Sunday, 13 March 2016



 Since the massive earthquake in April 25, 2015, Nepal has suffered numerous jolts one after another, consisting of successive aftershocks. Ever since numerous experts and engineers have been deployed to scrutinize this terrain and employ rehabilitation measures. Billions of funds have been poured in to reconstruct the age-old capital. As a result, the tourism industry has suffered a major setback and the local vendors and natives have been struggling day and night to make ends meet.

On Friday at 3:30 p.m. Nepal witnessed another tremor of 4.2 magnitude, as recorded on the Richter scale sourcing from Sindhupalchowk district. The tremor was also felt in the neighbouring districts. Problems were troubleshooted after the major earthquake in Nepal, which claimed over 9,000 lives and devoured historic buildings, temples, imminent archaeological sites and shrines. This massive earthquake triggered aftershocks, followed by an avalanche in Mt. Everest and reported landslides and disturbances in the succumbing areas. Smouldering under pent-up stress and situated along the major fault line where the Indian plate carrying India is slowly sinking beneath the Eurasian plate, carrying Europe and Asia and sliding apart, the rupture shifted Kathmandu 3 metres to the south within a span of 30 seconds.

With Nepal still struggling to crawl back to normalcy, we expressly stand in solidarity with its natives and sincerely hope and pray for its speedy recovery. It’s evident that India has been very active in the efforts to restore life to its original pace in Nepal. Natural calamities are the time when nations get to know each other’s contributions in the truest terms. Since Nepal is one of the most visited hill stations in the world, most of the countries are coming forward with helping hands to restore the cultural destination of India. Not only national authorities, common people from different parts of India and world have also contributed their monetary help to bring the vibrant breaths back to Nepal.

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