Monday, 11 September 2017

With You; Without You to be Launched Soon!

Prabhat Ranjan has made his debut in the world of writing with his remarkable Hindi novel With You; Without You. The book will be available in the online stores and all major book stores very soon. While the author is very enthusiastic about the book, the same enthusiasm can be seen in the readers when they communicate with the author through his official social media pages or the website. Before the book is launched and you read this book, we have decided to give you an advanced preview of the content you will getting in the book so that you can anticipate what you would be getting to read by the newcomer author Prabhat Ranjan. Not only this novel, his second novel Priyanka - A Pakistani Girl is also complete and will be in the market after some time. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Can we ever forget our teachers? Writes Alok Mishra on Teachers' Day

I Still remember my first day in the school. It was the occasion of Saraswati Puja. (Those who don't know about Goddess Saraswati can understand her by understanding her Roman counterpart Minerva.) I was five years old and after the puja, I was told to hold the chalk and the same was held by the teacher, my first principal - Raghuvir sir. I wrote the numbers from 1 to 10 in Devnagiri script on the slate and believe me, I was the happiest guy in the school at that time. There was a feeling of accomplishment. I was finally admitted in the school and I could continue as a student, finally! I owe my gratitude for Raghuvir sir, and I will always do. Can we ever forget our first formal teacher? 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What Should I Tell HER? Writes Nidhi Sharma

A fourteen-year-old asked her mother, "why can't I move out as my younger brother does? Why do you worry for me and restrict my movement?" 
The mother was shocked at the question because 20 years back she did not have the courage to ask this to her mother. Finally, she replied, "because you are precious my love. You are our diamond that needs to be preserved. A treasure that needs to be safeguarded." 

Monday, 21 August 2017

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter | Book Review

Dear readers, hope you must be reading something and many other things these days. The taste for fiction or nonfiction cannot be altered so easily. We have to make our own choices and stick to those. Nonetheless, we can surely offer our views on things to others and maybe that's a book! Today, I will be sharing my views on Shilpa Raj's debut book The Elephant Chaser's Daughter, which is a memoir. As you must have been aware by my previous report that the book was launched on 28 July (previous month) and since the launch, the book has been taken seriously by the readers across the nation. People have not only been reading but also throwing their reviews on social media and other platforms like Goodreads and Amazon. For the readers who haven't yet bought the book, I have to offer some facts which will tell why one should be reading the book and why Shilpa's book is a must read by all the means. 

LIVE: Supreme Court Verdict on triple talaq to come soon!

And the VICTORY is here! Triple talaq has gone! Supreme court passes the historical majority judgement and says that triple talaq is illegal and unconstitutional! Great day for Muslim women in India! 

Temporary ban on triple talaq for six months by the CJI! We are yet to hear from other judges. Keep in sync for the updates.

The SC CJI has also directed the government to make laws in the parliament for ban on triple talaq. This is a huge win for the constitutional rights of the women. 

Triple Talaq might be breathing its last because very soon from now, the landmark verdict on Triple Talaq by the Honourable Supreme Court will be live for the world to see. Muslim women have been fighting this extraterrestrial curse since long in India and all could be better had Rajeev Gandhi not stagger en route his 'vote bank journey' but better late than never. While most of the Islamic nations have banned triple talaq, India, a 'secular' nation, hasn't done that yet. This time, the fight against triple talaq and for justice was full on as Muslim women came out of homes and demanded equal rights for them. During the vacation, Supreme Court decided to hear the case and everyone should know that who were defending the evil practice - Kapil Sibbal and in a shrouded attire, Salman Khurshid. They both were defending Triple Talaq in the Supreme Court and Sibbal even went to the extent to equating this practice with Shri Ram! Nothing could be more shameful than that! 

As the verdict would be pronounced on triple talaq anytime around 45 minutes from now, ILN will be live monitoring and update you on the same. Stay tuned and keep reading the blog on timely intervals. India wants freedom from orthodoxy now! Let's hope for the best! 

Colonel Purohit Gets Bail: 'Hindu Terror' Balloon to be BUSTED Soon!

The Supreme Court of India has granted bail to Lt Col Purohit today. Col Purohit is the same person who has to spend nine precious years of his life in jail bearing the stigma of being a 'Hindu Terrorist'. Purohit was (and will soon be once again) one of the most decorated officers in Indian Army with so many badges being donned by him on the shoulder in the form of stars and badges. However, things turned and twisted and 'commands' seem to have come from some other place rather than the high command of the army. Ironically, the person who was supposed to be investigating the case of extremism and working covertly, finds himself fabricated in some blast case and out of the blue appears the phrase 'Hindu Atankvad' and 'Saffron Terror' and just jolts the nation.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Can New India fight floods? If not, then it MUST learn!

Just like the perpetual saga of demons and fairies and angels which almost everyone in the childhood has to listen to, the flood in North Bihar is also never-ceasing. Be it the year of drought or the year of deluge, the villages and villagers in the North Bihar have to suffer the days of problems and havoc, without any doubt whatsoever! All the promises of water management and flood relief schemes are only meant to be implemented once the flood has hit and people have suffered. And this has been the situation since long - even before my birth and now more than 26 years on my back and God only knows how back before my birth the situations were like this. There is no shame admitting that India needs to learn water management from the countries like Japan which can manage even the disasters like Tsunami!