Thursday, 31 March 2016

Where Sagarika Ghose Stands? Answer: a propaganda of subversion

Dear Sagarika Ghose,
read your blog in Times of India about media being anti-Hindu or not. You did your best to delude people with your smart arguments and create a 'make-believe' fallacy that the notions about anti-Hindu mainstream media in the nation are coming out of nowhere. I acknowledge your artistry of forging the story this time as well. Indeed, you put all your efforts to defend yourself and the media fraternity, the English channels in your terms, from the charge of ignoring the issues related to the majority. However, I don't buy your argument; I don't buy your arguments at all! I will go one step further to say that people like you are not only anti-Hindu, but you are anti-Muslim as well. You people are also anti-humanity. Journalists like you seem to have some problems with the development of the country and development of the minority as well. I will spare Rajdeep today; he has had enough already for his anti-national article. Sagarika, I have some observations to share with you:

A person with a light sense of journalism can easily infer that you are a staunch anti-Hindu person just by visiting your twitter timeline. However, I am not going to call you an anti-Hindu. I have strong belief that you are anti-development, anti-humanity and anti-democracy. During the Varanasi visit of Modi, you wished he could visit the Gyanvapi Mosque too. Can I demand a clarification from you for this wish? What is the purpose behind instigating such issues? Yes, people will call you anti-Hindu, Sagarika Ghose, I will say you just tried to provoke the sentiments of Muslim people as well! You have a public influence; if you cannot use it for the well-being of others, please don't spread the flames of your ambiguous mind. I am still baffled with your demand which later made you see the rebukes even from Pakistan!


Leave your agendas aside, even your language is condemnable. What exactly do you mean by the word 'bhakt'? You are the champion of freedom of expression; you praise when JNU students openly loud the 'shahadat' of a TERRORIST Afzal Guru; why don't you let others have their freedom of expression? If I praise PM Modi, will I be called a bhakt? Don't I have the right granted by Indian constitution? And you call yourself a 'liberal' journalist? Sagarika, you are congress leaning, country hating, anti-human journalist who have so many masks to wear at different occasions. Years ago, you mixed Yoga, and Ganga with 'Hindu' agendas and on 21st June 2015, you pretended that you have 'been doing yoga for two decades'. I did not see a face-liar like you before!

You always cry for rights of women, rights of dalit women, rights of wives etc etc. Have you ever thought about the rights of Muslim women? Have you ever condemned their helplessness against the utter disgracing three worded divorce? The answer is no! Because you love doing the 'hate-journalism' when it comes to Hindu-Muslim issues. You cannot raise the issues of serious concern; you just know how to gain TRP for your channel with a 'certain' propaganda. In fact, you are the biggest Anti-Muslim as well! You only use the Muslim sentiments to settle your personal scores against Modi. The best thing about the country is, even Muslims gradually are coming to know your mindset and crafty concerns.

Do you know why Hindus call you anti-Hindu? Scan your twitter timeline. You will find that you did not even push a single tweet about the severe murder of Hindu men in Kerala by those LEFTIST GOONS. One more quality attributed to you is your fabrication of news. Whenever something happens to anyone from our Muslim brothers community, almost with blind-eyed sensibility, you go frenzy: Muslim murdered brutally; Muslim man killed; India going intolerant and all that. Did you ever have the same courage when innocents from Hindu community are killed? The answer is no!

I say stop this nonsense; stop your personal agendas from coming into your profession; stop your personal hatred against the government from peeping into your journalism. You speak about democracy in the terms of debate and discussion. Do you know that in a democratic country, the parliament is the temple?

A terrorist named Afzal Guru was directly involved in the attack on the temple of democracy, and you supported those who called him a martyr? Why not should people label you with the adjective 'anti-national'? Why not should someone go ahead and call you deshdrohi? The fun that you people have made of our nation is like water flowing overhead now. Jhanda or Danda? Do you have a sense of respect for our national flag, Sagarika Ghose? You write you so-called 'satire' and ridicule our national flag, the tricolour? You certainly are a person filled with utter disgust against the nation, if I may say so.

Saw you talking about the 'dignity of Jawans' of the country.

did you not feel shame when your 'leftist hero' said that they rape innocent women? The level of duplicity you have is unfathomed. And the worst part is that you easily get caught and don't even reciprocate with an 'apology' that you demand from others.

How about an apology from you who has supported that 'fact-less' fool who says the riots may be classified according to his manipulations?

You raise those issues which create unnecessary controversies in the nation. You go ranting days and nights. You know one thing? The country is not full of people like you with prejudiced mindset. We have been living with peace, and this is what Bharatiya Sanskriti is.

The bottom line is: Yes, you are an anti-Hindu; you are an anti-Muslim; you are against the idea of a peaceful nation with harmony among Hindus and Muslims. But dear Sagarika Ghose, we are wiser than the 'fool' you think of us. Indians have rejected you as the old basket which cannot contain anything else than the rotten apples. May your mind understand the call!

(You have also tasted deer and giraffe in your food, kudos! I agree with you here that people must have the right to eat whatever they want until it does not violate IPC and Indian Constitution. (These days, constitution has almost become a subject of street fights, I am aware!) I have come to know that killing deer for meat is a crime in India.) Just saying...

El Nino Subsides; India in Hopes For Retrieving Monsoon Showers

The El Nino Phenomenon, which had been causing trouble for the past couple of years seems to be on the decline, if scientists are to be believed. The phenomenon ought to be stabilized by May, propelling monsoon showers this year. This unusual condition, which is linked to the warming up of surface waters in the Pacific had been creating sufficient disruption affecting global weather conditions, even though occurring from miles away. Since no two El Ninos and their occurrences are mistaken to be the same; while at one time it aggravates wet, another time it boosts dry climatic conditions. El Nino has influenced weather patterns in several countries like Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, the U.S. South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Australia, including India. While some countries like South-east Asia exhibited drought-like conditions leading to food and water shortages, some others like the U.S. witnessed mammoth tornadoes, Australia saw relatively higher wildfire occurrences in the Victoria region, whereas India dealt with its woeful share of the Chennai floods.

India, which is heavily dependent on agriculture and thus, tropical rains, this year saw drought-like conditions in many areas affecting rice, wheat and other food grains, subsequently leading to farmer suicides and inflated food prices. At this juncture, the weakening of the El Nino and its closure will come as a welcome intelligence to its inhabitants.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Rocky Handsome Movie Review: 3.5 Stars

While most of the film critics and so-called cinema watchers have downrated the movie Rocky Handsome, the Bollywood Hunk John Abraham starrer action film, I have a different view to offer you. A writer at Indian Express writes that why are we watching this John Abraham film. Well, whosoever you are, why did you watch that film? Once you have watched, why are you denying others the watch? Rocky Handsome is for the tough guys, dear friends. If you love action movies (which we rarely see in Bollywood these days), then you MUST watch this movie. I have loved all the action scenes in the movie and first time felt like 'something is really happening' in any action movie constructed on the bolly platform.

Kabir Ahlawat or Rocky Handsome is a former undercover agent of RAW who has lost his wife Rukshida (acted by Shruti Hassan). We have, in the very beginning, a flashback that describes the plot that John Abraham has lost his wife. We get introduced to the girl, Naomi, who is the actual co-star of the movie, and she does best (unlike what the critic at IE said). Her acting will connect with your feelings.

Leaving things aside, the film is about the drug mafia going around in the state of Goa. We have two major gangs who deal in drugs and also body parts smuggling. We come to know about an aunt who manages the child trafficking syndicate. (better watch the movie and you will understand) What I want to suggest you is that the action in this Bollywood film is very much moving. John Abraham, as we all know, is a macho man. He has done his best in Rocky Handsome to keep the audience intact with his action, stunts and of course, body.

What I did not like:
Some scenes that almost looked gross; however, demand of an action movie!
What I liked:
The action of this action packed movie, of course!

Verdict: You can give it one shot!

Rawat, Uttarakhand, Modi, who murdered democracy?

'Murder of democracy' has become a street talk in the country in recent days. The events around which this phrase revolves are various. The recent use of article 356 in Uttarakhand has set the debate of use & abuse of presidential rule once again on fire. On Sunday, March 27, 2016, in a dramatic way, the centre has floored the Harish Rawat government. To the surprise of people, the decision of dismissing the state government came just a day before the scheduled day of floor test in the assembly. Congress and some eminent personalities in media are shouting the 'murder of democracy'. Well, they have all the liberty to do so. Harish Rawat is already red-faced being caught playing horse-horse to save his chair at any cost. Moreover, the Congress is on the back-foot (and implicitly admitting that their leadership has gone into emergency mode) with their leadership. Let us analyse the events and also the 'murder of democracy'.

Before I begin, let us acknowledge that the Uttarakhand high court has ordered a floor test on March 31. It has given the Rawat government another chance to save one 'congress ruled state'. However, the court order has also restored the voting rights of those nine rebels who pushed the government to a minority. These rebel MLAs found themselves dismissed in an ambiguous manner. We have to wait and watch till the coming floor test that what happens next in the state at a chaos.

