Let's Fight Terrorism Together

Defeating Terrorism Is Possible!

What is the greatest issue trending internationally today? This question will certainly bring different answers, but the most will tell you only one thing, for sure. It is terrorism, and undoubtedly it is! Attacks, bomb blasts, suicide bombers, abduction, hijack and what not; does the term terrorism have a limited connotation? A person can never judge what terrorism is and what not. However, there is something 'universal' in everything. Likewise, you can surely put some acts under the title terrorism. Today's bomb explosion in Peshawar, attack in Pathankot, daily peepings in Jammu & Kashmir, gunned and bombed attack in France some days ago and many other acts that slay the lives of human beings without any 'debatable' enmity are surely 'terrorism'. Entire world denounces these activities of mass killing in very hard terms. It must be! The question is, however, what do we need to do?
I prefer the zero tolerance policy against terrorism, and you may see Russia is having the same ideology. (We are not going into the politics that who created terrorism and who sponsored it for what purpose.) The people who cannot understand the importance of lives of innocent children and the blind old couple are not worthy to be secured with their 'human rights'. In fact, if I should be blunt, they are threats to the humanity and we must remove these obstacles en route securing the world with peace and harmony for the coming generation.

The world leaders must unite forgetting their personal grudge, then only the hint of a successful mission can come to the light. In our country, we often see even on the issue of terrorism, the opposition is always trying to score petty political goals. Is it worthy a moment, don't they ask themselves before doing so? On the global stage, we have countries like Pakistan which suffer from the great internal negativity that leaders like Musharraf bring. How can they inspire others to have faith in their conviction if they cannot control the internal 'wars'? Then we have different countries of the world which believe to remain horn-locked with their neighbours.

This approach will not help until the world gets united against terrorism. The optimistic initiatives that we have are from our PM Narendra Modi, Obama, Putin and other world leaders when they unite under one roof. Nevertheless, they must remain hand-in-hand with what they announce from a public stage and what they actually do.
Let us hope for a better world tomorrow.