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Either in central politics or not, Modi was always the subject of discussion after 2000. He is known for his speeches, but his works speak louder than that. When he was in Gujrat, state had to face some natural disasters and one could not imagine that Gujarat would stand once again. After these disasters and troubles in 2002, Modi had to face flak from the opposition and pressure was building on Modi to quit. However, after winning the election of 2002, Modi’s vision was shifted to economic development of Gujrat. He launched the programme of vibrant Gujrat. He attended meetings with business persons and started to rebuild the development process of Gujrat. And the result – we all have witnessed. The Gujarat Model was in itself an election agenda for the BJP and we just cannot deny it that Gujarat has indeed developed!

Coming to the national politics, he was elected the prime minister of India in 2014. His indication towards shaping the Indian economy and push it towards a path forward can be easily seen from the first month since he assumed office. Here is list of the key achievements of Narendra Modi in the terms of the country’s economic growth:

  1. Jan-Dhan Yojana: The announcement of this yojana was made on the 15th of August 2014, and it was launched by prime minister of India on 28th august 2014. This is regarded one of the greatest work in the field of financial inclusion in the history of India. And not only India, the plan has been appreciated across the globe because of its execution on a wide scale. A country where half of its population did not have the facility of bank account, one can easily imagine what was happening in the name of development and ‘garibi hatao’ yojanas! Some economists also argued that India was on the path of development and this can make anyone annoyed who understands a little bit of economics. Now, about the yojana, executed by financial services and undertaken by the ministry of finance, on the inauguration day, 1.5 crore bank accounts were opened under this scheme. Guinness World Records recognised the achievements made under PMJDY. By 1 June 2016, 22 crore accounts were opened under this scheme and ₹ 384.11 billion were deposited in those accounts. Thus, on two visible fronts, this policy was a huge success – in the terms of the numbers of accounts opened and also in the terms of the money deposited in the banks. This was considered, and actually was, for the people who could open their accounts without a single rupee. However, the deposits were remarkable and it shows how eager the people without a single bank account in the family were to come under the benefits of banking services.

  2. Make in India: It is one of the greatest initiatives taken by the Indian government to facilitate investment in India. It was launched by PM Modi on 25th September 2014. The major objective is making India the greatest destination for the production and investment. The results of this initiative are favourable for the Indian government. In 2015, India was the top destination globally for foreign direct investment, surpassing the United States of America as well as China. India received a total of US$ 63 billion in FDI. Responses are also favourable for India as Spice, Samsung, Xiaomi, Hitachi, Huawei, and many IT giants established their new production units in the different states of India. Anyone with a basic knowledge of economics’ straight line rule can easily understand that new units will bring not only prosperity to India but also jobs for Indians! Thus, despite the Babbar Sher hallucination of Rahul Gandhi, India is aggressively moving towards a path of development in the production sector and we will surely do something big in the near future.

  3. Coal Block Auction: One of the black patches on the Congress regime was the auction of coal block. They robbed in daylight and looted our country. One of biggest scam in the Indian history was executed, and sadly botched, by the Congress government under the honest nose of Man Mohan Singh, the two times unfortunate prime minister of India. Modi government successfully did this auction two times without creating any buzz at all.

  4. Cooking Gas subsidy: The Rule of subsidies is simple – take taxes from rich and distribute it among poor in welfare projects. Unfortunately, rich are enjoying these schemes rather than the poor. Specially, sticking to the cooking gas, more than half of the Indian population do not have this facility. To strike down these types of long coming corrupt schemes, one needs a hard step. First, Modi government opened bank accounts of poor people under jan dhan yojana and then started giving subsidies directly to their bank accounts. Now, there is no chance for the middleman to do any illegal activity. In the beginning, government asked people to give up their subsidy voluntarily who could afford it. Now, there is no any provision for gas subsidy for the person earning more than 10 lakhs per annum. By this scheme, government has saved more than 35,000 crores. This money, in turn, are spent for poor families to give gas connections to them entirely free of cost. Such a mass movement in the cooking gas history in India was never to be seen despite so many rants of taking the welfare to the end user in the poor Dalit houses where the Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi spends nights and enjoys food time to time. I have seen the officials screaming to the top of their throat in the villages with the help of mics and vehicles and urging the poor to bring gas connection home. Do you see this scheme working? Well, I see.

  5. Rural Electrification: The marrow point in the accumulating agenda of the government is welfare of the poor. These types of steps show a strong determination about completing the tasks what have been promised. Government made a promise to the poor villages that they will provide electricity to 18,452 villages in 1,000 days. These villages have not seen a yellow burning bulb in their life time. According to the data provided and verified officially, 11,478 villages have already been electrified as of now. I have spent almost 18 years of my life at a place called Parwalpur. I remember very well that the person called Nandan Gop who used to deliver milk to our family early in the morning, lived at Nehua Par (officially Nehusa), a rural or rather remote village which has not seen electricity since the independence. It is only sarcasm and nothing else when Sonia Gandhi talks of development and policies of the Congress in her rallies! Thanks to NaMo that Nandan has also the opportunity to see the electric bulb hanging with the help of a nail in his house built with the soil of ‘undeveloped and undelivered’ Indira Awas yojana! This type of real incident shows commitment to the poor and about their grieves.

  6. Skill India: This is one of the greatest schemes launched by Indian government on 16th July 2015 by the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. The aim of this campaign is to train 400 million youths in the whole country, to meet the needed qualities to get a job or run their own business. Moreover, responses are great that government has receiving from around the globe. On 12 February 2016, Oracle announced that it will build a new 2.8 million square ft. campus in Bengaluru, which will be the largest branch outside of its headquarters in redwood Shore, California. Oracle academy will launch an initiative to train more than half a million students each year to develop computer skills by expanding its partnership to 2,700 institutions in India from 1,700 at present. The major nature of Indian unemployment is cyclical and frictional. Cyclical unemployment is due to economic fluctuations but frictional unemployment is due to us. Recent survey shown by Zee News, more than 70% of our graduates cannot prove their educational qualification when the situation demands so. So, a new introduction of new technology can create a mass unemployment in India. However, if this programme achieves its targets in upcoming years, surely youths will get the employment. The current scenario, as on the ground, is that the program itself has created employment for the trained youths who are providing training to the untrained ones. And then, the after-training conditions are also very enthusiastically welcoming for the unemployed youths of the country.

Demonetisation: The hardest step taken by a government in the Indian History after independence. Now, old notes of 500 and 1000 are no longer legal tender, Government has introduced new notes of 500 and 2000. This step is taken to overcome certain vices in the society. Mainly, black money and counterfeit currency. By this step, government has accumulated more than 800 crores black in 50 days and counting. Of course, it is just a little step to eliminate the patch of black money from India. But, it is just a beginning, many more hard steps are to come in upcoming years. Only this reason that it is a little step cannot shut the mouth of an ordinary Indian to praise government. Once the move was announced by Narendra Modi on 8 November 2016, 8:00 PM, it is very surprising to see that the parties like AAP and leaders like Kejriwal who sprang on the shoulders or Anna and claimed to base their entire politics as a movement against black money and corruption in Indian politics, are opposing the brave stand taken by the NDA government, led by Modi and BJP. Yes, we could not anticipate any support from the Congress and Rahul. Mamta Banerjee has also loosened her cards bare after the demonetisation move and exposed her agendas. To me, as an ordinary citizen of India, as well as for Virat Kohli and also the jumbo of Indian Cricket, Anila da, the move is the bravest and the best yet ever seen in our lives! What else does one need? In a single master stroke, Modi has removed the wide gap between Laloo and a poor man! The question of common minimum wage is answered but in reality it is not practised. Because, producers are doing their business in cash, so, they can easily manage two sheets one for government and another for themselves. Heading towards cashless economy after demonetisation will solve the problem of common minimum wage. All the industrialists are bound to pay the wages of the labours directly in their bank account. So, there will be no any scope of misleading the government.


This is the economic history of Modism in my view, as I am an independent person. Government has introduced small steps but enough to create fresh environment for all round economic development. Previous government was known for the government of scams, expect the concept of NAREGA not the functioning of NAREGA. This government is sharply focused and keenly interested in the upliftment of the weaker section of society.

Friday, 23 December 2016

The Mind Game by Devika Das | Book Review at ILN

There have been many books which claim to keep you motivated and charged to take up the challenges thrown to you in your life. Yes, you must be remembering the classics of the motivational books - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Success etc. And those books are good, no doubt. However, when we look back and check our 'own baskets' we find either very few of just too much. Motivational authors in India easily tend to follow the trail and so 'something like them' forgetting that people in India want things in easier ways. Luckily, we have some of them who understand what Indian readers need in the terms of motivation and inspiration for the life! The Mind Game by Devika Das is one of the motivational books that lets you know things the way you need to know; it's for every section of readers. Let me try to unfold it further for you.

In a chapter entitled 'Failure to Master Your Emotions,' Devika writes about the adverse effects that suppressing one's emotions can bring. Unlike what others could do, she has put the chapter considerably short and to the facts. And the best part I thought was the conclusion; you can read it yourself and judge:

"For instance, you cannot cry if you receive negative feedback during job interviews. However, the main thing is to find suitable [a] opportunity to vent out those negative feelings in a safe and healthy way."

Now, what I see is that it's the best way to tell the thing that she has told! Words are simple and message is rather direct than a scholarly tint attached to it. You cannot keep negative feelings inside you for long as it might harm your progress.

