UEFA Updates & English League Dilemma

Chelsea Out of UEFA: Tough Competition in the Last Eight

The ‘Chelsea trouble’ seems to be pretty tough this season. Already a ‘bad starters’ in EPL, their challenge in UEFA champions league also has come to an end. The blues were beaten by the French giant Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the championship. PSG had beaten Chelsea in their last meeting also. So, French side needed only a tie to manage their way to the quarter-finals of the UEFA championship.

In the game, Adrien Rabiot scored the opener and put PSG ahead. However, after 11 minutes, equaliser came from blues and the name of the scorer was no other than Diego Costa! But the start Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimović proved himself to the difference between the sides. He scored a goal in the 67th minute and put back the visitors on the lead in the game.

Thus, in aggregate, PSG lead 4-2 and entered in last eight stage of UEFA champions league. The challenge of Chelsea has come to an end, as was anticipated after their horrifying running session in the EPL this year. Not only that, the football fans may also notice that the English teams, over the years, have failed to mark their effective presence in this inter-league championship.

UEFA, we all know, is the best event where the teams from different leagues have the chance to display their strength and competence. The Spanish clubs, especially Barcelona & Real Madrid, have always had an upper hand in this competition. Nevertheless, Bayern Munich, on high with the Muller shoes, are often impressive. This session as well, they have won 5 battles out of their 6. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, and others on the top of the table in their respective groups have to show best of their ire and determination in the matches coming ahead. We will have a great competition in UEFA!