Barcelona vs Arsenal Live From Camp Nou UEFA

Barcelona vs Arsenal in UEFA, 17th March 2016, Camp Nou

Before we go for the live coverage, the first leg results were in favour of Barcelona and they beat Arsenal with a 2-0 final result. So, chances are much in the favour of Barca and it is doubled in the presence of their home crowd.
We are over for the night now! Barcelona has come up with a 5-1 aggregate and they have won the game. Good Night!

Welcome to the live update for Barcelona vs Arsenal from Camp Nou, Barcelona:

The match kicked off and caught the pace very early. Arsenal were on a little aggressive side and got a corner very early.
A lucky escape for Arsenal and also an off-side near 8 minutes.

14:42 Messi nearly had found the net! Oh!
A corner followed and missed. No advantage to either side. Game going on with a fast pace.

19:30 Neymar does it! Finds the net on the pass from Suarez! What a goal! Barca leads 1:0
Barcelona is on full attack mode and controlling the game effectively.

24:37 Arsenal saved a critical moment!
Game going on in balance now. Both sides are attacking and defending carefully.
Free kick to Arsenal - wasted!

27:30 Barca nearly pierced the fort of Arsenal defence again. Somehow they managed to escape the goal.
28:30 Barcelona had a corner and again they nearly netted it. Arsenal escaped the goal again. Ball is back in the middle.
31-32 A yellow for Arsenal

32:53 Rush near Arsenal goal post! They manage once again!
33:50 Arsenal seemed like approaching the target for the first time. A counter attack from Barca. Tricky free kick for Arsenal!
36:40 Arsenal again trembling around the Barca goal post!
37:58 A very lucky escape for Barca! Nearly an equalizer from Arsenal but Barca managed! Neymar missed en route a counter attack! Once again the Arsenal missed a golden chance. Game getting tense now.
40:42 Well Back...! Missed again Arsenal!

41:40 A corner to Barca.
And it's half time for now. Barcelona lead the game with 1-0. Neymar was the scorer for the defending UEFA champions.

Welcome to the 2nd half of the game. Odds are in favour of Barcelona as they led with a possession of 67%! Arsenal seemed way off target today!

The game progressed in a pace... attacks, counter attacks and again attacks!
51: Goooooal for Arsenal! They are standing equal now in this game! Sanchez makes it for Elneny, to the right of the D. Elneny opens his body and curls a stunning shot round Busquets and into the top right! That was unstoppable! And this ... this isn’t over quite yet! Just one more goal...
65 Wooow! And it's a beauty from Suarez! Barcelona are on fire now! Dani Alves was there to aid to the efforts of Suarez. Suarez netted on more for him and the team.
88 Messi magic on the field! Lionel Messi has scored a masterpiece in this game and added a little more to the woes of gunners. The last nail in the coffin?
90 + 2 minutes extra: Game over! Barcelona are 3-1 up and won the game.