Statues Older Than 1000 Years Seized From Christie's Auction

1000 Years Old Statues Seized from Christie's Auction

On Friday, investigators busted the auction of two highly valuable artefacts suspected to be smuggled from India. Upon cognisance, Christie’s handed full support and assistance to the law enforcement agencies and the FBI. A statement issued from Christie’s made it clear that they were bent upon sustaining good relations with foreign countries, archaeologists and the law enforcement agencies and did not support illegal actions. The authorities were prompt in their action to detect and apprehend the crime. The two rare artefacts both built of sandstones and around 1000 years old are said to have been looted by an arts smuggler in India, who is awaiting trial for charges. The authorities were hounding these goons for the past one year and were constantly on their tails to track down and retrieve several looted valuables. Many arrests have been made so far signalling that the law holds a tough call for crime syndicates. The Consul General of India has extolled the efforts of the authorities for pinning down the guilty and recovering the sculptures.

India has always been rich in the terms of its vivid cultural heritage. People from the foreign lands are always curious to know more about our ancient glory. However, it does not mean that by buying statues, they can have knowledge of our culture. This achievement of holding the auction and seizing the assets of Indian past is indeed a great success for us.

At ILN, we believe in preserving the assets so that our next generation will come to know about our glorious past. We also encourage you to come forward and show your support. Any building is constructed only on the base of a strong foundation. Our rich & glorious past is the foundation on which our strong unity amid vivid cultural diversity stands. To safeguard our glory is the cause every Indian should support! We are very happy bringing you this news.