Kisan Suvidha App: New Armour to Digital India

Kisaan Suvidha App to Help Farmers in Better Agriculture

Digital India is not only a dream; it's an ambitious project working on the ground with the efforts of Indians. A nation with more than a billion hearts beating in the same rhythm cannot be far behind in the race of globalisation. Kisaan Suvidha Application for Indian farmers is one further step towards achieving the digital revolution. PM Modi launched this application today at the Krishi Unnati Mela, Pusa. You must have questions that what this application, namely, Kisaan Suvidha App can do. Let me answer that question in the terms of PM himself:

True, we are constantly moving towards a much better India with all the technological amenities in the hands of our hardworking farmers. With services like soil health card, Fasal Bima Yojana already in their hands, this android application will be another aid to the agriculture of our country.

Here are the key features that our farmers will be getting with this application:

  • Weather report: On a single click, farmers will be getting the weather report & analysis for the current day up to next five days. It will help them make important decisions regarding their approach to particular crops. Moreover, they will also be in a condition to take steps to secure proper water supply in case of no rains near.

  • Price: The Kisaan Suvidha App will let the farmers know about the current prices of particular crops in the market. The dealer price will also be a feature.

  • Agro Advisories: This feature will help them in learning about the latest technologies in agriculture. Also, they will be getting the latest methods of better farming from the experts.

  • Nearby Markets: Not only these, this app will also inform the farmers about nearby fruit and vegetable markets so that they can plan their journeys.

Kisaan Suvidha App screen

[caption id="attachment_380" align="aligncenter" width="674"]Modi at Krishi Unnati Mela image is tweted by PM Modi[/caption]

Kisaan helpline number has helped the farmers in past. This is the time when we can easily find the android phones in villages. Even a single villager+farmer who owns an android phone can help the farmers of his village. It can also inspire other farmers to go digital as well as it will bring a new chapter in the success of Indian agriculture.

Link to the app on play store: