To Err (By Omitting) Is Human

People I care about, people I don't care about, people who care about me, people for whom I don't matter, for all of them I have seen that only one thing is common, for as long as I can remember they have been telling me to grow up. For me, I think I have grown up, I grew up to smoke, to drink, to disregard my parents, maybe try drugs. You know I am the legal age! I am a grown up!

Is that what you meant all these years?

For all the time I was a kid, everybody around me wanted me to grow up. Hence, I wished the same. Now I want the years on me, but the same principles, the same values and the same expectations that I had from life.

When they told me to grow up, I grew, indeed! Me being the innocent one in those times did not understand the phrase and I grew up to be what I am today but I think what they really meant was to start being responsible.

They erred by omitting, I erred by listening.

I erred and now my character, my personality pays. The only presence of my character is felt when I do things that grown-ups do, there is a voice that renders me guilty but it is soon overpowered by the grown-voice; it says, “this is what you are supposed to do at this age. You are doing nothing wrong!" It beats and pesters for few more moments, I can feel the guilt being pumped from my heart to other parts but soon "substances" more potent than guilt run in my blood and I'm left to be a grown-up.

Only if they knew that their omission has become a follied character, a distorted personality with misguided freedom, they will comprehend that they had a chance; a chance to create, to create a human. I was right there, just there, ready to learn, to imbibe, to become and they did try their best. They told me, "grow up!"