India is Greater Than JNU & Kanhaiya

Why Should We Move Ahead & Let JNU Campus be There

Has India ever stopped? Do you remember this great democracy, our beloved nation halting over an event and setting aside all other important issues? Now in the 25th spring of my life, at least, I do not remember India has ceased to continue her usual motion of life. The question will arise - then why we seem to see that this country has lost its speed and is, in fact, circumambulating the premises of JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)? My answer to a billion voices asking the same question is very straight and direct. Dear fellow Indians, neither did we stop ever nor shall we ever stop. We mean to continue, being human beings; we mean to continue with vigour and ever-growing energy being Indians! The identity of Mother India is not contingent on the debates on nationalism and definitions of anti-nationalism. Likewise, no journalist in India has the stature so tall that he/she can write a letter proclaiming individual's status as a 'proud anti-national' and influence the mind of Indians. If I exercise my liberty, the freedom of expression, I should tell you that India knows 'him' very well! Dear friends, what we need to do now is forgetting the vile and moving ahead with positivity and a self-promise.

Today, the electronic media in this country (being specific, some of the news channels) is not ready to let the 'extrapolated' debate die! Kanhaiya, who has ultimately been found 'guilty' by the high-level probe panel at JNU, was made an overnight hero. His speech, which for many falls in the 'hate speech' category, was telecasted live on many news channels. It's not alleged, Kanhaiya Kumar definitely abused the Indian Army by saying 'they rape Kashmiri women,' still, many politicians and the intellectual fraternity came ahead to defend his right to 'free speech'. We all know the role of Omar Khalid in 9th February JNU 'Afzal event' and now the leader of JNUSU will demand 'azaadi' for his release.

My concern is why at all these longitudes-latitudes are being drawn around the event so forcefully? Why can't we let the trial happen as it happens? Why the media fraternity in a good number is coming forward to extend the support to a 'coming future' politician of India? Moreover, the irony of the matter is that the people who are questioning these 'anti-national' events are being labelled 'sanghis' or 'bhakts'! What is this? In this case, why can't people bear the same freedom of expression exercise? You know, there are many lefts & rights that we can associate with this event. But I request, please don't! I urge the media persons not to reflect a 'make-believe' picture to the nation that a 'person' who is charged with no less than 'sedition' is above the Indian Constitution. This great country did never stop even when we lost Gandhi or Nehru. The country moved on! Let us not believe these people in journalism who have their 'personal agendas' to pursue; yes, the country is moving at its usual pace in this case as well. Howsoever the media may try to provide a picture that the nation is looking at JNU, it's wrong. The nation is looking ahead; we are looking ahead for the 'vision 2020' of our beloved Mr. Kalam.

India is larger than any idea; India is taller than any institution; India is bigger than the JNU campus; India cannot be run with a singular ideology; India connotes more than 'meaning' and INDIA SHALL NEVER PAUSE the 'Ashoka Chakra' of its glorious image. Let us move, dear Indians; let us focus on the future.