Devika Das, the author, has divided her book The Mind Game in different sections and further discussed important issues of the life in sub-sections which are wonderful. You can either read what you want or just go through the book thoroughly. This book is not aimed at a certain age-group of people or those who are professionals. This book can be equally enjoyed by persons from different sections. Students can take out the suggestions to keep themselves focused as well as professionals working in big firms also need focus in their jobs! Elderly people can understand by reading this book what are they missing in order to combat stress in life. Likewise, people worried about their relationships can take help of the sections in the book to maintain a healthy relationship with their relatives.

Nevertheless, as we all know that today's world is the world of professionalism and rapid-moving technology. As we are a country of youths, they stand often at the receiving end. Most of the difficulties in modern life are faced at our workplaces. Devika has done a wonderful job in presenting the description of the kinds of problems faced in a work environment and also how to fight those successfully. A Happy Workplace - The Secret to a Long, Successful Career is the section that will help young people tremendously! She has rightly pointed out at the very beginning:

"In the modern context, we spend half of our lives at the workplace."

He message is clear enough that we need to keep the another part of our life jolly-jolly! And believe me, you will love the way she has dealt with the section; surely, The Mind Game, as a book, will be helpful for the younger generation of readers who are working professionals.

At the end, while the time to conclude comes, I must say two things. First is that you must read this book if you want to know the common 'how to do' 'when this happens' in the terms of your life. The second thing is that if you want to get another opinion on what a successful life is and how to achieve, you must go through this book. Let me tell you that this is one the best non-fiction books that I have read recently, and you can believe me as I am a reader-at-large! Happy Reading folks and wish you all a good year! Keep rocking!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Time to call out Islamic Terror in the world!

Allahu Akbar….. filler Allahu Akbar ….

I don’t think we need the fundamentals of Rocket Science to decrypt this message. It’s not encrypted as well; it’s a public knowledge now that terrorists are using the garb of a religion to continue their activities keep harming the civil society. How much our ‘secular media’ might try to hide the truth but it comes open. ‘Islamic Terrorism’ is as much a truth as much is it that the USA has largely contributed in making terrorism a havoc for the world. Obama has no face left to hide and that’s why we have witnessed the loss of Clinton in the recently concluded presidential elections in the United States of America. Now the question is – why the Western media as well as Indian and Asian media silent? Why are our journalists displaying a selective approach while reporting terrorism? Indeed, the argument that terrorism has no religion stands all valid; nevertheless, terrorists are prepared or in better word, routed ‘via Islamic preaching’ cannot be denied as well!

A person kills another person; the killer is special squad’s member and the deceased was an ambassador. Both the persons involved in the unfortunate event were important. The only difference that separated the both was that one was Islamic fanatic and another was yet another victim! How long will it take to acknowledge that there are the people in the world who are serving a cooked up version of the religion Islam to the youths? How long shall we wait to recognize that nations like Pakistan are officially sponsoring terrorism? How many more lives are to be sacrificed on the altar of secular approach towards terrorism?

ISIS – ‘Islamic’ State of Iraq and Syria. Please read the quoted word carefully; there is none else but the terrorists themselves are associating their butchery with the religion. This calls for the religious preachers of the religion targeted to come to the fore and collectively denounce the acts like one happened yesterday. However, it’s very disappointing to learn that some of the religious leaders as well use their following among the masses to legitimise the terror activities. Even more surprising at times, some of them, like Zakir Naik, actually inspire people to indulge in Jihad!

Coming to India, here, we have no dearth at all of the people who are ready now and again to sympathize with the terrorists. Themselves, they bring the religious angle when terrorists are encountered; when they are sentenced to death or even when they are taken into custody. Not only this, young students at certain educational institutions swear to carry on with the work left ‘undone’ by the terrorists like Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru. Wow! What else the terrorists (Mujahids) would need? Free publicity and intellectual fielding are the things that they would dream… How can we hope for a better tomorrow amid all this?

Friends, we need to wake up and first of all acknowledge the danger at hand. We all agree that there is no religion of terror; and then, when one is killed or hanged, please don’t shout foul and raise slogans under the garb of a religion. If they can butcher humanity, then, to save, we will need to have the heart to butcher them even severely than they could imagine!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Demonetization & Cashless India? I'm Hopeful; are you? #ILNopinion

It has become a fashion for some news channels in India and also for the opposition to oppose the policies made by the ruling party; yes, for the sake of 'opposing' it and letting the people know 'yes, we are active in politics, not politically dead yet'. Remember, I am talking about the political parties in toto. I am not including any specific or excluding any particular; I am being truly unbiased like Rabish is in the Hindi journalism. Then, as the Congress in India don't allow anyone to talk about the country as they have not fought for its independence, we youths, at least, should be pardoned with rights to talk about our country's policies. Yes, Rahul ji, because we are born in a free India like you (surely not of rich parents like yours), we must have the right to discuss matters of public interest in the public as well as on digital platforms. The Congress people should not allege that all those who are pro-government are the paid trolls of the BJP.

Now coming to the point, we have been dealing with this demonetization for more than 40 days now. To be more specific, 42 days have passed. Are you in trouble? Is he in trouble? Are they in a panic? Is she crying? Are they dead? Except on the social media and mainstream media, on the ground, I did not find any of such adverse incidents (or accidents). I am living in a suburb now and we have at least 50 bank branches. All of those were functioning smoothly right from the day one of the working days when after 'notebandi' bank started again. Yes, there were lines, longer ones and there are lines too, much shorter now. ATMs were functioning so far so good; some of those were not operational and some of those operated thoroughly. The market was a little slow to catch pace in the early days and now, if you come and see, you will see that it has been smooth and flowing once again! 30 percent of the shops were receiving digital payments and now it has almost gone to 40% and it'd increase with the passing days.

Yes, the most anticipated question - are people happy? I am happy; my family is happy; people around me are happy! Who is sad? Who is worried? I will tell you. Few of the practicing doctors have been caught red-handed trying to convert their black money into white (pink) by several means. Few of the fat-shop owners were frustrated. Moreover, there were also the college and university officials who were worried because of this sudden strike. One of the wardens of a university in Bihar was also worried for his accumulated wealth. You'd be surprised to know that a warden who earns 30 thousand a month had 3 SUVs and at least 4-5 buildings! And there is no worry at all if he gets worried about this decision by PM Modi; in fact, he must be (and everyone like him) worried. The top most person in my state - Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar is happy and has been echoing his agreement with the decision of the PM since the day one.


Yet another question of importance is where are we heading now? Will there ever be a cashless economy in India? Can we even make our country a less-cash economy? The answer is YES; we can surely become a less-cash economy and then a lesser-cash economy and then eventually a cash-less economy. This is, never, never, going to be easy, however. Nevertheless, when India became independent, the world did never assume that we could even manage on our own for a decade! Most of the Congressmen would remember that very well as they have ruled the country in those early years. I am very surprised as well as amused when economists and intellectuals omit their harassing outputs daily in the newspapers and also on the electronic media. This Sunday only, I read almost a comedian saying that India can never become a cashless country. 'Never' is a word that has always been the strongest defence of the people with a regressive mindset; I believe that and I hope most of the readers would stand up behind me in an agreement. Not a recent, rather an old study conducted by MasterCard back in 2013 reveals very progressive facts and I request you all to study it closely. Here is the link:


You must have found that in the year 2011, out of $ 63 trillion total spends by the consumers across the world, 66%, that is, $ 44 trillion was made by digital mediums! Rest you must have studied in the report itself. Before 1991 (when the 'long run' started in India) we did never imagine that laptops, tablets and i-pads will replace the long pile of files in our banks and government offices - we have done it. This is the country with a great population of youth and the next 3-4 decades are going to be ours! This is the opportunity for us to make our country clean, not only physically, but also clean the mess that we have made of our system. We are already purchasing from Amazon and Flipkart. Why not become completely digital? Yes, WE CAN!


And the political connotations may be many. I am not falling for that horse race. However, I will take the liberty and praise our PM Narendra Modi for his bold decision which the so-called iron lady Indira Gandhi could not make. She feared her elections and Modi cares for the country's future. Let's make India cashless; let's build our future great!

The Allegorical Expedition | Book Review | #ILN_Books

It was not an exceptional case only until I got passed some of the pages of The Allegorical Expedition, a novel written by P Satyadeep. He is a debutant and the choice of his theme rather surprised me at first instance; you can go ahead and try and I do hope that surprise will be equally impressive for you too!

In a quick-flash way, if I tell you, the novel is about a successful movie director who wishes to explore such a theme which is genuine and at the same time, untouched, different than the rush. To pursue the same desire of him, and also being frustrated by the anticipations, expectations and boredom in the day-to-day life, SJ, the protagonist, sets out for an expedition to the places far and remote. He finds so many people and reaches so many places; he interacts with different kinds of personalities; he explores the regions unknown; he finds solace in studying and revisiting the mythological texts and thus, he reaches the theme for his movie that he was seeking so earnestly. Moreover, he does not only get the plot and theme of a movie, he also understands the realities of life in the same course! And this is the novel that you would like so much to read once you start with it.

Where is the Allegory? Anyone who sees the title of the book might ask this question the very next moment. The allegory in the novel The Allegorical Expedition is quite evident in the pages. Have a look at the chapter titles and read the ones you like - you will easily find two layers of the text throughout... indeed, such a kind of textual maturity from the first time novelist was a pleasant surprise to me. I have really appreciated the theme selection of P Satyadeep who has decided to something different than what the usual novelists in India are doing. I would like to draw the attention of my readers towards a work by Larry Woiwode - Beyond the Bedroom Walls. I hope you can easily understand what I mean by this allusion - and if not, let me tell you that for the artists and creative persons, there are many things beyond the bedroom walls! I have seen one - P Satyadeep, getting out of the walls in the very first attempt. I hope that his effort will motivate the future novelists, as the profession is very popular today, to do something different.

