Embrace your past because that is where you come from!

“Shadowed by the memory of betrayal and sexual violence she fell into the pit of destruction. She never tried to climb out rather sat there filling darkness in her memory”.

Human beings are fragile yet complex. We are fearless and afraid. We are selfless and selfish. We are everything we want to be and that which we don’t want to be. We are full of contradictions and beliefs. We try to suppress our past in order to visualize a perfect future. And that is when we commit the biggest mistake of our lives.

Past is like quicksand it gets hold of you when you are hardly aware and then it overtakes you. You sink in so deep into it that you believe it to be your present. Time isn’t a good healer as it is supposed to be and hence you need to embrace your past with all your heart because some things are worth it, including excruciation. Some scars don’t fade. If it doesn’t then why try, Let it be there as your medals. For it is meant to make you strong. Running away doesn’t change anything it is only a hindrance for your growth personally.

The more we try to forget and ignore our past it tries to fight back for its place because that is where you come from. Whatever we are today it is the product of whatever happened yesterday. If our past was blank will our future shine? No, because life is not about going with the flow because only dead fish go with the flow. Struggle is only the initial step to victory. Sometimes to win the war we need to undergo a lot of excruciation but everything is worth in the long run. Be inspired by your own struggle because a piece of charcoal if handled well under pressure turns into a diamond. Instead of pushing it into oblivion embrace it and then they themselves won’t haunt you anymore. Acceptance is a law for everything and everyone, therefore the more it is denied it comes back stronger like a boomerang.

Flashbacks are worth watching for they show your evolution. So cherish them.



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