Sunny Varkey Launches Quality Education and Teachers Fund

The Fund for Quality Education & Teachers by Sunny Varkey

Sunny Varkey, the Indian-origin entrepreneur, born in Kerala and doing his business in Dubai has proved that positive will still prevail among people with prosperity and wealth. He has launched a new $200,000 fund for the education of children around the world. However, the major focus of this mission will be to educate the children in those areas of the world which are still far from the mainstream.

The fund will provide good teachers and quality education to the children. Sunny Varkey, who is a 59 years old philanthropist active in the field of education, launched the fund of Varkey Foundation Challenge and also started a two-day global education and skills forum in Dubai. He has been active in the field of education since 2010. The Varkey foundation works in the field of education, global teacher training programs, building schools and learning centres etc.

As you know from the message above, the fund will be used primarily in the areas where children cannot get a better education because of underprivileged conditions. Therefore, the first allotment of the fund will go for projects in Ghana, China, Ukraine and the Middle East.

Varkey himself believes that quality education and good teachers can bring positivity in the life of children. For this great initiative, he has received many gestures from a different part of the world. This project is going to bridge the gap of children and education. When we talk about education, it's not limited only to literacy, but a quality education. This project will focus on that aspect. There are still many parts of the world where we find children who are sharp-minded but cannot get the right path to go because of lack of good teachers. Sunny Varkey has come up with the vision to provide quality instructors and this will have a great impact on the mission education.