Twitter Talks in Hindi हिंदी मुहावरे

Yes, Twitter Talks in Hindi हिंदी_मुहावरे

Twitter has become the destination of youths talking about 'almost anything'. Today, they are talking very funny thing - Hindi Muhavre that is #हिंदी_मुहावरे ! I commemorated those older days at middle school when I had to write sentences to define these Hindi proverbs. Going through twitter, I found some funny examples of the modern muhavre. It'd be best to share them with the readers for some time to spend in the corner of humour. I will begin with the popular Hindi poet Kumar Vishwas. See what he had to say:

Things are fine! However, I really don't concur with the ideology of people like Kumar Vishwas and some others who use the term 'Bhakt'! I mean what is this? You are the same people who shout and fight for freedom of expression, but when someone praised the PM of India, you will call him Bhakt? Let it go, we are in the funny mode now. Let's not talk about people like Vishwas and their tendencies.

Hindi has been one of my favourite subjects in academic life. Moreover, I also write in Hindi. So, while picking up the best of the tweets on this hashtag, I was little critical. I have selected the genuine funny ones! You will love them for sure. Here you go:

A sad news is that, a little research into this hashtag will tell you it's an AAP inspired trend. But, our motive was collecting some masti and we did it. I did not include any political tweet, and I did it intentionally. Do you also have something to share? Go to twitter and use the hashtag #हिंदी_मुहावरे and share it with our twitter handle @IND_LatestNews We will pick some of the best tweets and place them when we update this article in recent future, yes RECENT future means tomorrow or day after tomorrow!