Donald Trump: The Trumped Topic

Donald Trump - Self Trumped?

American presidential elections always become an issue. However, this time, the Trump war in the United States has become the table-talk for people not only in USA, but the whole world. Be it the political fraternity or the high school debates, you can find the discussion on Donald Trump everywhere. Donald has been on the receiving side – be it the ire of intellectuals or the support of people.

No one has sold negativity the way Trump has. Of all the things he says, most of them are the vilest. Many hate him, others love him, whatever it might be, we cannot ignore him.

Those who serenade him, those who detract him, those who try to remain neutral to the Tornado Trump are all affected with his jabs, mannerisms, choices and pet hatreds. Ron Button brings us his side of the story- Trump through the eyes of a poet:


"The 1 with the most toys in the end wins." Quote of a Trump supporter.

Trump in office by Poet Button. 

No no, it's mine.
Now it's all mine.
He screams out loud.
I assure you, it's all mine.

Those political hob-nobs.
Giving and taking blow-jobs.
He will chastise to manipulate.
And take pride in their losses.

He will shut this country down.
If need be, turn it into a battleground.
Turn the world against the U.S.
While he screams mine! out loud.

He will take all that he can.
Forget about owning what you have.
Phoney baloney businessmen in politics.
He will walk away and laugh.

He's lost millions, but he suckered a few.
Don't read the small print, give the Devil his due.
He may scream liar at someone else.
Be assured, he's lying to you.

And, lets just end it at that. Let's wait and watch how the Trumpet of Trump finally plays.



  1. The evolution of humanity is ever forward and progressive. Donald Trump is regressive and wants to hold to the status quo by which he has become wealthy. By being wealthy, it is assumed by those who support him, they will become wealthy too. This is absurd of course and those who support him are ultra conservatives when in this Age of Aquarius, all is for advancement of the human evolution, so in that sense, Trump, the chump, is the worst person to be the President of the United States. He will lead us to become a third world country if people don't wake up to his phony charms. Trump is for Trump and not for society or for humanity as a whole. He is selfish, self-centered, a personality with little Soul in recognition. Don Crawford


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