Let us get into the details of the article 356 of the Indian constitution. The article 356 entitles the central government to dismiss a state government under certain conditions. You can understand the provisions here:
Till the date, more than 100 times the article 356 has been used by the central government to take over the control in the states. Not to our surprise, most of the times, the Congress central government has used this article. During the first decade of our democracy, the Nehru government used this article six times. It also included the dismissal of 'first ever duly elected communist government in Kerala' in 1959. Coming down to 60s, this article was used 11 times. Not to forget, when India Gandhi had the driver seat, this article was used 7 times 'between 1967 and 1969 only'. Most of us, who have interest in politics, cannot forget the turmoil of the 70s. 19 times, between 1970 and 1974, the article 356 was bulldozed on different state governments. Following the footprints of their predecessors, the Janta Party government of 1977 fully utilized this 'article of demolition (at times)' and dismissed nine Congress ruled states in the country. Wrong if I forget to mention, the reaction saw president's rule in 9 states when Indira returned to the 'throne' in 1980. How could Narasimha Rao lag behind? He accessed the archives with the dismissal of three BJP governments during 1992-93. The reasons supplied that these actions occurred 'in the wake of the Babri masjid demolition'. You can better decide what kind of a tool article 356 is...

The present condition in the state of Uttarakhand is utterly chaotic. Harish Rawat has been caught on the backfoot and so is the central government. The sting that showed Rawat negotiating for the price of MLAs has been proved to be authentic. Rahul Kanwal, a senior journalist has tweeted about it:

Now, the floor test that is to happen tomorrow (if BJP loses cannot defend its position in the court today), is that not a murder of democracy? Who will wish to have a CM who buys MLAs? Who will want a state to be ruled by a person called Rawat who indulges in horse trading to save his position at any possible cost? The role of speaker is also dubious in the whole incident that took place in Uttarakhand. Nevertheless, if BJP is mulling to take over the Congress-ruled states by hook or crook, they are erring! Modi must not repeat what Indira did in her prime days. Go into elections; win the hearts of the voters; work hard, and the power is yours. Power is yours not to do what you want, but to do what people wanted you to do and they trusted you worthy of their precious votes.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Irfan Habib Hallucinates: Says Bharat Mata is Foreign Import

"I have a plan, a very effective plan. They say they are tolerant. Let them say it. We will hit them hard. If they don't do anything, we will hit them again. Abuse them, their family; abuse the nation. Once they say anything to us, we will paint the canvas blue... yes, we will prove that they are intolerant."

Something much like above must have been there while our country was going through the fabricated 'intolerant' phase of times. Scholars, intellectuals, leaders, Bollywood stars, sports persons, foreigners and simply anyone who wished a little fame have fully utilized that opportunity and said everything they had to say about India. While we are still coming out of that dilemma, blow after blow is coming from the other side. It had not been a day since the Sangh Parivar head Mohan Bhagwat had said that there is no need to force anyone to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai. It was supposed to be the ceasefire of this slogan debate. Nevertheless, the self-proclaimed historian of the country, Irfan Habib, who is publicly known for his 'bizarre predictions' about the Indian history, has come up with another gallon of petrol to flame the debate again. To Mr. Irfan Habib, Bharat Mata is a European import! What an idea, sir! This time, Irfan Habib has proved that he will always be there to draw new lines of controversies...

I find it an important coincidence that he was delivering a lecture to the JNU students when he told them that Bharat Mata has nothing to do with India's ancient or medieval past. Notions about motherland and fatherland are basically European. I find it very interesting that Irfan Habib might not have gone through the 'ancient' scripture of Indians, The Ramayana. In Ramayana, there are instances where the native place of lord Ram has been personified. I will rely on the best example so that Irfan Habib has no problem in understanding it:

Api Swarnamayi Lankaa na me Lakshmana rochate
Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargaadapi Gariyasi &

जननी जन्मभूमिश्च जाह्नवी च जनार्दनः।
जनकः पञ्चमश्चैव जकाराः पञ्च दुर्लभाः॥

(only if Mr. Habib could decipher it)

In the text above, in Sanskrit & English, it's conspicuous that Ram denotes Ayodhya as 'motherland'. Does anyone have doubts about the origin of Ramayan composed by Valmiki? It's more than what any historian with jaundiced eyes can deem as ancient or medieval.

What I can extract out of this current controversial statement by Mr. Irfan Habib is that he does want people to settle. He wishes India to keep fighting over slogans. I am right, aren't I? However, indeed, it's again the classic case of freedom of expression. One has the right secured by the constitution of India to express his/her opinions...

My take on the statement made by Mr. Habib is very simple. If Habib thinks that the notion of motherland and Bharat Mata is a foreign import, Mr. Habib must be on the side of thinkers who believe that Islam and Paigambar Mohammad have nothing to do with each-other! If not so, then Mr. Habib, please understand that Indians have always been worshipping their land - the motherland. In India, we personify anything we worship. Sun is God for us; Moon is God for us; the Neem tree is God for us; Tulsi is mother & Goddess for us; and of course, India is Bharat Mata for us. Exercise your freedom of speech freely. What you rant cannot affect the 'notions' that we have very dear to us and not 'imported' like your ideologies. Do you want to listen?

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Marital Rape Law in India Debate: Secure Right of Wives

The country is not changing because of Arvind Kejriwal or the recently hyped leftist 'nincompoop' Kanhaiya. Nor is it taking the course of a mindset change just because of prime minister Modi. India is the name of an evolution! India is not limited to mere maps, elections, politics, religion or anything in particular. It is the amalgam of anything and everything that exists on the piece of land surrounded by the oceans and guarded by the king of height - the Himalayas. Today, while we are talking about Bharat Mata, the Mother India and her respect, do we give our head to understanding what does Bharat Mata want? Yes, as the sons of Mother India, it is our inevitable duty and a pleasure to safeguard her honour. However, don't forget that Mother India has daughters as well! Her compassionate heart did not only nourish sons down the ages but also daughters and with an equal measure of compassion and responsibility. So, the sons of Bharat Mata only care about mother? Don't they care for the sisters? This is a question worth to be asked in the present scenario. Yes, if you could guess it, I am talking about the ongoing debate of marital rape law in the country. I would like to extend my thanks to Hitaishi and Puja to bring the issue to light. My views on marital rape are lucid and direct - yes, Indian women need a law to safeguard them against this heinous crime. However, there is also another point that I would like to hint today.

Are Muslim women not Indian?
Marital rape law will be a strength, no doubt; however, do Muslim women have different than Indian identity? On one hand, we are talking about giving more power and shield to Indian women and on the other, we have shariyas where 'talaak, talaak, talaak' can push a Muslim lady to life-long remorse and helplessness. On one side, we regularly have debates on whether religion is above or the nation and this dark side of Islam can push women for a forced divorce from the men's side. Now, the people who are advocating for the law are either closing their eyes to the bitter realities or are intimidated by the Islamic institutions or might be ensuring that their vote banks are not sliding away. Is everything in India only about the vote? For us, for the legislators, for the representatives of the Indian citizen, does the issue of women safety come only after politics? Days and night, we are batting for women empowerment but we have constantly left a section of Indian women on the margin. Who is to be asked? To me, the governments since the independence, the congress party, the current Modi government, the Muslim institutions and also the champions of women rights, all these people are accountable.

The misuse of law dilemma:
Yes, the supreme court bench headed by Justice C.K. Prasad issued in July 2014 that automatic arrest in the cases filed under 498-A should be stopped. The advisory said that unless the evidence provided are not satisfactory, there cannot be any arrest of the husband or the family members (in-laws). According to the data, more than 80% of cases filed under this section of IPC are fake and fabricated to trap the husband or in-laws by 'vengeful' women. Therefore, people are worried that the law for marital rape, if made, will also be 'abused' by women.

I have a simple question. Those who are afraid, be it institution or individual, what's their stand on women in India? Is it of a goddess or of a devil? This side of line, we always talk about women empowerment and safety; that side of line, and we are ready to put the entire female fraternity in the witness box even when there is no law approved by the government! Is this fair, dear oppressors? Yes, there might be misuse of the law, but, as the court has secured safety of innocents against the manufactured allegations in 498-A, there will surely be a backup plan. To secure the justice of innocents and do the justice with culprits are the part of the judiciary system. They will do their job well as they have been doing since independence. The part of the parliament is bringing the law into action; they must do their job with responsibility.

The political Hay Tauba:
Today, the Congress in opposition seems to take the moral high ground on almost each issue that the Modi government raises. They are escalating the marital rape law debate as well. However, this voice is not new in the Indian context. Women rights activists from time to time have been lobbying for this law. During the 1980s, there was much debate on the subject but the government did not pay any heed. Who was in power all the years? Who was 'ruling' the independent India for 60 long years? Will anyone in Congress tell me that why did they not think about the safety of women for almost 7 decades? The matter of fact is that the Congress have no face left to hide in matters related to women. Rajiv Gandhi was the person to deprive Indian Muslim women of the right of maintenance in 1978. To secure his vote bank, he put the life of Muslim women at the altar and came up with a counter to the supreme court judgement in the much-debated Shah Bano case of 1978. Do the Congress have a moral right to put BJP in the witness box?

On the other hand, Modi government, and especially Menaka Gandhi, the minister for Women & Child Development, are not coming up right, to my thinking. The argument that this law might put the validity of marriages in India at danger is baseless. How can anyone convict every single bride in India on the basis of some hypothesis?

My stand is clear - we want the law! There are no more excuses left to postpone the issues. Let there be debates on marital rape law; let there be discussions; let there be the law, eventually.

