woman

There were many whose lives gave us more than they took. Their ways of living were different from others. They never thought of only themselves. They were very clear about what was right or what was wrong. And they remained stood with them even at the cost of their lives. They knew very well the proposes of their coming on the earth. One among those was Neerja Bhanot.

Being an air-hostess what maximum one could do that may or may not be remarkable but her endeavours during the time of adversity made the mark which is indelible. There are many instances of deeds of humanity but what she did for human-being irrespective of race or religion is a great lesson for us to follow. Today we face crisis in terms of human-values. It seems we have become stoic about killings of mankinds. There is not a single day without the report of killing of humane in the name of race or religion.

As a senior flight-attendant, she was on-board to a plane from Mumbai to America with 361 passengers and 19 crew members. In between the plane landed at Karachi airport for on-loading and off-loading of the passengers. The four terrorists captured the plane, with a view of releasing some of the incarcerated terrorists, before it flew. In that precarious situation she showed courage and informed the crew members who successfully ran away through a hatch in the cabin. At first she foiled their plan of forcibly flying the aircraft to Cyprus.

Later the hijackers wanted to identify Americans and kill them in a bid to pressurize USA. They ordered her to collect passports in order to identify American citizens. She, with the help of other colleagues, hid passports of all 41 Americans on-board under the seat and in the rubbish chute to misguide them.

When the terrorists remained abortive in all their wicked bids, they resorted to shooting.  Bhanot flung open an emergency chute and aided passengers to come out. She was shot while shielding three children from a volley of bullets.  She could have been first to leaped off the plane but she chose to be with the distressed passengers to rescue them. One of the children, the aged 7, now is a captain for famous airlines has said, “She has been inspiration for him and he owes everyday of his life to her.” There would not be any compliment greater than this.

The incident illustrates two major things- one, the terrorists wanted to impose their fanatical belief at the cost of lives of innocents and the other, a human being wanted to save humankinds at the cost of her own life. The terrorists wanted to safeguard the old beliefs whereas she wanted to save the spirits of humanity. Whom to be adhered? It could be realised better by understanding the value of humanity.

There are many Neerajas whose voices despite being correct are or have been silenced. They are not able to empower themselves or raise their voices in this prejudiced environment. So there is a need of an environment where we will have many Neerjas. We would see many Gods in the form of humane. And then only we will have right standard to measure what is right or what is wrong to have a balanced society.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Poll Violence in Bengal: The Age Old Story

Poll violence has not been an uncommon or unheard phenomenon when it comes to West Bengal. Even this year, the state recorded unsettling incidents like vandalizing party offices, heckling and abusing voters, even small children weren’t spared. A minor girl was reportedly thrashed and a young boy was beaten for making a kite out of a party poster.

Though blame game continued at the cost of public outrage, with either parties whether ruling or opposition denying the charges, people howsoever, setback by the disruption continued to go to polls.

This year, the ruling Trinamool Congress faces a strong competition from the steadfast coalition of the CPM and the Congress as well as its contender BJP. People, although, disappointed are not totally disheartened and are hopeful of changes and development in the near future.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sanskrit: Why do people despise it? A study of the agenda

Sometimes, in fact often, I am taken by a sense of surprise and disgust when I see people of our country bashing the Sanskrit language with a great enthusiasm and concentrated vigour. I do remember having studied Sanskrit up to class ten. The teachers used to teach; students used to study. Parents did not protest about it. Fortunately, there were no Manish Sisodias to come on the stage and mock the ancient Indian language that the world acknowledges. Things were running smoothly in the educational institutions. So, the question must arise, what did happen that people suddenly started to despise Sanskrit? What and of what grave concern took place that today, a deputy chief minister, also in charge of the education department, mocks the Sanskrit language and ridicules it? Answers need to face the questions.

Tracing the origin of Sanskrit language is an arduous task that the acclaimed manufacturers of History in our country cannot do. If we give a free hand (that they actually have), historians like Guha and Romila Thapar will go ahead and say there is nothing like Sanskrit. It will take no more than 1 month for the 'research' work. We will learn that Sanskrit was a 'saffron agenda'. Fortunately, Indians have always been wise. We have always been indulged with our glorious tradition. Many came here only to go away or die, India did not move an Inch! We Indians have nourished our cultural heritage with pride. However, today it is in danger. There are people within the country who have made it a fashion to speak evil about anything that is 'Indian'. Take nationalism for an instance. Speak Bharat Mata ki Jai and you will welcome the badge of honour - Sanghi or Bhakt or Pseudo-Nationalist. Say something about Sanskrit and you will have the eyeballs pointed on you and the arrows of words - RSS person, Bhagwa Chhap, Sangh ka gunda, Deshbhakt, stone age propagandist, and many others.

Recently, the HRD Minister, Smriti Irani has directed IITs to teach Sanskrit. Exactly, even if I stop writing now, you can easily build the narrative and understand the episode. She was called names; Modi was ridiculed; those who supported were targeted. The most interesting and shocking as well is the fact that even people from Bollywood join the party. A person called Shirish Kunder also tweeted and registered his protest. Well, he has all the rights to protest anything he likes. His argument was that Smriti Irani is prudent. She knows the IITians will build Time Machine today or tomorrow or day after that. The Sanghis would surely like to go the Vedic age and hence, the operators of that time machine must know Sanskrit. Later, when I and many others had opinions about his idea, the coward deleted his tweet.

Fun over, coming to the point now - what's the actual problem with Sanskrit? Many current students at the IITs have told that they'd not have any problem in studying Sanskrit. Why the 'leftists' and 'seculars' and intellectuals always presume that young India does not want Sanskrit? They are eager to know about many things; will you let them know? Well, how can they? The people who teach the students that Bhagat Singh was a terrorist and Netaji was a war criminal, what more can you expect from those? They will do anything and everything to kill the sense of national pride. For the historians in India, there is only one family who has done feats - and I don't want to take the name! The world acknowledges Sanskrit as the mother of all the languages. They owe their knowledge to us, to our great past, to our ancient intellect. Imagine the scenario when a British boy would ask a student from India "do you know from where the English word 'Father' has come?" The student from our country will not answer. The British will tell our students about Sanskrit and its contribution to forming languages. We don't let our students learn Sanskrit. They learn German, Spanish, Japanese, anything but not Sanskrit! Kudos! Our education system! Hail to our educationists!

The deputy CM of Delhi, Manish Sisodia ji is no less than his senior Arvind Kejriwal. He did not wait to jump into the frying pan filled with hot mustard oil. In a strange haste, he announced that Smriti Irani should declare all the computer coding languages anti-national. Bizarre! Isn't it? I could not stop myself from laughing. Do you have something called 'logic' Sisodia? Or you have become a pakka politician now? The option number two is correct. In fact, Sisodia sahab added the colour of politics to the issue. He connected Sanskrit with the agenda of nationalism and dumped the payload on the back of RSS. Great! Now tell me Sisodia ji and all the great personalities who always buckle up against Sanskrit - is Sanskrit a language developed and owned by RSS or it's an ancient Indian language? How dare you mix it up with an institution that has its confined goals? How dare you defy our mother tongue? And if you are actually thinking that RSS has developed Sanskrit, I will readily book a psychiatrist for you.

See, dear Indians, there has emerged a new 'elite' class in Indian society these days. The people in this society will abuse you if you unfurl the tricolour. They will call you names if you appreciate any good work. These people will also scorn you if you study Sanskrit. They will make fun of you if you say that Mughals enslaved India and harm our heritage. All they want to do is demolish the 'pride' of being an Indian, an Indian who is proud of the great culture. They don't want to see us feeling honoured when the world credits the best of their knowledge to India. Now tell me, if you don't study Sanskrit, will you ever be fortunate to read and understand the Bhagwad Gita? Will you ever be curious to read a rhyme from the Vedas? Will you ever bother to see a line of Subhashitanis? Yea yea! Now they will take the charge and say that Yogi Adityanath has written the Vedas and Gita overnight! What I say is clear. Don't give a damn to these 'modern' people. Smriti Irani is not saying you to work and study in the Sanskrit language. What she wants is 'just learn a bit of it' and who knows it might interest you!

Attention please: Don't expect from me a 'politically correct' type thing. The politics in our country is entirely incorrect. I will be myself; will go ahead and exercise my 'freedom of speech' share that Indian constitution has proudly given to 'me'. Shame on you people who despise Sanskrit!

Salman Khan as Goodwill Ambassador? A Wrong Move by IOA and the Absurd Statement by Salim Khan

"Dear Salim Khan, my brother is a very good wrestler. He is the best swimmer in the world I know. He has broken the records of Milkha Singh (in confinement). He is the best cyclist who can fly the bicycle like the helicopter. Sir, unfortunately, he could not compete in any competition on national or even state level. But, let me assure you that he is an A level athlete! Moreover, he is also a great actor, as far as I know. He will surely act better than your son Salman Khan if given a chance. Sir, can you please request your friends in Bollywood to 'resurrect' my brother before he fades away into oblivion?"

It was my personal appeal to Mr. Salim Khan. He is a good person, indeed, most of the times. However, we know something called human trait. Anybody will defend if his/her son is the target of eyeballs around. He defended his son, Salman Khan, who is feeling the heat after being appointed the goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics 2016. My point is, did Mr. Salim think before he took on the son of millions of mothers, the mother India, the pride of the nation - Milkha Singh? You need to take a look at the words Mr. Salim Khan has used for Milkha Singh. Not only that, he has also eulogized the Bollywood industry 'more than the reality'. Have a look at everything he said on twitter:

Do you feel the lurking sense of ego? Can you sense the 'sense of pride' that Mr. Salim has when he 'threatens' the sportspersons of the country that if the Bollywood will not make films films on sports, the 'sports' spirit from the nation will die? Salim Khan, do you have the guts to make a film on Sachin Tendulkar and claim that you have 'resurrected' Sachin? Have you ever made a film on P T Usha? Have you ever made a film on Yogeshwar Dutt? Have you ever made a film on Dipa Karmakar? Have you ever made a film on Vishwanathan Anand?

