Vijender Singh Wins: Beats Horvath in 4th Pro Boxing Match

Vijender Singh Wins & Dedicates it to The Indian Army Martyrs

Vijender Singh has shown the true spirit of nationalism to all those celebrities and sportsperson who decided to remain silent on the current issues. Winning his fourth match in a row in the Pro Boxing championship, he dedicated it to the brave martyrs of Indian army who lost their lives in the Jammu and Pathankot attack. Vijender Singh is enjoying a great start to his pro boxing career. However, he made his different path; in spite of being popular, he did not forget to commemorate those soldiers who fight and die for the nation.
Vijender has defeated Alexander Horvath in his fourth match. In previous three matches, he has defeated Samet Hyuseinov, Dean Gillen and one more professional boxer. After a successful national career in Boxing, the time for this handsome sportsman is running smoothly in the ring of professional bouts.

Before his fourth win that came on 12 March against Horvath, Vijender has lauded nationalism and the sacrifice that Indian army makes. Along with Vijender, we all know the moving poem in Hindi by Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt. Dutt has written this poem after the anti-national activities at the JNU campus, Delhi. From the popular world of Indian cricket, Gautam Gambhir, MS Dhoni and Shikhar Dhawan have already registered their voices for the national pride and honour. For those who wish to remain mute, these athletes and sports stars have presented a good example.

Here is the tweet by star professional boxer Vijender Singh after his fourth win:

Vijender has not only been a good sports person, he has also been active in some government campaigns. With pro boxing career, Vijender has started a new innings of his sports. He is taking Indian boxing to a new height on the world stage. We all wish him a successful life there. Thanks Vijender for your support to the Indian Army! We are proud of you!