Monday, 28 March 2016

National Awards 2016

Over the years, the number of award shows held to acknowledge and appreciate the films produced in a year has gradually increased. Although it has helped increase the entertainment quotient on television for Indian viewers, it is no big revelation that these awards are more popularity based than talent. Some prominent celebrities like Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgn boycotting these awards fan the flame.

So in this abundance of award shows, perhaps the only one that passes for its merit is the National Awards. And while others are a great hubbub, National Awards are a low key affair. The winners of 63rd National Awards were announced today and will be awarded in a ceremony on 3rd May.

Best Picture: Baahubali
The magnum opus by S.S. Rajamouli won the best picture award. It is the first Telugu movie to win the honour.

Best Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Bajirao Mastani
This is the first national award for the director.

Best Actor: Amitabh Bachchan for Piku
This is the fourth National Award for the veteran actor, having earned it for Agneepath, Black and Paa already.

Best Actress: Kangana Ranaut for Tanu Weds Manu Returns
The actress won National Award for Best Supporting Actress for Fashion (2008) and for Best Actress for Queen, making this her third win.

Other winners include:

  • Best Supporting Actor: Samuthirakani, Visaaranai

  • Best Supporting Actress: Tanvi Azmi, Bajirao Mastani

  • Best Hindi Film: Dum Laga Ke Haisha

  • Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film Of A Director: Neeraj Ghaywan, Masaan

  • Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment: Bajrangi Bhaijaan

  • Best Choreography: Remo D’Souza, Deewani Mastani (Bajirao Mastani)

  • Best Female Playback Singer: Monali Thakur, Moh Moh Ke Dhage

  • Best Cinematography: Sudeep Chaterjee, Bajirao Mastani

  • Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration: Nanak Shah Fakir

  • Best Screenplay Writer (Original): Juhi Chaturvedi (Piku) and Himanshu Sharma (Tanu Weds Manu Returns)

  • Best Screenplay – Dialogues: Juhi Chaturvedi (Piku) and Himanshu Sharma (Tanu Weds Manu Returns)

  • Best Malayalam Film: Pathemari

  • Best Film on Social Issue: Niranayakam

  • Best Music Direction: M Jayachandran for Song Kaathirunnu Kaathirunnu

  • Best Music Direction - Background Score: Ilaiyaraaja, Thaarai Thappattai

  • Best Film on Environment Conservation/Preservation: Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal

  • Best Children’s Film: Duronto

  • Best Tamil Film: Visaaranai

  • Best Telugu Film: Kanche

  • Best Sanskrit Film: Priyamanasam

  • Best Kannada Film: Thithi

  • Best Marathi Film: Ringan

  • Best Maithili Film: Mithila Makhaan

  • Best Punjabi Film: Chauthi Koot

  • Best Bengali Film: Sankhachil

  • Best Konkani Film: Enemy

  • Best Assamese Film: Kothanodi

  • Best Haryanvi Film: Satrangi

  • Best Wancho Film: The Head Hunter

  • Best Khasi Film: Onaatah

  • Best Manipuri Film: Eibusu Yaohanbiyu

  • Best Mizo Film: Kima’s Lode Beyond the Class

  • Best Odiya Film: Pahada Ra Luha

  • Special Mention: Ritika Singh for the film Irudhi Suttru

  • Best Editing: Late Kishore T.E for Visaranai

  • Best Costume Designer and Best Make-up Artist for film: Nanak Shah Fakir

Thief will catch Thief? Pak JIT to Investigate Pathankot Terror Attack

"I will come tomorrow to investigate the murder that I have done right now." An ungentleman said to the family of the deceased person and went away with a wry smile on his face. The current probe team of ISI which has come to India to investigate the Pathankot terror attack seems to be fitting in the circumference of the above remark. Several media houses have reported the story and a person with common sense can figure it out himself that what's happening around him. We have already seen the blood-red hands of ISI in the terror attack at Mumbai Taj Hotel and several other incidents in India. Can we trust the team (called JIT) that will carry out the probe for Pathankot attack?

The Pakistan Joint Investigation Team had a meeting today with the officials of NIA. Whatever was discussed in the meeting owes lesser importance to me as the cat watching the milk pot is the current situation. Yes, on the diplomatic ground, one might stand that let it be the new beginning to a mutually helpful fight against terrorism. However, my stand is clear that it is the classic case of a greedy man defending the money of a bank in the night!

As per the reports, the JIT that arrived on Sunday will be taken to the site of the attack on Tuesday, that is tomorrow. Manohar Parrikar, the defence minister of India, has clarified that the team will have a limited access to the area of investigation. Parrikar told to the PTI that the JIT has been specially denied the liberty to go anywhere in the Pathankot airbase. They will gain access only to the place where the attack took place.

To me, it's a candyfloss diplomacy that will yield no result at all! The thief cannot find out the thief and a killer cannot hang himself! ISI will have to introspect as well as the govt. of India has much to think. Questions will be asked, no doubt!

Padma Awards to Anupam Kher & 82 Others

Anupam Kher posted a picture on twitter highlighting his Padma Bhushan badge. I am happy for him that finally his hard work and dedication towards Indian cinema and theatre have given him something. Anupam Kher undoubtedly deserves the award. Though many of us will say that it has come out as a result of 'chamchagiri,' 'chaplusi,' and so many other derogatory terms. I will leave the part of shouting foul on others. Nevertheless, I have to say something about the prestigious Padma Shri award.

First of all, I would like to extend my greetings towards all the winners of honourable Padma Shri award by the hands of honourable Sri Pranab Mukherjee, the president of India. The major winners of Padma Shri in 2016 are:
Naresh Chander Lal, Dhirendra Nath Bezbaruah, Prahlad Chandra Tasa, Ravindra Nagar, Dahyabhai Shastri, Pushpesh Pant, Sundar Aditya Menon, Sudhakar Olwe, Deepika Kumari, Sushil Doshi, Veena Tondon and others. (Full list here) (you must be surprised with my list, it has a purpose)

It has been the classic trait of governments in India that they felicitate these awards with favouritism, if, bias is the harsh word for the purpose. Yes, there are exceptions - many (or some, depends on the government's mood) on the list of award winning candidates are truly deserving people whom we come to know only after they have won the award! You need to blame our 'blessed' mainstream media for this frustrating situation. For instance, do you know Subhash Palekar? I can bet 99% of the readers must not know about this person. However, maybe tomorrow you read something about him in local Marathi newspapers or a small 'media space' in some 'reputed' national dailies. Most probably, you might see a talk show on Doordarshan featuring Subhash Palekar. He has won for himself a Padma Shri this year. Subhash is an agriculturalist who is known for 'spiritual farming'. I have a question: why does this happen? While a farmer is a true contributor to the India's growth as a nation, what does a Bollywood personality does? Yes, accepting that they make our culture reflect in some of their best movies, what is their overall contribution? Saying that India has become intolerant? Claiming that the hanging of Yakub Memon was unrighteous? Gifting a 54 crore bungalow in Dubai to someone who can barely understand the importance of money? Sometimes, even transcending the limit and actively engaging in politics with their utter negative shadows:

Personally, I feel sorry for this 'poor' Bollywood's 'unclaimed' territory! He does not know anything but tweeting! Go & check his record, if you find anything worth he had his hands, please correct me and I will publicly go for an apology. These people only know to demotivate others and establish their superiority.

If you go back and have a glance at the list of Padma Shri awards winners, you will find a number of persons who cannot even claim to deserve it (fortunately, most of them come from Bollywood). Go and ask a common person of India and she will tell you that neither she knows about the Padma Shri nor she knows Aishwarya Rai. What she cares to know about is how to earn bread both the hours. Then why the Padma Shri wears the slogan of being a 'civilian award' if the civilians cannot be given fair opportunities to enhance & uplift their life standard and reach that stage? Change it to 'elite Indian award' and then I have no problem. Then, I will be satisfied with the thought that true heroes like Balbir Singh Seechewal do not deserve Padma Shri because they cannot hire costly PR agents to manage their media coverage and flash their 'social achievements' to the public.

Self-certified champions of Bollywood, do you know what real heroes look like? Look at the face of Leonardo DiCaprio; you will have both the answers - how to achieve on the stage; how to achieve in social causes! Only pretending to do social service and hiding the real 'sham' behind a mask makes you a candidate for Padma Shri in India... Then please give Bharat Ratna to Salman khan - kya hai yar? Ek kala hiran hi to mara hai aur han kuchh logon pe jara gadi chadha di thi... chalta hai bhai! Bhai hun bollowood ka, itna to banta hai na?

Governments came; government is here; governments will keep coming. The real dilemma is that we are still unable to felicitate the champion of children causes, Kailash Satyarthi in India. He has already won the Nobel Peace prize in 2014, but the government in India is still mulling over his achievements. Please wake up, dear people in India, media in India and the government in India. There are many leaders who are wandering here and there across the country and doing their services without asking for a camera to ride the fame journey. Go ahead and recognise them, encourage them.

Jai Hind!

Bharat Mata ki Jai! (always)

Yes, Marital Rape is a Crime

I was once working with an NGO, which made me travel to some under-privileged villages. That NGO associated itself with helping the children living in such areas. On one of my visits did I meet a fascinating woman (whose identity I promised not to disclose) who lived alone with a son who was about 8. Something about her persona told me that she had something for me, something that would change my life. And only later I saw her take a lecture, which was in itself a privilege to listen to. Upon my badgering for days at an end, she relented and told me her story, which had brought her to this small town as a teacher.