Reading folks, I will tell all of you that his work The Allegorical Expedition is a must read and you should try your reading senses on it. Grab a copy of the book and find yourself some happy hours and curious instincts reading it... happy reading!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

BJP MPs Directed by Modi to Disclose Their Bank Statements Between Nov 8 to Dec 31

And this is why people have started talking that Modi is the tallest leader of India post-independence! He has shown the way and I am pretty sure other parties won't ever dare to follow this path. Being often on the receiving end of the criticism and relentless allegations by political idiots like Arvind Kejriwal, NaMo has stood firm once again. The PM Narendra Modi has directed all his party's MPs and MLAs to disclose and present their bank statements between November 8 to December 31.

Post this nearly paradigm shift in Indian political parties history, it'd be interesting to see which way the camel sits now. The opposition parties which were already seen divided and confused over the issue have a new score to settle now. Politicians like Kejriwal, Mamta and Congress people have always been of the opinion that Modi has hinted his party's leaders, netas and even workers about the coming move. They have been alleging huge transactions in the accounts of BJP members. To end every movement of the pawns and other pieces, Modi has played a master move and check-mated the King!

The big question is - will other parties follow? The party like AAP which has been formulated only to make the national politics corruption free will be interesting to follow. What would be the next move of the opposition? While these questions are to be answered in the future, Narendra Modi has clearly proved that intentions of the leader are good. This is the political will and intent to do progressive politics in the nation which was lacking for decades in our country's mainstream 'rajneeti'. While we are all standing open-arms to welcome a new India, this move is going to be very significant for the dream that is settling now in the youths of the country. Let's follow the news as it is destined to bring many follow-backs with it.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Bharat Band Did NOTHING! Young India Impresses

Opinion MATTERS; opinions MATTER MUCH! Therefore, what we must do is give our opinions on the issues which are important. Just take a 'look around' and you will find in abundance the things that propel you to shout out loud. And how long you ignore this finding is all about your skill to ignore. People like me cannot ignore now; I am calling you out - come and face the heat and let them know that we are watching now! In a democracy, people's power is the power behind power and also the power ahead of power. And in Indian democracy, we, the people of India, the proud Indians, own the lion's share! How long this lion is willing to remain silent and caged? Hasn't the time come that we should let it roar now?

Whenever something happens that does not suit the narrative of a political party, they demand 'all India strike' or 'Bharat Band'. Is it so simple for them to shut India down for a day? Are Indians fool enough to let their lives halt for a day which is purely uncalled for? I don't think so; and fortunately, like many other instances in the past, the nation has replied to the political parties with clarity. Not playing into the hands of the netas, the Indians have given their opinion and we see, it MATTERS!

This Monday, November 28, 2016, will be remembered as a significant day in India's people's history. Now we are not the mere 'voting population of India' but we do have our opinions; accept it or we know how to get it accepted! This might not be termed as a paradigm shift in the way Indians react to the neta's calls; however, we do see a ray of hope. The youth population of the nation has come out of the 70 years' cult now. We are looking for future; we are willing to make an India which will harbour the ambition and dreams of the 70 percent young people of the country. And my dear friends, to make it happen, we do need the opinions.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Once on Remote Always on Remote: MMS in Rajya Sabha

If you ask me seriously, I never had anything more than 'just the diplomatic respect' for our former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Fortunately, he proved me right and justified today! The way he acted like a 'hired woofer' for congress' policy and regressive stand on black money in the Rajya Sabha was a treat to watch. Like a majority of the population of the country, I too did not get a chance to listen to MMS often (when did he speak by the way?). Scams after scams happened under his nose and he kept mum or kept answering the questions on Sachin Tendulkar's hundreds. However, listening to a 'great & foreign educated economist' taking a factually wrong stand on a revolutionary move by the current government was something that the country did not expect! Manmohan Singh could do better today; it was a chance in a lifetime for him to earn respect but he failed.

An economist-cum-PM of the nation who was surprisingly prudent and looking towards future when he opened the gates of investment in India in 1991, quoted Keynes in a possible malicious manner today. I think his 'getting older' mind has stopped working fastly and aligning with his speeches. He questioned RBI; he questioned PM; he raised the question on the intent of the government's move with a testimony of 'organized loot'. Is congress so desperate? And what did the opposition think when they shouted and thumped the desk like a beast thumps its breast? Are the words of a failed prime minister the gospels of economics? Will a 'dishonest and looter of the nation PM' teach us what should we do?

I am in no mood to count again which scams and of what magnitude happened when MMS was in power. I am just shocked to witness what I did witness in RS today. I really hoped something constructive and useful from the so-called economist. Perhaps it was only my delusion that the battery of 'an old remote control' has dried. Unfortunately, Man Mohan Singh still operates on the remote control which still has a pair of 'made in Italy' battery on its back. And with the help of 2G scam, the validity of this remote control has been pulled to a 'life-time'.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Kejriwal Doing Social Media Rumour-mongering! Caught

This side of the deciding line, people are hopeful and preparing themselves to witness the change that's to come after the historic demonetisation move. However, that side of the line, apparently, flooded with the people who are really worried about their (hidden or otherwise) black money, is not happy with the move that Modi government in the centre has taken. Since 8.00PM, 8th of the November 2016, Kejriwal and Co. is seen frustrated, panic-struck and clearly deluded. I will be blunt - what's the reason that even after being kicked from many places where he goes to peddle his lies, he continues to oppose the move of Narendra Modi? Is it for the sake of ego (which he is confused to have)?

This day was a day full of social media chaos as Kejriwal landed himself in a problem. He retweeted a tweet which showed a picture of the youth who was believed of 'hanging himself because he could not exchange his old currency in the bank'. However, the twitter users very soon found the truth - the youth was a thief and entered the bank with an intention to rob it. Being surrounded by the police and seeing no chance to escape, he hanged himself in frustration. SO, Mr. Kejriwal, do you endorse robbery? The person who has tweeted this morphed news, like the thief, deleted his account and vanished from twitter.

Now this is serious; this is the dirtiest level of politics being played in the country and no other than Kejriwal could do it better. Mark my words, a generation coming after us will 'abuse' this person called Kejriwal for his regressive stands on the issues of national interest. You are so keen in passing your comments, ain't it, Kejriwal? Well, please share your views on Triple Talaq; share your views on Kashmir issue; share your views on Indo-China ties; share your views on what should we do with Pakistan and also on whether the national and state elections should go together. If you want to do politics, please keep you standard 'gradable'. DO remember that people of this country don't watch 'degraded' movies!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ghulam Nabi Azad Makes Deplorable Remark on Uri Martyrs in Rajya Sabha

Are opposition parties in India only for the sake of being 'opposition'? Constructive and progressive are the two terms that Indian politics should have embraced from the lexicon of political science. However, if you have watched the proceedings of upper and lower houses of Indian parliament today, you must not be surprised at all. This is a usual drama that goes on at the expense of our hard-earned money. We are but the mute witness of this 'holika' which is provided for their entertainment every day during the different sessions of parliament to burn a huge amount of money. Don't worry India, Congress was there to get your country 'independent' and rule it like the dynasts. BJP came to challenge them and other parties have also done 'this or that thing' and they deserve to enjoy the luxury of burning the economy of our country every day in the parliament. They have all the rights to shout like children do during the school debate. They have the right to equate our jawans' martyrdom with the 'alleged line-deaths' and also give clean chits to Pakistani terror operand. On a whole, it's disgusting; it's shameful; it's utterly condemnable! How could Ghulam Nabi Azad have such an audacity to show his 'true colours' and his parties core agenda so open?

Since the Uri attack and the follow-up by brave Indian jawans with the surgical attack, Congress party cannot hide its frustration (for some reasons well-known to the nation). However, bringing those views in public, that also from the floor of Rajya Sabha and that too by none the less than the leader of opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad... that's so desperate an attempt to give a clean chit to the rogue nation Pakistan!

Ghulam Nabi Azad, under the garb of alleged deaths due to the note-ban, has directly attacked the Indian army. Once again, Congress has put its opinion forth to the nation that 'WE DON'T CARE AT ALL FOR OUR ARMED FORCES'. And the nation should see it coming from the party which is not ready to give the credit of independence even to the martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Ajad and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. To me, it did not come as a shock because I know where does the Congress party stand. However, it did have an element of surprise that it comes so early.

This very apathy for the army personnel and the national sentiment has caused the party to become an 'ineligible' opposition due to lack of required number of seats in the election. We have to wait and watch what the future of the party is in the coming elections with such heightened display of senselessness and absurdity and also inhumanity.

Kejriwal's Bluff Caught? #Demonetisation debate

There might be more than 50 shades of grey and a million more of the white and black, but when it comes to 'shed' the black, you will always find the CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal at work with all his installations carrying the flag 'against the national swing'. We have seen it in the time of Lok Sabha elections in 2014. We have also been through it during the after-effects of Surgical Strikes in India and recently, we are going through this show once again while the nation is ready for 'radical changes' against black money. Kejriwal is the CM of Delhi and I think this is the most unfortunate thing ever happened in the politics of India. This person will butt-in in any possible thing he wants but will never care for his state, which is, more unfortunately, also the capital of the country.

