Why Positive Journalism Matters?

Positive Journalism Matters Much, doesn't it?

When I started this project of bringing the positive news from across the country, some cynical people had only one question - why does positive journalism matter? Journalism is journalism! Well, dear people, if 'negative journalism' can bring hopelessness, why not positive journalism can bring hope? I will answer all those who had concerns with this idea. Let us begin.


What do you do with positive journalism?

Well, I have completed my masters in English literature. I will not answer this question directly. What will I do is ask a counter question - what can you do with negative journalism? One can comfortably flame a riot sitting in the studio of a media house within hours! An editorial with ill motive can instigate negativity about the entire nation. Are these examples enough, dear readers? It's only the glimpse of a shadow that is completely dark. Now I come back to the question I have asked myself: why positive journalism? The simple answer that I'd propose is if negativity can do this much, just imagine what positivity can do! I have hopes with goodness; I believe in truth; I like inspirational real life stories that let me carry on. So, what I think is positivity can inspire people to see the world with a new mindset.

The very core of the ethics of journalism is based on the ideas of construction. However, if the professionals divert it (may subvert as well) to other course and start doing destructive analysis, believe me, things will go bad. In fact, what we are witnessing these days is the result of this diversion. You can find all the twists and turns of life in the modern Indian journalism. It hurts me when I see any issue of the present day coming up in electronic or print media with manufactured folds. Mr A said 'I am a man' and we came to know that Mr A has told that he hates woman! Hai re desh ki media! Dhanya hai apki professional ethics!

However, I will not take you back to the sources which focus on 'focusing in a particular way' on the stories rather than focusing on a story. We are here with ILN - India Latest News. The prime motive that I have fixed from this platform is providing you the positivity that you need in the morning to start your day. Moreover, we all need to know what's 'actually' happening in our country at present. Therefore, we will also bring to you the unbiased analysis of the major events that take place in India. Stay with us and witness the change!


  1. That's very true! Positive journalism is surely the need of the hour! There have been many news platforms which have emerged in the recent years who only focus on deteriorating things in the public domain. This is a good effort!

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