I vowed; he vowed: we vowed to be with each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. I was always there. I kept my promise. Why didn't he?

One of the best part of this country, the one I like the best, is that it professes a lot of things. It has morals, values and respect for women. You know, they represent all the goddesses of our culture! They are worshipped, they are worshipped every day on the bed by their husbands when everybody is asleep!

Slapped. Choked. Hit. Silenced. Robbed. Harassed.

These goddesses, they are kind, gullible, naive, and forgiving. The husbands are sometimes brutal in their worship. They are powerful!

We have modernised. We have come a long way. We have made MEN!  We have made them capable enough to rape, to rape their wives, the ones they were supposed to be life partners with. Isn't it an accomplishment? I am proud of the pinnacle that we have reached together. This couldn't have been done without the help of our ministers, cabinets and the person ruling them all. I would like to congratulate them personally because we would not have reached this state without their major contribution that is 'doing nothing'!

Nothing! Nothing for the victims who were raped by their husbands, who were brought up to bring light to somebody else's house, given with love and hopes for their future with their life partners, not rapists.

Sometimes I feel why don't we add "I consent to getting raped, whenever you feel like it, my lusty master!" as the 8th vow of the marriages? And yes, here I refer to the team of ministers in the current government which says that concluding marital rape as a crime in sexual assault act will be a mistake as it will bring about an unnecessary break-up of marriages. Marriage is a sacrament. Don't you know? You can rape your wife. And if she can prove that in court, you'll have to pay an amount of Rs 20,000.

Thank you, sir, that is what I wanted. Money! For the loss of my dignity, for the loss of my trust, first in my husband and now in the government, who'll keep my husband safe from jail or any prosecution, God forbid, he might incur some physical un-safety. Who cares about my emotional safety, my physical safety after being raped? I guess this is what I get for putting males in the top most chairs. You will have his back, everybody will have his back. Nobody cares about me.

I never mattered!

Sanctity of marriage - isn't that honouring each other, respect, love, care and maybe share, if not money, then, at least a life? I was not told that marriage deprives you of your respect, it might make you ill  mentally and physically. I wouldn't have married! He too might have been happier by going to a brothel, if, all he needs from a wife is sex. Nobody told him sex is only a part of the deal, there are other things that a 'lady' will ask of him. Maybe a little love, a little respect!

I die every day; thanks to all the people who think that raping your wife is not a crime. I am robbed of my dignity now, I might as well make a career out of it, might as well get paid. At least, I won't have a preconceived idea of marriage and love in all of these men.

Later she told me that after the birth of her son, she filed for a divorce as she feared to create another individual like her husband. Therefore, she had to get her son away, away from ‘his’ influence. She got a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences as the court wouldn't pay any heed to physical abuse reports by her. At that shattering thought, she ended her story. For me, she just ended a chapter. The second chapter of her life is much better. The story of her life improving with each day inspiring and spreading hope for every woman suffering through her life.

Her life has proved it that loss and suffering are not the ultimate story of life; those are, but mere chapters. We can always add a new chapter to the life and begin a fresh. She is an icon of struggle and bravery!

Virat Kohli Doing It For INDIA

Virat Win! We have won the match last night against Australia. We booked a birth in the semifinals and also furthered one step close to the t20 World Cup. Like we have already reported yesterday, Australia was a tough side to beat. We also told you that we, the India, are a TOUGHER side to beat anyone in the world (may come anything)! Honestly, I am a cricketer and cricket fan of the Sachin Tendulkar or the GOD era. However, seeing Virat Kohli winning matches for India these days (and when not?), I am admitting today that he will surely fill the void we had after Sachin's retirement. Nevertheless, who am I, when the 'GOD' himself is congratulating the feats of Kohli:

I still remember those matches against Bangladesh when Kohli had his initial one-day centuries. I told my younger brother Virat is going to be the next big thing. And he kept my words with his unmatchable talent and excellent execution. Team India has been riding the wonder ride for some years now. When it comes of chasing, give him anything and he is on! Yes, I concur with the image that I saw yesterday on twitter; Virat has become the Superman who always comes to India's rescue on the field.

The match last night was undoubtedly the one-man show from India's side. As usual, Raina, Dhawan & Rohit were in a hurry to return to the dressing room and watch Virat bat for their victory. Virat managed his inning very perfectly - with a blend of sensible batting and needed aggression. Oh! Shouldn't I say that I have become your great fan, Virat? And not only me, younger brother also told me in the morning that yes, Kohli is a true batsman. OZs must have learnt a lesson yesterday. However, there is also a lesson for us - the spectators. Befriend with Kohli and rest assured for the world cup this time. Dhoni is always there for the winning shot and rest of the batsmen in top order will always be in the dressing room to clap, whistle and shout.

Let us have a look at some great words of appreciation for the stylish batsman of our team:


Virat Kohli, you won it for us! Thank you so much!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Message of Peace: Afghanistan Cricket

Afghanistan qualified to play the 20-20 Cricket World Cup. They played in Group A and showed the world what courage is all about. A country ravaged by internal rife, political struggle, religious fundamentalism, poverty, economic struggle, Taliban, the exodus of population, and violation of human rights is another name for our troubled neighbours Afghanistan.

Where tourists are threatened to visit the above-mentioned country- insecure for their lives; where citizens worry what their next day would be like, whether they would live another one to smile, a team of young Afghans under the able guidance of their captain Mohammad Nabi and with the supervision of Pakistan Cricket legend Inzamam-ul-Haq has set a benchmark of peace and fortitude in the past weeks.

They made the lives of cricket legends Sri Lanka, England and South Africa miserable. Although they didn’t win, they came under the international spotlight for their talent and grit. With a convincing win against West Indies today (27 March. 2016), Afghanistan has proved their worth and have earned international respect.

What stands out is not only their ability but how they have withstood the pressures of a falling nation, how they have overcome all ordeals to bring in glory to a war-ravaged country. What Monica Seles did for Serbia and what Goran Ivanisevic and the Football team did for Croatia is what Afghanistan Cricket team has done for their country.

Even in the worst of all situations, there is hope. Even when a personal world is falling apart, patriotism can inspire a transformation. Let us celebrate the glory of personal conviction, of the right to dream, of the courage to win against all odds with the win that Afghanistan wove today. The team stood up for peace. The team stood up for humanity. It’s time we raise a toast to these craftsmen of harmony. Hail Afghanistan!

Australia is Tough... India is TOUGHER!

Go India Go! Today, we are going to a war which is 'do or die'! To keep our ship afloat en route the World Cup t20, India must win the match against Australia today. The wizards of Oz are strong, passionate and undoubtedly a tough side. However, India is TOUGHER; India is charged; India is prone to winning the competitions as heart-stopping as we have seen against the Bangladesh 4 days ago. Australia has a strong and balanced team; India has the world’s COOLEST Captain – the powerful and calm M S D!

Key players to watch:

Virat Kohli: Who can think about others when we talk about Indian batting? Virat is here for us. He has helped us winning against our arch-rival Pakistan. He has always helped us when we are chasing. Virat has emerged as a viral cricket fever that is affecting the world these days…

Watto: Don’t forget Shane Watson! He can damage any bowling attack as well as he can thrash any batting with his bowling as well. Shane Watson will be a key player to watch from the Oz’s side.


The COLD war: Do you know that India has accepted the age-old tradition of the cold war on field these days? Still wondering? Watch the captain cool M S Dhoni on the field and you will understand what I am talking about. MSD is the calmest captain I have ever seen ever, for India as well as for any other team! How calmly he can use his weapons and how effectively, is a treat to watch! You will have to give the credit of win against the underdogs Bangladesh to Dhoni only. The way he handled the team in the last moments was incredible.

Will Gabbar roar? This is the question that most of the Indians are asking today… Gabbar has not been at his best these days. Once he roars, the opponents have nothing to defend! He can access any target, any time and on any ground.

Shall India win? Bhai aur kya ho sakta hai? India hi jitegi! India India!

All the best team India!

All the best MSD!

Get India to the semis and get the cup!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Accessible India: Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan

Divyangs Moving One Step Further: Accessible India – the Sugamya Bharat

Have you seen a physically disabled person struggling to board a bus? Have you been to a government office where you saw a physically challenged person facing discomfort with high stairs? 'No' might be your answer if you wish to turn your backs to the bitter realities of getting 'digital' India. However, you must remember those incidents of the high school or your college where your physically challenged friend was the last to reach the classroom after morning prayer or any group event. After taking out the bitterness from the ascribed word 'viklang' and changing it to 'divyang', the government of India is doing another great work in the direction of including those 'divyangs' in the mainstream of the country. Accessible India, in Hindi - Sugamya Bharat, is a dream of not only the government of India and the DEPwD but the entire nation. We fight day and night about the participation of a 'certain' community in Indian empowerment. However, we always forget about the participation of physically challenged persons and they are still struggling for comfortable access to government buildings! Shall we take the call now? Shall we help them with their basic right?

While most of you must know nothing about the accessible India mission, here is the target 1.1 they have set:

"Target 1.1: Conducting accessibility audit of at least 50 most important government buildings and converting them into fully accessible buildings by July 2016."