Today, he is meeting the businessmen of Azadpur Mandi in New Delhi. He will spit venom against the courageous move taken by the PM Narendra Modi of demonetising the 500 & 1000 notes in India. There are some troubles but the country, in most of its colours, is going with the move. There are some politicians who are opposing it for the sake of keeping their politics alive and some are seriously 'offended' by this move which will surely hurt those who own 'more than they earn'. Now the question is, why is this person called Kejriwal opposing this historic move? Is he a culprit? Has he got black money? Is he a defaulter? Is he indulged in Hawala scams? Does his party, the AAP, indulge in cash scams? It's ironic that this person entered the national politics riding the wagon of 'cleaning the politics and nation of black money and corruption'. When the time has come, he is opposing it. Most of the countrymen are unable to veer through this transition - sadhu to shaitaan.

Understanding Kejri's politics is tough for some while so easy for the other side. He is against the national awareness; if you ask me why, I got the answer. Today, children and elders, young and the old, school boy or college girl, and to put it simply, the entire nation is talking about what the black money is... they are collecting information and interpreting it to know the root. Kejriwal came into power by doing his promises to those 'less-to-do-with-politics' people and showed them the dream of a 'corruption and black-money-free' nation. Today, people has come to know what the corruption's root is and how it's being uprooted by a leader in power. So, what do you see? People have caught Kejri's bluff and now they are thoroughly rejecting his regressive and shameful politics which directly connotes only one thing - he is against the national welfare! The most fortunate thing is, Indians know how to deal with his kind of politicians... let's hope for the best!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Like it or not - I am your President! #Trump pays it off!

America, let's settle for a two president theory! Can you? In my life, it's the first time that I am seeing so much of protest on the roads and so much of 'hatred' for a single creature called 'Trump'. He was bashed; he was abused; he had so many names during the elections; he was a butt of controversy... no doubt! Indeed, he is a kind of person who might have come to the power in the USA by foul means - but, this is the beauty of a democracy, isn't it? The voters decide who is going to be the person to lead them. And once they have done so, accepted Trump and rejected Hillary, what is it that the people running in the streets cannot digest? Before you decide, there are so many layers in this presidential story and you have to take into consideration each one of those to drive your ideas to a logical conclusion.

There is no doubt that the president-elect of the superpower of this world - USA, isn't a person of that kind who can be liked unanimously. There will always be only a section of people who will stand with him and if I may say, it is the very thing that qualifies the power of a two-party or even a multi-party democracy. If there is only one person and everyone is supposed to like that 'one' you can say that democracy in that part of the world is in danger - North Korea.

Somehow, the liberal people, who have taken it for granted that Hillary is going to be the first woman president of the USA, were so confident that they wrote off the candidature of Trump entirely. Behind them, was standing the media of the USA and also the international media got their back. There was only one motive of every news anchor it seemed, let the world know how 'fool' a person Trump is and how wise the 'Madame president' will be for the nation. And what did Trump do? He carried on with his efforts and campaigns. He went in the areas where the 'elite' steps feared to land. Undoubtedly, Trump is, was, and possibly will be blunt and candid. Hillary, to woo the world and voters, managed to find a place for every possible quotient of the electoral formalities. She was never clear on ISIS; she was never clear on terrorism; she was never ready to subscribe that yes, there is a role of hardcore islam in terrorism... and people were well aware that 'she' has been in power for 10 years already and what she did on these fronts was NOTHING!

Thus, this political election went entirely incorrect on the political measures. Trump took the mood of the voters which was against the institution and establishment. He gave the mood of the voters a ride on his clever speeches (which might be termed in so many terms). Voters banked on his whims and thought him to be the only person appropriate for the moment and thus we all know what happened on another 9/11... You like it or not - Donald Trump is the new president of the USA!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

On a journey - The Allegorical Expedition!

Why do you travel? If someone asks this question to you, the reply that would occur will be something like – to enjoy life, to learn new things, to burn my cash, to make new friends, just to hangout and things like this… however, what about an expedition which is ‘allegorical’? Well, it seems like a fancy idea but for the author of a new book – The Allegorical Expedition, P Satyadeep, this idea means too much!

P Satyadeep, the author, who is also an HR professional, has written a wonderful book entitled The Allegorical Expedition. The story of a movie director and his journey (rather wandering) is the soul of this book and which eventually becomes an allegorical expedition for the readers as well. To the end, you are going to enjoy this book and find many peculiar things you might have never known.

The world which we have lost; the world which has been left far far behind for a new one we have made a ‘weak new world’ of sex, racism, modernism, cheap stories… that world seems coming back in the book. It felt good coming across the descriptions of ghats in Varanasi, ashrams, cultural landscapes and so many things that will give you a kind of relief… you simply cannot miss this wonderful book by P Satyadeep I bet you!

I was not at all hoping that an author in this age would ever bother to write about Devikundam! However, he has done it! Reading about the things which we have only known in mythologies and learning more about them through modern authors gives us a kind of satisfaction that the usual table stories cannot!

Yes, there is a magic in the realms which we don’t generally bother to explore. That magic needs to be unfolded and presented to world, and seeing the things happening, gives me a hope. Themes and plots, ideas and impetus, there are many things wrapped with our ancient marks. One needs to go ahead and untie the things and P Satyadeep has taken the courage to be on this ‘allegorical expedition’.

You can buy the book here:

Wednesday, 9 November 2016



A stunning victory for Donald Trump, he won the US presidential election early this morning with a tough competitor Hillary Clinton. Once a democratic now a republican, once a capitalist now a politician and won presidential elections, Donald John Trump is elected the 45th president of the United States after an extraordinary tough and long campaign.

He faced all the defamation on him successfully. In his first speech after winning the elections He said, I‘ll be president for all of America and asked to come together as one united people of America.

He called for the unity of America and asked for the support of people who voted against him which shows a new diplomatic and political character in him. He also said No dream is too big, no challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.

He also sends a message to the global community of cooperation and mutual development. He said to the world, we will get along with all other nations willing to get along with us. We will be. We will have great relationships. We expect to have great, great relationships. I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America's interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone. All people and all other nations, we will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict.

America voted for the change they wanted. America is a capitalist country and now a capitalist trump has won the elections. Now the actual task for trump has begun. Will this elections be a new rise for America, Will he be able to complete his promises, will he be able to make the America great again as he said in his campaign?



America is a capitalist country, for many years American election have been fought on the capitalist money. In recent elections a politician Hillary is against a capitalist Trump. It will be a great election.

A capitalist understand the importance of working group (skilled and unskilled workers) which provide the man power to their capital and also understand the importance of middle class which functions as the larger part of consumer for their products. The ideology of a capitalist is to multiply money, earn profit and invest it again.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton having a political experience and having a political ethics; identify and recognize the social & racial issues.

The question is not about the individual character, but the question is about the USA and the type of new future it wants. Does USA want more economically enhanced USA or it wants more politically correct USA?

The results of this election will affect the whole world and affect the process of globalization. Let’s see what USA wants for itself and the world.

Friday, 4 November 2016

NDTV banned for a day: STRONG message - don't play with National Security!

Way to go, liberals! Really, it has become a fashion among the intellectuals of this great democracy to attribute even the spin of a coin to one and only - Modi ji sabse bade apradhi hain desh ke! Well, dear leftist and communist and marxist and anti-national friends, Modi ji, is the current prime minister of India and the same democracy has elected him DEMOCRATICALLY! You people have to digest this black stone that the left-fraternity could not stop him, and please, settle with this truth.


The single-day ban on NDTV is seen as, perhaps, the most heinous crime that Modi has committed. Sure, it's a democracy and questions will be raised on the steps taken by any institution, whether it's a school or the PMO. However, are these ultra-leftist people taking the cognition of the things in order? Has this 'lighter-ban' on a channel like NDTV come out of the blue? And the most important of all, is this the first time that a channel is going off-air in India because of a penalty? (penalty for the violation of terms)


My dear comrades (well, I don't like you people so much, just a way of addressing), I will tell you a truth now which you will find too tough to bear.
"Between 2005 and 2013, when the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance was in power, as many as 20 channels were taken off air, mostly for flouting rules against showing adult content and nudity."

A place where we care so much about the 'freedom of expression' and free speech, as far as we can easily bypass the slogans like 'bharat ki barbadi' and make heroes out of the c-grade criminals, cannot we raise questions when a channel is banned just because of showing some adult content? No, this is a nation which seems to be hijacked by Nehruvian and leftist ideologies! These people will protest if a government is mulling to ban blue films but they will keep quiet when a government bans a channel just on the charges of showing adult content - wow! the shameful duplicity!

The truth is that NDTV has been punished very rightly for the serious crime they have committed by compromising our national security. This channel has broadcasted serious information related to the operations by our army and also the Pathankot airbase. And jokes like Kejriwal and Junior Gandhi are ready to peddling lies once again. For those who cannot decipher what's going on, I will break the walls to bricks. Here is an example of dubious reporting friends:

Scenario: There is a building within our borders. This building is not properly protected and could be targeted by the Pakistani terrorists.

A channel (unbiased & neutral): The building near the XYZ border of India needs to be protected even more as it is important to reinforce the safety measures during the proxy war situations.

NDTV: You can see this building and decide yourself. There is not in-depth security on the gate number 5 and terrorists can easily breach through this gate and use the stairs to take control of the roof and execute their plans.

I hope you have an idea now why this channel has been taken through trial and why most of the viewers are against NDTV. That's why, I call for a celebration! No one has the right to play around with our national security just under the camouflage of freedom of speech!

Blood in the Paradise rocks the bookstores

The recent book by emerging author Madhav Mahidhar has taken the bookstores, online and offline, to a storm. Madhav has weaved a tale of an impossible murder and the story is so thrilling that readers just cannot ignore the book. Particularly, the readers who love reading the adventure, suspense and thriller novels, they just cannot miss this piece by Madhav. A completely modern in scenario and approach, Blood in the Paradise is a story which will keep the young readers captured as well as entertained until the end.

