Brazil Lands In A Soup

More than a million people in Brazil flocked the streets on Sunday 13 March to express extreme annoyance and discontent over the ongoing political muddle and economic crisis. Brazil battles a steep recession along with corruption scandal hovering over the already tottering economy. The Sunday demonstration, which saw tens of thousands of people parading themselves in the national colours of yellow and green crooned anti-government songs. They carried banners and even inflated balloons to portray outrage and condemnation against the present system of government demanding the President’s ouster. The corruption scandal that has been centred on Petrobras, the state-owned oil company has seen many wealthy billionaires and politicians being implicated so far. Though President Dilma Rouseff negated any intentions for resigning, she does face surmounting pressure over her debated impeachment. Supporters of Dilma in the coming days, are supposed to host a few smaller rallies in a ditch attempt to cast off the jinx. One thing becomes clear that the people of Brazil want perceptible results and transparency in governance, including improved market conditions so as to pull out the economy of its present quagmire. Ahead of the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics, this event will play a huge turn-off for a country, which until now was seen as a budding economic star in the world map.