I find this mission a very good move. Indeed, everyone has the same right to access the government buildings. Often, with a marred vision, we want to see everything in the light of caste, community and class. We forget those who are in only one community - 'support required'. Accessible India mission will ensure that the government buildings are made friendly to the divyangs so that they have easy access to the public services.

Government buildings accessible public

The long terms target that the Department of Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities have set are:

"Target 1.2 : Converting 50% of all the government buildings of National Capital and all the State capitals into fully accessible buildings(July 2018).

Target 1.3: Conducting audit of 50% of government buildings and converting them into fully accessible buildings in 10 most important cities / towns of all the States (other than those, which are already covered in Target 1.1 and 1.2 above) (July 2019).”

Other than making the buildings accessible, the government is also focusing on making the transportation system fully accessible. This mission will make sure that airports, railway stations and public transportation is made fully accessible for everyone. March 2018 is the deadline for all the transportation projects to complete.

Taking a step further, the government is also working in the field of “Information and Communication Eco-System Accessibility”. Under this step, it will be ensured that ‘information’ is fully accessible. By information, the government means every kind of information. I will quote the accessible India website here:

“Access to information creates opportunities for everyone in society. Access to information refers to all information. People use information in many forms to make decisions about their daily lives. This can range from actions such as being able to read price tags, to physically enter a hall, to participate in an event, to read a pamphlet with healthcare information, to understand a train timetable, or to view webpages. No longer should societal barriers of infrastructure, and inaccessible formats stand in the way of obtaining and utilizing information in daily life.”

[caption id="attachment_460" align="aligncenter" width="369"]Image: Govt. of India Image: Govt. of India[/caption]

Don’t you think it will be a great step? Don’t you think it will bridge the gap that exists between a common person and a physically challenged person? When we are talking about digital India, have we ever thought about that part of India which cannot work like we do? According to the census, 2011, 2.68 crore people in India are physically challenged. I am talking about the data which is 5 years old. They are also the part of our country and they also have the same right on the dream of Digital India! The accessibility of information will ensure that government and public sector websites are fully accessible by March 2017. Moreover, it will also ensure that 50% of all the public documents issued by central and state government is fully accessible.

Taking the movement a step further, the government will also ensure that 25% of public television programmes aired by government channels are accessible to everyone.

As the purpose of ILN is to bring the positive news to the light, I found this issue of great importance. I am personally very pleased to learn about this programme by the government of India and so is the ILN Group team. I hope you will be happy reading this. Hoping the things go according to the plan, we can see an India that is made of participation of citizen without any barrier.

Modi Starts Campaign for Assam Election

Vikas; Vikas; Vikas! Modi begins the election campaign rallies in Assam

Assam assembly elections are going to be very important. After the historical 2014 parliamentary elections, everything related to polls is directly or indirectly related to PM Narendra Modi. Be it the one-sided wins in Haryana and Jharkhand or the bigger losses in Delhi and Bihar, Modi factor was always implicitly or explicitly visible. Today, Modi has started the election campaign in Assam. Early morning, he addressed a rally at Tinsukia & Mauli, Assam.

Typically, as he always does in election rallies, PM reminded the audience of 60 years of 'failed congress' government's tenure. Nevertheless, it is a fact, no doubt! We have come very far of 1947, our independence, and we are still seeing many places in India bereaved of electricity, pure water and basic amenities for a good life (not better). Modi also recalled when he asked people about the villages where even an electric pole did not reach, leave electricity aside. Yes, there are almost 18,000 villages where people don't know how does the invention of Edison look like!

Praising the CM candidate of NDA, Sarbananda Sonowal, who is also the minister of Youth Affairs and Sports in the current central government, Modi said that there is only one Anand and he is Sarbananda!

Modi addressing Rally in Assam

Who can forget tea when PM is in Assam! He also recalled his tea-connection with Assam. Mocked by Sanjay Jha, a senior congress spokesperson, this tea-politics of the PM was backed by Giriraj Singh. Here are the reactions:


Talking about the agenda of government, PM told that he has a three-fold agenda for Assam:

"Pehla agenda hai vikas; dusra agenda hai tej gati se vikas; aur tisra agenda hai charon taraf vikas!"

Narendra Modi also said later in his rallies that he does not have to fight against congress. Assam has to fight against poverty, corruption and barriers on the way of development. He said, "Hame Assam ki bhalai ke liye ladna hai, kisiki burai ke liye nahi!"

As the election campaign has been started by the PM, we have to keep a watch on the moves of the major opponents there. In the recent election, we have already witnessed opponents ding a 'gherabandi' against the BJP. There are more to come, it is just the beginning...

Friday, 25 March 2016

Saving Your Money for a Happy Life

The complexity of the modern world is quite amazing in the terms of income. We get frustrated of our income in either case - be it low or high. The problem that we exactly we suffer from are the problems of saving, investment and expenditure. We try to save a certain part of our salary but we find it quite difficult. Moreover, it leads to anxiety, depression and many more present day problems. We try our best to overcome this problem but the deeper we go, we find ourselves in the trap of a dismal cobweb.

I have some points to make which might help you out of this problem. You may find these points saving your hard-earned money from the unnecessary expenditure.

  • Timing: This is the major factor that you must consider when you purchase any commodity or spend your money elsewhere. You have to think and rethink 'is this the right time to make this expense?' Other questions that need to be answered at that particular period of time is what else can you do with that money that time?

  • Taste and Preferences: Yeah! You must consider this also. Either it is your test or someone is pushing on you to 'taste' it. Don't always walk the road others point you towards; make your own paths.

  • Price: It is a common sense which everyone has. When we look anything for a purchase, we first see the price tag and not anything else. Check and calculate if the price is within your range. Sometimes, we go for the brands that are literally out of our budget. Refrain getting into that category of people who can spend a night on the road to get an iPhone! After you purchase your iPhone from the savings of 2 years, be ready to borrow for internet and call rates...

  • Substitutes: If you are making a big purchase, always try to find out substitutes for that good. If you can find something available in the market at a lower price and same quality, you must go for that.

Do you know about partial or visual savings? You must know. I will illustrate it with a simple example. Suppose that Arvind goes to office by public transport daily. He has to spend 50 Rs a day for his commuting. Now, in a month, there are 4-5 days on which Manish meets Arvind in the way and offers him a car ride free of cost. If Arvind spends his 50 Rs that he saved that very day, he is doing injustice to his visual saving! You can save that for aid to your monthly saving, which is the real saving. Every penny you spend on any commodities must yield some satisfaction for you. If it doesn't, then you are wasting your money.

Indian Rupee Becomes The Strongest Currency in Asia FY 2015-16

Getting towards a global competent economy

There is a good news coming in the country from international streets of economy and wealth. The Indian rupee has placed itself as one of the best-performing currency, according to the data by the Bloomberg. Rupee has seen a total return of 1.04% in the current financial year that has placed it at the fourth spot. Indian rupee is behind the Indonesian currency at number three, Japanese yen at number two and Singaporean dollar at number one.

The best thing for the relief of Indian economy well-wishers is that INR has left China behind in the terms of its currency yuan. China is staying two spots behind India on the list at number six. Total returns include the spot exchange rate and interest income.

Praise should go the RBI as well for their management of Indian rupee. Amid the turmoil when Raghuram Rajan took over as the governor of RBI, he has managed the competency of Indian rupee very well and kept it in the market standing strong. This leap by Indian currency is likely to promote the investors in Indian rupee and somewhere it will boost the make in Indian campaign which is the dream of Modi government.

India, never to deny, has to cover larger ground in order to stand in the competition with its competitors Singapore, Japan and Indonesia. They are far ahead of us now. The only way to be able to stand in that position is sustaining the growth that we have been achieving in the recent years.

Jet Airways Plane with 242 Persons Lands in Delhi: Brussels Attack

242 Indians Back Home : Wake of Brussels Attack

After the terror attack on Brussels airport and metro station, the Indians who were trapped there have been brought back to India. A Jet Airways plane carried 242 persons including 28 crew members and it landed at New Delhi this morning. The plane carried all these people from Amsterdam.

According to the reports, the aircraft landed early in the morning around 5:30 am at Indira Gandhi airport, New Delhi.

Previously reported, the airline was to send one flight from Mumbai as well. However, due to some reasons, it was cancelled and later combined with the Delhi flight. The people who were worried about their family members stuck in Brussels after the terror attacks had some happiness back in their life as soon as the Jet Airways plane landed at IGI this morning.

The attack, deadly and frightening, was carried out by ISIS, who later took the responsibility of it. According to the reports coming from Belgium, one of the persons involved in the attack has been detained. Europe has seen many terror attacks in the past 15 months. However, the leaders around the world are coming together eventually to not only condemn the massacre by terrorists but also to stand united against them and carry some counter attack on terrorism.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Growing Up in 90s & Those 90s Love Affairs!

90s Grown-up Kid? You'll remember these memories

Being honest, some moments of nostalgia have taken me a while before. Where have we come? Everything is so fast - we have rapid metro links, super fast planes, bullet trains, 4G network and a very fast life, to culminate all the speed at one place. Are we missing something? To my mind, if I believe, a sense of innocence is missing! Let's come to the business of this occasion. Are we making the love of the 20s a different love than the 90s?