To ease the readers, here is an overview of the book written by Nidhi Sharma. It will make the readers understand why they must go through the book. Well, you can buy the book here:

Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar is a murder mystery filled with suspense, drama and action. It's a puzzle to be solved. The story revolves around three main characters and their own mission. They are Madhumitha Nandan, a courageous and determined lady, an honest, intelligent and focussed police officer and highly influencing Anupriya Gautam. It's really an impossible murder and readers get ready to solve The Puzzle.

The title itself tells a lot about what is inside the cover. But wait, before you start predicting there is much more than what is written on the back or what is conveyed through the title.

Yes, you guessed it right it’s a murder mystery. But it involves a lot of other labyrinth of emotions and elements that lead you to form a bond with Madhumitha, the heroine with her diary. Her entries become reader's own life.

The questions...Oh my God!!! The questions involve the reader so much that as if he or she has to answer them.

Single main thread of the story is the strong point of the story. A time bound diary events connect the reader to the character with intensity.

Feminism, a much spoken about and much sought after topic makes this novel all the worthier for all feminists. It has the required amount of content for them to read and understand the plight and condition of women as wives. Their sacrifice, their desires, goals, promises, commitments all take a back seat. Madhumitha in the story becomes so depressed that she resolves to end her life along with her "angels". The novel starts with the same note.

The story begins with the struggle of present, the battle of emotions and decisions. It moves on to the flash back of love ...then "cracks in love" leading to the break-up of relationship.

The story comes back to present leading one puzzle after the other. The interrogation and court case finally leading to the revelation of plot and eventually "The Verdict" and "The Confession".

For more read the novel. The mystery the tale of an impossible murder.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Indian Politics and a Jawan's Suicide! Shame on Rahul & Kejriwal & V. K. Singh!

Can anyone please remind me when did our beloved CM Kejriwal last visit the funeral of a martyr? Well, if you ask me, 'vultures' do hover around a dead body; and why do they gather, we all better know! It's a shame for the nation that an unfortunate suicide of a brave soldier who fought for the nation is being politicised, and not only by the novices like Rahul & Kejriwal but also by the veterans of Indian politics. I am surprised to find out that there is nothing left in our country now which can be left out of the mainstream politics... sad!

Gen. V. K. Singh, a man with first-hand experience of army life, should have exercised a little restraint when he, once again, put his party in danger and also a shame. It's shameful on his part to say that we should inquire into the mental condition of the deceased retired jawan. V. K. Singh should immediately apologise for his brazen remark and there is no other choice for him; also, the party should not come in support of such a hasty statement. There must an unequivocal criticism of his disgraceful remark on the suicide of the former army man.

Rahul Gandhi, it seems, has decided that his ultimate destination is the politics of issues which are sensitive and must not be politicised. We have seen his hurry in politicising dead bodies before - Dadri, Vemula, and also the shameful JNU incident. Rahul Gandhi will be found everywhere - except when a Jawan is martyred; when many of our brave soldiers are martyred in Uri; except when the nation is united against the cross-border terrorism. We can understand Rahul's state of mind, no doubt. He and his party have run out of issues and they keep on sneaking into the holes that they find.

I am not in a state to comment on the divine presence of Sri Arvind Kejriwal, today in Bhiwani and yesterday in Delhi's RML hospital. He was heard saying that 'ham sainikon ki hak ki ladai ladte hain' and 'ham sainikon ke liye rajniti karte hain'. Oh! Where was Kejriwal seen when the martyrs from the same state of Haryana were brought who fought bravely to defend our nation's border? There is no more to learn what is the standard of this man's politics. He is a lesser than D grade politician of India who can politicise almost anything!

What we expect is that PM and the Defence Minister must take cognition of the developments and ensure that they look into the matter. The brave soldiers must get what they should. OROP is not an issue to be politicised and also not an issue to be kept in the cold box of political promises during the elections. Let's settle it once and for all!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#ArnabGoswami moving to FOX News launch in India?

Not much ago, once in a conference organized by the channel Russia Today, Arnab Goswami has been heard saying that the hegemony of the western media has to end. Should we take that statement in today's context? Is Arnab (with others) going to challenge the media giants like BBC, CNN and FOX? (Rumours are also there that Arnab will be assisted by the FOX in India.)

We are still left with a number of rumours and no certain news on the future of this great news anchor and very much indulging journalist who has certainly challenged the established notions of Indian journalism. I love Arnab and I would surely like to see him much as an independent journalist rather than playing into the hands of the Times Group. I am very much sure that Arnab will be doing the same as he has been in touch with the 'concerned people' for more than 8 months now. He knows the nation follows him; he knows that the country will stand with him as long as he remains the Arnab Goswami people love.

Read: Arnab Goswami Quits Times Group because of Rifts!

To conclude, where will Arnab Goswami head now? Will it be the launch of FOX news in INDIA? Will it be some Indianized version of FOX news in India? Will it be something same like a partnership between Times Group & Reuters? Or it will be something very much personal by Arnab Goswami himself? Well, just wait for few more days and we will have the clear picture!

Best of luck Arnab and do come back soon because the nation wants to know what you are up to!

#ArnabGoswami Quites Times Now! What Next Arnab?

So, here, finally, comes the news that I was waiting since long to listen. Arnab Goswami has quit the Times Group! Yes, it's official now. The show that you might have seen today or still seeing tonight might well be his last NewsHour show. Of course, I am also gonna miss Arnab, and more than anyone else, on the prime time. And certainly, the channel Times Now will not be the same without Arnab. I was always in the favour of Arnab quitting this group, the Times Group, because these people, most often, every now and then, just bring their agenda of pseudo secularism and flower-mongering on the enemy states. We all know what Arnab Goswami does - he stands with the nation and the mood of the country. His bosses are perhaps on the another side of the line...

People in the field of media are spreading different news about what Arnab is going to do after this resignation. I have come to many news from different sources and what I find 'most' sufficient to be believed is that Arnab is going to launch his own news channel (with whom and when, only he knows). Arnab has always shown his disgust with the dominance of the western media groups and we can imagine what is in the rabbit's hat to be brought out...

Also read: Arnab Goswami and the 'anti-nationals' on the JNU issue

Undoubtedly, Arnab is the person who has redefined the style of journalism in India. He is the person who has challenged the very notion that only 'liberals' and 'leftists' have the 'intellect' to opine about the subjects of national and international importance. He has identified himself with the voice of the frustrated Indians and the middle class of the country who have always a lot of questions to ask the politicians and other institutions of the country.

Personally, I also don't endorse the views of Times Group when they talk of the aman ki asha thing and put up those absurd articles on the editorial page of the newspaper. Arnab has clarified many times that he does not stand with the peace talks when the nation is on war with an enemy nation.

At last, best of luck Arnab! Do whatever you want but stand with us always; you are really a powerful voice and the country needs you!

Now #BhopalEncounter of #SIMI terrorists questioned? How long will antinationals go?

The questions which need the answers are:
how could the terrorists (yes, no more garb of undertrial) flee from the jail?
were there any lapses in the security?
were these terrorists in a hook with the big names in terrorism?
was there someone involved from within the jail?

Now, all those, great persons in media and regressive politicians like Kejriwal and Digvijay Singh, who are raising questions about the encounter and making it another Ishrat Jahan, should understand one basic thing - if they were waving hands to surrender 'peacefully' they should not have murdered a guard and run away from the jail in the first instance. Moreover, people who are thinking like me and are happy because of these neutralized terrorists, don't forget that we have journalists like Barkha, channels like NDTV and politicians like Kejriwal, Nitish and Mayavati in our country. These people can never digest that the country is raising an unequivocal noise against terrorism, and this noise against the frustrating politics and pseudo secularism is hurting them like hell!

The same media which was going against the national interest and telling that Kanhaiya's videos are unverified is ranting whole lot of 'unholy' lies on the basis of some unverified footage this time. Tell me if I am wrong, is it all about muslim politics of the nation? We all know we live in India and how badly is muslim politics is played here by our politicians and even novices like Kejriwal are also playing it so wisely.

We have all seen the truth behind Ishrat Jahan encounter; we all know what transpired then; we all know what the 'anti-national' politicians are doing today. This is shameful as well as shocking for a nation which is facing cross-border as well as in-house terrorism so badly that there are some enemies within; there are people in politics and journalism who will question every single move of our police force and jawans. This time, it is not so strange that certain section of people is seeming to be standing with the terrorists, not covert, but rather in an explicit way!

The nation has to understand that fight against terrorism and glorification of the encountered terrorists cannot go hand-in-hand in the country. These pseudo-intellectuals who care so much about the human rights of the butchers will never understand the pain of the family members of that killed guard. However, we, India, as a nation, have to understand the things clearly now. Let's strengthen our voice against terrorism and let's celebrate the end of it!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Maid in India by Laveena | Book Review at ILN

While the authors are busy in making money, maids are busy in managing the household for wives who are busy in their offices and personal affairs and husbands are busy earning for the family, there is something else going on which will give you, for sure, a tickle, which I must tell you.

Recently, I have come across a book – ‘Maid in India, written by an Indian housewife, Laveena. She has written a very very, if I might say so, an ultra-short form of narrative which runs hardly around 20-22 pages. The best thing is, you just need half an hour of your so much busy life to read it, understand it and also agree to the author’s thoughts which she toss to you in her book. Maid in India is not a fiction; it’s a ‘must be reality’ which should come to the ground of truth if we want our India to do great!

