Javed Akhtar Rajya Sabha Farewell Speech

It's my RIGHT to Chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Javed Akhtar in Rajya Sabha

"Bharat Mata ki Jai"
Yes, I would like to start conveying my opinion with a chant that every true Indian, despite religion or cast, feels proud while uttering or listening. In recent days, India has progressed forward enough that people have learnt to use their rights that they get from the constitution of India. This awareness has reached such a lofty height that people are learning to shield their personal agendas against the nation with a cover by this very constitution. A person 'who claims himself to be a national leader' recently refused to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai in a public conference with disgust, and ironical, it was suo motu! No one threatened him to chant this slogan; no one suppressed him to reply whether he will chant it or not. The only motive behind everything, as a conscious person can see, is communalizing the nation. However, yes, there are good people around who take on these propagandists with the utmost vigour. Javed Akhtar, a popular lyricist and poet, also the father of Farhan Akhtar, has made some remarkable statements in his farewell speech in the Rajya Sabha. He slammed Owaisi in the hardest possible terms showing his helplessness in choosing the words as well!

Javed sahab did not only slam this leader, he also raised some core issues that we are suffering as a nation. He picked up the subject of democracy and pleaded people to make India a better place where everyone can enjoy the liberty in the same measure. However, he also commemorated that the responsibility towards the pride and unity of the nation is 'not my duty, but my right as well'.

My personal opinions on Akhtar's speech are very clear. He spoke in the voice of the nation, if I may say. As an Indian, you, me, he, she, and anyone wishes to live in this country where one can enjoy what we wish with a constant growth of the nation. At the same time, in the name of freedom of expression, we should not protract our opinions to a length that it hurts the sentiments of others or defames the nation. Therefore, when many things are happening in the country, the speech by Javed Akhtar will show a path to the people that we can lead the life with mutual harmony.