The Bollywood needs to understand that India is not a part of the great Bollywood; in fact, the 'arrogant' and deluded Bollywood is a part of the great India. India does not run because of Bollywood; Bollywood runs because of India. Salim, you need to understand that there are no Gods in Bollywood who have the power to resurrect someone. Milkha Singh is the son of the soil who does not need your certificates if he is popular or not. Salman Khan may be a good swimmer but we have seen him swimming only in his movies, flashing his muscles to the girls. He did not win a medal for the nation! Milkha Singh has brought pride to the nation. He did not hunt down a black buck; he set the world records in athletics.

Let's understand the state of delusion that this Bollywood industry lives in. Today, they are making a film on MS Dhoni. Tomorrow, someone like Salim Khan will say to Dhoni, 'Dhoni, we have resurrected you; you were just like a left-out sports person and this film has set you to the heights again'.

The movie Sultan is coming up. It's about Salman Khan being a wrestler and this is the only reason that he is associating himself with Indian Olympics. Shout me out if I am wrong, but what else than making movies and swinging around controversies has Salman Khan done in his lifetime?

Milkha Singh, Yogeshwar Dutt, Gautam Gambhir and many other great sports personalities have come to the fore to oppose the appointment of Salman as a goodwill ambassador for Indian Olympics mission. Unfortunately, some politicians and the entire Bollywood fraternity have united to criticize Milkha Singh and other sports personalities. Do you think by doing all this we are propelling the spirit of our athletes? Absolutely not!

We need to introspect; we need to question ourselves today; we need to understand the things going around us. At the end, Mr. Salim Khan, you need to self-question. You and your son enjoy because of Indians who watch your movies. Stop your arrogance and don't belittle the achievements of the greats of other fields.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Dolkun Isa Visa Withdrawn: India under China Pressure?

Not so long ago, in fact, only two days back, we were celebrating the move of Modi government to allow a visa to Dolkun Isa, a Germany-based Chinese dissident. China calls this person a terrorist. Dolkun Isa is a leader of WUC, World Uyghur Congress. He was to come to India to attend a grand conference on Democracy. When the reports flew across the Indian media that he has been allowed to come to Dharamsala and attend the event, it was a time that the supporters of the present government in centre took to celebrate. Not only the supporters, also the coastal audience were happy with wide chests that India has finally done something to stare directly into the eyes of the dragons.

You need to understand the events in a chronological order first. Some days ago, China has snubbed India over the issue of sanction of Masood Azhar, the mastermind who was the key person behind the Pathankot terror attacks. For China, Masood is not a terrorist; he is just a citizen. Indian government tried all the possible methods of diplomacy but they did not work. Even the UN path could not see the destination.

Thus, the decision to give visa to the WUC leader Dolkun Isa was seen as a tit for tat move by the Modi government. As an Indian, I was also overwhelmed that finally we have a government that can see into the eyes of China without an ounce of fear. However, the happiness did not last long as a day later, the news came that visa to Isa has been denied. Talking to a channel, Isa has told that he was unhappy with the Indian authorities who denied him the visa. However, the German-based 'China-proclaimed terrorist' has blamed China for the visa cancellation. He said that it must be China to pressurize the Indian government. The Indian authorities have a different narrative for the issue. Indian authorities have pushed the Interpol red corner notice against Dolkun Isa as their excuse.

Whatever be the case, the angle of China pressure cannot be ruled out from the case. Indeed, it's clear that we are still not in a condition where we can have a one-on-one with the Chinese. Now say it the lack of will or some kind of prudence, but Modi has tried to be in a coo with China rather than being a Putin! The list of events has given a chance to the Congress and other parties to scorn the Modi-led NDA government on social media and the tv channels.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


When the IPL controversy was in the court (was in High Court & then in Supreme Court), the icon and my childhood Hero Sachin Tendulkar was silent. I really needed him to speak up and defend humanity and take a clear stand against this verbose form of cricket that is adding just ‘nothing’ to Indian cricket except bags full of money to the cricketers. However, he has done something. The cricket legend, Sachin, along with Pepsi, has discussed plans to help the drought-hit Marathwada. He had met the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis in this regard.

Today is Sachin’s birthday. He has become 43 now. So, a very happy birthday Sachin! I wish you a great year ahead!

He has already come up in against the child labour. Sachin has also supported the skill India mission of the Narendra Modi government. He is not only known for the number of runs he has scored on the field but also for the number of good works he does off-field. The cricketing world knows him as a great cricketer, the greatest batsman and the gentleman who had enjoyed the love and respect of opponents as well!

Tendulkar retired from all formats of international cricket in 2013. His last match and his emotional farewell speech still reverberate in the memories of his millions of fans across the world. A month ago, he became the first cricketer to cross 10 million twitter followers, followed by Virat Kohli, another legend in making.

In the meeting with Dev Fadnavis, Sachin discussed the possible plans to help the drought affected people. Fadnavis later tweeted about this meeting. He referred Sachin as Bharat Ratna.

Maharashtra is facing one of the biggest droughts in its history. Dams after dams are going dry and there is no sign of rain. In the wake of events, the Bombay High Court has guided IPC to shift the matches scheduled in Maharashtra out of the state.

Saffron Terror was UPA Agenda? Congress Secrets Come Out

Once again I am compelled to start this discourse by saying that Manmohan Singh was certainly not an ‘honest’ man. He was surely involved ‘directly or indirectly,’ and ‘consciously’ (because there is no question of unconsciously once you are the prime minister of a country as important as India) in the activities that were against the integrity of the nation and against the nation. Saffron terrorism… well, I came to hear this phrase from a young girl in a seminar as well. In the leisure, all the participants of that seminar had a freestyle debate and I rebutted her arguments. My stand on saffron terrorism was clear since the time it was ‘constructed’ with a sheer political agenda (or God knows if it was more than that, some Italian agenda). There is nothing like ‘this thing’ and today, Mr. Raghuvansi has clarified it as well. Nevertheless, he was a little ambiguous, remember it.

The way, rather an abrupt way, all the incidents took place and the decisions taken by the then UPA government, undoubtedly led by Sonia Gandhi, explicitly reflects the craftsmanship of doing something innovative. Ministers in the Congress regime seemed in a haste to coin the newly ‘Columbused’ phrase – Saffron Terror or Hindu Atankwad. To make the events suit their political narrative, they ignored all the links to LeT, JeM and Pakistan pushed terrorism. They had to unfold a new story to the people of India – see, Hindus can also be terrorists. And they did it. Based on scanty ‘confessions,’ they cooked up their biryani of Abhinav Bharat and framed charges against persons belonging to right-wing Hindu institutions.

Nevertheless, there were some people like Himani Savarkar who came to the fore to admit that there was a need of replying the Islamic terror – ‘blast for blast’. Thus, the small and scattered evidences (largely manufactured) only strengthened the cause of UPA government. They ignored the probes of ATS & CBI; constituted their NIA and had all the privilege to drive the investigation according to their will.

The question that strikes the minds of everyone who is curious to know – why did Congress need to defend Pakistan? Is political rivalry with BJP more important than the national security? Are the in politics to fight with BJP or in the government to secure the safety of the country and its citizen? There are tough questions that need to be asked to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, VP Rahul Gandhi and all those who were eager to jump-use the phrase Bhagwa atank.

The broader fear is – and it is the same that I addressed during that debate with my co-competitors in Lucknow – if there is no Saffron terrorism, it’d happen to ‘exist’ if you keep your allegations coming without a valid proof. The country should be ‘secular’ if it is meant to be secular, and no secularism gives you the right to bully the people who form the majority. Some persons in the journalism and some great figures in politics and some activists are constantly brush-shinning a stone that is meant to be black! Do you remember the case of Kolkata nun rape? The entire media brigade was in a constant temper against ‘hindu intolerance’ and when it came out to be something that did not suit their propaganda, they did not even bother to ask for an apology.

The need is only one: can we let India be as it is since the time we were undiscovered? We were peace-loving people who believed in an all-inclusive way of living. We should focus on what we can achieve together rather than what consequences we can bring individually. Such a shameful compromise in the terms of national security was not expected from a party who always boasts of their ‘freedom struggle’. But now, will this government mend the things right? Will Narendra Modi ensure that Hindu right wing does not things unacceptable? Will we, as Indians, ask ourselves before believing the media and social media hoax? Many questions, dear people, many questions are there. It does not matter as long as we all answer the same words – India FIRST!

Bharat Mata ki Jai

Jay Hind

Friday, 22 April 2016

‘I’ Belong to ‘ME’

Trepidations, mind numbing heartlessness makes my throat choked today with tears threatening to usher but my ego saves me from this wastage. A heart delineated because somebody decides to be forgetful towards you. That somebody makes you question your existence. This somebody is not the love of your life, this somebody is not your best friend. This somebody is a person you have known a long long time now.


I feel betrayed, yes! Betrayed by my father, who created me and left me with a crowd. It is getting crowded here with more and more people even less concerned with me. My choking is a temporary situation but the ultimate feeling of being trapped is my constant partner. How can I be trapped in this big open world? How can I not get enough space to breathe, to be myself? My conscious conjures up an image of a dog abandoned by its “doting owner”, out there to fend for itself. My soul relates to it.