(As google has become a major part of our life today, I will just present a simple analogy. In 90s, there were no search engines and smartphones. There were no worries about love status on WhatsApp like today! Type love on google and it will define it for you! Here are some most searched items related to 'love' of this google age:
Searches related to love status
love status in Hindi
cute love status
sad love status
love status messages
love status in Punjabi
FB love status
love quotes
WhatsApp status love in English
Haven't we shrunk love to show off? Just a question...)

I remember the high school days of my life (honestly, who can forget that?). I was literally a kid of 14, nearly 5'3" and my seniors treated me like that - a kidoo. Most of the students were in my category. A high school in a semi-urban area, and that also around 2005-06, you can easily imagine the mindset of children there. Boys will sit this side; girls will sit that side. Boys were hesitant to talk to the girls and so were them. Two parallel sides of the river, flowing together, seeing each other, but never getting close to each other. Yes, there were some love stories running in the deep background of an unseen foreground. Those love stories used to start with a letter written in hasty handwriting and a 'dant fatkar' by the brother of the recipient of that letter. I remember seeing one case like that - Murari, who used to be a bossy figure until class nine, wrote a 'love letter' to one girl whose name I don't remember. His case was unusual because the girl herself took the stead and gave him a good 'wordful'.

Today, what is see is completely different! Fast-track love stories - the same you might see in typical Bollywood movies. See, pick, date, make love, if it fits you, take it over a some months or a year, and then break-up. 'Ain't no worries' like Lil Wayne and you will see the couple splitting apart like they never were in a relationship. Yes, they will love denoting each other like 'Ex'. "I don't know why 'exes' do much like these to get your attention?" The recent case of Kangna and Hrithik...

In those days of Kumar Sanu, people used to write 'khat mehboob ke naam' and these days, boys use to come 'Delhi wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke'. Oh LOVE!

Making fun in love is alright, but making fun of love is something that I don't say 'good'. Yes, I am an old school who believe in strong relationships where people care for each other's feeling. I am not denying that true love exists today as well, but for most of us out there, it has become much like the classic Leonard Cohen case:

"You kiss my lips, and then it’s done:
I’m back on Boogie Street."

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Celebrate Holi & Burn the Holika Inside Us

Happy Holi India

Holika dehan will happen at many places in India today. Yesterday also it took place at some of the places in our country. Have we burnt the holika which is inside us? The devil which is constantly rendering us into selfish criminals who are ready to devour the Prahlada - our broad goals, escapes somehow during each Holi festival. How long shall it continue? I say burn the insider holika this time. Don't let it escape anymore.

Who is Holika?
The one that burnt with her devilish ego in the fire was a devil, the one that is inside you is a 'smart personality' that teaches you to discriminate among people. It teaches you the class difference, communal difference, border-difference and what not...

Muslims don't celebrate Holi, it will try to persuade you at any cost. However, the place where I am sitting and writing these lines is in front of a chair on which a Muslim boy is sitting with gulal on his forehead. Do I really need to ask his religion before putting the colour of joy on him? I think no. But the holika inside us will say 'yes, yes, please ask it'.

The current debate in the country whether Muslims will chant Bharat Mata ki Jai or not is baseless, I think. Mr Owaisi does not know what the common Muslims of India think. Standing on the stage and delivering a hate speech to the gathering of hardcore Muslim extremists does not make you the messiah of entire Muslim fraternity, Mr Owaisi. They are Indians and they love India! They will celebrate Holi with us and we will celebrate id with them. You cannot stop us. We will burn the holika of ego and difference amid human beings very soon.

Come, let us celebrate this holi with peace and joy and mutual harmony. A small group of our elected representatives cannot divide more than a billion wishes!

Happy Holi India!

Nationalism Has No Religion! It's For Every National Citizen

Shaheed Divas: Nationalism: Slogans and India

Whenever I listen to the song 'mera rang de basanti chola' my heart feels the thrill to the fullest. The reverberations of the sacrifice to jolt the sleeping nationalism in the hearts of sons of Mother India once again comes alive. Can anyone forget that young man, younger a year than me, who embraced the fang of death with a charming smile? For whom? For this nation; for Bharat Mata; for the people of the great Indian democracy today... 23 March - the martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagat SIngh, Sukhdev and Rajguru has many questions for the citizens of our country.

What is Nationalism?

People are asking questions about nationalism today. To decide what is genuine and what is fake has become so difficult, really? So, what is the definition of your nationalism? I have always been arrogant to succumb to a position where I have to make my decisions based on the facts I get from newspapers. However, today, accidently I came through an article by some Uday Bhaskar on Indian Express website. Yes, what I got there was his definition of nationalism. Even unsatisfied with his biased view, the author tried his best to give the article a communal touch:
"The deplorable lynching atrocities at both Dadri and Latehar are illustrative of this dangerous vigilantism that now passes for nationalist pride."

Ironically enough, throughout the article, he tried to pose opposing communalism! Then, you will ask me what is my nationalism? For me, nationalism is:

"A freedom where you can express your views, ideas, emotions for the nation, keeping in mind that your freedom does not protract itself beyond the limits that the constitution of that very nation has decided for you... you are free to shout any proud slogan in the name of the country and equally free not to shout the slogans you don't like... keeping in mind that you don't publicize your 'personal disgust' against particular nationalistic ideas that you don't concur with..."

Today, what we are seeing in the country is truly worrisome. People are confused about the identification of what is the true form of nationalism and all this is happening only because of some political leaders who are even denying to chant certain slogans like Bharat Mata ki Jai. Those who deny are okay, but then by publicizing it to the public with some extra 'emotions' is just inexcusable. Those 'netas' are certainly trying their best to communalize even the slogans and it's a pain to see!

On the another side of the line, yes, there are some extreme nationalists who are ready to define anyone anti-national just because a denial to chant certain slogan. I oppose pressurizing to chant slogans in the equal terms I oppose the rejection to Bharat Mata ki Jai.

When we are talking about nationalism, we should not bring the rainbow of religion, cast and communities. Nationalism has only one colour and that's nationalism itself! The national flag is for everyone; the national anthem is for everyone; vande matram is for everyone, and also Bharat Mata is for everyone. You are free to chant or denying the slogans, but please don't let your denial be so loud that there occurs a divide in the name of a slogan. Also, Bharat Mata ki Jai might be a mere slogan for some people, Bharat Mata is not merely a conception as Mr. Ravish was trying to make us perceive. Ravish Ji, Bharat Mata hi un sainikon ki mata hai jo Siachen me apna khun bahate hain taki ap yahan kali screen pe apni baton ko rakh sako.

Come on India, let's stand together. Nationalism is for every national citizen. It's the martyrdom day of a leader in the truest sense, Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and his braveheart companions Rajguru & Sukhdev. Let's make this day an occasion to show our unity, not to show the world that India is divided even in the terms of nationalism!

Jai Hind
Bharat Mata ki Jai

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

SOCH of MKCG Students Making a Change!

A SOCH by the students of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati Medical College & Hospital, Berhampur, Odisha has left me pleasantly surprised!

"Ek chhoti si soch hi hame insan bana sakti hai ya behtar insan banake dusron ko rah dikhane ki shakti de sakti hai!"

If I quote my mother, she was saying something like I have put above between the inverted commas. True, a thought has the power to change our lives into something good or render us into something bad. You must have read about the badness of people, their evil deeds, dreadful behaviour and so on... today, I will give you a reason to smile. I will unfold to you something very pleasant that will inspire you to be nice to people around you. This is the story of medical students of Batch 2011-16, MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Odisha. The have started an initiative around two years ago - SOCH, which is a Hindi word meaning 'thought' in English.

What is SOCH?

SOCH is an initiative by the students of 11-16 batch under which each student donates 20rs each month to a fund. The amount collected in this fund is used to help one poor family who comes for the treatment at Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati Medical College & Hospital. Moreover, under the same initiative, the students also collect their old or those clothes which they no longer use and donate those to the nearby orphanage.

In the beginning, the batch of 150 students collected 3000 Rs in a month. Very soon, in three months, the batches of senior and junior students also adopted the idea. Now, they are able to manage a good amount and help a family for the complete treatment. Yes, this is a small contribution to the society. However, 'smalls' have the capacity to form larger picture! The thought of a batch has inspired the entire medical students fraternity of the MKCG college to come ahead and help the poor.

Now, I find it very ironical that our mainstream media has all the time to cover the anti-national slogans being shouted at those 'big named' universities. Do they have time to see what the students of this less-known college are doing?

I think this example set by the 2011-15 batch of students will be a lesson for all those who are studying and yet willing to bring a change in the society. Yes, you can do good things while you are studying. Don't wait for the time; move ahead and create the situations where you can feel that the time is running according to you!

A Source of inspiration

Upon learning about this great step by the students, I was very surprised as well as happy. Really, you don't need to do Ph.D to understand how to help someone in need. You just need the 'soch' and you can start acting. Kudos to you people out there at MKCG! Keep doing this great job and I hope you will be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants a change in the country!

Sachin Tendulkar Has 10 Million Twitter Fans!

