Let's Build Roads

The song 'Ruk jana nahi tu kabhi haar ke, kaanto se chalke milenge saye bahar ke.." is one of the greatest inspirational songs. Come to think of it, obstacles in the way to goals are a common feature. With grit, one can overcome them. However, when it comes to the real situation, roads make a great impact in one's life.

A bumpy drive can lead to spondylitis, slip disk, and body ache to name a few. Walking on rickety roads can lead to a sprained ankle if nothing more. When the roads are gravelly, broken, unsmooth and all the other 'not to be's' even a five-minute walk can become cumbersome.

So, when I came to live in Thane in late November 2015, the roads were rickety, there were big boulders around, dirt roads or kaccha rasta that greeted me in the area I moved in. It's called Eden Gardens with wide roads, palm trees meeting a traveller throughout the journey. Indeed, most of Eden's Park was beautiful, as Eden should be but not where I lived.

However, come the month of March 2016, my area does not look like one in India. The nature around is intact. The dirt roads are now broad roads, even many highways will shy from.

I lived in Delhi for all of my life until I came to Thane. The roads in our area in Khidki Extension were never made until a couple of weeks before elections by Saurabh Bharadwaj from AAP. Khirki Gaon that fell under Mr. Somnath Bharti was still a dusty path with boulders and filth before I left Delhi.

So what is it in Thane that makes me appreciate the municipal authority? It is their desire to make Maharashtra a world class state. The authorities work night and day to bring in quick improvements and make the living conditions for the citizens better. It's not like Delhi where the development of an area is truly the desire of the politician of the constituency. What Mr. Bharadwaj has done for his constituency is commendable. However, he would have done the same even if he was not a part of AAP but another political party!

In Thane, development is beyond politics. It is the supreme desire of the authorities and the citizens to raise the standard of living. This is something all citizens of India whether the common man, politician or employee of the government should learn from and imbibe.

So, while I enjoy the beautiful road and a comfortable stroll, I hope everyone in India enjoys the same - liberty of walking on blemish-less streets in one of the world's largest democracies. I truly hope this simple message will inspire those sitting on the thrones and wearing the crowns which ‘we’ have made by standing in the lines for hours!