Vijay Mallya The Celebrity Defaulter

Vijay Mallya: The King Losing Charm

Once came under the wrath of Indian middle-class people and media, Vijay Mallya seems to have been rattled by the events taking place in the country. Moreover, the Times Now & Arnab Goswami have added much to his troubles by regular debates. Various sources have reported and we all know by now that Mallya is in London. Undoubtedly, he is trying to escape the trials and eventual downfall of his property as we have seen in the case of Sahara. The liquor king, unfortunately, is a poor person when it's about paying back the loan that he has taken from different banks in India. He owes a sum of Rs 9,000 crore to the nationalized banks of our country. Vijay Mallya, who left India on March 2, still thinks he is an international businessman. However, I don't understand what business he is in? Are you talking about getting loans from banks and doing photo-shoots with actresses in bikinis?

While the middle class in India seems in utter surprise with the unfolding of events, there is a condition of shock and confusion in the political class of the country. Undoubtedly, we can easily see the 'nexus' that is active. Mallya himself has hinted something very interesting, and you must see it:

What we can expect from the present government is that they should take some serious actions against all those big fishes. The larger section of the Indian population, which comes somewhere between middle and upper middle class, has to suffer while people like Vijay Mallya can flee from the nation when they feel the heat. If I am not wrong, in most of the cases, if you are unable to pay an installment or a loan, you will daily see those 'goons' standing on your door. A video aired on Times Now even showed the police beating a farmer who was unable to pay the loan of Rs 1 lac!

Indians, we need to answer some questions for ourselves. Do the 'tough' laws of the land apply only to common people? Are those 'flowery' sections of IPC only for people like Mallya and Lalu and Kejriwal? Question the government as well which has become a mute spectator on the moot issue of the nation! Black Money will surely come to India from the foreign land, but only, if we can check these apparent black defaulters of India.

My stand on this Mallya issue is as lucid as 'bring him back and do a fair justice to the crime committed'. Yes, #CatchTheKing