Now, some people call me crazy. “You are going crazy!” “You are changing!” “You have gone crazier!” My dear people, this is my most humble request, please, don’t call me crazy, I'm the same, I'm the same I used to be when I was a child. I still believe the crowd cares about me. And also that the now called “crowd” are the very same people I have known ‘long long time’. You changed! You forgot! I'm the same dog, who loves you as much. Why are you abandoning me?


How little does it take for the crowd to belittle my being. How little does it know my being. My being belongs to the crowd. I am crowd! Maybe a little quirky crowd as they keep pushing me to be something I'm not, keep trying to mend my ways. Train me! I am trained to become part of this crowd. Do you ask me if I want to see these traits in me? Do you consider giving me an opportunity to use the feature of reason that has been ever present in me. I know you will say yes! Yes we let you, we suggest that you do.


But no! oh my dear crowd, you don’t let me use MY reason. You want your training, you want your trained piece to form crowd. You want me to be crowd. You say, but you don’t do. I want to belong, I want to be loved, and who doesn’t want it? Will I have to become just like you to belong?


I have tried that, tried to be part of you but I'm, oh, so sorry to have a soul and a mouthpiece connected directly to my own reason. I will keep going. You tried your best to train. But this time, YOU FAILED!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

High Court Jumps in Uttarakhand Game: Modi or Rawat? Floor Test on 29 April

The stage is set, and if things go the way we are anticipating, there will be a floor test on 29 this month. The Uttarakhand High Court has passed its verdict and rolled back the president's rule imposed by the centre in Uttarakhand. The resurrection of Harish Rawat as the 'outsider CM' until the floor test has given the opposition and constant critic of Modi, Kejriwal an opportunity to attack the centre once again. Take a look at the 'praise words' by Sri Arvind first, then I will have my humble say.

I was always thinking that something strange is about to happen in Uttarakhand. And lo! here it comes. High Court has 'ridiculed' the imposition of Article 356 in the state by the Modi-led government. Amid the allegations of Harish Rawat being a CM of the 'minority MLAs', the centre had dismissed the Uttarakhand government by the special rights secured the government as in Article 356. Rawat challenged it in the High Court, situated in Nainital. Today the verdict came in his favour and the entire Congress party is in a joyous mood. I was watching on a news channel and it was really ridiculous that a leader from the party thanked Sonia and Rahul first and then the court!

Observe the words of the bench of high court, headed by the chief justice K M Joseph:
"What do we do on their apprehension? Don’t think that we are powerless that we cannot pass an order. We cannot remain silent."

I have also come across their words like 'president is not the king' and 'even president can make mistakes'. The question arises - is it just the tip of the iceberg? Is something real tough going inside? Is there a situation of a clash between the centre and other independent institutions?

The question becomes even more valid in the wake of 'use', 'misuse' and 'abuse' of the agencies by the governments. Recent expose on the samjhauta blast and Ishrat Jahan case has put the former Manmohan-led UPA government in the scrutiny. This time, Modi has to answer the call. Now, will the central government approach the supreme court to appeal? Anticipating this step of the BJP, Harish Rawat has already filed a caveat in the Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, the ruling of Uttarakhand High Court is also not free of criticism. They have kept the dismissal of 9 rebel Congress MLAs by saying that those MLAs have committed a 'constitutional sin'. However, we all know that dubious was the circumstance when the speaker of the assembly dismissed those 'constitutionally elected' MLAs. There are many questions and we will have to wait for the answers. Let us see whether 29th is date or SC will have to jump in...

Giriraj Singh Says to have two children to people of every religion

If you remember the statement that alarmed the people, who did not vote for BJP, to go to Pakistan, you must remember a name called Giriraj Singh. He has been repeatedly coming up with statements that apparently go against the tagline of the Modi Government - sabka sath, sabka vikas. This time, he was speaking in a public meeting where persons from BJP and RSS were present.
The current union minister in Modi Government's cabinet, on Wednesday, has made a statement on the enforcement of a two-child rule. He has stated that married couples from every religion must embrace it or it should rather be imposed. The Nawada BJP MP said:

"Hindu ka do beta ho aur Musalmaan ko bhi do hi beta hona chahiye. Hamaari aabadi ghat rahi hai. Bihar mein saat zila aisa hai jahan hamaari jansankhya ghat rahi hai. Jansankhya niyantran ke niyam ko badalna hoga, tabhi hamaari betiyaan surakshit rahengi. Nahi toh hamein bhi Pakistan ki tarah apni betiyon ko parde mein band karna hoga"

An English translated version will be like:
Hindus and Muslims, both religion should embrace the two-child norm. Hindus are declining in the population that you can see in the seven districts of Bihar. We will have to change the norms of the population so that our daughters are safe. Otherwise, we will also have to keep our daughters in the veil.

The Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Giriraj Singh was mocked on twitter for this remark. Leaders from the opposition parties and persons like Chetan Bhagat presented their point of views, and also, they were replied by Giriraj as well. Here is a set of tweets on the issue:
and this tweet was replied by Giriraj Singh with humour:

Giriraj has also pointed fingers on media as usual that they have manipulated his statement. He has often been making such kind of 'logical' remarks since the formation of Modi government.

Police Horse Shaktiman Dies

In a disturbing twist to the ever-changing scenario of things: one morning you wake up to find all the tabloids and newspaper dailies strewn by the pictures of a profusely bleeding horse being mercilessly battered by some man and the next morning, you find the tragedy to have climaxed to its near catastrophe with the news of the poor animal having succumbed to all his physical ailments. But can that be the end of the story? Truly, have we been robbed off our souls or have we willfully laid it down to the feet of the devil in an act of homage.

Police horse, Shaktiman, was a well-trained horse who after years of service fell victim to the savage bestiality of one vicious man who found it apt to batter the defenseless animal in a flagrant display of strength. The horse was brutally hit on its leg during the clashes between some BJP protesters and the police on March 14. It suffered multiple fractures on its hind leg. He was given a prosthetic leg ever since, and the poor animal had to endure several physical and medical conditions until his death.

Union Minister and Animal Rights Activist Maneka Gandhi demanded arrest of the person responsible for the death of Shaktiman and called for the retrieval of horses from police service who are liable to fall victims of the atrocities committed by cowardly men.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What is Plaguing People?

In my teenage, as I kept voraciously reading of several things, one thing I came across was the phenomenon of the Dog Star and its prominence in the constellation Canis Major and how it causes fever in men and madness in dogs, as believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans[1]. It is surely a myth, I dismissed. But then, as I swept through the pages of my trusted daily, it didn’t feel like so, at least to me. I wondered what could be the working force behind such absurdities, habitual boredom or the tempering heat caused by the rise of the Sirius (dog star).

As the headlines shouted issues like “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and Kashmir valley torn between the malicious debate over my country sans your country, one thought that struck me foremost was why can’t these people shut up and enjoy the peace (the peace of mind) they most apparently destroy.

Why can’t people open up their minds to the larger issues of life. Life is as it is challenging: to some who have to make ends meet everyday like the daily wage laborer or the farmer; to some who are forced to reconcile with natural calamities like earthquakes and floods; to some who have to forego living despite accidents and mishaps; to some who have to endure life after the loss of a beloved; to some who have to live for the sake of living. Life is considered a boon to many when a baby is brought to the world and it is considered a bane when the aging body is grieving for salvation and release.

“From the winter’s gray despair,

From the summer’s golden languor,

Death, the lover of life,

Free us forever.”[2]


It is unfortunate when we choose to scorn future potentials in the fancy for momentary gain.

Once King Croesus of Lydia welcomed a brilliant scholar and sage to his kingdom. After ample display of pomp and wealth, he asked Solon, as to who he thought was the happiest man in the world. So confident was he that the wise man will take his name, he was flabbergasted when Solon said Telus, the Athenian. He said Telus lived to prosper in a state, which allowed him to grow to his full stature, he lived both a contented family life and an honourable soldier’s life. He fought for his country and died in the battlefield and was given a public funeral in honour. Croesus didn’t understand the philosopher, but still insisted upon knowing, who was the second happiest man, thinking this time he will pronounce his name. This time Solon named two young men, Cleobis and Biton, the Argives. These young men were known for their athletic strength and devotion for their family. Once their mother wished to pay a visit to the Goddess’ festival at the temple of Hera, but they had no oxen to convey her there. So these lads harnessed themselves to the heavy oxen-cart and mounted over six miles, to carry their mother to the fest. When they at last reached the temple, the crowd cheered and poured praises upon the athletic feat of the two brothers and the mother for such fine borne sons. The mother prayed to Hera for the biggest blessing that could befall on mortal human for her two sons. After the ceremony, as the two sons fell asleep, Hera granted their mother’s wish to allow them to die in their sleep. The Argives considered these boys heroes and even erected statues of them, which they sent to Delphi. Croesus now grew impatient and asked the old sage, why wouldn’t he consider him to be the happiest man and enlist him so. Solon said he could not as he did not know his end. He asserted: “Count no man happy until the end is known”. A man may be fortunate now, but there is no guarantee that he will remain fortunate forever. The rich may be powerful but they have no power over the truly valuable things in life such as “civic service, raising healthy children, being self-sufficient, having a sound body, and honouring the gods and one’s family”[3]. Croesus now thought that Solon was a fool who told him to “look to the end of everything, without regard for present prosperity”[4]. Infuriated, he dismissed the philosopher from his court.

