Humanity Culture & Peace: Let India Grow!


Humanity has been reduced only to a word, and the reason is human beings have forgotten their responsibilities. Would it be wrong to say that there is no humanity? Of course! It is as wrong as saying there are no human beings on the earth. Generalizing some incidents, people generally extrapolate their thinking and announce that there is no humanity! But there is something that entices such thinking. We have been prone to showing a feeling of selfishness in this modern era. Humanity is nothing but feelings which we realize when we do well to somebody or somebody does well to us. This is the thing that changes our feelings into actions.

            In this technical world, we are nothing but machine.  And first of all I would like to clear our doubts about ourselves that what we are? Before this question, here I mention one thing that how much we know ourselves. Yes… we know about our functions of body. We have lots of imaginations about who we are and where we fit into the biosphere. But in actual we have lost ourselves as human. That’s why always avoid listening to our soul, our spirit. Today most people are apart from earth where they earn their livelihood. What is the reason? Have we forgotten that we are the children of mother earth? Why we can’t hear the voice of soul? Only we believe we own the planet.

Today we see human but no humanity. The word seems vital when we start to think about the spirit that is the essence of life, and then only we all human being can get united. We must think about spirit not only about matter. Humanity means caring and helping others whenever and wherever possible. Serving the poor and disabled is one of the greatest humanitarian help. It’s needed to think that what could be reason that God has made us humans? And in this way I think, if eating and having fun are only the things what we are born to do, then we should keep one thing in mind; even animals can do such activities; so there has to be some reason we came on earth purposefully.

Humanity is a service to human where we respect others’ feeling too, without any discrimination. Humanity teaches us to appreciate the feelings of others. We should walk on the right path by listening to our conscience. It is the only stair by which human can reach to its true religion that is doing good and to help the needy people. This is what our real culture connotes!