I Don't Regret, Do You?

Come Out and Roam Before You Cannot!

There are many a phases in between the birth and the time when we stop taking interest in life, or in simple words, when we get old enough. But the phase I'm talking about here is the one in which some of us regret not exploring. Explore not just the prospects of a career, education or a neighbourhood but also the world around us, which ultimately makes you explore your own self. But the only thing more risky than smoking weed is travelling in this day and age. This is understood perfectly by somebody who lives in a metropolitan city.

But is that really true? Is the world outside really that “un-travelable”? Come to think of it. Wherever you go people are already living there (most of the times, at least). Even Everest has a permanent base camp now! Hence, there are going to be other souls who are as nice or as wicked as you.

As for me, I have travelled, and I have travelled wherever I wanted to! Now, someone would say that I must have nobody to come back to, to take such a risk in these times when safety is utmost criteria every venture and idea has to go through first.

But, no! I had my fair share of restrictions; I had my share of nos as well. But that didn’t stop me only because I think that travel is a much greater cause to fight for rather than just complaining about the un-safe environment we live. Exploring is as necessary as food, many would realise it if given a surreal state of no crime rate.

Since that cannot happen and neither can we end the urge for exploring nor do we want to regret. Therefore, there is one fact that will help us take a break from all that hassle of a dangerous world out there and that is that I have been travelling and I’m still thrivingly alive, safe and as happy as ever.

I have had moments when I wished that I were back home but the same moments were juxtaposed by strange people there who made me feel that I never left home. Those people, now I fondly remember because they were nice to me and helped me! I remember once on a mountain biking expedition, I had diarrhea, and I was new to the terrain, skirting through those really small villages for the first time. My group had gone ahead of me and due to my condition. I had to stop a lot and take breaks. Now, someone would laugh at a situation like this but at that time all I really wanted was a toilet and I did not know what and how to approach. So there I sit with my head bent, wishing I was home and there comes a lady asking me what’s wrong and with red cheeks I told her the truth. I feared she might laugh or harm me as I'm defenceless, but with a compassionate face, she offered me the privilege of using a toilet in her humble boarding. It seems funny now, it is a funny condition but at that moment I think I had my family in her.

There were some other times also when the people there really made it easy for me. Made my travels safe. Made my trips memorable and definitely made me a better person.

At the time it was a big step, not to ‘obey’ my father for the first time! I had to see for myself, to experience it myself. Therefore, I seeked; experienced; and ultimately felt the reality. Now I am the staunchest believer that safety is not a barrier. Agreed, that everything is not rosy, but with a good eye, we can definitely grow old and not feel ‘the regret’. So, before you sit again to consider and once again reconsider, it’s not that time! Pack you a bag and get out of the four walls. There are many destinations calling you.
Happy Travelling!