However, very soon he was to realize the naked truth behind his words. His son and only heir to his kingdom died in a hunting accident and then he blinded by excessive pride led a failed campaign to capture King Cyrus’ Persian Empire. Consequently, the Persians laid siege to his empire, seized him and chained him down to a funeral pyre. As the blaze started to taste his body, King Croesus cried: “Oh Solon, Oh Solon, Oh Solon! Count no man happy until the end is known.”[5]

The moral of the story is never to take things for granted, not to be blinded by pride and to focus on the most essential things in life such as piety, virtue, honour, self-sufficiency, health and family.

India is a democratic country. The best of all the constitutions of the world were handpicked to build up our constitution and we take pride in that. We are a country housing several ethnicities from times immemorial and have been living amicably ever since. We are tolerant towards all religions. Then why make the country the butt of ridicule and parade as such. Aren’t we growing to be a spectacle of our own folly?





[1] Known to Romans, Greeks and Early Egyptians.


[2] In Hospital by William Ernest Henley.

[3] Bret and Kate Mc Kay. “Count No man happy Until the End Is Known”.

[4] Ibid

[5] Ibid

The Kumbh Mela (fair): Ujjain


The Kumbh Mela is one of the great Hindu pilgrimages in which devotees and saints gather across the country to have a holy bathe in a sacred river to attain salvation from the vicious cycle of birth-death-rebirth. It takes place at four different places- Haridwar on the bank of the river Ganges, Allahabad on the confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati, Nasik on the Godavari and Ujjain on the Shipra, as per position of Jupiter and sun in zodiac sign. It is held at Ujjain once in every 12 years when the zodiac sign Scorpio indicates the presence of Jupiter and the sun. Last time it was celebrated at Ujjain was in the year 2004 during 5th of April to 5th of May.

Ujjain, situated in western part of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most sacred places of India. It is the abode of many famous temples – Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Mahakaleshwar, Vikram Kirti temple and many other shrines. The city is at its most charming during Kumbh Mela when lakhs of people- ash-daubbed sages, priests, and devotees - take dips in the river Shipra.

The commemoration at Ujjain is known as ‘Simhastha Kumbh Mela’. This year it will be celebrated from 22nd April to 21st May. As per Hindu theology its origin is found in one of the oldest purans- the Bhagavata Purana. When gods lost their strength by the curse of Durbhasa Muni they approached Lord Brahma and Lord Mahesh who sent them to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu advised them to churn the milk of ocean, Ksheera Sagar to get amrita (elixir of immortality). For this they needed concord with their arch rival- the Asuras (demons) to work together. They agreed on sharing the amrita. With the Mandara Mountain as a churning rod and the Vasuki, the king of serpents, as a rope for churning, Demons holding the head of Vasuki and gods tail, they churned the milk-sea for 100 years. At last, Dhanvantri appeared with Kumbh (pitcher) in his palms.

Once the amrita was available, the fight for its possession began between demons and gods. For safety, it was handed over to gods Brahspati, Surya, Shani and Chandra. Comprehending the conspiracy hatched by the gods, Demons attacked them vigorously. Gods knew demons had more power so they ran with amrita to hide it somewhere. Demons began chasing and fought with gods for 12 days and 12 nights which was equivalent to 12 human-years. While fighting in the sky for the pitcher full of elixir, some drops of elixir fell down from the Kumbh (pitcher) at the four places on the earth. So at these four places Kumbh fair is celebrated once in every 12 years.

It is believed that to bathe in the sacred river has purifying effects whereas bathing during Kumbh Mela (fair) increases its effects. Even sprinkles of water have those effects. So people sprinkle waters on those who are not in a condition to take a bath.

As it dawns, the preponderance of devotees come to the river Shipra to have their holy bath. People dances in rapture, bands play with uproaring of elephants and camels, colourful flags and posters unfurl above the crowd. The procession proclaims the commencement of Kumbh Mela. At centre are Nagas, naked priests. With convoluted long hair, long and thick moustache and beard dangling unto chest, bodies smeared with ashes, and their tridents raised high, they land up for bathing. They renounce the world in search of equilibrium, practicing celibacy and non-accumulation of material possession. They blow conchshells and chant in chorus, “Shiva ki jai (Shiva is the great)”. They splash water on each other and play like children that symbolize them as liberationists.

There are many other things to attract audiences. The dramas based on stories from ancient epics- the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are being played. The preaching are being sermonized by saints before devotees. Some places Indian drama and classical dance groups are also being performed.

Some pilgrims come to have bath on special days like Poornima (full moon), Shukla Tritiya or Akshaya Tritiya. Some come for the whole duration and either make camps at the ground or stay in hotels. Even children are brought to have blessings on auspicious days!

The auspicious days for holy bath at Ujjain Kumbh Mela (2016) are as follows:

22 April 2016 (Friday) PurnimaFull Moon (First Snan)

06 May 2016 (Friday) Amavasya

Viashakh Krishna Amavasya

09 May 2016


Shukla/ Akshaya Trirtiya (Second Snan)
11 May 2016 (Wednesday)Shukla Panchami
17 May 2016 (Saturday)Ekadashi & Pradosh Snan
21 May 2016 (Saturday)Purnima

Ishrat Jahan Case: Was Sonia Gandhi behind the plot to assassinate Modi?

Could you believe it? There was a time in India when people used to say 'Man Mohan Singh is an honest man'. No more! Dear Indians, no more! The expose on the Ishrat Jahan case has brought the former Man Mohan government, led by Sonia Gandhi, directly into the witness box. You need to do the justice; you need to understand the underlying 'patch-up'. We have already seen two assassinations of the former prime ministers of India (and probably a third one, Rajendra Babu). The expose by Times Now, a leading English news channel, clearly indicates that Congress was 'directly' involved in the plotting of Narendra Modi's assassination, which fortunately could not see the dawn of the reality. I may sound 'politically incorrect' but who cares to be correct when entire politics in our country is incorrect!

This 'Bihar ki Beti' who was suggested by American Intelligence as a 'suicide bomber' targeting Hindu temples and particularly Narendra Modi, until now has been used a leading weapon by the Congress and other parties to frame Narendra Modi as someone who hates minorities. Leading journalists from our great democracy have ranted days and nights the role of Gujrat CM in this so called 'fake encounter case'. The MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) has deliberately removed all the points that proved Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist appointed by LeT, and it was done by a person called P Chidambaram. However, the way things are coming up in the investigation carried out by Times Now, Chidambaram does not seem the ultimate culprit. BJP is already hinting towards the 10 Janpath and 'she'.

Even a novice with a little political sense can smell the rat here. In his tenures as the CM of Gujrat, Modi was undoubtedly garnering the fame and prestige that helped him to reach where he is today - the PM of India. The experts believe and so do I that Congress clearly saw the rise of Modi a problem in their political ambition. Otherwise, there was no point in ignoring the inputs from USA intelligence about the 'girl called Ishrat Jahan' who was on her mission to take revenge of the mosque demolition.

In the wake of all these 'coming up' episodes, I fully agree with Arnab Goswami that it was undoubtedly a sabotage by the leadership of Congress. They have manipulated the files, and not only the files, the interest of the national security. They have constantly posed a terrorist as a martyr who was targeting the temples like Akshardham and Somnath. It was the bravery of our soldiers who gunned those four terrorists down. However, very unfortunately, they had to spend a part of their lives in the prison - was defending the national interest their crime?

Mr. Chidambaram and Sonia, along with Rahul Gandhi and the entire Congress have many questions to answer now. The entire nation is looking at them with surprise and, if I may be politically incorrect once more, disgust. How could the politics of a party which has seen Nehru stoop so low?

Other than the Congress, the nation has so many questions for these big guns of media as well. The newspapers like Indian Express who publish 'And they hanged him' as their grand headlines have to answer why they are silent on such a big conspiracy in the history if national politics. Those 'self-made champions of journalism' are shying away from the truth today.

See, see, and just see, dear friends, when we will have justice for the nation in this case. The onus now comes on the shoulders of BJP as well. If, like always, they use this development in the Ishrat case just as another political issue, they will be on the backfoot. You have the proof now and you must act, act as severely as you can against the people who have put the national security at the risk. Just imagine the loss we could have if Ishrat could succeed in her ploy to blast the Akshardham temple! Modi, Rajnath, and BJP have the upper hand now. We have to see how much they are able to use the situation and bring the culprits to a 'judicial justice'.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Odd Even Formula in Delhi | An Ad Guru | The Troubled People

Odd-Even rule in Delhi has returned once again for another 15 days. You must remember the childhood stories by your mother, grandmother or anyone else that told you about '15 din andheria; 15 din ujala' meaning that 15 days for darkness and 15 days for light. We have seen the phase of darkness and we seeing the phase of light. So, one month will complete. Now, first let me clarify my stand that I am in support of odd-even despite all the problems it creates for the commoners like me. (I have almost broken my left-hand while wrestling to deboard at the Rajiv Chowk metro station!) However, I am surely seeing something very clearly in the wake of Odd-even part two. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is posing himself as a hero; the cab providers are forced to pose as villains; the common people are victims of a self-made hero and forced villains.

Odd-even 2.0 trial starts; mobile app-based cab providers Ola and Uber suddenly bring in the surge; Kejriwal comes to the fore and threatens the on-demand cab companies to cancel their licenses. A day later, the companies go hands-off and tell us that we cannot provide cabs on time without the surge. Win-win for the companies; win-win for Kejriwal; now, you tell me who is on that side that's called losers?

