Narendra Modi at World Sufi Forum: Speech & Message

Religion & Terrorism are Antonyms! Please don't mix them!

While the world is indulged in bringing out the terror wrapped in Islamic texts, World Sufi Forum has another message to deliver. Scholars from different parts of the world have assembled to spread communal harmony & peace. The biggest attraction of the event is undoubtedly the presence of our prime minister, Sri Narendra Modi. He has not only attended the World Sufi Forum but also delivered a time-stopping speech. We have some people on the one side who are misguiding people in the name of Islam, Allah and Jannat and on the other, we have the PM of India who has been constantly batting for the Sufism, not terrorism.

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There are 99 names of Allah, and none stands for violence!

This is what Narendra Modi said in the form while delivering his speech in the presence of Sufi scholars gathering in New Delhi. This message must pinch all those who are adamant in their practices of beguiling the youths to commit violence against innocent children, women, and humanity. There is no religion of terrorism; no religion tells us to kill people! Hopefully, the World Sufi Forum would be successful in conveying this message to the world and show the path of light and peaceful coexistence.

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The presence of Modi at this event will surely be adequate a reply for all those news-traders who depend on selling a threat to the Muslim community. If you could not listen to the speech of PM at WSF, here is the video.

A nation cannot develop if the people from different religions are not mutually connected and supportive to each other. Ask any Muslim, ask any Hindu, they must have friends in another community. Do you think Mr. A is a Muslim when you make friends with him? On the first day in your college, do you ask for the name of a teacher if he or she forgets to give self-introduction? It is not the innate quality of human beings to look for differences when meeting with people. This unnecessary quality is added in us with the time. Rightly pointed out Modi the message of a Sufi poet:

We are all but one family!

Let us unite; let us come together; let us make this world a better place for human existence. Here is a set of tweets from the PM about the World Sufi Forum event and his speech: