India in T20 World Cup 2016

#LethalBlue Wish Your Team Success in Their Mission T20

My sister's son is seven years old. We celebrated his 7th birthday on the 19th of the previous month, 5 days after the Valentine's day. Recently, he has got a cricket kit by his parents. However, he plays with it very rarely as he has some more demands. He wishes to have the same jersey that M S Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain wears! Can you see it, dear Dhoni? You have got many young fans who cheer for you even when they don't know what winning a trophy matters! They just wish to see you stand with the cup and entire team under the tricolour. They understand something positive has just happened and shout in joy. Such are the expectations from team India in this t20 world cup, happening at no other place than in India itself.

Indian t20 team has to carry the burden of a billion expectations in front of their home crowd. They have come defeating the powerful Australia on their soil and continued their invincible run in Bangladesh by winning the Asia Cup for the sixth time for India. All these glorious successes tantamount to much and much of hopes for the Indians that men in blue will again come the victors. Every Indian who loves cricket wishes that the trophy should not go out of this cricket fanatic nation. Yes, ups and downs are a part of the game, but Indians are all set to remain up. And why not? Dhoni has the talents to lead the team from the front, we all know. He has won every possible trophy in the world for the Indian team. Dhoni was the man who brought the draught of the world cup for India to an end in the very first ICC t20 world championship. He was young at that time; he is mature by now.

The men in blue will start their world cup mission on 15th this month against New Zealand. Yes, New Zealand is doing good under young captain Williamson, but Indian track does not suit them so much. On 19th of March, Dhoni will be leading his team against the arch-rivals Pakistan. This is going to be a test for India as Pakistan will be looking forward to bring the honour back that they have lost in every world cup match against India. 23 of this month will see India against the neighbours Bangladesh and 27th against the mighty Australia.
The bottom line is - we have four games and billion hopes. Every Indian is wishing to see India on the top of the game in every match. We wish them best of luck!