Not only that, many studies have been carried out to analyse the results of the odd-even formula in Delhi. IIT Delhi has clearly stated that no traffic boost; no pollution boost; we need to do something better. And it seems a good call. While we have so many exemptions on the floor, how can we expect something better to happen? Two-wheelers, auto-rikshaws; cabs; and other exempted vehicles, don't those bring pollution? Only big hoardings and advertisements on the television from the public fund "koi to sarkar hai ji jo kam kar rahi hai" will not work Mr. Kejriwal. You need to think seriously what that person waiting for a cab for three hours in the night would have to ask you.

This is a great and bold move and I support your thinking. However, when we know that we have to jump in the fire (with no options to escape), then it's advised to have the plan to survive there if at all we want to live. Did you have it? You have to go to the office and rarely one might ask you why you are late. Think of those who have to answer at least 20 tongues when they arrive at the office only 3-4 minutes late. (What chaos would an hour late bring?)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Ishrat Jahan Case | Whose Hands are Red? The Chidambaram Signature Game

Whose Hands are Red?
Ishrat's ghost is not ready to give up its ghost. I find great similarities between the more The Revenant and this Ishrat Jahan case. None of the two is ready to get out of the scene. The shadow of Ishrat's manipulated shadow (presenting her as a victim) has this time fallen on Mr. P. Chidambaram. In fact, I think, it was always lingering above him as he was the then home minister. His statement towards the end of February this year, especially, has been proved as a 'self goal' for him. The Ishrat Jahan files that have been disclosed by Times Now (thanks to Arnab) prove that Mr. Chidambaram was fully aware of the facts at first hand that 'she was a terrorist & LeT operative who has come to eliminate Narendra Modi'. Why did he sign it? Why did he file a second affidavit with massive editing (editing or setting aside the charges?)?
Editorial changes do not include removing the paragraphs as per your need, Mr. Chidambaram. You have to responsible to the national security when you are occupying a post as important as the home minister of this largest democracy. What you have done is sheer irresponsible on your part and also makes you the culprit of the national interest. Is it as simple as a signature or there is something great that is lying between the lines? Any person with wits at mark can understand that there is a conspiracy. A conspiracy to use the face of a Muslim girl as innocent and target the political ambitions of Narendra Modi. Modi was then the chief minister of Gujrat and he had to face a series of serious charges. The broader picture is a seriously broad one if you look at it carefully. The president and vice president of the Congress party, both went on ranting that 'she was innocent', 'she has been killed' and so on. The later revelations of David Headley provide that Ishrat Jahan was an LeT plant to assassinate Narendra Modi.
Now this 'signature' issue will surely expose many a faces out in the public. We have to wait and follow for more. And no doubt, this is one of the biggest political conspiracy of the political history of India!

Dipa Karmakar becomes FIRST Indian Woman Gymnast to qualify for Olympics

Be it the water crisis or be it a ton be de Cock, cricket always remains the table-talk of the country. We have to go back in time to find when did we last talk about 'other sports'. Do you remember when we talked about Gymnastic last time? Maybe never... leave it. Do you know Dipa Karmakar? She is a 22 years old Gymnast from India who has become the first ever woman to qualify for Olympics! She has booked her berth for the Rio Olympics to be held in August this year.

Dipa Karmakar has created this history with her feat. She achieved the grand total of 52.698 to clinch her place in the most prestigious event of the sports. India has not seen very remarkable achievements in the Gymnastic and this achievement by Dipa is supposed to create that momentum.
Not only her achievement is remarkable being a woman, she is a Gymnast to qualify for Olympics after 52 long years! The last time it happened for us was way back in 1964 when six male gymnasts have participated in the Olympics. Thus, this is a great news coming for India through an official press release by The International Federation of Gymnastics.
Dipa has been registered as the 79th gymnast to qualify for the Rio Olympics on the list of women gymnasts.

Dipa comes from Agartala, Tripura. She has won a Bronze in the CWG, Glasgow. It was the first-ever medal by a woman gymnast in Common Wealth Games for India. You can easily understand the spur of this young girl for the game. She gets in to win and wins when she gets in.

We wish her all the best for the coming games in her life. Especially, the entire nation is backing her for her quality performance in the coming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Kashmir and Kashmiris: The Ever Unsettled Issue will Settle?

Had 'good times' reading the article by Chetan Bhagat, which 'seemingly' has unsettled the champion of 'neutrality' Barkha Dutt. Chetan is a very straightforward person when it comes to expressing his personal point of view, even about the most serious of the matters. I like his attitude (though I don't like his 'commercial' novels) when he draws our attention to the matters of importance and extends his valuable suggestions. This time, Chetan Bhagat has come up with his feelings about the core issue of 'Indian Politics', since the independent politics in India started, the 'Mission Kashmir' of India. I will be honest; I have read his article three times thoroughly and several times in portions! He has inspired me to present my side of narration about the 'valley of delusions' as well.

Kashmir - whenever you articulate this term, your mind will surely echo the ancient, the present and the future - all at the same time. A failed diplomacy of Nehru (maybe for his personal political gains); the present state of confusion the Kashmir valley, and also a sense of 'worry' about the coming days for us - Indians, Kashmiris, and Pakistanis! While Chetan has rightly suggested to the youths of Kashmir to come and integrate with India, are there any other options left to them? I'd rather like to quote from the original article:

"India is seen as a major emerging market economy. Pakistan is not even seen as a real economy."

Dear friends in the valley, why you people are so obese with Pakistan? The recent political scenario in Pakistan does not seem alright; how do you expect them to take care of Kashmir if they are unable to take care of themselves? Yes, the 'Iagos' of Pakistan might have promised you of 'Jannat', 'dreamlands' and many other possibilities, but, the fact remains clear. You can never be happy with a 'true militant' rule. So, I completely agree with the suggestion of Chetan - you should leave the 'living in Paki dreams' lifestyle.

India is the only country that is apposite to the people of Kashmir; we guard your homes; we save your nights; we secure your days; we are happy with you; we respect your ideologies and seldom we force anything; cannot we settle together? Cannot Kashmir and Kashmiri remain in a 'coo' with India & Indians? Are we asking too much?

Oh yes, there are people in India who are not Indians; they are actually in a dilemma called 'rootlessness' that propelled people like Naipaul to come back to India. However, in the case of these people - the 'complex Kashmir' champions, they are still confused about an asylum that can best harness their 'grinds and axes'. I daily 'name & shame' those people; let us not do it today.

In the wake of NIT Srinagar case, the issue of Kashmir and article 370 has once again caught the flame. As the history has it, it will again be 'cold' with the time, but, shall it settle the issues?

Now the time has come when we Indians have to come forward (remember that my phrase 'Indians' also include the people in Kashmir) and settle together with peace and harmony. Do keep in mind that the Nehruvian philosophies are no more relevant and we have an opportunity to create some on our 'own'. We have to fail the petty politics; we have to fail the separatists; we have to fail the pro-terrorist agendas; we have to overcome the fear; we have to be 'together'.

Jai Hind

Bharat Mata ki Jai

Friday, 15 April 2016

Ambedkar Birth Anniversary & Usual Politics

Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar was a great person who struggled, struggled and struggled to deliver justice to the Dalits, lower classes and oblivion section of the society. Ambedkar was utterly against the Brahmins and the corruption, high-headedness, and exploitation in the Hindu religion. Even being a Brahmin myself, I admit that he was right to a great extent. Yes, there were and still are corruptions and bad practices in our religion. However, at the same time, I am proud to belong to Hindu religion! The true path of a Hindu person is accepting the positive changes and it has been reflected through the recent events. Shani Shingnapur temple and women entrance... you must have seen that all progressive thinking HINDU people were backing the activists. And those who were protesting against it in the name of customs and traditions, at last, backed off and accepted the change. So, I would like to start by proving the 'ANTI-HINDU' Sagarika Ghose wrong. She has mischievously quoted Ambedkar in one of her tweets:
See, Sagarika, our PM is a Hindu and he is prospering. We are mentally preparing to digest even if your proud Hindu husband Rajdeep eats beef and you enjoy that too. We are not protesting against your rants day and night against our religion; we are not stoning you like they do in Islamic countries even if you speak 'ill' about our country. You are the best example of a prospering Hindu, aren't you? Or your religion is something else than Hinduism? And yes, I don't concur with that particular idea of Baba Saheb. Hindus do prosper; Hindus have prospered; Hindus will prosper.

Now coming to the moot issue, you must have noticed one thing; whenever a birth anniversary occurs, politicians tend to 'own' that particular figure for their petty political score. Not so many days have passed when the monarch of intellect Shashi Tharoor compared Kanhaiya Kumar to Sardar Bhagat Singh, and here comes another comparison. This time, the Congress VC (or in better terms, a naive politician) has compared Baba Saheb Ambedkar to the deceased student activist Rohith Vemula.

Does the constitution of India only exist for Dalits? Can these politicians limit the great personality of Ambedkar only as a Dalit icon? When will the political class of India understand what was the motive of Ambedkar?

There was an intellectual person, a champion of equality in the society, a great social worker who sets himself up on the path of a nationwide revolution. He is asked to be a part of the constitution drafting committee. He puts certain conditions in the constitution so that the downtrodden class of our social system has a chance to come to the fore and stand equal to the exploiters and people from elite classes. However, there is no more Baba Saheb; there is exploitation; there are people in the suppressed classes. What did we do to make his dream true?

Rahul Gandhi today goes to polish-shine his political sole-less shoes and shout that 'they killed another Dalit like Baba Saheb Ambedkar who raised his voice'. Mr. Gandhi, what your dynasty did in the previous sixty years? What did Congress do for the Dalits? Had you ever have a genuine will to do something for them? Have you ever come out of the house of that imaginational Kalawati? Have you ever travelled to the real tattered houses of the Dalits?

