Good Use of Social Media & Internet

Good Use of Social Media Platforms

The Internet has brought a whole new world of opportunities for the people. Indeed, it has emerged as the greatest difference between the past century and the current century. Not only opportunities, the internet has rendered itself into a tool of revolution in the hands of youth. Today, young population of India can take up anything on the social media. They question the president, prime minister, big business personalities and anyone they want. Youths can openly put their thoughts through various social media platforms in front of the world. In short, the internet and social media combination have empowered the youths of India to a great extent. While the ever-going debate on use and misuse of social media will carry on, I wish to highlight some great incidents in which social media helped the common citizen.

UAE: Girl of Indian origin found with the help of social media

In October 2014, a girl went missing in UAE. It worried her parents. However, instead of panicking more, they took the help of social media. It worked very well. Her photos were spread on facebook and Whatsapp. This eight-year-old girl came into sight of a young man very soon. She safely returned back to her family, and we must admit the role social media played here.

The 'homecoming' for Jahnvi

You must have forgotten or have the least remembrance of the event that took place in Delhi. A young child, Jahnvi, went missing. Police were busy in tracing her. Her parents also took the help of social apps and the support from all sides poured in. The campaign on facebook and twitter helped the speedy recovery of Jahnvi. In the end, the police also acknowledged the role of social media. (This incident took place in October 2014)

There are many other examples where you will find the usage of social platforms for the welfare of society. In Allahabad, police department uses whatsapp to find missing people. They post the updates about missing people on their handle and request people to spread those.

What I want to point out in very simple terms is that if ISIS can use internet to preach violence, why can't we use it for good causes? Let's bring the technology in for the purpose it exists. If we want to see the Digital India dream coming true, these are few examples that will help us. Enough of the reporting has been done on how social sites fabricated some bad practices, let's see the positive side and spread it as much as you can!