[caption id="attachment_1055" align="alignnone" width="297"]laveena-author-of-maid-in-india Laveena, the author[/caption]

A story of Maya, the bored and worried housewife, her husband Mohit and a maid – Pooja, who just changes everything in the novel, will surely attract your attention. While I talked to the author, she was very confident of her efforts. Her book opens a new vista of probabilities, philanthropy and goodwill that can (and should prevail) in the society. A maid, who is in her teenage, is taught the lessons of life as well skill to do something ‘on her own’ and earn a ‘name’ for herself. And the best part is, who teaches her? It’s none other than Maya herself who hired Pooja for her household chores. While a typical maid story could lead you to the man of the family having extramarital affairs (those modern authors!) with the maid and a breaking point in the family, this story by Laveena gives you a real opportunity to think – can we be a little honest? Could we provide a little space to the humanity that resides within each of us?

A must read for the housewives, and they must go through this little book which will hardly take an hour. Read it and you will understand why I am on all praise mode for Laveena and her book. Moreover, I am not a housewife, nor a husband, still, I enjoyed reading the book so much. Therefore, I also encourage men to go through the book to understand on which grounds Mohit, the husband in the book, supported Maya and on which grounds he could have supported her more.

Take it on any Sunday and you will be delighted! Happy reading folks!

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Have we not made a mockery of ‘national sentiments’ these days? Looking at how the ‘elite class of intellectuals’ is behaving recently, one can safely infer that nationalism and national sentiment have been the butt of satire today. Who are these people? Where they have come from? What do they think of India? All these questions demand answers, and not from others but these elitists themselves.

It’s a sad state for India that these people from the ‘headless elite’ class are in plenty and spread over different professions. You can raise your head and just have a rough look in the politics, sports, journalism (how could I leave that), bollywood (another unmissable), literary fraternity, science, history and what not… you will find these people omitting venom at every possible dot they find between the tightly knit thread holding together the thing called India. I am quite confused – where to start? Whom should I pick up and thrash first of all? There are so many headless intellectuals roaming around in the streets of India and doing, saying, promoting, endorsing and prompting things which are certainly anti-India!

Well, it must start somewhere. I have not got so much ‘mind’ in my head as these intellectuals have. Manish Tiwari, who boasts to be one among the top Congress leaders, seems to me one definite person standing against the interests of India and the sentiments of Indians. We have seen a part of his script being enacted during all this surgical strike politics that Congress and other parties played with dirty mindset. Yes, we cannot deny that BJP workers at lower level could have shown some restraints. Still, Rahul almost going on to abuse our Jawans of selling their valour to political forces and this Tiwari, the way he backed that hatemongery, was amazing! Has Rahul forgotten the scams? Has Tiwari forgotten the kingdom of UPA? Has the country forgotten the Ishrat Jahan foil?

Talking of the bollywood, I will not pick them one by one and pin them down to the floor. My first question is to Priyanka Chopra and others who have asked us quite easily to keep art and films away from the ongoing tension in the country. What do these people think? Are they those few of the angels who were left accidently by Gods on the earth to lead a luxurious life and go on slandering the national sentiments? This is a strange scenario in the country where people from the ‘camera and sound’ world are dictating us what a democracy should look like! I am amused! Yes, I am quite amused! When it comes to money-making, they are right behind the army and even ready to bribe our ‘sentiments’. Hypocrites and shameless people are out there!

And then, there people like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai in our media. They can make a hero out of Burhan Wani and if we gave them a chance, they could do the same with Kasab too! Ask anyone who knows Barkha Dutt (after all, she is an elite and very few people know her) and in most of the cases, the answer must be ‘I know her and hate her’. She has been like this, since the time she has started her journalism in the visual media. Read her articles, witness her shows (which rarely the homo-sapiens do now) and you will realise what is being talked. And recently Rajdeep Sardesai has observed that Pakistani media people are brave. Why are they brave? Well, they are cowed down by the ISI, the Pak army and maybe (of they are potent) the Pak civilian government. And Rajdeep is right; thoughts, his and min, are concomitant. Rajdeep, the journalists like you and your wife make Indian Journalists down; you people go on the enemy channels and bark bullshit about India! Yes, I mean it – bullshit! Maybe you are an elite, intellectual and have that class (which is just amusing) but I do exercise my right to freedom of expression!

Now take a break from these headless elites. What is the national sentiment? Is nationalism something to be mocked by the people who think themselves ‘a little above’ the ‘usual people’? Talk of tough lessons to Pak, their soul is wounded! Talk of a Uniform Civil Code, their life is pinched! Talk of ending triple talaaq, they cry ‘end of democracy’! However, this is the national sentiment… this is the mindset of people now in the country. These leftists, JNU alumni, the new kinda liberals, the women activists (socialite evenings types) are not ready to digest that someone not from their school is ready to lead the country! Then, is this just the frustration? Are they not yet in a position to digest the 2014 polls verdict? Well, if this is the case, I advise them (they will cry warning) to come out of their hysteria.

Dear countrymen, just remember that we are not nincompoops to take orders from Alia Bhatt on how the country should allow its sentiments to flow! They call the people who talk about the nation – Ultra Nationalists! Yes, if talking about our brave jawans and hailing the martyrs is something that the poor ‘headless intellectuals’ call ultra-nationalism, shouldn’t we be happy to own that title?

This is the time that country has exposed all those who are living on our soil, well-guarded within Indian boundaries but talking against the national sentiment. We have to expose them more and more. Whatever they say, the sentiment of the country has come in an alignment and we will keep it that way! Let them bark; let us unite; let us work!

Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth: Dr. Tushar Dashora

While we daily listen to the arguments consisting of 'logic' and 'science' and sometimes might be 'technology' too, there are some persons belonging to the same science and logic fraternity and guiding our way back to the treasure we have had in our glorious past. Dr. Tushar Dashora, one of the league, a well-known pediatrician from Jaipur, has written a book - Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth. This book is a remarkable one and it tells us about the spiritual, karmik and Godly connections to the 'science' of pregnancy and childbirth.

When I talked to him about his book and why did he choose to write such a subject when he belongs to a family which strongly believes in practice of 'causes', he had good replies to offer. You can read my interview with Dr. Tushar Dashora here: Interview with Dr. Tushar Dashora

In his book, Tushar, who is also a very good poet in Hindi, has almost presented a guide in front of the women who are expecting as well as the concerned people who want to know the spiritual science behind the ‘biological’ event. He has written about the dreams during the pregnancy and also explained them very well. Tushar has also mentioned what should be the mantras that might be chanted by the pregnant women and much more. Not only that, with the mantras, he has also mentioned the correct methods to chant them.

Another very important part of the book’s bright side is that you can just go through it from anywhere (and I mean it). You can read this book by starting with any chapter. You don’t need to be in a succession… Just pick any chapter you like and start reading the good content in the book. Stuffed with poems from great poets like Khalil Gibran and some texts from the ancient mythological compositions of our country, Tushar has made this book a family reading! Anyone can enjoy the book likewise as the women who are ready to be mothers.

You can know more about Tushar’s inspiration behind writing this book and many other interesting stuff by reading the interview with Dr. Tushar Dashora.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Law & Order? Long ago dead in Bihar!

Do you remember a scene: this is Braziiiil!
Something of the same script is perhaps being enacted in Bihar these days. Began with the bail granted to Shahabuddin, Bihar has taken a new course in the terms of law and order these days. Rajballabh, Rocky Yadav, his allies and many other notorious criminals are coming out of the jail (amusing enough - on bail).

Bihar, since the moment Nitish Kumar married to Lalu's corruption and ideologies in the 'lust for power' was destined to change its route. We are witnessing the same, at present, if you see the sequence of events closely. Lalu's sons came in the cabinet in spite of being just another Lalus (in the terms of experience and potential to lead the state). Murders, rapes, abductions and then bails to the highly convicted criminals! What else are we expecting to witness in Bihar?

Like some retard defence lawyers, even the so-called intellectual leaders of JDU like Mr. Pavan Verma also come to the channels and defend the state government on the grounds that 'all of these are legal procedures'! JDU, RJD, Nitish and these 'defence lawyers' must understand that the people of Bihar (except those who are the blind voters and would vote 'their caste' may break the hell) are not fool enough to be fooled by these 'dalils'.

The recent bail to Rocky Yadav, the convict and the murderer of the road rage case in Gaya is no less than the last nail in the coffin of the 'law and order' in Bihar. Those who are murderers, rapists of minor girls, kidnappers will all walk free on the road and roam around looking for another crime; you can imagine what the commoners will go through!

Remarkably enough, Mr. Nitish Kumar is silent on all these things going on. Is he succumbing to Lalu's pressure? Are these things signs of the decaying shashan in Bihar and emergance of a new jungleraj? Let's be ready to face more of these 'expected scipt' in Bihar!

Still, I don't endorse the statement made of Katju!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Pakistan Bans Bollywood Completely in Country! Salman, are there only terrorists in Bollywood?

Salman Khan fell into the controversy over the ban on Pakistani artists some days ago. He battled so hard for the Pakistani actors, actresses and singers and other artists; however, unfortunately, Salman Khan forgot whom he was defending. It might hurt, but dear Salman, you forgot the basic point - as the Pakistani PM has no spine to take on the terrorism and terrorists in his country, the same is the condition with the intellectuals and artists in Pakistan. No one dares to speak up - and we all see in which direction the country is furthering. And voila! Pakistan has banned everything about Bollywood in the country! Come on, Indian intellectuals, take on the Pakistani government as you have been rapping the national interest in India. Come on!