As far as the Modi government is considered, yes, they are also not successful in the terms of Dalit development. Fictional sixers have become something that even Robert Vadra has learnt to hit! The real work is always invisible. The tragic events against the suppressed people and to the bonus, the reckless remarks of some of the cabinet ministers are even harsher - for the government as well as for the people.

I was hoping something concrete and honest on the birth anniversary of Ambedkar, but my expectations were too high!

Rahul Dravid & Sunil Gavaskar go bizarre on IPL Water Crisis Debate

Do you know Sunil Gavaskar? If yes, you must know Rahul Dravid as well. These two are the successful captains of the Indian team in the past and currently the widely accepted gentlemen of the gentlemen's game - cricket. I am a great fan of Rahul Dravid; I admire & respect Sunil Gavaskar as a cricketer and a person. Years ago, when IPL was under great scrutiny, the judiciary system of our country believed in him to take the command from the front. And what to speak about Rahul? He has been one of the best players to play cricket ever! Not only Indians, he has fans all over the world. However, recent remarks by Dravid & Gavaskar have forced me to believe that they are 'loyal' as a player only; they don't have the strength to come in public and admit that this pompous show IPL is getting harder to the farmers.

After the Bombay High court judgment, rather a great verdict from the Indian judiciary system, we have heard different reactions. Will you believe that Mr. Gavaskar has made the same baseless 'pottable' and 'non-pottable' argument? Sir, what are you talking? Further, in his statement, Gavaskar seemed to prove his great regards for the game and also for the 'owners' of the game. It'd be better if I quote his exact words:

"Franchises and BCCI, I believe, also offered to make a donation to the chief minister's relief fund. Those were significant and good gestures."

Mr. Gavaskar, suppose you are thirsty. I know you are thirsty and I pity your condition. With great concern, I donated a fund of Rs 10,000 in the prime minister relief fund. I did not stop only there, by the way. I took a bucket of 'non-pottable' water and poured it on my bike to clean it. You are seeing all this in front of me. How will you feel?

Exactly! When you people offer to make donations to those thirsty people in Latur, the same way they must feel. You cannot understand it. Sir, the game of cricket is not greater than the lives of those who run our lives. You must come out of your crickety cocoon and see the world on the basis of bitter realities. And who knows, maybe in that Latur, the world of cricket might find next great 'don' of cricket?

Now turning the mics to Rahul Dravid, here is what he said to a tv channel:

"How can a drought be as important as cricket? If not having IPL will solve the problem, then we should stop playing cricket."

Mr. Dravid, that is why we are shifting only 'some matches' of IPL, not stopping cricket in any way. And your suggestion is very important. For the sake of human values, yes, stop playing cricket until the situation in Latur gets better. Why at all we need the vain show of those swinging bodies and 'pre-fixed' competition when our farmers are dying without a glass of water? Have you ever thought of making a small donation from your income? Has any cricketer come ahead and accept with guts that yes, yes I will donate all my income to the poor villagers? Look inside, you will find out the truth yourself.

To all those defending a 'sport' against the 'life', this is the time we need to consider our priorities once again. Not only cricket, this mission must blossom beyond the limits. Ban the water supply to any kind of luxury. There cannot be two Indias in a single nation. Sports is entertainment, not our necessity. When people don't have water to drink, no one should think of entertainment! So, if for now, we are able to save 'several' million litres of water, IT'S WORTHY ENOUGH!

(Please don't expect from me a purely journalistic approach. I will be personal, and very personal on such issues.)

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

"Allowed" To Pray "Man's God"

Women are now allowed to enter Shani Shingnapur Temple in Maharashtra! This new breakthrough advancement feels like a post-dated check. In our race for women contending for the post of president and women actually being president, we are here fighting for worshiping rights. Sometimes, it does amaze me how we think we are in the mainstream race, we are just there, so near, but something like this comes up and I see we are yet so far.

We are grateful to Trupti Desai for encashing this right, be it post dated but 400 years? In 21St century, activists like Bhoomata Brigade, still have to raise their voice against the ill-treatment of the phallocentric rights simply assumed by the men. Wasting their precious time in fights for a “permission” to enter the temple.

May I ask the “owners” of this temple (meaningly the owners of that particular God) why we can’t enter? As per my knowledge, the Pandits or the holy men are there to guide the people out of their misery and assist in taking care of the beliefs of the people, which are directly related to the Temple. Or was I wrong to assume that? If that is the case I would like to appeal to the good sense of the ‘owners’ to enlighten the brains of ‘silly women’ who are ‘breaching’ the sanctity of the Temple by trying to offer their prayers to Lord Shani.

Since, the holy men are only facilitating what is given as facts in the holy books and scriptures and it is not written anywhere that the God is only for men then who are these people not only trying but actually accomplishing the goal of keeping the God for men only. Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should. Can I (a girl) not appeal to my spiritual father or worship the very one who made me just like he made you?

But this still is one way of men exerting their power in a field where everything is supposed to be equal. Hence, we come to the bigger question why does a man ‘need’ to be in power, ‘need’ to see people or the weak have to go by their whim, need to rule and make unjust rules in any field possible, at any level possible.

My question to my ‘self-appointed’ rulers is that are you really that weak inside that you need a great show of your pretentious power outside to appeal to your great self? You will say no, just because you want to see people suffering because of your no?

My humble request to you would be that just to appease your appetite for more power on the outside, don’t lose our respect from the inside.

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Remembering the Brave Martyrs

Some pains are unforgettable. Some pains are poignant. Some pains are dreadful. It is one among them which is indelible too. Though it was a black day in India’s freedom struggle, it is recalled as a milestone in our journey towards getting freedom from horrendous British rule. No doubt it will be remembered as the act of atrocity, brutality and barbarism of British’s rule against us.

In 1919, the British government passed the Rowlatt Act which endorsed the government to imprison or detain any person without trial and conviction. That added wretchedness to the already terrifying law and order imposed by the British on colonized Indians. As a result, there was uproar everywhere. Against this pitiless and brazen act, Gandhiji started the “Satyagarh Movement” which was meant as a countrywide passive resistance against British rule.

On 10th of April, 1919 two prominent leaders- Saifuddin Kichlew and Satya Pal - were arrested in Punjab. In protest people gathered at the residence of the commissioner of police of Amritsar. Instead of listening and understanding their voice, the police shot at the crowd to turn them back. As a result people became out of patience, several government buildings and properties were set on fire which resulted in the deaths of five Europeans, government employees and others. The police again resorted to the same means- shooting at the crowd.

On 11th of April 1919, an English missionary named Marcella Sherwood, being scared of violence, was on undertaking to save her pupils mostly Indian from the unrests. While cycling she was caught by a mob in a street called Kucha Kurrichhan. She had to face the brunt of the aggressive retaliating mob. She was dragged to the ground by her hair, beaten, lashed and stripped. Some Indians, a few of them happened to be fathers of her pupils, saved her by hiding her from the mob and sneaked her into a safe place- Gobindgarh fort. Seeing Miss Sherwood, Colonel Dyer issued an order which compelled every Indian going through the street to crawl on his hands and knees. Furthermore he reiterated, “Some Indians crawl with face downwards before their Gods. An English woman is as sacred as a Hindu God so they have to crawl in front of her too.” In return, Miss Sherwood admired the Colonel as “Saviour of Punjab”.

On 13th April, people gathered in a small garden in Amritsar which was called Jallianwala Bagh, to protest peacefully against the apprehensions of those two leaders. The park was walled on all sides with only a few narrow gates to enter and exit. Most of those gates were blocked save the main gate which was a little wider. In the centre of the Bagh, was a Samadhi (cremation-site) and a single large well. There were thousands of people including women and children assembled to have peaceful and non-violent discussion as well as joy and celebration of the festive day but the English Brigadier-General named Reginald Dyer who was given control of Amritsar by Lt. Governor of Punjab Michael O’Dwyer found this an opportunity to instil fear in our freedom fighters by setting an exemplary vicious misdeed.

Unable to bring his machine gun-loaded cars through the narrow gate, he entered the park afoot with his soldiers and closed the only gate from behind thwarting anyone to escape the place and commanded his soldiers to take position. He declared the meeting illegal and without giving any warning he ordered his soldiers to fire at the crowd. They ruthlessly fired around 1650 rounds of bullets until all the ammunition was exhausted. When people tried to flee through the gate the General ordered his troops to point their guns towards the gate. The firing lasted for ten minutes. The number of rounds fired was reckoned by counting the numbers of empty cartridges cases lying in the park. In order to evade the unrelenting bullets many jumped into the solidarity well. The mayhem at the narrow gate caused many deaths. Many lay on the ground to save themselves. But the estimation of the actual number of people who died was flawed by the British inquiry. Even the news of such a tragic incident was being suppressed. Finding the inquiry untrustworthy, the Indian National Congress instituted their own committee to find the actual number of deaths which concluded it was around 1000 as compared to 379 and nearly 1500 people wounded as compared to 1300 by the British inquiry.

Before the inquiry Dyer vouched, “I have done my duty. I have no regret over it.” When a commission called the Hunter Commission was set up to inquire into the massacre, he replied “I think probably, yes” to the question, “If the passage was sized enough to allow your armoured vehicles to enter the garden, would you have opened fire with the machine guns too?” He was neither rebuked nor apprehended by British authority. Some even lauded him that he had saved Punjab from “anarchy”.

