DigiLocker: A Step Towards Digital India

Digi Locker

All your documents on cloud

While there were many 'makhuls' about the Digital India scheme of the government, we missed many things that are impressive. DigiLocker is one of them. This mobile application is a powerful tool that can digitalize all your paperwork. Behind DigiLocker, there is a cloud storage that stores the uploads of important papers by the users. Let's get into the details of this scheme by the present government.

What is DigiLocker?

Blame our media that even in this age of technology, more than 80% of Indian citizens are unaware of this quality initiative. I am glad having this opportunity to enlighten you about this important move en route Digital India mission. Start with a simple example. Suppose you need your driving license and you have applied for the same. It takes time, and if you have to change your address in the meantime, that's going to create a problem. However, with this service, the issuing authority will directly send the e-copy to your DigiLocker account! Isn't that easy and time saving?

In short, DigiLocker is a digital storage (wallet) having all your important documents safe and handy. Not only that, you can also request the authorities to electronically sign your documents via DigiLocker. Thus, you save time and paper as well. You may also store your land papers and other legacy documents in this cloud storage. Once you sign up, you get a dedicated space linked to you Adhaar Number.

How to get it?

It's very simple. You have to install the android application from the google play store. You are done! You can start using the safe online folder for all your documents. You can also sign up on the website at https://digilocker.gov.in/

Benefits of this initiative:

We will be saving time, money and also securing our environment. 'Paperless' work is a dream that most of the Indians must have in their mind. This initiative can easily translate it into reality.


As per the website, currently, there are 1111464 users of this service and they have stored 1853231 documents in the safe storage. Why are you waiting? Enough paperwork we have done; let's go green!

Download the user guide here:



  1. I didnot understand 'you can also request the authorities to electronically sign your documents via DigiLocker.'

    Whatever the documents issued will be signed by the concerned authority..why again one request authorities.....

  2. Dear Kitu, you are right. Now it does not require an authoritative signature to make your documents eligible for different purposes. The government has made it clear that you can self-approve your documents. However, wherever necessary, there are plans that the need to go to the concerned office will be no more.


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