I am also an artist and I know how good it feels when someone from a different nation than yours praises and loves your art. However, just because I am from India does not mean that I will be blind to everything which is bad about India - corruption, women issues, crime etc. I will certainly speak up when the time comes and when there is a need. If there is something bad, I must act against it; if I am not so competent to take the ugly on, I will at least speak up. Is it all that Fawad Khan and likes of him cannot do? Cannot they speak up against terrorism and even condemn it? If the answer is no (which, in this case, was surely no) then they don't have the ground to remain in our country! Salman Khan and the confused brigade in Bollywood has firmly come in support of the Pakistani inhuman artists and the defence line adopted by Salman Khan was funny:

They are not terrorists; they are artists.

Salman, now Pakistan has banned even your movies in the country; are you a terrorist? I am confused; please do educate me on this part.

Another part of the story is that there is arrogance and that also in plenty, in the people from Bollywood. I am simply amused. Why at all? Why these people from Bollywood think that they have directly descended from heaven? Look at some of the irresponsible actors and actresses and you will understand. I remember a girl (don't remember her name) who was on the air (Times Now, Newshour with Arnab). Her arrogance led her to be off from the live show. Have they lost the sense of responsibility? A little humility, can they not show?

Friends, now it's up to us. We have to show them the reality. They are not our heroes who steal the valour shown by our army and make money out of that. And I can say with pride that I have never ever invested a single paisa on Bollywood. I DID NOT GO EVEN FOR A SINGLE TIME TO A CINEMA HALL. I can do better things with my money than wasting on these faltu people who have the least of the responsibility towards our nation, the nation which has made them stars! Shame on these people!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Liquor Ban is Illegal Patna High Court Judgement

Nitish Kumar has faced several blows on the chin, recent developments in the politics, as well as the state affairs, indicate so, at least. Today only, the Patna High Court has termed the liquor ban in Bihar, a law passed by the Nitish-led Bihar Government, illegal. It is seen as the major political blow to Nitish Kumar as he has always been vouching for his booze ban move.

From the beginning, we have maintained that it was mere insanity on the part of Nitish Kumar to enforce such headless law where the entire male fraternity of the family would land in jail if a bottle is found in the house! What is this? We have already witnessed several suicides, several imprisonment terms, several false allegations and framings, several political leaders being caught with liquor and still, the law was taking its course. However, the Patna High Court has today given a decisive judgment.

It was quite surprising that Nitish Kumar, who has maintained a holistic stand on the issue of beef ban, saying that the government has not the right to decide what one shall eat, enforced a law saying that you cannot consume alcohol! It was seen as a hypocrisy on the part of the future PM aspirant. In spite of several criticisms, Nitish did not listen to any of them and kept ranting his success with the booze ban and also kept tossing challenges to other states to enact such laws.

However, as we all know, every honeymoon comes to an end and tastes the realities of marriage. The honeymoon period for Mr. Nitish has come to an end with the judgement of the Patna High court on the liquor ban law. We have to wait and watch if the Government decides to challenge the judgment in the Supreme Court.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

#IndiaStrikesBack Finally! We Hurt Terror!

‘Significant causalities’ are the price that Pakistan and Pakistani terrorists had to pay for conducting the cowardly terror attack in Uri. There is a limit to tolerance and at times one has to be intolerant to stay tolerant further! We have been tested several times by Pakistan in the recent time and this time, there was the right time for #PayBack or #BackLash. And we have finally done it! I am so proud to write about this story. India has destroyed the terror camps located on the Pakistani soil across the line of control.

The operation by our brave Indian army soldiers took place in the course of the night and we BRAVELY killed and destroyed the terrorists who were collecting to further bleed India and Indians. Just in the report on Times Now confirms that there were 8 surgical strikes by the ground troops of Indian Army. Shockingly, the Pakistani army came to defend the terrorists and have been KILLED. As per the reports, there have been no any casualties in the strike. We were the VICTORS!

Pakistan has only one option left now - either support us in destroying the terror camps on your soil or come defend them and we will KILL you! Political cacophony has just died and people will be forced to speak in the national colour who were being peace-keepers for the terror.

At last, the credit goes to our brave Indian Army and also our Prime Minister Narendra Modi! He is the leader in the true sense and we have all witnessed it just now. He is BRAVE and so our Indian Army.

More will be coming soon. We will keep following the story whole day.

Kejriwal Tweets & Endorses Antinational Remark: Is He Mentally Ill?

When the envy-head Kejriwal orchestrated his odd-even scheme in New Delhi (I was in Delhi at that time) I thought, in spite of all my prejudices against him, he has something called the ‘mind’. He can thing productivity; he can be constructive; he can be inclined towards the convenience of the people. However, I was utterly wrong! You can’t trust a snake who has once omitted poison on your feet! Did you see his endorsement to the tweet of a waste newspaper tribune? You will understand easily from where my angst is coming against this unlikely politician of India. Please have a look:

I mean is this person in a state which we call ‘normal’? I don’t think so at all! This man seems to me a freak who will simply say anything to show the country that Modi is wrong. How can this politics be even played when our country’s interests are on the line? Do you have any sense of responsibility, Mr. Kejriwal! You say yourself a popular leader, then, is this the message that a popular neta of India should send to the world when we are doing every ounce of job to corner Pakistan internationally? I don’t find myself in a position to be able to decode you! Does it take only this much to you to go against our nation! I pity your mental state, sir!

And what should I say about the Tribune India! I don’t know which Utopia they are living in. We have all seen how India has emerged as a leader among the South Asian nations and these people are seeing us being pushed into a corner! Showing some posters and Muslim people opposing India cannot be a mirror of what India is thinking, Mr. Kejriwal. Please don’t play with the fire of Muslim card. Don’t try to divide the nation for your politics’ sake. Before anything else happens, this fire will burn you first!

And my advice to the people who admire Kejriwal, please do admire him for his sick mindset and anti-India sentiments if you wish. However, do remember, people in India are watching you all. We can’t give you any more states to destroy! Your game is over; your bluff is called; your cards are seized!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The #Debatenight of #USPresidentialDebate Heralds: #TrumpvsClinton

So, the American presidential debates have finally started. Some hours ago, we have witnessed Hillary and Donald lock horns on a floor. The audience were silent (as per the stipulation) and the two presidents-in-fray were debating their policies, ideas and winning whims. Donald Trump, as we all know him to be, was a bit dominating and it'd give many intellectuals now a chance to blast him on gender issues!

Whatever, you can say whatever about the presidential debates, absolutely. However, yes, however, things are pretty humorous! I like debates, be it watching those or participating. This was also the debate that I liked so much because of the aggressive approach to the issues by the participants. Trump was, in the first section, hiding behind Ronald Reagan and batting for a cut in taxes to create jobs. Hillary was in favour of the middle class, as most of the politicians pretend to be until they are in power. However, you cannot deny that the United States is going through a whirlwind of economic issues and the 'leader' must do something.

Today, I will not make my observations longer because I don't want to push people into academic issues. We all know what is being thought by whom as far as the candidates are concerned. Today, I am in favour of just sitting relaxed and enjoying the debates. Let them parrot their policies and their worth again and again. I am interested (as well as India is) because the president of the USA will be a 'direct person' for India. As the moderator announced in the beginning, there are two more debates scheduled and I hope the coming two will give the people of USA an ample opportunity to understand their candidates better.

On the technicalities, I like the way the candidates come in front and face each other next to the audience. It is a direct communication (no back stabbings) and it gives the people a very welcoming hour to judge the persons. Something like this in India will prove a lot and then, don't ask me about the TRP of the channel which will get that jackpot! Enjoy the presidential debates!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Shame on You Manish SISODIA!

Can there be anything more shameless than what the AAP, which is unfortunately in government in Delhi, is doing out there? The CM who is perennially ill with his 'ill-throat' is out of the chair for more than two months now leaving the state in the hands of the ministers who either enjoy foreign trips leaving the people in Delhi to die of Dengue or are busy in offering 'ration' cards to the women of the state. When will you learn some governance Arvind and when you will teach your colleagues to act wisely?

I have seen the dance of sheer arrogance on the face of Manish Sisodia today when he was confronted by the reporter of Times Now, Jonathan, in Finland. He did not even care for a second to speak to the people of Delhi through the window of opportunity. He abused Arnab Goswami; he abused Modi; he vouched his self-certified 'working hours' and just went away with a display of 'gundaism' on his face. What is this? One must ask to the party which came in power only by playing with the conscience of Delhi people who are ambitious for a 'good government' and they rejected even Modi!

Manish Sisodia is in Finland to learn some skills to better the education in Delhi and do some service to the 2.6 million children of Delhi. Mr. Sisodia, do you know what is going on in Delhi? Have you read some other newspaper except your propagandist Janta ka reporter thing? You should see the images where a bed in the hospital is shared by 2-3 people. You should see the looooong queue of people standing for hours to wait for their turns to come and get some medical attention. You should listen to the cries of a mother who has lost her 'only child' because of Chikungunya. Yes, the same 'child' for whose future you are 'enjoying' being in Finland! Shame on you and shame on your party and shame on your style of politics! Politics should really come up with a new definition for itself if we are to believe that what you do can ever be qualified to be called politics! Shame on you!

Latest on Mother Teresa: Gerard Writes a New Book

Mother Teresa has finally been decorated with the honour of being called a 'saint' by the Vatican. However, the path to sainthood for the kind 'mother' has not been so easy. Mother Teresa, who has served the poor people for many many long years, had been constantly kept at the bay from being conferred the sainthood for a very long period. Her followers and the scholars of Christianity have been arguing for the honour of sainthood for Mother Teresa, but, in the view of many scholars, she had been deceitfully kept from it.