Sachin Tendulkar sets new off-field record! 10 Million Twitter Fans for Little Master

Finally, it's here! Sachin Tendulkar, God of cricket, has reached 10 million followers on Twitter! Personally, being a fan of the little master, I was waiting for this day for years. Today, while seeing his tweet praying for the people affected and demised in the Brussels terror attack, I randomly had a look on his profile. Voila! I was the happiest man of the moment, honestly. Sachin Tendulkar has 10 million followers now! The first ever cricketer to reach this milestone!
Sachin, who retired from international cricket back in 2013, is still popular among the cricket fans. We witnessed his charismatic presence in the India-Pakistan clash at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. The chants of 'Sachin Sachin' has lifted the giant stadium. A year ago, with the rising star Virat Kohli's popularity, people have speculated that he will leave Sachin behind, at least on twitter. However, this did not happen. Sachin is the master when it comes to making & breaking records. And the record of being the first cricketer to have 10 million followers will always be with the magical Indian batsman now.
"Sachin, my personal greetings to you on completing the 10 million fan count on twitter! You are a hero for a lifetime. Cricket will continue; cricketers will come; records will be made; records will be broken; there will be no other like you, for sure! I am also one of those millions who started playing cricket only with a dream - to be like Sachin! You have inspired millions since you started playing and your name will always be there to invite youngsters in the grassy field with 22 yards of smooth space."
Nevertheless, twitter follower counts for Sachin Tendulkar is no testimony to his popularity. He lives in the heart of millions of people who are old enough to operate a smartphone. Still, for the online generation, he is a twitter icon too.

Best wishes for your life, dear Sachin!


The Belgian capital of Brussels was left shaken as twin blasts occurred, one in Zaventem Airport and the other in Maelbeek metro station, in the rush hours of the morning leaving around 26 people dead and several injured. The attack occurred a few days after the capture of a prime suspect on Friday by the Belgian Police who is instrumental in playing a key role in the Paris attacks. The security forces were anticipating a revenge attack by the Islamic State group, who claimed responsibility for the Paris terror strikes. The blasts occurred in overly crowded places. A worker at the airport, who helped in rescue work, said he heard a man shouting something in Arabic before the blast. Some passengers managed to wriggle out with bloodstains on their clothes. The severity of the blast was such that it shattered glass ceilings and demolished ceiling tiles. Soon rescue workers and police troops were sent to the spot. People were evacuated and delivered to secure spots.

The picture at Maelbeek metro station was no better as compartments appeared all charred and ruined with blood spewed in all places and billowing smoke. Passengers and onlookers were deported to safer places. All train and flight operations have been cancelled for now. The Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel alleged this as “a black time for our country”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gravely condemned the attacks. The Prime Minister has a scheduled visit to Brussels on 30 March.


How Does Influencer Marketing Work? Make Money Online!

Influencer Marketing: online earning made easy!

Are you on twitter? There is a good news for you. You can earn money online, and like all others, it's not a joke! You can make money by becoming a twitter influencer. What you will have to do is tweeting for particular brands and they will pay you on the basis of your followers count. Isn't that good?

When we are talking about digital revolution, let us welcome this newly developed trend of marketing. People define it as influencer marketing. Those who participate in influencer marketing campaigns are known as influencers. The reason for the rapid popularity of this tool of marketing is that the company does not directly involve in campaigns. Moreover, celebrities also don't necessarily participate. Then who run the campaign? Do you have the same question? Here is the answer to your queries:

How does influencer marketing work social media (1)

Who is an influencer?
You can be the next! Anyone on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram or any other who has a good number of followers may be an influencer. Also called as social media influencers, these people spread the promotional messages of a company or a brand. They voice about new product launches, new offers, upcoming models, film launch, a particular person or simply anything for which they are paid. As an influencer is not a celebrity, people cannot easily decipher that the messages they are seeing are in fact the marketing messages. Thus, they share those and also participate in speaking for the brand. The marketing campaign becomes a success and the brand gets desired recognition.

How brands approach the influencers?
Well, it depends on the brand name. Big brands have their own PR cell while the younger ones depend on different ad agencies. An influencer is sourced by the brand or the brand's agency through the influencer finding tool. The person who seems fit for the campaign is picked for a call or email (whatsoever is available as the contact information on the profile). The amount is fixed per tweet/post or blog post. The campaign details are sent to the influencer.

Does influencer marketing really work?
I will say YES! I have been observing the works of branding agencies for sometimes and I know the insiders. Not only brands, even celebrity individuals do influencer marketing to keep their image in the spotlight. And this social media influencer marketing is already becoming the next big thing in digital promotion.

So, can I make money? Really?
Of course! Go ahead and make money! Create your social profiles if you don't yet have and start gaining followers. Once you come in the eyes of agencies, you will be regularly contacted by them for several campaigns a month. Eventually, you can also become a 'celebrity influencer' some day!

Mehbooba Mufti Meets Narendra Modi

Jammu & Kashmir must have a government very soon! After the sad demise of J & K's former chief minister Mufti Sahab, the state is running without any government. The importance of a government in Kashmir valley can be understood in the light of a phrase that 'J & K is the paradise on the earth'. How long can you let the paradise go without any governance? Today's meeting of Mehbooba Mufti and the honourable prime minister Narendra Modi has ignited the hopes of a government, the alliance of BJP+PDP, back in J & K.
The meeting of PM and would be CM was hung in a quandary for the past 48 hours and ultimately saw the light of reality. Monday afternoon, Ms. Mufti reached Delhi via a flight from the Kashmir valley. While media reports hyper it with 'eagerness of BJP' or whatsoever, the formation of the government is the major aim of BJP. The governer's rule in J & K since January 7, the death of Mufti Sahab, has many a time seen the want of a government. We all know that Kashmir is on a constant attack of terrorists and in-house separatists' terror. Therefore, we should hope that a conclusion comes out of this meeting between Modi and Ms Mufti.
After this meeting, another meeting of all the MLAs from PDP will take place on March 24. That meeting is said to be the decider of this dilemma. Wait & watch is said to be the best of the actions. The deadlock will get an answer after that meeting only. (Source)

Monday, 21 March 2016

The Incessant Conflict

70 Years have gone by since the day the Indian Subcontinent turned into two countries. Since then, blood has been shed multiple times, curses - even bullets have flown past and over borders piercing through the souls of innocent beings  and soldiers, some merely obeying orders and others just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. There are hearts that still reek of hate, perpetuating a hatred that has taken lives of hundreds over the course of these 70 Years.

I put pen to paper today because I feel not the ‘want’ to do so, but the see the evident ‘need’ to do so.

Unlike quite a few, I believe not in politics to be a criminal field. Rather, I believe in it as a noble profession for those willing to devout their lives to the service of other living beings. Unfortunately, “corrupt leaders” have brought a bad name to this noble pursuit. Nonetheless, I shall not be a criminal myself and hence, take equal blame, for it is said that the worst of leaders are only revealed on the worst of nations and I am certain that we have had made some mistakes that have resulted in this adversity. We must amend them as soon as possible otherwise the consequences of this prolonged era of poor leadership will lead us astray.

This fire that still exists between Pakistan and India has quite a few origins but one of the things that still largely fuel it is the stigma created by politicians, militants, conspirers and specially propaganda groups. They dig deep into the roots of the society and sow seeds of hate, violence and absolute despise for one another into one one another. All of this, only for their own, personal, gains.

As citizens of both countries, it is a moral obligation for us to not be indoctrinated by such leaders and hence learn to understand and accept the differences that we have. We must accept the history that we have and then move forward.

The wars from 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 are testimony to the horrendous nature of this unending conflict that we have had. If we haven't still haven't learnt that we are headed down a path of astray and demise; we are indeed the ignorant.

I would love to repudiate the allegation of being biased, but to truth be penned; I am biased. I am biased towards seeing and achieving a better future for both countries. I am biased towards having a better future, yep; I am a cynic. I want my generation to have a better life than  the one the one's before me have had because frankly, they have seen too many bullets and mortar shells fly across borders and boundaries.

Hence, whichever side of the border you sit at, I implore you to reconsider the beliefs that have incessantly been indoctrinated and reaffirmed into your minds; we are not at war. Our leaders might want us to think that we have no right to love the soul that sits behind the platoon of rangers protecting the border but I beg to differ. We might be different by nationality, but unfortunate as it may be for many; we are humans. We are the same being.

Conclusively, we have just one need if we plan to get to a better position. We must break lose from these chains that inhibit the process of healing and then, make peace. Not only with those across the border, but ourselves too.

Bhagat Singh to Kanhaiya Kumar? Shashi Tharoor you wronged!

Shaheed to Propogandist? Bhagat Singh and Kanhaiya are no Match Mr. Tharoor!

Today's fashion statement is out! Are you feeling dull? Go to JNU and it'd give a shine to your political, film, writing or any kind of profession you are into. A month ago, only students at JNU used to do 'rajneeti' but since Rahul Gandhi visited the premises of Jawahar Lal Nehru University, it has become the 'akhara' of politics. Jail - bail - speech - media - whoo! A hero is born! I am not against the trend; I don't oppose anyone becoming an overnight hero; I have no problems with students of JNU sitting out in the lawns instead of the classroom. I don't have any problem at all if our money is being invested in those who use scholarships in their election campaigns. However, the recent controversial statement by an 'expert English speaker' of Congress party, Shashi Tharoor, in which he equated Shaheed e Azam Bhagat Singh with Kanhaiya Kumar has compelled me to voice my opinion. Mr. Tharoor, maybe you have good pronunciation skills that you can pronounce kanhaiya as 'kanaaia' but it does not give you the liberty to play with the icons of the nation.