It was a day of Baishakhi. The people thought of Baishakhi, a holy day and famous festival for Shikhs, for making protest efficacious and that was the only option for them to dissent against the cruel law. The city had already a sizeable mass of pilgrims, merchants, farmers and traders attending the annual Baishakhi horse and cattle fair. The garden was a stone’s throw from the holy golden temple so people returning home after celebrating Baishakhi found the assembly convenient to join. Moreover the city police closed the fair at 2 pm itself that day which led more people to drift to the park. So there were around twenty thousand people inside the garden. It became a political and religious congregation. They gathered to celebrate Baishakhi but who knew it would turn from a gala day in to one of the saddest days of the epoch within those ten minutes.

The brutal act infuriated people all around. There were protests countrywide. It was condemned by nationalist leaders across the world. Winston Churchill called it a “monstrous” act. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore renounced the “Knighthood” conferred on him by the British, in protest against the Punjab calamity.

On 13th March 1940, Sardar Udham Singh who, witnessed the massacre and was wounded himself, killed Michael O’Dyer at Caxton Hall in London. He said before the judge in trial:

“I did it because I had a grudge against him. He deserved it. He was the real culprit. He wanted to crush the spirit of my people, so I have crushed him.For full 21 years, I have been trying to wreak vengeance. I am happy that I have done my job. I am not scared of death. I am dying for my country. I have seen my people starving in India under the British rule. I have protested against this, it was my duty. What a greater honour could be bestowed on me than death for the sake of my motherland?”

Udham Singh was hanged on 31th July 1940 in London. In 1974, his remains were brought to India and cremated in his birthplace at Sunam village in Punjab and his ashes were scattered in the Sutlej River.

In 1952, the then Prime minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, honoured Udham Singh saying:

“I salute Shaheed-i-Azam Udham Singh with reverence who had kissed the noose so that we may be free”.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Times of India (TOI) Goes Paparazzi on Kate Middleton

Times of India claims itself to be the leading voice of the nation. I never supported that claim. I did never buy the argument. Fortunately, the TOI has proved me right on many occasions. Unfortunately, today also, such a moment occurred. Early morning, I just took up the newspaper and was literally shocked to see the picture of Kate Middleton on the front page. If you are wondering why I got shocked to see the image of a beautiful lady, the princess of England, you must not have read the newspaper today. Times of India has once again sneaked into the privacy of a lady with its camera. You must remember the classic Deepika Padukone cleavage case. The question is - why does Times of India not understand that journalism is beyond the body as well?

Recently, one of our contributors, Kleio has very wonderfully presented an article on Sunny Leone. She has tried to let us know that there is much beyond our limits. Not only that, who can forget Arnab Goswami and his crusade against the absurd ban on women in temples and dargah. However, one thing that does not add up is how could the editors of TOI newspaper allow such a brazen thing to happen? One the one hand, we are taking on the people who are speaking ill of India and kicking them out of the posts like Brand Ambassador of Indian Tourism and on the other, we are 'actually' insulting the privacy of a member of the Royal British Family. Is Kate Middleton the Marilyn Monroe, and also at the India Gate, and that also next to the Amar Jawan Jyoti - the tribute to thousands of martyrs?

And my question is little wayward for the moment, but, was Marilyn Monroe not a woman? She was an actress and a popular actress. Why the newspapers like Times of India take her up as a benchmark of something obscene?

Dear Editor-in-Chief of TOI, you have erred, and also on a great level. The Duchess of Cambridge is not here on a fashion tour that you people are following her with your paparazzi intentions. She has come to India with her Husband, the Prince, Prince William. She is on an official tour, rather a diplomatic gesture it is. This is not really the following up of 'Atithi devo bhava' that we Indians stand up to.

See, today India is 'abusing' you because you people have abused the helplessness of a woman. You have done it with Deepika Padukone before and then also we have stood up against you. Some people are even saying that if you wish to read something, better read the cheap books that are sold at the railway stations. To which level you will fall, Times of India? Wake up; this is not the real time of India that you are reflecting. India is growing up; India has entered into the Shani Shingnapur temple; India will enter into the Haji Ali Dargah very soon; and if you continue this garbage, we will soon be entering a phase where there will be no more TOI on our breakfast tables.

Shani Shingnapur Temple Victory, What Next?

Kudos! Women of the nation with cultural diversity have come together and won the freedom to pray at the place of their choice. Shani Shingnapur mandir has finally allowed women to enter the inner sanctum and offer their worship to Lord Shani. Indeed, it's a victory, not only for women of India but also for every right thinking man. Since the childhood, I have been learning that God does not discriminate the devotees on the basis of age, sex, and any other parameters. However, it took a long period of 400 years for the 'authorities' at Shani Shingnapur temple to understand this basic fact. Today, when women can freely walk inside the inner sanctum, should we stop walking? Or we should make this walk a marathon to help women reach to all the places that do not allow women's entry? Let us understand some points in the light of this beautiful morning.

How long?
The temple does not discriminate people from entering; it's the 'authority' of a temple that creates fallacy around the selective permissions. Remarkably enough, be it Islam or be it Hinduism, the 'authority' of religious places belong to men only. They decide who will go and what will be the limit. When did God appoint the first man on service? Can you please show me the offer letter? Not only me, the entire fraternity which stands for equal rights is asking the same question. Men are meant to support women; they are not supposed to suppress women and their independence (and that also in the terms of worshipping?). It's good that they keep authority of the temples, mosques and churches with them, but they must bring 'justice'. At least, they must be loyal to the message of God. Certainly, we are not going to spend another 400 years to enter the Haji Ali Dargah! Women have made it to Shani Shingnapur; they will make it to the Dargah as well.

Yes, Religion matters!
By the way, what does religion matter? We have limited the limits of religion. We have been selective in picking up the things that suit us and deserting those which don't entertain our limited mindset. Does any religion say that the right to have faith is limited in any sense? Does a religion limit people to follow it on the basis of sex? Is there any religion that only people of a particular gender follow? There are many questions like these... do we have the answer?
Religion believes in equality (whatever religion it be). Being specific, Hinduism believes in the concept of spirit and fundamental argument is that spirit has no gender. Thus, in Hinduism, people are equal. Moreover, the most, when we talk about respect for women, comes out from the core of Hinduism. Then, the question is, why people have problems with a 'goddess' entering into the temple of another 'god'? One the one hand, we chant that

"नारी सर्वत्र पुज्यते" & hymns like

"यत्र नार्यस्तु पुज्यन्ते
रमन्ते तत्र देवता ॥"

and on the other hand, we have problems when a 'naari' wants to enter the temple. This is sheer duplicity and people are watching it now.

Rightly pointed out a well-educated and intellectual 'naari' that in the USA, a woman is fighting the presidential election and India has already seen one. But, we are still fighting over petty issues like whether to allow women entry in certain temples or mosques. Isn't it a setback for the dream of digital India and stand-up India?

Moreover, when a 'certain' individual from VHP says that Hindus should have families with a 'certain' number of children, the media becomes the baby cry - India has become a Hindu Taliban. Not only media, people from the elite 'intellectual' class like Shobha De come out in public and have their say. However, have they ever tried to listen to the whispers of Muslim women who are still facing the curse of triple talaak?

Shani Dev, through the Shani Shingnapur issue, has given us a new chance. Let us come ahead and seize the opportunity. Don't be hypocrites; give women their fundamental right. If we want an India of tomorrow, we will have to get rid of 'yesterday' that is of no use!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Kollam Temple Fire Tragedy

Above 100 people died and over 400 were injured when explosion occurred at a stockpile of firecrackers setting ablaze temple premises in Paravur, under Kollam municipality. As part of a seven-day festival held annually, which is adorned by lavish fireworks display, the temple is said to have gone off with its rituals casting a blind eye towards the safety hazards. The district administration claims to have prohibited the temple authorities against this, but they refused to oblige, throwing all precautions to the air. Kerala, which houses over thousands of ancient temples is known to preserve age-old customary rituals. Unfortunately, what occurred yesterday accosted several lives. According to locals at around 3:30 a.m. the catastrophe took place, leaving one building close to the temple gutted in the fire and also many houses in the surrounding area badly damaged. Spectators and onlookers were immediately engulfed in the fire. All celebrations turned into a nightmare as screams started pouring in.

National Disaster Response Force and the navy personnel were immediately rushed to the spot and relief operations have been running since yesterday night. By morning all victims were claimed to have been pulled out of the spot. The Chief Minister of the state has ordered an immediate inquiry and judicial probe into the matter. Such was the impact of the fire, that some victims could hardly be distinguished and identified. Most burn victims sustained 70% injuries. The survivors were immediately rushed to Thiruvanthapuram.

The temple where the mishap took place known as the Devi Temple is over 500 years old . Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here with a team of expert doctors from AIIMS and assured the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy all necessary aid to fight the tragedy. Prince William and the Duchess Catherine who are currently on a tour in India also expressed their condolences for the victims.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Rakhi Sawant and Ceiling Fans

Rakhi loves her fans. No no, not those ceiling fans!

Mirror had an article on Friday which mentioned Rakhi Sawant conveying her displeasure on ceiling fans. She said she was a ‘Bharat Ki Beti’ and she was revolting against ceiling fans for the families who had lost their children and loved ones through suicide by dangling from ceiling fans. She also wanted compensation of Rs. 5 Crores paid to her friend Pratyusha Bannerjee’s parents as they lost their only child to a suicide from hanging (on the ceiling fan!).

It is a sad affair. Everyone loved Pratyusha Bannnerjee and her death was a shock to many if not all Indians. But to take it all on a ceiling fan! That calls for ingenuity! In a torrid climate which is experienced by 99.9%, Indians as India is in the tropic zone can be painful. Sawant says that if it were HRD Minister, Smriti Irani championing the cause of ‘no fans’ to the Prime Minister, the PMO would have a rethink!

