Nitish Government Gifts Microwave, Suitcases to MLAs

Budget thanksgiving, or the naked dance of ego on public fund? Microwave gifts on the cost of education of poor child?

Bihar is all on wheels and prospering at a good pace. At least, the MLAs of Bihar, who have come to represent the people of certain regions of the state, can make this statement with their broad chests. Yesterday only, they have received 'Bihar gift hampers'. All the 243 members of Bihar Assembly have received microwave ovens and big suitcases from the public fund of Bihar. The poor people were left cheat seeing these multi-millionaire netas placing the gift packages in the back space of their big vehicles. Hail - the government of Bihar! Hail to Nitish Kumar! This is what real sushashan means, isn't it?

Each microwave has costed an amount of Rs 11,125 to Bihar's education department. The question is, is Bihar very much literature that it does not need to invest money on the state education? 30 lakh, the cost of all the gift hampers put together, is not a small amount. Maybe for the chief minister Nitish and his political friend Lalu Yadav, this amount is a meagre sum that can be spent on gifting tradition. However, a large section of Bihar's population still cooks on chulhas, Mr. Nitish. You should have thought it before you made such an absurd decision to gift microwaves to those leaders who prefer to 'dineout' in big hotels.

What ailed more was the statement made by the current education minister of Bihar, Ashok Chowdhary. He shamelessly said not to compare this issue with the unpaid salaries of school teachers and the condition of education in the state. Really, are you the education minister of this state, Ashok Ji? I am ashamed of you! I can only see the floor when someone asks me this and I will have to admit that I come from Bihar! You have made all the Biharis ashamed with this absurd statement, sir.

Another illogical and irresponsive statement came from the deputy chief minister of Bihar who hardly knows how the legislation works:
"Bihar is a poor state. The people who get elected here are not crorepatis but poor people. What is so wrong if they get some gifts? Please don't rake up such issues."

Mr. Tejasvi, you need to reconsider your argument. You are right; yes, Bihar is a poor state. When the people who come after elections are not rich, who do you forget the people who elect them? Will they ever have the luxury of such gifts that they only dream? Dear deputy CM, please understand the condition of the state, at least before you make such statements.

I strongly voice my opinion. If it is an age-old tradition, please break it now. No luxury should entertain the elected MLAs on the cost of public funds. We have already seen enough of things in Bihar! Nitish, you must think to take back those gifts that you have given as 'thanksgiving' after the budget session. Please don't spoil whatsoever budget you have allocated for the education of Bihar.


Sushil Modi and two other BJP MLAs will return their gift!