Stop Smoking Today: Yes, You CAN!

Let's Quit Smoking! Stop it Today

Smoke smoke smoke! What does smoke mean? It might refer to a pollutant. In today’s world, pollution has become a part of life. We all know smoking tobacco products is injuries to health & it has various other consequences that may lead to a terrible life. Government has taken steps to curb the problem of smoking by imposing heavy service taxes on tobacco products, by imposing mandatory visual warning on the 65% of the packet… & so many other steps have taken, but after knowing all the pros & cons, people smoke… so why do they smoke? I am searching the answer to this question.

I came to know that one of my younger days’ friends has started to smoke; I reached her & asked why does she smoke? She said she doesn’t smoke, it’s just fun, these cigarettes have nicotine, which burns the body calories & helps her maintaining the shape-curves & it looks cool. She also knows nicotine affects the CNS of body but she doesn’t mind till she looks appealing. I don’t understand where is the fun in smoking? How does it look cool? Is this the only way to look good?

Getting Back to Older Days: Smoke Everywhere!

In my 12th standard, during my board exams, I saw 30% of my mates smoking. I asked them, “hi friends what are you doing? why are you smoking? don’t you know this will harm your health? One of them said, try it yar, it reduces the anxiety of board exams! Does that really happen? Scientifically, yes, for a short time, but later worsen it by many folds. Do those helpless students have no other means to decrease their anxiety; are their parents, school, management, government blind folded? Don’t they feel problems of a budding soul?

A courier boy delivered a mail to me in hot summers; he was chewing a tobacco product (paan masala). I told him chewing these products may cause cancer & other problems. He replied that this helped him being active in that hot summer and increased his stamina to work long hours. He also told that it reduced his appetite. Scientifically, these products have some chemical receptors, which, when comes in contact of CNS, create a sensation of loss of appetite and not feeling tired, but these signs are for small time, slowly it decreases & shows reverse effect. A person starts to increase the dosage, which eats body like a termite, body starts to depend on chemicals. After working so hard, couldn’t he afford a good health, a three-time meal?

We used to play football. Before playing, we warmed our body by traditional ways of exercise, running & stretching. But some of my friends used to smoke & say this is the quickest way of warming up the body and also double up as a pain killer. Yes, it is true. When someone inhales warm burning tobacco smoke, it affects the sense organ (eyes, nose, ear, tongue) which feels heat of warm inhaled smoke, and tobacco which affects the CNS, creates wrong sensation of warming of the body. Who gave them this idea of quickest way of heating up body?

A friend of mine pursues MBA from a very well-recognised institute, and smokes 711 times in a day! I asked him why he smokes so much. He said “yar thuje kya pta kitni tension hai, MBA karna mjak ni h, itna sara kaam hota h, time ni hota entertainment k liye, isliye ham entertainment break lete h”. Every field needs hard work, no field is easy in this growing competition, no one has time for entertainment but we enjoy our work & find time from our busy schedule for entertainment. Who told him smoking is entertainment; if it is an entertainment then what type of entertainment is this?

I went to a party. What I saw there? Everyone was smoking & drinking (all belonged to 18-22 age group). I asked the organizer what type of party is this? He said this is a fun party & we are celebrating. Who said smoking & drinking is fun? What type of fun is this? How one can celebrate by destroying his/her own body?

One of my friends was very excited about his fresher party. I asked him, so how are you going to celebrate? He said there is a party in our college, after college we are going to a hooka bar. I said hooka bar! What for? He said I have never smoked; I want to smoke for the first time. I said you should not try it and he said I will try only once. My question is why someone wants to try it after knowing that is wrong. A crime is a crime whether it is small or big, no one sees criminal is a first timer or a regular offender. So why to try it even for the first time?

I saw some youths smoking at a tea shop. I asked them why they were smoking. They replied: we are not smoking; it’s our time pass. What type of time pass is this? Can’t they have any other hobby?

End Life With Smoking? Nah!

One uncle was smoking and I told him this can cause cancer. You can even die. He said, “maut se kise dar lgta h, hm to pite hi h marne k liye, hm marenge dharti ka bhoj km hoga, or jitna jada piyenge utni jaldi marenge”. Life is precious; why someone wants to waste it? If you are in this world, then there is a reason for your existence. No one has the right to waste his/her own life. If you want to die then die for the nation, die a brave death, die for your loved ones. We know death is the ultimate truth but it is not easy to achieve it. Death is not a punishment; it’s a reward which you earn!

We can see how much smokers are affected by the smoking; all the classes (rich, middle & poor), every state has same story; they make bizarre reasons to smoke. They know all the consequences of smoking but really they never think of it. So how can we stop this young generation from polluting themselves? What about the regular offenders (regular smokers), how can we stop them?

Let's Quit Smoking Now!

They are making an unhealthy nation. No one wants an unhealthy nation. We should stop every individual who wants to try smoking for the first time. We should help them to remember the consequences of smoking, adverse effects of smoking. We should remind them how biologically, personally, socially, & economically they are suffering.

If we know the reason & cause of a disease, we can easily cure it. If we try we can stop it.


  1. But still solution is not there my friend.
    All these things are the showing the relation between smoking and smoker, not more than it.
    Could you suggest some solution.

    1. And also there are a bunch of medical student in my knowledge that are well aware of consequences but still they are a chain smoker. most of them aware about the pros and cons of the smoking, none of them is not refusing the effect of smoking but the solution is still a covered truth.


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