But honestly, to rethink of a life without fans in preposterous for us Indians. In a country where everyone cannot afford air-conditioners or centrally air-conditioned houses, a ceiling fan is the only reprise. How will the government provide A/Cs in huts and shanties? How will they provide a cooling arrangement for those households that cannot afford the air conditioners and the subsequent electricity bills?

With a huge population that we Indians boast of, we could probably hire people to fan us through a heavy feathered curtain that erstwhile Kings and palaces enjoyed! However, to have some human fan your room would amount to bonded labour. Yes, it would boost the employment in the country however it would kill privacy apart from endorsing physical atrocities to make meet comfort.

I wonder how item numbers will look with people fanning the hot dancer and actresses manually. What would it do to Karan Johar’s perfect romantic scenes? Will it be consistent with the way the hair blows when a ceiling fan is on? Maybe Rakhi can actually choreograph them.

Rakhi Sawant deserves special gratitude. Notwithstanding tough times, her unique ideas bring hilarity, a happy mix to even sad episodes. If she did it all on purpose, it would make her a genius like Einstein is to science. But I guess Einstein would like to give Rakhi Sawant all the credit for making even the saddest giggle-worthy of merriment-

Cheers to you Rakhi Sawant- with or without Ceiling Fans ;)


Sunny Leone is a Treat of Dignity!

Sunny Leone: A Treat of Dignity.

A recent interview rocked my core as a woman. The celebrity on the receiving end was the lady who captures millions of hearts- Sunny Leone. TV Journalist- Mr. Bhupendra Chaubey started the show by calling her a celebrity who is ‘loved and loathed’ at the same time’; who was held with ‘curiosity and hatred’ (his words not mine!); someone who is ‘antithetical to being an Indian Woman.”

He then went on to show his familiarity by addressing Sunny by a name given to her by birth, but not the one she used to eke out a career for herself- Karanjeet. Then he dissected her name further with the apt pronunciation. For heaven’s sake, if a person of Indian origin is named Sam (after the Sama Veda), even he would be called Sam as any European named Sam, in a non-Indian environment. What was he trying to prove- Him being an Indian and Sunny a wannabe?

Applauding Mr. Chaubey for his command over the language English and skills in pronouncing an Indian name correctly, I beg to differ with the man who thinks he knows Indian Women better than probably women themselves.

Mr. Chaubey, said to Sunny Leone, “You are not an actor, you have a body that will take you anywhere,” with that leery-eyed look. Let me tell you the Ellora Caves celebrated womanhood! Where are they found? Unfortunately for Mr. Chaubey, it’s in the heart of India. The world visits the caves of Ajanta and Ellora to celebrate craftsmanship, beauty, culture and acceptance of women in their purest form. If the Kama sutra can commemorate human needs, attraction and a spiritual context to what we today think are ‘Un-Indian’, please rethink. If you visited the aforementioned caves or flipped through the aforementioned book, would you have the same look on your face Mr. Chaubey and all other people who make a fuss about ‘Bharatiya Sabhyata’ or that of appreciation? It is a surety that the caves and the books are widely Googled too ;)

Now, that brings me to the ‘Google’ question. So Sunny Leone has been held responsible for India’s high rank as Porn viewer at #1 in 2015. We were a paltry #3 and #4 in the last five years in the world survey. Now had we been at #100 and jumped to #1 that would have been considerable. We were always the one of the top 5 Porn watchers of the world. We Indians generally have 2 mobiles at our disposal. We Indians are one of the highest consumers of the internet. Now, if the number of users on the internet would increase, so would the search results. Can we really say Sunny Leone did it? Did she provide free internet access to everyone who Googled her? Come on! Even our esteemed PM would not mind if a girl is being Googled more than him. He believes to uplifting the women of India!

Mr. Chaubey also wanted to know if Sunny would someday be seen in a traditional Indian attire (‘Saree from head to toe’, as per him). I guess men fail to realise that Saree is the most revealing outfit in the entire world apart from probably the ones draped at Brazilian Carnivals. So, if our culture appreciates seeing a woman appreciate her contours, rejoice in her beauty, why are these ‘Sanskari’ funny people objecting?

Mr. Chaubey asked all his diabolical questions on the pretext that his viewers wanting to know about those silly questions. Honestly, viewers don’t always look for sensation at the cost of a person or celebrity. Viewers who are common people struggle every day to live with respect. They would not want to see someone aspersed on primetime television. So, I have a feeling that the journalist did it all under the pretext of the so-called viewers. He was trying to humiliate the lady. The apt idiom to describe this unappreciated act of the esteemed journalist is: Don’t shoot off somebody's shoulders.

Now the last pertinent question among all the other ones is when Mr. Chaubey declared that “Sunny Leone is a threat to housewives.” Looking at the real picture, I guess its Mrs. Chaubey or would be Mrs. Chaubey (provided he isn’t married) must have teased him about the interview. He took it personally as he probably is one of those who Googles Sunny Leone quite often and thought he was caught in the act. Lol! Men are known to act defensively in the most offensive ways!

As a girl child of India, who has grown up to be a woman in the Indian Society, I look up to Sunny Leone. I agree with her when she says she was fascinated to look at beautiful women. It fascinates me, and many other women. For me, Sunny Leone is not a threat. The threat would probably be my own insecurities as an Indian Woman that has been instilled in me through years of brainwash and shaming. No, Sunny Leone is a woman of substance.

She was disgraced; she was humiliated by this journalist. She was even objectified by the man who thought he was trying to shroud his sleaziness with intellect. But Sunny Leone withstood it all as any self-enlightened person would. She taught us what price she pays for being beautiful, talented and unconventional. If there was anyone more dignified I had seen amidst all the filth is thrown at her, I would not be rejoicing Sunny Leone in this article or the women who like her win it all with their dignity and self-acceptance.

The only ‘regret’ is probably the Journalist’s who made a muck of his character. He has given a glimpse of how wretched society can be. He is a victim of the social annihilation some pride as ‘Bharatiya Sabhyata.’ I hope they learn their lesson. Here is the interview to celebrate the poise and self-respect every woman in the world commands. Sunny Leone is a proud representative for us all.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Erroneous Judgement of Two Neighbours

It comes not as a surprise that people do not care whether the country next to theirs prospers or doesn't; as a matter of fact- two neighbours, Pakistan and India - have people who largely repudiate the idea of praying or lending a hand in the other ones property.

Unfortunately, this thinking is not only too obsolete to any longer be sustainable- it is also terrorising and disgusting.

So yes - before I say much more; I say it out loud - I'm seventeen and I apparently according to some knowledgable, wise leaders (and elders) I know nothing about politics. As a matter of fact, they assume that given my naive state of mind; I can barely apprehend the nature of the relationship between two people - spare apart two nations with quite a lot "History".

Unfortunately, they might actually be right. So yeah, if you think they are right - be my guest and leave this post as soon as you read these words; but wait - I might actually have something better to say.

You see, today I’m not here to write about politics because apparently, I’m too immature to talk about this really “wise” and “dense” subject.

Thus, I reveal to you now that I intend to talk about neighbours; just plain old neighbours who share the same origin and hence used to once live in the same house - now separated by finances, leaders of their houses and a wall (or a border).

The two now-neighbours divided their shared house because their beliefs and ways of life made it quite impossible to co-exist. Therefore, like any adult intellectual - they decided to part into two and live separate lives as they wanted.

Unfortunately, in their parting, they discovered hatred for each other and his way of life. Thus they regularly cited both, reasonable and unreasonable basis for their courses of action.

These two neighbours parted their homes nearly about 68 years ago yet still carry prejudice against the other in their hearts and thus believe, without the slightest bit of evaluation that the other person is nothing but a purely evil enemy. Although I would like to add a twist to this story and make it happier; I unfortunately can not turn reality to fiction. And so, these neighbours do hate each other, and keep trying their best (Like students in high school) to make the other one look as bad as possible, to ruin the other neighbour reputation in any and all platform and forums they get.

While they do this, the people surrounding these two neighbours sit, laugh and enjoy the drama that prevails between these two. The leaders of these two houses figure out ways to plant damaging creatures in the others’ house and enjoy watching them hurt in turmoil. This happens regularly - and is done by both sides - thus common, very common. But these two are not the only enemies of each other. 3 parties and other enemies attack and hurt both these countries and laugh at them when they either suffer or blame the neighbour for any atrocious act.

Guess what?

While one of them thinks that the “rat infestation” in the others’ house is healthy for themselves, they end up being attacked and plagued with the rats themsevles. Therefore, when one of the neighbour faces a tragedy or an attack, a domino effect is set in order which eventually leads to the other one being influenced negatively.

Now, I’ll come back to reality. Picture these neighbours on a larger scale; say two countries? Okay, choose two countries of the like now. Ireland and the UK? Nah, they're too busy in their cynical lives. What about Pakistan and India? Damn now, doesn't this make sense.

Well, I guess I might have shown you the larger picture in the smallest way possible, in the most non political way that I suppose I am allowed to think in.

Therefore, I attempt to impart only one; and truly only one lesson to anyone who deems these penned words fit for reading.

The state of affairs in your neighbours house will always affect you, and if he is plagued - it will not take much time before you are too. Therefore, I urge the leaders of neighbouring houses to get together and devise plans to fight back these third parties; clear the misunderstandings and prejudice that exists between them; to therefore conclusively not only ensure their own prosperity but that of their neighbour as well. Honestly, its time to grow up and let the anger slide - 68 years is enough years of hate.