Gerard, a Catholic Christian from Tamilnadu, who is also a spiritual thinker and social critic, has come out with a quality book (translated into English) Mother Teresa: Canonized or Crucified. This book contains a record of the events and the game plan of the Vatican which has been denying sainthood to 'Mother' for a prolonged period of time.

Catholic Church is also not above the dogmatism of 'womenia' as records suggest many shocking truths. There are still many practices being carried away in the Churches that only men are allowed to do despite God who does not differentiate between sexes! Gerard, the author of Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified, suggests the same in his book.

Talking about Teresa, there are many instances that people criticized her for her 'services' to the poor. Gerard has argued in favour of Teresa in his book. Undoubtedly, a person who used to think:

"There is longing for love. There is no shortage of bread in England, America, and Australia.. There is a shortage of pure love. The world is longing more for love than food."

The controversies around Mother Teresa emerged chiefly after her letters were revealed by some Roman Journalist Brian Kolodiejchuk as 'confessional letters'. These letters revealed the crisis of faith that Mother Teresa was suffering. Moreover, some people also argue that she died because of the same crisis. Gerard, in his book, strongly voices for Mother and defends her. She finds leaking the personal letters of Teresa as much a punishable offense as it was when some other Roman Journalists were arrested for revealing the Vatican Scandals by leaking Pope's secret documents.

Whatever be the progress in this field, this book by Gerard has added a new dimension to the ongoing quest around Mother Teresa who has recently been conferred with the sainthood by Vatican.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Kapil Sharma vs BMC: Politics and Comedy Mingle!

I have hurt both my ankles this morning while playing a football match. I do attend my college and I am also very good at the work I do. I am a good student; a good leader; still I am hurt! Is this your achhe din? Modi ji!

Indians are getting aware, day by day. Some of them are also paying their taxes regularly - as much as 15 crores a year! Can you imagine that these multi-millionaire people are being asked for a bribe? That also, they are asked for bribes for some 'illegal' work being done. BMC officials are caught in a fix as Sri Kapil Sharma has directly questioned PM Modi over his 'achhe din ke sapne'.

This immaturity of the popular comedian might cost him a bit of his fame being turned into notoriety as he has directly taken on the PM of this biggest democracy on the earth. And it had to be; it can only amuse when you just blame the prime minister of this nation for any wrong being done to you! The biggest thing that is coming out of Kapil Sharma's rap is that he is on the weaker ground once the case came in public domain. Kapil is trying to create a commercial complex in the residential area and perhaps, for this reason, the BMC official (only when Kapil has the iron to name him/her) might have demanded a bribe of only rs. 5 lacs from a guy who is paying taxes worth rs. 15 crores!

Kapil, let me ask you some questions. What the havoc if you pay your taxes tantamount to Rs. 15 crores or even 150 crores? You are a common citizen of the country and you can't just go on and brag your taxes! You earn and you pay! There is no big deal! Just imagine how much they would be paying who pay you. And then, only the heavy briefcases of money cannot assure that you can do whatever you want. You cannot just raise a commercial complex if that is barred in the residential area. Did you 'offer' a bribe for that? The BMC has given you notice in July and they also broke your construction down. Did you tweet to PM Modi then that see, I have been caught on the wrong foot and your police are doing a great job? Kapil, the ducplicity on the screen is very good to amuse your audience; you cannot amuse the nation when it comes to doing unlawful things by any means! Please let me know, as well as the PM, when you have a fever. After all, Modi has promised us of accche din and we are not supposed to fall ill!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Love, Virginity, Sex & Younger Generation of India

What do Indians think about virginity? What does the Indian youth think about love? How do we see sex? There are many questions that need to be answered; and answered not in the confinements of four walls, rather in public debates and forums. The good thing is that people have started talking about these things. A social evolution, as it's already in process, must be discussed thoroughly.

When a very acclaimed critic of this modern India, Mr. Ashutosh, (unfortunately wasting his talent with Arvind in Aam Aadmi Party) claimed in his recent blog that virgin girls are not seen well in this modern society of our country, I was compelled to think unwell about the mindset of 'sir'. However, despite Ashutosh being on the wrong-foot, there is something in his argument that questions about the emerging generation in India. What do we think about virginity? What do we really think about it? What is our opinion about love? How do we see sex? Before going into the details of all these, are we still comfortable in discussing these issues? Well, let's talk it off today.

I am very sceptic about the notion 'true love' today. Don't get me wrong on this, but this is a grim reality. The concept of blind dates and 'checking on dates' has pushed aside the feeling called love. The love that used to be shy, hesitant, slow and steady has been packed inside a 'dil ki deal' and has long ago been sent on a tour to some undisclosed island. We, the young population of this country, want everything fast, and just fast! It doesn't matter to us even if this 'fastness' stays long or lasts in a day. Am I wrong? 'what the ))$k yar! 4-5 din se pichhe pada hun but she isn't even looking at me! chhod hata use. dusri pe line marta hun.' This is what a typical 'guy remark' means. For those four or five days this 'he' followed that 'she' can you call an adjective as precious as love? I guess no... Not only the boys, girls are also true competitors of boys in this regard. And I think it's, in fact, a good thing. Boys only don't have that edge when it comes to the fast-track love. These short-term affairs, as casual as they are, have become very casual today. For a young society like India, I will say it's alright. Let them take things lightly when they are quite young for these things. With time, people do understand what is something like true love and the concept of a soulmate. You just cannot expect a four class boyfriend of a 3rd standard girl to understand if she, and vice-versa, he, are the soulmates of each-other or not! India is going ahead.

In the 60s when Raj Kapur used to dance around the trees with his heroines, sex was something exclusively meant to remain within the four walls, between two close people and the darkness of the night. Today, however, sex has come out almost in the public in our country. You can see the couples indulged in each other in public parks, public places like discos etc. I don't want to get into it, but, for sure, it had to be like this a day! Society is a flux and it's prone to the movement. We can't keep it like it was and also can't promise that it'd be like this. We discuss sex in the public; we watch sex in the movies; we read sex in the bestselling books; we see sex scandals in the politics as well! Except for political scandals, there is no harm. Sex is an indispensable part of our life and the more we understand it the better it is. Nevertheless, there must be an umbrella guidance - youths must be saved from running wild and knowing just a little more than what they should. Yes, sex is also a part of the casual love affairs today and in a developing society, you can't keep from it. Today we have the concept of live-in-relationships, open-end-relationships and also the one-night-stands. Though the grandfather and perhaps father generation of the youths might never digest these, these things will be a normal part of our society in the coming generation. I remember that Bharath Krishna wrote in his novel Guy on The Sidewalk that in India, virginity is nothing to boast about. If the circumstances are favourable, rarely a person would like to remain a virgin until marriage. Take it good or bad, this is somewhat the reality today! There is nothing bad about it either.

However, in the rush of the things, that innocence of first love and that perennial hesitation of the couple have somewhere been left. The younger generation of India wants everything, including love and sex, to be very fast. Love; love for a day or two; we have new ones waiting, and the life goes on... Accept it or not, we have, at least 90%, the same story to tell. Today, no heart breaks for more than a week! Welcome to the young India and what it wants have already been answered by an eminent scholar who will sell the stories of this generation with 'added spice' for better taste!

Global Pressure on Pak: Modi Raises 'Neighbourhood Terror' Issues at G20 & ASEAN

PM Modi is brave and we know that. You may like him; hate him (with or without a reason); admire him; say bad about him, but, for sure, you cannot ignore him! Leaving the personal opinions of people for our prime minister Modi aside, what I want to talk today is his constant stand on terrorism. He has recently raised the issue of terrorism from the floor of G20 as well as the ASEAN summit. Before you bin the news saying 'what's new', you must read what I have to say.

India, today, is not the same it was 20 years ago. Moreover, India, today, is also not the same that it was before the national assembly elections in 2014! We have come very far in the terms of international reach and recognition. What the Indian prime minister says today does not only make national headlines but also finds a secure position in the international news. As a nation, we have been constantly battling the terror coming from across the border. Narendra Modi has raised this issue very forcefully at occasions he has got. Now India is not the same 'mute' nation which the world used to look down as a 'junior partner'. Economically, technologically, intellectually, and every other possible-wise, India is rising day by day and the world has no choice but to acknowledge the same. Therefore, the 'southeast Asian nation' which is supporting terror and giving a safe haven to the terrorists must be aware.

This time, Modi has given a clear cut message to our neighbours - stop batting on the pitch prepared with the soil of terror. Pakistan, as a nation, has constantly been doing so since the painful (or painless) separation. Their grudge is Kashmir and we can never give even a piece of it to them, the world knows! Whoever becomes the PM of Pakistan or even the president, he/she has to ride the horses fed by the military. And hence, there is no option left but to reiterate the agenda of ISI and different terror organisations operating from Pakistan. These are in public domains since the decades.

However, no PM from India used to be so clear and unambiguous in his/her address at the world leading forums of the leaders. Now that Modi has taken up the issue of 'neighbourhood terrorism,' we must hope something better to come. Today also, from the ASEAN podium, PM has reinforced his and India's unequivocal stand against terrorism. Also, PM has to meet the POTUS and their increasing bilateral interests have been a panic for our neighbour since it started.

Has the time come that Pak will be cornered internationally? Or the political games will go on even on the international stage? Our stand as a nation along with the leader of the nation is frank and clear. We have to see what Uncle Sam does.