Himalayan by Royal Enfiled: Adventure has a new name


Royal Enfield’s Himalayan promising to be the biggest motorbike launch of the year 2016 has been creating fresh ripples across the biking community of daredevil enthusiasts. The only bike to be launched and made in India claims to be a biker’s delight. This 410cc bike, weighing 182kgs is all set to revolutionize mountain biking in India, as its name suggests (built for the Himalayas rugged mountain terrain). This super-bike has been tested optimally for on-road and off-road performance.

The bike entails every other delectable feature except for the latest addition of the ABS system, the Indian motorcycle company is now working on. The ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System or Anti-Skid Braking System was long introduced, primarily in the aviation sector as threshold braking in 1929. Thereafter, in the 1970s and 80s, it began to be introduced and became a regular system to be employed in automobiles imperative for road safety.

The Anti-Lock Braking system was first tested on Royal Enfield Super Meteor Motorcycle in 1958 and variably displayed improved resilience in braking standards, but was withheld from production determining meagre market scope. However, in 1988, BMW opened the gateways for this system to flourish by introducing the first electronic hydraulic ABS motorbike. Later other leading manufacturers of bike such as Suzuki, Honda and Harley-Davidson followed suit.

The Anti-Lock Braking system ensures tactful driving by enabling wheels to secure cohesive grasp of the road’s surface when brakes are applied preventing wheel-lock and subsequent skidding.

In its initial stages of development, Royal Enfield will introduce this feature as per requirement. This breakthrough technology is sure to trump all age-old models and make inroads into the safety and security sector in India, where road mishaps are a common, if not unavoidable occurrence. Long distance adventure bikes usually come at exorbitant prices and, here is the icing on the cake, the Himalayan fares about 2 lahks. It is all set to roll from March 16, with its scheduled launch in Mumbai.