A person who has affection for everyone; who always works for the welfare of others; who is ready to fight against the evil of any kind, can you compare him with Gandhi? You had problems when people compared Anna to Bapu. How could you compare this seasoned student leader who has seen more than 28 springs of his life to a martyr who died with a smile on his face for the sake of our nation? Bhagat Singh did not even see the 24th year of life culminating and today, your dear student at JNU who 'educate the country as well' is already on the verge of his twenties. Who knew Kanhaiya, dear Tharoor, a month ago? Why did people come to know about him? We all knew him because he instigated a 'nearly movement' against our nation. He abused our army; he said ill about the Indian system; he eulogized Afzal Guru, and what not did he do? Bhagat Singh was a phenomenon that happens only once in a lifetime. He was a one-man army who jolted the entire British empire in India. Even after being backed by people like you with entire congress brigade, Yechuri, some media houses, 'Kanaiya' is unable to render the emotions in Indians the way he wants. If a common person talks about him, this talk is full of disgust! You are comparing this person with the leader of the masses! Utterly wrong, Mr. Tharoor!

Moreover, you have chosen a completely wrong timing for your algebra equation. The day after tomorrow is the martyrdom day of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh. You have flamed the hearts of people like me with anger and shock mixed together - the result is coming out in the form of words that will surely attack your brazen 'farce'! What I call your statement is 'absurdity at its best!' I voice my opinion with the majority of Indians today who are demanding an apology from you.

Poetry Is Immortal Alas Invisible!

Time is slipping right underneath our feet,
“This moment”, its precious.
Dawn fades
Giving way for the stars to twinkle.

We wait impatiently
For an unborn tomorrow
While mourning over,
a dead yesterday
and In between we guiltlessly murder
a thriving today.
This cycle continues-
Once a hope
Later a victim.
Spreading the potion of anxiety everywhere.........

(BRAZEN- Copyright©2016 Radhika Menon N. All Rights Reserved)



"By paying tribute to the men and women whose only instrument is free speech, who imagine and act, UNESCO recognizes in poetry its value as a symbol of the human spirit’s creativity. By giving form and words to that which has none – such as the unfathomable beauty that surrounds us, the immense suffering and misery of the world – poetry contributes to the expansion of our common humanity, helping to increase its strength, solidarity and self-awareness."

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

Hence we celebrate world poetry day on 21march 2016 or is it just some of us who do? How many of us write poetry? Maybe 1/3rd or lesser than that. Well just tell me how many of us read poetry, and we’ll be in deep contemplation thinking that there’s thousand other things more important and time consuming than poetry . Then why should we waste time for poetry? Isn’t it too unproductive? A group of words that preach philosophy which hardly make any sense in real life? Will it change our circumstance? Will it be a solution for our problems or will it give us enough entertainment that we forget our lives difficulties?

Questions like these will definitely cross your mind when you read poetry or hear about it. But on this world poetry day allow me to enlighten you a bit. Poetry is not simply some thick words that are grouped together. It is neither for the literature students to study and reflect nor for the elitist to recite on their formal occasions to show off their vastness of knowledge.

Poetry is not only what is written by philosophers but each of us who find solace in it. Yes solace which means comfort, comfort from what is happening around us and within us. It is for each of you or rather each of us who find it hard to fulfil everyone’s expectation, for each of us who sacrifice our happiness for that of others, for those of us who is fighting for an identity, whose love is forbidden and especially whose entire life is a compromise. Poetry is a voice for the voiceless, a balm for a bleeding soul, a tint of hope for the hopeless and many more. If there was no poetry then we would be scratching our emotions out on our very own skin.

The power of words is huge. It not only pass through your eyes and mind   but also your heart and soul. It gives happiness to a satisfied soul,  hope to a battered soul, confidence to a hopeless soul. In this world of reality when we run behind luxurious comforts, why is it  so difficult in finding sometime for yourself  and reflecting upon it in a paper? Why do we go in pursuit of happiness when it is lying within ourselves?

From the open windows of my room
I could hear the sad murmurings of lost souls
When darkness spreads
In fear they cry for comfort
As dawn breaks
Joyfully they wander in the wilderness
Seeking for their lost mates.

(Lostsouls -Copyright©2015 Radhika Menon N. All Rights Reserved)


Poetry can be written by any common man not only by Shakespeare, Frost and Wordsworth. It is not necessary that poems must contain such indigestible words whose meaning even the poet knows not. Poetry has no rules. It is not written rather it is an outpouring of a soul, whose deepest and darkest wounds need no treatment but recognition, whose happiness need an audience.

We don’t need to brood over what to write or how to write just take the pen in your hand and the rest your heart will do. The only point to be kept in mind is that don’t try to artifice any of your writing and it will lose its charm. So on this world poetry day let for once your soul get the chance to speak. And for those of you who loves writing,  let your writing be a life changer for others. For Pen is mightier than the sword. Happy writing folks!!!!


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Embrace your past because that is where you come from!

“Shadowed by the memory of betrayal and sexual violence she fell into the pit of destruction. She never tried to climb out rather sat there filling darkness in her memory”.

Human beings are fragile yet complex. We are fearless and afraid. We are selfless and selfish. We are everything we want to be and that which we don’t want to be. We are full of contradictions and beliefs. We try to suppress our past in order to visualize a perfect future. And that is when we commit the biggest mistake of our lives.

Past is like quicksand it gets hold of you when you are hardly aware and then it overtakes you. You sink in so deep into it that you believe it to be your present. Time isn’t a good healer as it is supposed to be and hence you need to embrace your past with all your heart because some things are worth it, including excruciation. Some scars don’t fade. If it doesn’t then why try, Let it be there as your medals. For it is meant to make you strong. Running away doesn’t change anything it is only a hindrance for your growth personally.

The more we try to forget and ignore our past it tries to fight back for its place because that is where you come from. Whatever we are today it is the product of whatever happened yesterday. If our past was blank will our future shine? No, because life is not about going with the flow because only dead fish go with the flow. Struggle is only the initial step to victory. Sometimes to win the war we need to undergo a lot of excruciation but everything is worth in the long run. Be inspired by your own struggle because a piece of charcoal if handled well under pressure turns into a diamond. Instead of pushing it into oblivion embrace it and then they themselves won’t haunt you anymore. Acceptance is a law for everything and everyone, therefore the more it is denied it comes back stronger like a boomerang.

Flashbacks are worth watching for they show your evolution. So cherish them.


When Protector Turns Abuser

“Dreams like shattered mirrors
Your words expose my nakedness
I tried to defend my very being
You held up your hand and silenced me.”[1]


Before coming to the issue of Marital Rape, allow me first to enunciate one simple fact that a rapist is regardless of birth, age, literacy/illiteracy, social strata, religious either or moral compunctions a rapist and not otherwise and should be treated so. I am no judge, but it requires no genius to discern that a rapist is no imbecile when he commits such a heinous crime neither is he insane so as to be ignorant of his actions and their resultant reactions.

Let us then come to the question of Indian law, which rules out the condition of marital rape except under such conditions, i.e. unless the girl is below 15 years old or if the wife is living separately and is raped then[2]. However, until now marital rape only exists in theory and has not been recognised as a serious crime. This has drawn considerable flak from human rights activists, feminists alike who are crying of foul play and are constantly advocating as to why it should be criminalized. Then, there is another section of the society who are against of passing such a law, which they perceive would jeopardise the institution of marriage and also open the gateway for embittered wives to settle scores with their husbands[3].

Before taking sides on this issue or rather taking sides at all with either of these opposite extremes, I’ll vouch for sexual abuse, instead of marital rape; since sexual abuse is no different than rape; only here your abuser or rapist, as you may call it, may be the one you are most intimate with and holds a strategic position in your life.

Not less than a decade ago, the Oprah Winfrey Show aired the plight of several housewives who were raped and battered by their husbands. Oprah also interviewed many abusers, who admitted they felt powerful and in control[4] when they raped, bashed and throttled their wives.

To this end, the Government of India passed Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005), which includes domestic and sexual abuse and calls for the law to intervene. However, this law merely plays prelude to a malady, as the minimum punishment for this offence if proved is only one year or a penalty of Rs.20000, if found to be guilty. It neither entails immediate arrest of the accused nor provides immediate shelter and relief to the victim concerned. It is only a civil law that covers protection issues of the woman, but not criminal penalization. What was initially set up to ensure speedy trial for cases within sixty days, as a matter of fact, sometimes ranges from six months to more than two years, as reported by the New Indian Express[5]. In India, it sourly dampens the morale of the victimized woman, who has to go from pillar to post to register her grievances and prosecute her abuser. At the least, she takes a divorce. But shouldn’t her offender be booked for the crime and the victim offered a promising restitution. The law in this regard, is still a passé and requires to be reviewed. More importantly, sexual offences such as these should be given grave importance and adjudged as such. Marriage is of value only when two people love and cherish each other and work towards preserving the sanctity of the institution; it is rubbish when it is used as a ground for abetting depraved crimes.


Additional References

NCADVs 16 th National Conference on Domestic Violence Preserving Our Roots While Looking to the Future Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: The Hidden Dimension.


[1] Courageous Woman. Hidden Hurt: Domestic Abuse Information.

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