The Health Ministry as per its notification issued on March 12, banned an array of household drugs to immediate effect, especially drugs with FDCs (Fixed Dose Combination Drugs), i.e. a drug containing two or more drug combinations in a fixed ratio accessible in single dosage such as Crocin Cold and Flu, D-Cold Total, Corex, Vicks Action 500, etc.

A committee was set up in 2014 to review over 6000 combination drugs and medicine companies were asked to show-cause their safety and consistency. Upon rigorous probe and assessment, the committee banned over 300 drugs. It was being reported earlier that several of these combinations had ferried their way into the market merely by the nod of state regulators and not by any prior approval from the Central government. India was also reported to have been made a cocktail hub of all these anti-biotic combinations, which are stringently banned in leading countries such as the UK, US, France, Germany, Japan and Australia. However, the Health Ministry this year upon substantial evidence and credible nod by health experts cracked the whip upon these combinations.

Doctors and health experts have time and again warned that the usage of antibiotic combinations will eventually lead the human body to antibiotic resistance. People swarm drug stores to immediately relieve themselves of minor ailments, however, they fail to forsee or choose to overlook how these combinations will hamper their health in the long run. This also reflects an aberrant dependency of consumers to these drugs.

The ban will affect around 2700 medicine companies and leading pharmaceuticals, which will incur heavy losses in this estimated billion-dollar market.