Why World Culture Festival Was Necessary for India?

The WCF 2016: A Great Indian Message

Ask anyone in the world about a country with the most versatile structure of customs, traditions, languages, dress and simply everything – only name you will get as the reply will be India. And why not? India has seen many rises and falls of the emperors and rulers, but the underlying quality of this nation remained constant. Indeed, the affluence of India in culture and its pluralism in diversity are the beauties that make the world jealous. The recent event, World Culture Festival by the Art of Living Foundation, has once again sent a message to every country that whenever it comes of showing the path of unity, India is the only land that can guide people.
155 countries, 3.5 million people, 35,000 artists performing together on a single stage - what more do you need to tell you that yes, co-existence is possible with harmony and joy! Sri Sri has always been active in spreading the message of peace and a better way of leading life through his organisation - the art of living. The world culture festival was organised to celebrate the 35 successful years of Sri Sri Ravishankar's mission. His followers are not only in India or some nations of Asia, but on the entire planet. I, at least, have no such experience to have come across any event of this height! A large 7-acre stage has witnessed the dance taps of more than 30,000 artists. The greatest of all was the motive behind this grand event. It was not a show of the glamour, but an effulgent attempt to teach a lesson of co-existence of with peace and harmony. On the stage, people did not even bother to ask 'from which country you are' because they were celebrating the 'humanity' with a feeling of togetherness.
With the world culture festival, India has once again shown the path to the world. Representatives from various nations who came to attend the art of living program have hailed the efforts of AoL and its founder Sri Sri Ravishankar. While people of different mindsets may have concerns in favour of or against this massive festival, that is a different debate. Aside the controversies, this event was necessary in the times when the world is facing a threat from terrorism. On a single stage, the people from different parts of the world must have felt a sense of unity.
ILN View is that for a feeling of mutual brotherhood and oneness, the world culture festival was necessary.