Interest In Politics Among Indians

Indians Take Interest in Politics Now!

Have you ever thought that Indian voters have started to take more interest in politics these days? Especially, the rise of Modi and Kejriwal on the national platform has given a big boost to the political interest. If I may go ahead, we all acknowledge the large gatherings in the rallies of our PM Narendra Modi. His mastery of oratory has won him votes or not, is a different matter; however, it has surely awakened the interest of people in politics. Children, women, people from lower sections of the society have also started talking about national issues. So, should we say that the passive days of democracy have become history in India? Should we announce that Indian population is not only the 'voters' now? They can question; they can raise their voice; they can protest; they can make and they can break!

Interest in Politics is Good:

Sure! If you ask my personal view, I will say yes. Indians from different corners are showing their enthusiasm. From different sources - MSM, social media, rallies, radio and even by listening to others, they are knowing their elected candidates, judging various candidates before the election and also not letting them do anything and everything once they come to power. This habit to 'compare, decide and question' will take India to a new era of politics with complete people's participation.

The Rural India Condition:
I remember well my last visit to my native village in Madhubani. Damodarpur, my native village, is still far behind the concept of 'Adarsh Gram' and light years behind the imagination of 'Smart Cities'. However, what surprised me was the interest of the villagers in discussing the issues of national politics. I did never see them so enthusiastic before! Of course, they were discussing Modi most of the time. I am talking about the scenario of 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Worthy to mention, they were also talking about Kejriwal's role.

Youths about Indian Politics:
5 years before, I did not find teenagers talking about politics unless they were not associated with a party. Today, however, teenagers and young people are actively using social media platforms to discuss political affairs. It is a good sign for the largest democracy in the world where youths constitute the greatest share of the population! A democratic country is made with people's participation in the democracy; now, maybe we are late a little, things are going in the right direction. Politics is not a bad thing, my friends!